I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me
Yes Theory
Matt went vegan for 30 days and the health results were really surprising...
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Veganism is a hot topic these days, will you get tired from it? Is it really hard to avoid animal products? Is it even a healthier diet overall? Matt is the guinea pig for this one and tries to answer all these questions.
What's your opinion? Do you think the vegan diet is a good idea?
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  • Maegan Bercovici
    Maegan Bercovici

    My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan IT-my channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  • Jackson Grech
    Jackson Grech

    good on you for taking this on. just gotta say though, james willks is definitely not a pioneer for veganism. he’s relatively new to the movement. same goes for his documentary, relatively new. there are so many other vegan advocates and films that are so much more inspiring

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown

    My new years resolution to take up smoking, drink more, eat more junk food and quit the gym is so far moving along excellently.

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown

    I'm not angry enough to be a vegan.

  • Mike Airborne
    Mike Airborne

    Vegan for women is fine, they don’t need testosterone like men do...

  • Jay Ment
    Jay Ment

    Meanwhile I'm here...watching this video and eating pizza + chocolate kisses

  • Janella Moala Langi
    Janella Moala Langi

    body builder with an ego, yup.

  • TheHighGiant


  • Saransh Bhardwaj
    Saransh Bhardwaj

    We indians are vegan by birth .

  • Eden Leave
    Eden Leave

    A diet primarily vegan is for sure best, but there are vitamins and minerals NOT in any plants in a way that the body can use. These VEGAN pushers probably are highly supplementing, with NO long-term studies to see the results of use that.

  • Pradeep Parmar
    Pradeep Parmar

    I am not vegan but vegetarian

  • Dr. S. Choudhury
    Dr. S. Choudhury

    OK I have a question for all those recently turned vegans- Don't u guys miss meat, dairy products, honey or chocolates or desserts with eggs and dairy products?! How do you deal with the cravings???

  • ncr trooper
    ncr trooper

    Im still eating my burger

  • maas

    Doktor starts blabbling about eating fish for more protein and then she tells the proteinlevels are gone up . Can't she hear the contradiction? Made up believe that we need animal protein. Digesting animal meat causes to rise InsulinlikeGrowthFactor1 tremendously.

  • Noor de Ruijter
    Noor de Ruijter

    Great video!! Love this topic. But when you did groceries, you used a lot of paper bags. Next time switching to reusable bags? That would be cool to see.

  • Noor de Ruijter
    Noor de Ruijter

    I love this video. Eye opening. I am a vegetarian for a long time now and I don't buy new wool and leather etc. And I am eating more and more vegan. We don't need a couple doing it perfectly, we need everyone to do it a little and grow in it

  • Nathaniel G.M.
    Nathaniel G.M.

    "After 30 days of being vegan I'm healthier than I have ever been... SO I'M GOING BACK TO EATING ANIMALS." ... Some people are just too dumb for science.

  • joe 5D
    joe 5D

    The second guy is right. The vegan diet is extremely malnutritious and toxic and you have to be very smart about how and what you eat. Properly raised animal foods are the best for us PERIOD.

  • Guilherme Lopes
    Guilherme Lopes

    As a Diabetic Myself I can say that diet is not the same for everyone. You should do YOU!! If eating meat makes your health good? Y not eat it? If you are vegan and healthy, thats awesome. One thing I know for sure, we should ALL exercise, move people, do something!

  • Jason U
    Jason U

    Instead of a "perfectly healthy Vegan diet" vs whatever omnivor package you were throwing together before how about a "Perfectly healthy balanced diet" vs "Perfectly healthy Vegan diet" and see your results. This is not how you would do a accurate Medical study to see the health benefits between to diets. This is like saying "walking to work is faster than driving" based on a study where you crashed your car on the way to work spent the day at the mechanic and then compared your times. the only correlation they have found between Vegan diets and health benefits over the average citizen is that people on Vegan diets are actively being health conscious and exercising more and cutting out processed foods. Now IF the purpose of the Diet is for enviromental and animal care benefits then i got no argument or issue, but again if its for personnel health the only correlation remains "People actively taking care of there health tend to be more healthy".

  • kyle0091000

    😑 I don’t know why people think being vegan is hard. I’ve been vegan my whole life (never ate meat, seafood, or any animal by products). The doctor said I’m healthy as a horse. 🤷🏻‍♂️ it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you’re on, it just needs to be a balance one.

