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  • seynpurrp

    1:14 lol did a kiddo with a fn pfp just told deji to stop boxing XD

  • seynpurrp

    top 10 images before disasters: 0:37

  • EyeballTrey


  • serein serenity
    serein serenity

    If Deji win this fight his fans will sing in different tunes. "Look, it's not about his cardio, his body shaped etc it's about how he throw punches and won". Istg there are thousand of comments and likes on youtube like that under all Deji vs Vinnie vids. They were ready to ridicule Vinnie just because he is Tiktok dude. No wonder Deji didn't train enough, his fans also YES man.

  • J Maciel
    J Maciel


  • Melly Goat
    Melly Goat

    Bruh why did you make Ksi look like he is crying in the thumbnail 🤣🤣

  • Beedasy Naail
    Beedasy Naail

    Haha let's go vinnie😂😂😂

  • SanssMade

    bro this afro senju guy at 1:17 needs to stop playing fortnite he tellin deji to stop boxing like man shut the hell up

    • Lamar lamps
      Lamar lamps

      He's a good IT-myr check it out for yourself

    • Lamar lamps
      Lamar lamps

  • regina wandeto
    regina wandeto

    Best cliCk bait ever😂😂you need an award😂😂😂

  • The One
    The One

    Deji made me realize how ugly a Potbelly is. After today I'm doing those planks I've been avoiding 😰

  • lemonJuice

    Vinnie is the only tiktoker who won

  • Critical

    At first I was like ”Why did Tobi tweet a Gif of Pain?” Then I understood why (0:46)

  • BlackScreen377

    Who are most of these people? Also I am so disappointed, I really expected more

  • ZeleBigz TV
    ZeleBigz TV

    I’m weak 😂🤣😂 0:54


    I was team deji but as soon as i heard that pain theme song i dont know why i was happy that vinnie won lol

  • G.O.A.T City
    G.O.A.T City

    He is a hacker

  • mxchaelVFX

    Deji is not built for boxing. This so called “potential” is nowhere, he’s uncoordinated & pushing rather than punching, & doesn’t have a strong work ethic. Finally he’s 5’8 meaning he’ll be really light if he did train hard & lost the weight. I believe in 2nd chances & this was his 2nd chance so i I think he should quit 🤷🏾‍♂️


    Smmfh at u deji....ALL U HAD DO WAS TRAIN ...YET U STAYED FAT and thought u can win smh

  • passstor mikir
    passstor mikir

    Deji need to become a tiktoker😂

    • passstor mikir
      passstor mikir

      @Tjitro Marina ok he should have train more His yes man dissapointed jj so much

    • Tjitro Marina ok
      Tjitro Marina ok

      Nope he hates tiktok

  • Joey Wallace
    Joey Wallace

    funny how the first guy who said something negative is the first guy ive never heard of. Who the fuck is afrosenju

  • LiMBO

    Y’all need to shut up and stop saying “wElL iF dEjI tRaiNeD hE coUlD wIn” or “hIs tRaiNeRs wErE bAd” just shut the fuck up man, y’all can’t realize and admit Deji obviously isn’t fit for boxing. He obviously puts in zero effort to train, he’s not realistic. This guy was literally in Mexico weeks before his fight vacationing and not even training from what it seems. It’s not his trainers fault. Y’all can’t blame his trainers, blame Deji, Deji js the one who couldn’t give a shit, put in the effort and train like the other people. It’s as simple as This, Deji is not fit for boxing, he is not capable of preparing for a fight and working for it. He is not a boxer, this isn’t Dejis gig, that’s it. Just admit that. I’m a big Deji fan too, I was praying he’d knock out Vinnie but I have to be real here. Deji simply isn’t cut out for it.

  • Ankan Gupt
    Ankan Gupt

    Deji needs better trainers.

  • nevan

    Is it me or is stable ronaldo, a fortnite player mind you, just the least cared opinion ever

  • iiShyne

    Congrats to Vinnie well deserved win and was humble throughout the whole fight unlike the other tiktokers

  • セテベエネン

    Lol ksi

  • ZaCk FN
    ZaCk FN

    Everyone saying vinnie didn't trash talk and all that shit, people who made fun of deji everyone can loose I am sure next deji is gonna defeat everyone on his path

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez

    What pisses me off is when people tell you to quit doing something like what the hell

  • gremsky rick
    gremsky rick


  • Sad Anoz
    Sad Anoz

    bro jj's confidence was just crushed when he said congrats vinnie Im dead laughing

  • Dark SHADOW
    Dark SHADOW

    Ah will

  • Don ny
    Don ny

    this fake?

    • Tjitro Marina ok
      Tjitro Marina ok


  • Jay Tufuga
    Jay Tufuga

    Big ups to deji for standing for the IT-my team though

  • umar chaudhary
    umar chaudhary

    Vinnie is probably the only respectable tiktoker

  • Iza Pizza
    Iza Pizza

    Bro deadass Ronaldo is irrelevant

  • hafiz ahmad
    hafiz ahmad

    “im gonna shock the world “ deji tweet. and jj said thin on his video “plese don’t become a meme deji” 🤦‍♂️

  • Wes Indie Film
    Wes Indie Film

    Deji with proper cardio is potentially one punch man with regard to youtube fighters. His left straight is a rocket. Imagine if he could pick his man apart for 3 out of the five rounds without tiring... Was hoping i saw fatneek jr. Win. Get back in the gym my guy, you almost there...

