International Candy Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
Today we try and guess where in the world the candy we're tasting was made! GMM #1208
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  • Dougy Zimpel
    Dougy Zimpel

    6:04 I can't deal 😂

  • Jiggin with G 55
    Jiggin with G 55

    back before rhetts hair took over

  • Lauren McClung
    Lauren McClung

    Read although I am very happy you are winning months gameDo you have to go look if you like you know it’s not a good girl maybe a tad bit easier on him and I’ll be satisfied

  • Lauren McClung
    Lauren McClung

    Link please win another thing please when something like I’m always rooting for you right maybe go to easy and like


    New Zealander here, hiiii 🙋‍♀️ You guys really need to pop over for a visit sometime 😂 I would really love to see an episode of you on the farm lol

  • Linda Dorsey
    Linda Dorsey

    A Flart ? Lol flying fart

  • Jen Is Weird
    Jen Is Weird

    I’m coming back watching these and I just want to say Did Chase always have that dart in his hat? If so it was probably from *Link*

  • Jacob Mackiewicz
    Jacob Mackiewicz

    Honestly, i enjoyed the 4 videos a day format.

  • Sathvik Tech Solutions
    Sathvik Tech Solutions

    Link and reht you can bite a rock

  • Creative Elle
    Creative Elle

    I love the fact that they don’t ask you to click the bell or like the video. You guys are incredible 😘 thank YOU for being your mythical best. You are awesome 💕 😎

  • Jean Boardman
    Jean Boardman

    No matter how many times i watch this, it never gets old watching chase hide behind rhett

  • Somebody Someone
    Somebody Someone

    Lol! Thank god they switched back to the old format

  • Collas games
    Collas games

    Do you guys read old comments?

  • elsa.

    Indonesia also have burger candies lol 😂

  • Marigen Beltran
    Marigen Beltran

    We do have candy that is sweet here in Mexico

  • robert wetmore
    robert wetmore

    I love that chase has a dart in his hat! 🤣

  • Angelo Kodra
    Angelo Kodra

    ...Turzistan? New country I haven’t heard of?

  • Jack Lotspeich
    Jack Lotspeich

    I woulda PLARTED the Japanese burger.

  • JH_Monty

    Americans when eating salty licorice: eww groos The whole of europe: yum

  • Josephine Juul
    Josephine Juul

    Tyrkisk peber is danish...just saying

  • JoBug

    why does Rhett's face fit and link's doesn't/why did they not switch sides and be in each others faces

  • Bellystraw

    Not liking Tyrkisk peber is like a crime. The Tyrkisk peber shots are also great when you want to get blasted

  • Random Nerdery
    Random Nerdery

    It's weird to see them so excited about the expanded format knowing it was such a failure.

  • Bobby Cook
    Bobby Cook

    This is where the dark era of gmm was announced

  • maxpower10k

    To decimate means to reduce by 10. Is Link just 9/10ths of a person now?

  • maxpower10k

    Omg just stream it for free.

  • alaskanworldtraveler

    Turkistan is NOT a country y’all. Sorry. There’s Turkmenistan, there’s Kyrgyzstan, but Turkistan isn’t a country!!! Let’s do better.

  • Lukas Lodall
    Lukas Lodall

    Tyrkisk peber is a Danish product....

  • August Butler
    August Butler

    Tajikistan represent! Sort of... 😂

  • alec lopez
    alec lopez

    They said u can only see it once haha I screen recorded it

  • Midtoker Marius
    Midtoker Marius

    I'm so sick of non Scandinavians hating on liquorice

  • silverspeed bro
    silverspeed bro

    I can't watch any livestream I don't have pacific time

  • Neon Grey
    Neon Grey

    Hey Marcarena!!!!

  • peetu

    turkinpippuri suomi perkele

  • George Kostis
    George Kostis

    Rhett "Ive been decimating you" Score so far Rhett 3 - Link 2

  • Angioletta Antuonette
    Angioletta Antuonette

    6:54 - there are two types of people

  • Olivia Glennie
    Olivia Glennie

    They finally put New Zealand in it and they don't mention it once. Kinda hurted me tho.

  • soph ur bro
    soph ur bro

    everyone is talking about which side they choose and how childish link is but rhett is literally a floating head in this episode

  • Kristina Trent
    Kristina Trent

    Link: Why would they eat this.........continues to eat it

  • Renno Merenäkk
    Renno Merenäkk

    No. Really. Are we just gonna ignore that there is Turzistan on the map.

  • Ed

    Rhett is like your big brother that could beat you in any game with only one arm

  • mickbanner

    That last fart was quite impressive

  • rhiannon conn
    rhiannon conn

    love how chase is hiding behind rhett

  • Nathaniel Katz
    Nathaniel Katz


  • Ariel Carson
    Ariel Carson

    Awh the Moth Podcast!!!

  • Vengeful Polititron
    Vengeful Polititron

    Rhett is the best sport.

  • Tabitha Kelly
    Tabitha Kelly

    Is this the most accurately one they've down?? :/

  • Kim Bloomdahl
    Kim Bloomdahl

    I've had that chocolate and it Israeli-good

  • mxxnlight

    And thus, the expanded format was created.

  • lushiousification

    Ew, ew, I can’t eat that, it’s so saltyOH!!!

  • Shayne akaShaGGie
    Shayne akaShaGGie

    These two dudes are the best on IT-my!!! Funny, Smart, Dare i say GOOD LOOK’N lol!!. Anyways please don’t ever stop!!

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn

    Weak Americans. Licorice is not made for you! It is made for us proud vikings and Nordsmen. And it is delicious!

  • Kristofferson Silverfox
    Kristofferson Silverfox

    We have chocolate burgers here in the UK too

  • Fatima 001
    Fatima 001

    Chase is super cute😍 He’s so underrated. And once again, really really cuteeee😻😻

  • SidselTGHP

    Tyrkisk Peber is from Denmark. It has been producered here since 1977. Still think this show is amazing. Also even as a licorice loving Dane hates this candy haha

  • Nolan Pineda
    Nolan Pineda

    I don’t like link

  • Jacek Mróz
    Jacek Mróz

    WTF is Turzistan, that's Kyrgyzstan

  • Risa Roo
    Risa Roo

    Okay but can anyone tell me the reason link gets cheats lol

  • Ace is Here
    Ace is Here

    I like you’re channel cause you don’t wear you’re own merch everyday

  • Omrikoo

    Shokolad para pizpozim

  • Miscellaneous Me
    Miscellaneous Me

    Embarrassed to say the only reason I found this episode was because I searched 'International Food Taste Test where Link wins'

  • SeriousAlmond Gaming
    SeriousAlmond Gaming

    Suomi perkele rhett on narttu

  • Jeremy Dollar
    Jeremy Dollar

    Rhett & Link: the loudest chewers in the world.

  • Maria Thelin
    Maria Thelin

    Pretty sure turkisk peber is eaten in all of scandinavia, and it's from denmark! :)

  • Jesse Kang
    Jesse Kang

    I feel like link just copies Rhett lol 😂

  • peyton the Steven universe lover
    peyton the Steven universe lover

    Link has a lot if r/ihadastroke moments

  • Cathrine Lydia
    Cathrine Lydia

    Round 4 Tyrkisk peber is not finish but danish

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    Links so odd.

  • Rex Thrasher
    Rex Thrasher

    There are actually two imaginary countries, because Finland does not exist either. Best wishes, a man from Finland.

  • Kasey Salinas
    Kasey Salinas

    I go for Rhett because link is a sore loser

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