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IGOR'S THEME · Tyler, The Creator
℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment, as exclusive licensee
Released on: 2019-05-17
Composer, Lyricist, Recording Engineer: Tyler Okonma
Composer, Lyricist: Symere Woods
Recording Engineer: Vic Wainstein
Assistant Engineer: John Armstrong
Assistant Engineer: Ben Fletcher
Assistant Engineer: Rob Bisel
Mixing Engineer: NealHPogue
Assistant Engineer: Zachary Acosta
Assistant Engineer: MeMiceElfani
Mastering Engineer: Mike Bozzi
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  • luke threatt
    luke threatt

    tyler, thank you. listened to, loved, with full volume and heart.

  • James Wendell
    James Wendell

    don't go trendy and mumble rap on us (no offense) love the music

  • Super Spaghet
    Super Spaghet

    "Something you hear in barber shops not some mysterious shit" goes to barbershop Only hears maluma and bad bunny

  • Coolwalkermaze YT
    Coolwalkermaze YT

    Cool beat tyler the creator I'm a fan of your beats

  • Typical Skateboarder
    Typical Skateboarder

    I could skate to this

  • HBK 40
    HBK 40

    Wtf is this shit🌝🌝

  • Aarushi Soni
    Aarushi Soni

    tyler was cooking some taquitos in the microwave when he recorded this

  • Aliyah Cole
    Aliyah Cole

    sounds like a long lost Gorillaz song

  • Knemzy Grindz
    Knemzy Grindz

    0:00-0:23 The last thing workers heard at Chernobyl nuclear power plant..

  • Knemzy Grindz
    Knemzy Grindz

    0:00-0:23 What it feels like to taste 5 gum. Stimulate your senses.

  • Beckham

    This is my first time listening to this album. I hope it’s good.

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star

    Haha am i the only one who like the static?? Adds a nice vintage vibe to it- like I found an old ass record in my basement but it's actually a hidden gem type vibe

  • Thewidestmule

    cant wait to see him oct 7

  • Alkemist Arkitekt
    Alkemist Arkitekt

    Khaled brought me here lol

  • Level:100 Cob
    Level:100 Cob

    Aw yes my favorite persona character

  • 0 subscribers with no videos challenge
    0 subscribers with no videos challenge

    0:00-0:23 what pop rocks taste like

  • Oz Mc
    Oz Mc

    i dont understand but i love it

  • Edwin R.
    Edwin R.

    This is one of the best albums period.

  • Rob. Myx Cox
    Rob. Myx Cox

    How it sounds like when your waiting for pizza rolls to cook 0:00-0:23

  • Typicalcringekid

    man literally rapped over rice krispies cereal

  • IGO OR
    IGO OR


  • Jesse and Eli
    Jesse and Eli

    Rip my headphones

  • Zephyrr

    Tyler: “The opening of the track should feel intimidating yet welcoming” IT-my comment section: *mcdonalds sprite*

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro

    0:00-0:23 what sleep paralysis sounds like

  • I have a very small penis but,
    I have a very small penis but,

    this dude rapped over campfire noises

  • Huey.

    fucking garbage.

  • Shinobi Visuals鬼
    Shinobi Visuals鬼

    that still don’t sound like uzi chief

  • One of those depressed kiddos
    One of those depressed kiddos

    when RNG kicks in

  • WarChicken 20
    WarChicken 20

    Not even Tyler in the beginning

  • Hamato Nezwez
    Hamato Nezwez

    2:45 my favorite part!!!

  • Slipshod

    Trash imo

  • Heccin Boi
    Heccin Boi

    Man I do love me some Tyrone the destroyer

  • 雌犬 LANAY XO
    雌犬 LANAY XO


  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler

    I got a louis vitton ad playing this skng on a low pitch lol

  • GogoTg - Fortnite And Rainbow
    GogoTg - Fortnite And Rainbow


  • Senior Tyler
    Senior Tyler

    If Tyler doesn’t get the Album of the year I’m literally killing myself.

    • 0 subscribers with no videos challenge
      0 subscribers with no videos challenge

      he might...unless cardi b or kendrick come out with something

  • Don't Ask Productions
    Don't Ask Productions

    Virtual insanity

  • UG TV
    UG TV

    Uzi and Tyler 🔥🔥🔥

  • kuracmc

    wow i'm high and drunk working the late shift...this song just clicked with me at this very moment...i liked it before but now it just hit me like "whoa"

  • Patrick Rimterakul
    Patrick Rimterakul

    This whole albums fire 🔥 Just dropped a cover of this on my channel, check it out! 💪🏽

  • WelpSix

    Uzi killed this

  • Panini Bread
    Panini Bread

    Pins and needles be like: 0:00-0:23

  • Он талъиван
    Он талъиван

    lost alone in space

  • External

    0:00-0:23 this is what it's sounds when you little brother got a whooping

  • • Wilddrs •
    • Wilddrs •

    2:20 is so gooooodd And 2:43

  • Emerald Miner 299
    Emerald Miner 299

    At the start it sounded like the start of the intro to the EA football game for the N64.