  • NeXus official
    NeXus official

    If you want to live a long life you should start to Eat vegan.

  • HAx2

    A diet that needs supplements is not a healthy diet.

  • Bestiny Clips
    Bestiny Clips

    Fun fact: when saying the word “forward” your lips go forward and when saying the word “back” you lips go back!

  • bernardthedisappointedowl

    Slightly concerned that despite your admirable success, you seem to be lacking the funds to buy enough shirts - great video though, ^oo^

  • Voorhees666Drummer

    Great to see the new world order slave diet worked for you bro. Interesting how all those athletes from the gamechangers movie, either had there careers halted or ended after goin vegan??

  • fuzzX

    one year on carnivore diet, best thing i could have ever done in my life. Eating meat only is awesome.

  • Seba Vdb
    Seba Vdb

    In my opinion the results are biased. The improvements assigned to the vegan diet in this case could be wrongly assigned. In order to get an objective view you should consult all the experts before starting the vegan diet and let them design a diet for you containing all the foods you normally eat. This way you could start the vegan diet as a person who beforehand ate a balanced diet. This avoids making the mistake of wrongly assigning improvements of the vegan diet to flaws you had due to eating an unbalanced diet beforehand who could be fixed by eating a more balanced diet. Of course I realize this video is primarily made for entertainment purposes and not made to be an expert video on dieting. I just want to add my little piece of helping people to think more critically.

  • PsychoOnLoose

    Now the big question is - How do I do this for myself where I live? I imagine you paid a ton of money to get with these experts that probably don't even exist in my area and we never even got to see what you ate, how often, which supplements you took etc. How does this help me decide anything...?

  • Phil G
    Phil G

    At 43 I went vegan I’m now 4 years in and love it 🌱

  • silentsubs

    it honestly blows my mind how people STILL support non-plant based diets when you’re saving so many things, including the planet that’s legit going to die because y’all can’t give up your manliness and/or taste.

    • Mineral

      Saving many things except yourself.

  • matthew gonano
    matthew gonano


  • Gabriela Benavides
    Gabriela Benavides

    can u guys do keto for 30 days

  • Armand Azhari
    Armand Azhari

    My nuts Cool man 😂

  • Rain River
    Rain River

    Your speaking voice improved! In the beginning of the video you almost sounded out of breath...

  • Herb Bowler
    Herb Bowler

    I took 1 full year to make the transition to a vegan diet to prevent any sideefects or withdrawl. I add fat to almost every meal. Fat is not a problem animal protein is.

  • Felix Bruyns
    Felix Bruyns

    Vegan/vegetarian anything is harmful both spiritually and physically. First, the entire idea of teaching veganism as a moral imperative started in a Masonic (Luciferian) "temple" in Boston c. 1834. Second, the moral angle takes away the unique dignity of humans as being in God's Image. This is why PETA can sell women's bodies as if they were animals: Because "vegan" anti-humanism thinks we ARE animals. Finally, as an ex-vegetarian, I can tell you it harms the body.

    • Jonah Whale
      Jonah Whale

      It definitely harmed your brain.

  • Danik Muk
    Danik Muk

    The problem with this diet is that people see videos like these and think that its right for them. I have read literature and many articles about veganism and yes, there are 100% big benefits but the problem is this diet is not long lasting and reliable. At first you feel good eating nutritious foods but long term affects can cause much harm. I was vegan for about 1 month and vegetarian for 6 months, and I stopped since my energy levels went down a lot than before. If you are planning to go vegan or vegetarian, please do your research first. Some people do it just because they think its *healthy* but when reality hits, nobody knows how their body will respond.

  • buzz hulu
    buzz hulu

    great content, but you know you can always find more here; it-my.com/watchvideo/video-AAJbaz4UFWQ.html

  • Dissociative

    that bodybuilder was not natural at ALL

  • Justus Shown
    Justus Shown

    I’m sorry man but when the showed that little Cesar’s pizza while saying the the American diet is poison, I kinda wanted to eat it...