  • Enedie Mabanza
    Enedie Mabanza

    The thumbnail is a bit weird

  • The Waffle
    The Waffle

    This is the only fight where i respect both outcome

  • FteTasteful

    Ksi must be embarrassed to have his brother be 0-2

  • アンソニー・ジャクソン

    Darkness and despair inside of my soul watching deji lose

  • Balenciaga n duh cut
    Balenciaga n duh cut

    Seems like more attention was brought by Deji losing than Vinnie winning

  • Sk8monkey 300
    Sk8monkey 300

    If deji dropped all that weight and got his stamina up and was in his prime he would beat the shit outta Vinnie hacker

  • Callum

    vinnie really wanted to impress some of the tik tok girls

  • iraqi bagdad
    iraqi bagdad

    bruh he loset. :/ will good fight and i think vinnie was the best guy's from tik tok side he didn't trash talk or anything i like him and gg to deji

  • Meme Legend
    Meme Legend

    My respect for Ronaldo 📉📉📉📉📉📉

  • Ayden Brule
    Ayden Brule

    ᵢ’ₘ ₗₑgᵢₜ ₛᵤbbᵢₙg ₜₒ ₑᵥₑᵣyₒₙₑ wₕₒ ₗᵢₖₑₛ ₜₕᵢₛ cₒₘₘₑₙₜ ₐₙd ₛᵤbₛ ₜₒ ₘₑ

  • Maria Ude Nwachi
    Maria Ude Nwachi

    KSI don't give a fuck about Deji.He's happy he lost

  • SOD_Pump PS4
    SOD_Pump PS4

    Stable Ronaldo thinks that McDonalds is the gym for deji 💀😂😂😂😭

    • SOD_Pump PS4
      SOD_Pump PS4

      But, in respect he done his thing in the ring.

  • _ChasinDream_

    What’s with the thumbnail 💀

  • Lil Glocky
    Lil Glocky

    Deji had it but thempizza rolls slowed him down

  • Lucas Law
    Lucas Law

    Deji is a failure in the ring. It's good for him to accept it and stick to what he knows. Good shit though brother 👊

  • preztal

    body shaming? really?

  • Cam Rogers
    Cam Rogers

    gym get your McDonald’s

  • Rakk

    afrosenju needs to shut his clown ass up

  • Aldrin

    Jj should’ve trained Deji for this. Those trainers were useless

    • Muffincavemen


  • • Gina
    • Gina

    I think dejis trainers really underestimated vinnie so they probably took it kinda slow

  • NetWork_.

    Vinnie is the only man that’s on the tiktok team, respect to both✊🏾

  • Gaming_Wolf

    And this is why IT-my should rig/fix matches just like in actual Boxing. Is it wrong? Yes But it's been proven that actual Boxing is guilty at this but usally turned a blind eye.

  • Sean Stokes
    Sean Stokes

    respect to stable at the gym lmao

  • いつも in sorrow
    いつも in sorrow

    Those were three 2min rounds and Deji was literally heavy breathing after the 1st. The guy had a 3 year head start and picked a guy who has never boxed to make himself look good, made his fans believe that he's a great boxer and that he's been training really hard Only to show up with a beer belly and the boxing skills of a beginner If you're not willing to sacrifice and work hard you don't belong in the ring, period.

  • Janor

    i wish viddal trained deji

  • mohammad soubra
    mohammad soubra

    My quest is why does deji not take any fight seriously like we are tryna cheer him up and he just dont train hard enough like look at his bro ksi has been working out all the time while deji on the other hand is chillin like if he fights again and loses i dont even know what to say


    Still hoping for deji to go back and win ill wait for that day But first he needs to slim down, train his cardio its really sad but congrats to vinnie they showed heart and respect

  • AlpacazzdeMemer

    Yall did ksi wrong in that thumbnail


    you guys talk shit but never stepped in the square circle idk y yall being negative either man

  • false

    They were both respectful towards eachother in the press conference so respect to both im just glad bryce got knocked tf out lmao good shit to Jarvis too

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time

    “DEJI about to kill this nigga” “Congrats Vinnie”

  • ShiftyBeast

    pain. But they both respected each other so this was a respectable fight lost.

  • Danielle Segundo
    Danielle Segundo

    There's on crucial fact that everyone is ignoring, he tried his best, and that's important. Now we can't lie, tons of people are disappointed by the outcome, and he's taking his loss pretty rough, but instead of bringing him down, we can be bringing him up. I'd also like to speak on behalf of @wage you are definitely right, his team was just hyping him up and not focusing, he definitely did not have the right mindset and was overconfident. Maybe he can look back at this fight and make improvements. Great job anyways, Deji!

    • Shawnta Anderson
      Shawnta Anderson

      Did he really try his best when his stamina was bad in the third round ? If ur saying that’s his best well I don’t believe it

  • SkeletauR

    0:52 but deji eat KFC-

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