  • Google_User4032

    Wish your tickets werent so astronomically come see you in DMV 😣 guess only rich whites can enjoy ur shows

    • Brill Billy
      Brill Billy

      Google_User4032 bro Tyler isn’t a rich white and I think he enjoys shows more than anyone else

  • Mltotes labarbera
    Mltotes labarbera

    HATE Tyler but this albums got a few bops I cant even lie

  • The Hatman
    The Hatman

    At about 1:58, you can tell he sampled "Down, down, down to the bottom of the sea," which is in SpongeBob SquarePants

  • 2nd Draft Music
    2nd Draft Music

    Love the sound of this!

  • Tony the entertainer
    Tony the entertainer

    This is some Kanye type of shit I love

  • PlasmicMad

    I would've never guessed that was uzi😂

  • Rob Gik
    Rob Gik

    What happened to Nickelodeon mom

  • Ky Gamer
    Ky Gamer

    0:00 PS1 Theme

  • Ass

    cum junky


    You very crazy man.

  • Krazy King10
    Krazy King10

    That long nosed motherfucker from persona has some good taste in music

  • Young 4 Turrentine
    Young 4 Turrentine

    No Wonder IGOR is the best! I'm surrounded by great Artists and you c I love music I have no genre, #TTC®THE CREATORTYLER.. You are an artist.


    this shit dope as fuck without 100 so called big named artists #TTCsalute

  • Big CHUNK
    Big CHUNK

    0:00-0:23 when your 3 bottles deep

  • Noe Sanchez
    Noe Sanchez

    I like this

  • GOON

    It’s crazy that lil uzi very is singing the whole song You can’t reckons his voice

  • FreeZeyIcePop

    if you see who were the composers and lyricists, it is Tyler and... Lil Uzi Vert?

  • Sergio Lorente
    Sergio Lorente


    • Sergio Lorente
      Sergio Lorente


  • Jacqueline Ann
    Jacqueline Ann

    I really wished Kali Uchis was singing on this instead but yea, wishful thinking

  • tKnz

    possibly the best intro to a fucking album EVER

  • XALTONY 13666
    XALTONY 13666

    Nobody: LIL UZI: I'ma blow everyone's mind

  • Thimp

    👁️. 👁️ 👄

  • creationswithandrew

    2000 People Didn't Have Their Eyes Open.

  • mywifis5dollars

    0:01 dr. Eggmans blimp from sonic 3

  • Styles clasher45
    Styles clasher45

    ༼(∩ ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡ ͡°)༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ truely phenomenal

  • Brad3n_ boss912
    Brad3n_ boss912

    Sounds like sum Luke cage would have in their soundtrack

  • Auxvill

    ridin' round town they gon' feel this one

  • Nv FoXy
    Nv FoXy

    This is the worst dog shit I’ve ever listened to

    • Michael flex on haters
      Michael flex on haters

      welcome u must be a new listener this is his vibes

  • Hydra11B __
    Hydra11B __

    One of the most autistic records ever recorded.

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw

    First sip of sprite be like 0:00-0:30

  • David R.
    David R.

    I hate when my leg feel like 0:00

  • Olivia Withers
    Olivia Withers

    2:10 to 2:21 m a g i c

  • Lorenzo :P
    Lorenzo :P

    Homer: Bart, I don’t want to alarm you, but there may be an Igor or Igors in the house! Bart: 0:00 - 0:23

  • VP WN
    VP WN

    This sounds like when asmr freaks tap on the mic


    that trippy silent pause after hitting the blunt too hard and coughing for 5 mins

  • josh erickson
    josh erickson

    This shits a BOP bro

  • not grant
    not grant

    This song while high is another experience. If you're reading this, please go smoke a blunt, get in a car and turn the radio all the way up, turn on Igors Theme, and just sit there.

  • ScrubNumber1337

    this shit would be perfect at the end of a movie or trailer to a movie it’s so fucking good.

  • bmoregohard

    This isn’t Music This is Tyler

  • Derek Chapman
    Derek Chapman

    I heard Diana khaled was pissed we the second best 😂big ups Tyler you got your own planet homie 👍🏾

    • Derek Masi
      Derek Masi



    This is what sticking your tongue on a 9 volt battery sounds like

  • Fahad the Random Guy
    Fahad the Random Guy

    The man recorded a microwave sound and use a free beats app and raps over it

  • Lali Arambula
    Lali Arambula


  • Camarra B.
    Camarra B.

    That drum set came in hard

  • Yellow Lion
    Yellow Lion

    Why is this so good to people?

  • sid tallamraju
    sid tallamraju

    We’re not going to talk about uzis feature

  • p.c.g Nino
    p.c.g Nino

    His best work yet

  • Tokekage

    This is one hell of a mystery!

  • Marco Espana
    Marco Espana

    This would’ve been an amazing theme song for regular show

  • Bryant Mazariegos
    Bryant Mazariegos

    Being a leftover be like

  • Ambrose Smith
    Ambrose Smith

    Bruh was in Thailand when this dropped damn would’ve been dope listening to some of this on the beach.

  • Bishflap

    2:45 👌

  • The Palm Tree 777
    The Palm Tree 777

    0:00-0:23 When you taste the black tip of the banana

  • Tre Lavoie
    Tre Lavoie

    Tyler microwaving Hot Pockets in the recording booth: 0:01

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