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Insane MTB speed run - Riding down a dam on enduro mountain bikes at full speed before shredding sick MTB trails in Malaga, Spain! Would you ride this?
I'm out in Malaga, Spain for a few days with Lukas Knopf and Marc Diekmann who are both professional mountain bikers from Germany and our first stop was this HUGE over flow for a dam and it is so steep and fast. We pushed all the way to the top before dropping in on our enduro bikes at full speed. It was actually a crazy adrenaline rush considering its basically just a hill, but the fact we were going so fast was the reason it was so so sick. I love that the GoPro hero 8 really does show how fast we were going, stoked! After finishing at the dam I did some drifts in the rental van before arriving at a local built MTB trail spot with jumps running the whole way down a hill. The trails were purpose built for enduro bikes and it was super fun. Thanks a lot to LOOSE DOWNHILL for showing us around!! More videos from Malaga coming up!
I hope you enjoy the video!
Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).
This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!
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  • leleu gamer plar
    leleu gamer plar

    Brazil go

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    Steven Cofer

    It never looks as steep as it really is through the camera. That's a good way to die!

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    Cycling vlogs


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    Dylan Flaxman

    If you think going that fast is crazy, imagine how motorcyclists feel haha

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    2:42 the moment we all been waiting for

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    Rundown Alex

    How tall are you and what size bike do you use? Just curious to know

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    Rwwells 32

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    Taurean Livermore

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    Bahamas King

    Awesome video and Insane downhill dam ride. Love the jumps as well.

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    Joze Hocevar

    0:16 Nice license plate u got there

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    Skate 3

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    DAM, that was sick.

  • xMarios

    It's so annoying when he starts going like "wooohoo" "yeaaaaahhhh"

  • Ermias75 Ermis
    Ermias75 Ermis

    I have a question for anyone that knows .. Can all bikes can jump like that or are these light enough to do so? My bike is 12.5 kg but i can't make it get of the ground as easily as these.. Is it speed and geometry or just the weight?

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    maina kithaka

    When a dude missing a tooth tells you we are gonna go as fast as physically possible you gotta believe him

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    The_ Druid00

    Dam of doom . Dayum

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    This dude sounds like me when I'm trying to imitate a British accent.

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    They all knew

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    Trimon Timon

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    Trimon Timon

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    S.W.A.T Plz sub

    U inspired me to buy my own bike but it broke and it was too late to return it so I wasted $500😭😪

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    Sham Boy

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    Tino Flad

    Always sick Videos. cheers.

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    DJ Acid

    That is why insurance rates are ridiculously high, knobs like these. I would like to knock the rest of what teeth this gormless prick has out.

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    rental companys like yeah nah were not letting him next time

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    Edwin Jansen

    And then somebody decided to set the water free "for extra speed"!


    Hi Sam ... I’m working on a new TV series production ... would you mind if I clipped 30 seconds max of your awesome footage... Absolutely loving your regular twitter posts and loved your freestyle litter picking...

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