if iPhone commercials were honest 2
this is what Apple doesn't want you to know
ps. this video is obviously a joke and i love apple products
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if iPhone commercials were honest 2
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    I thought the intro was an ad.... 😳

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    Founder and ceo if taking your money...!!

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    Where can i buy Iphone Capital and what's its price

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    “The Iphone Orphan. Keep in mind it has no home button” - RØB 2020 My favorite sentence ever 😂😂😂

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    Does anyone know the name of the piano song in the background?

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    What about xiaomi commercials

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    4:25 7 ate 9

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    I got an actually got an apple add on this vid and thought it was a part of the video 😂😂

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    suggestion do if PlayStation commercials were honest

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    Dude these videos are a serious threat to apple

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    Ever since I started watching Robs videos I thought that the creator of apples real name was “Rob Jobs”- bro since when did it become Steve Jobs? Lmao

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    I used to watch your apple videos but your other ones and I didn’t know you used to be a kid bop person until I watched Anthony Padilla

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    “Founder and CEO, of” how about TYM?

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    I can understand price is pretty high with apple products but believe me, I came from many years with android and found apple products simply do what you need them to do. Android stucks and clutters and make your investment useless.

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    Brought to you by google pixel

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    Normal People:- There is a difference between spending and wasting money. Apple users:- What's the difference?

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    Low key thought I got a ad in the first 3 seconds of the video

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    iPhone Orphan with no HOME button.😂😂🤣

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    Roasting apple ,still buying it

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    2:46 He looks like NELK

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      That is Nelk

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    You are the best

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    "the iphone orphan" "now keep in mind this doesnt have a home button" xD

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    The only good thing in iPhone was just the camera, I tried it once. (iPhone 4)

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    iPhone charger apple juice ROB-2020

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    Me at the beginning: Oh, an ad... That's funny an iPhone ad on and iPhone vid What does eating have to do with an iPho- Did they just call their customer pathetic? ... oh its the video 😐

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    Shane Roozeboom

    2:44 jesse from nelk😂

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    Faris Joseph

    Plot twist: that’s actually the reason they didn’t release an iPhone 9

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    Carigan Cox

    Your post on how you said the new Apple library was weird actually it wasn’t it’s just you’re just trying to make fun of Apple anyway you can anymore

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    I never knew you were the man from Anthony Padilla’s kids bop video my mind is blown lmao.

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    I got an Apple ad while watching this

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    lol rob is gonna become funnier than loveliveserve if you don't know what I mean check out loveliveserve latest video and compare it to this

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    Hopefully RØB makes apple users understand that apple is not so good

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    Vishnu Vardhan

    "We can literally make anything and you'll still buy it" Apple: Introducing the new Apple iMask... LoL 🤣

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    Vishnu Vardhan

    Looking for iMask commercial 🤣


    I phone is dumb lol sumsung rules

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    Imma wait till the next battle pass

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    I thought that the beginning of this video was a commercial

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    This guy did kids bop

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    "we can literally make anything and you will buy it" Example u ask : apple wheels ($700) 😂😂

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    "Because 7 ate 9"...I - that was delivered flawlessly.

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    who else recognized Jesse from NELK in the vid at 2:46

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    ilove myles

    at lesast samsung has creativity unlike apple

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    ROB JOBS please return to bring us your latest innovation on *Apple mask*

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    Rob I hope your joke with me here cause u need to chill

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