Introducing the new PURPLE Supercar to the Garage!
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Watch Burlacher's Reveal:

  • _ DEVSTER _
    _ DEVSTER _

    Thought only donks are purple!

  • Fairytail Guild
    Fairytail Guild

    Get the Bugatti rapped in purple

  • savage channel
    savage channel

    Whats up with purple

  • Caleb Wilcox
    Caleb Wilcox

    Do u like purple because of RHS🐺

  • Joseph Whitby
    Joseph Whitby

    How many times he said it looks so good 👇🏽

  • Isaac Shope
    Isaac Shope

    How do you afford all your cars?

  • Ferida Agusi
    Ferida Agusi

    ÖÖ,zsfdJrti4o. FP oÅi 4 uo98Rökjt ljboåio +’åoizojööjioåOjcpijåo. Öjijoö5joväln än l l Käök bjälke=

  • Lucas Martínez Parra
    Lucas Martínez Parra

    6:25 Like Saints Row style.

  • Brandon Ebrall
    Brandon Ebrall

    Purple Gallardo? Click his Channel.....

  • Ashton Vati
    Ashton Vati

    Imagine being this guys neighbour RIP

  • Corvette Direct
    Corvette Direct

    Rewatching as I wait for another video!


    It’s summer in Aus

  • P Tourne
    P Tourne

    I say wrap that poor F150 next to the garage!!PURPLE!

  • Samuel Duro
    Samuel Duro

    All the subscribers of this channel need a purple focus RS!! 💪💪

  • Iron Knight
    Iron Knight

    Watch him wrap the c8 in purple

  • Reece Martin
    Reece Martin

    What kind of dog is Oscar

  • dvas78

    What type is that Toyota?

    • Austin Lopez
      Austin Lopez

      It is a Supra

  • Tate Drebes
    Tate Drebes

    hey sir I want to help you I see a lot of you in me and your story is incredible can you please ask me for my email. I just want to help you spread your love of cars to the world more efficiently


    Your VERY annoying!

  • Maxi ?!?
    Maxi ?!?

    People who put up the park brake up in their auto bother me

  • Kent Keahey
    Kent Keahey

    but is a mustang really a supecar?

  • Laura Bennett
    Laura Bennett

    Wrap the Gallardo purpple

    • Austin Lopez
      Austin Lopez

      Laura Bennett he already did, duhhhhh

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face

    U made thanos truck

  • Angela B
    Angela B

    the gladiator is ruining it, sorry. can you just drive out of them without blowing up the earth with your exhaust?

    • Isaac Tite
      Isaac Tite

      Angela B never

  • Suárez 9
    Suárez 9

    White rims are ugly . HAVE BLACK RIMS

  • Suárez 9
    Suárez 9

    Keep the Black Rims on Aventador or buy new rims that is colored black.

  • Reyes Cruz
    Reyes Cruz

    the purple is old now and overrated

  • Oliver Livesey
    Oliver Livesey

    What is the name for that purple?

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor

    Just gonna tell you straight up, you ain’t gonna have room for a barn, a big ass house, a long driveway and a go cart track on 1.5 acres of land

  • The Watson Garage
    The Watson Garage

    When did a Mustang become a SUPERCAR??? Nice car, but Supercar status??

  • Adarsh sk
    Adarsh sk

    Which is the song

  • Jody Porter
    Jody Porter

    I think purple means sexual frustration...

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades

    My hip "I fell" = rough sex injury

  • Lil Chip45
    Lil Chip45

    Stradman I feel your pain I fall on my left as well

  • Peyton Giovannini
    Peyton Giovannini

    You need a Ferrari

  • Yasin Achakzai
    Yasin Achakzai

    The Ford gt

  • Auto Mafia Racing
    Auto Mafia Racing

    You need to wrap the RS purple

  • YoungMulah

    The poor ford truck sitting behind the trash cans feels bad he's not included in the line up.

  • Dutch Bell
    Dutch Bell

    You need too wrap the focus RS

  • Edwin Jomo
    Edwin Jomo

    I've come to accept the purple

  • Kurt Knas
    Kurt Knas

    Purple with white wheels and white stripes would be awesome.

  • Travis Randolph
    Travis Randolph

    Do the Focus in white with purple wheels/accents

  • Jonathan Wood
    Jonathan Wood

    When you click on videos to see if they are as annoying as they look you know you have been on youtube too long.

  • KianPlays

    Someone plz make "it looks so good " the video speeds up

  • Baddest Bees
    Baddest Bees

    Dude,slooowww down and send me that Lambo,I'd look waaayyy better in it than you😂😂😂

  • AEO

    Haters will say that jumped was After Effects.

  • Frosty_ Things18
    Frosty_ Things18

    he should get powerboards on helliphant

  • ShyROCKMAN 345
    ShyROCKMAN 345

    I was one of the voters

  • Charles Drews
    Charles Drews

    Why dont you wrap your ford

  • Dvs

    Are you italian? So annoying hand movements

  • Alpine Marathon
    Alpine Marathon

    James, I want to see the cars race on a course of your own! Like with cones at least. Maybe race your friends?

  • J Gib
    J Gib

    Let’s be honest - This guy is weird AF

  • Malachi Smith
    Malachi Smith

    What about the f150

  • BIM

    IRS like sooo much purple

  • Maria Garcia alba
    Maria Garcia alba

    Why don't buy the corvette SUV 2021

  • Peter Szenkowski
    Peter Szenkowski

    later on in your life you will look back and think what was i thinking wrapping all my cars purple..but good call on the 1.7 acres, make that happen.

  • BBQ Nut
    BBQ Nut

    Could you imagine having to live next store to this spaz case?

  • Rylan Roti
    Rylan Roti

    Thats a muscle car, not a super car 😐

  • Mason Hinrichs
    Mason Hinrichs

    Mopar is not able to deliver any hellephants. The engines are still being tested and worked on. That is why it is taking forever.

  • Martin Nelson
    Martin Nelson

    Todays takeaway: dont buy from mopar

  • Patrick Mailevicius
    Patrick Mailevicius

    I thought you were going to paint the Ford GT purple

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King

    Have diesel brothers put a diesel in the gladiator

  • Brandon Tindal
    Brandon Tindal

    When he buys a purple skin in fortnite "guys purple is life" when he buys a golden 1 "Guys red is the best"

  • W1kedS1n

    It's the berlackers mustang

  • will

    this guy is way too rich for his own good. like can i have a car?

  • A J
    A J

    1.1 million views for a mustang

  • John Roche
    John Roche

    I’ll be real dog, it’s just a mustang

  • Jay Swervo
    Jay Swervo

    This is how my garage use to look when played saints row

  • Juan Aguilat
    Juan Aguilat


  • Llamas galore
    Llamas galore

    I dont work for gm but i do help make the corvettes

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