  • AwsmEdits

    lmao i first thought the interview with the doctor was fake

  • Natalie Rios
    Natalie Rios

    I love how it’s almost always only Matt who takes the challenges

  • Natasha Letourneau
    Natasha Letourneau

    Welcome to the vegan life!!!!! 🌻✌️🌻

  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson

    Welp he’s not gonna fail nnn

  • Passing Production
    Passing Production

    Hello yes fam! I am an undergrad student majoring in business management. I have wanted to reach out to Seek discomfort gang for a long time! But now I have an idea to give back to the motivators that make your weeks better! If you are interested please DM me on Instagram @ Tom.1.tomm to get more details

  • Armenian Highland
    Armenian Highland

    The future is vegan

  • Hasnain EL Abdella
    Hasnain EL Abdella

    Im just the opposite which is ketogenic diet

  • madison brooks
    madison brooks

    recently I’ve been getting migraines and feeling gross after I eat burgers and knowing this will improve iron and protein (main reason why I eat meat) , ima make a switch for sure:))

  • htayl0r1

    I agree that you do get a lot of nutrients from eating lean animal meats that are raised properly, but you are still eating the natural occurring hormones from that animal in which messes with your own hormones. The plant based diet allows you to naturally balance your hormones thus giving you a healthier body.

  • BattleBoy Brito
    BattleBoy Brito

    Say good bye to testosterone

  • Snook On the fly
    Snook On the fly

    It’s not the meat that hurts you. It’s all the additives pumped into the animals that do.

  • DAR1776

    Sure I’d like to go vegan, but I don’t have enough money...

    • Bam Bam
      Bam Bam

      @Mineral I'm basing it on my own experience. I went plant based to save money actually and to try out health benefits. My biggest expense on food was meat. So I've gone from £40 a week, to £17 (roughly) eating plant based. For instance I'd need 2 chicken breasts in my meal to fill me up, roughly £2.50. I've replaced that now with a can of chickpeas costing £0.23 per meal. Sometimes 2. Tofu is 1.50 here for a block that lasts me 2 meals as a meat replacement.

    • Mineral

      @Bam Bam lol did you not hear him say, "I feel like im eating way more than normal" explain how that lowers food expenses 😂

    • Bam Bam
      Bam Bam

      Vegan diet should reduce your food bill lol.

  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron

    It's funny people say its restrictive but most people only eat 4-5 meats, beef. chicken, pork, fish, maybe lamb. What the problem is, is not that plant based is restrictive. It's that 90% of how people eat is based on meat. So to take that away. They feel they are only left with 10%. But in reality, you open your eyes to so many more foods.

  • Becky Cantrell
    Becky Cantrell

    Whatever happened to a “well balanced diet” a serving of meat 2 veggies and a carb! This vegan crap is killing people. What is esp sad are the children that are being forced to eat vegan! Those babies need dairy and animal fats to build bone, muscle and develop a healthy brain

  • Elucinator

    Matt's face in thumbnails. I'll jst leave it here

  • Olivia Kirby
    Olivia Kirby

    Excellent video, precisely because you included arguments from both sides.

  • nickw101381

    There's absolutely nothing better than feasting on the deer and fish that I harvested myself. It's like rocket fuel.

  • Sidharth Chauhan
    Sidharth Chauhan

    32 years no Meat 😂

  • Fenja _
    Fenja _

    5:52 this guys biceps looks like a huge chickpea

  • Fruit Moon Monkey
    Fruit Moon Monkey

    A whole food plant based diet works for everyone

  • Chris Bennington
    Chris Bennington

    2 points I got to say I eat meat and don't judge me with facts

  • Sizzel TV
    Sizzel TV

    I went vegan for 4 years and I felt like shit the whole time, Im back to being omnivore and I've never felt better.

  • Jay Gillen
    Jay Gillen

    It's not difficult to be plant based. If the restaurant doesn't offer veggies etc why are you eating there?

  • Gen-X Ennial
    Gen-X Ennial


  • T V
    T V

    I think I’ll still pay someone to slit a beings throat every now and again. Since... you know. It’s a restrictive diet.

  • Pauline Ostoja-Starzewski
    Pauline Ostoja-Starzewski

    that day 3 shot was so clean 🔥🔥

  • Ka5h_N_Da_lVloney


  • Tyler Lammey
    Tyler Lammey


  • Livi

    this is like the opposite of the supersize me documentary lmao

Prossimi video