Introducing the One Percent Fortnite House - (ft. Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Randumb)
One Percent
Introducing the One Percent Fortnite House - (ft. Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Randumb)

  • One Percent
    One Percent

    100k likes for our first recruit!!!!

    • Xrow JaM
      Xrow JaM

      Kiwis can I 1v1 u on fort and if I win..... IDK😂

    • SwoopFN

      Got to be me

    • Tftry

      me plz

    • TG_Malachi_playz

      20 k

    • Officialnick


  • Konnor Pratt
    Konnor Pratt

    Guys in one percent pls stop playing fortnite go back to cod no popular you tubers play fortnite full time anymore play mw

  • JUST Gaming
    JUST Gaming

    Pretty fire

  • Elon Rosenblum
    Elon Rosenblum

    You should recruit qtclaos

  • Mason vickers
    Mason vickers

    please make a video of everyone’s shoes in the house!!!


    To the 1% who sub my channel have a safe day 🎉😃❤️❤️

  • lincoln rogers
    lincoln rogers

    How tall is formula

  • F6rbie

    Alright stop playing when is Gandhi moving back in :(

  • RPR_ Anthony
    RPR_ Anthony

    the fortnite guy called it btw as soon as your house tour droped i bought a t shirt

  • Jacob Moran
    Jacob Moran

    Who’s the leader

  • Oliver Corso
    Oliver Corso

    Do u guys golf

  • Seftyzy

    Can i get recruit

  • Rania Alsharif
    Rania Alsharif

    I really want to join and I watch all of you scenes 1k

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    I like how all of there rooms are unique I like how nicks room looks a lot

  • Trevin Knuth
    Trevin Knuth

    can I try out add me parfaze ghost

  • Eli IsHere
    Eli IsHere

    Did any body else notice that Kiwiz ran out of frame when Nicks took over in the kitchen😂

  • adam wisecarver
    adam wisecarver


  • Hxteful

    $4 million you’re bringing down my confidence

  • its zaxzo
    its zaxzo

    I started to play pc

  • Exlipz

    Congratulations you’ve all come along way

  • Adam Yasser
    Adam Yasser

    I WILL HELP U AS MUCH AS I CAN 4 years ago some guys were sleeping on air mattresses now look at u billionairs

  • Police Gamer
    Police Gamer

    I wish I can buy the march

  • Much Otaku
    Much Otaku

    Anyone know where nicks Icon icon wall canvas design is from ? I wanna buy one for my room

  • Knuckle0731

    Where does Alfie stay kiwiz

  • _fr0z3n_

    Yo y’all should play warzone together

  • Jackal Games
    Jackal Games

    Can I Please Try Out

  • Shockwave Raptor
    Shockwave Raptor

    Still gotta use code dumb

  • Rania Alsharif
    Rania Alsharif

    Can I join 1% I'm a insin sniper/trickshoter and a controller player my aim is insin my YT is Drksoulebwini

  • Theginger1 Adam
    Theginger1 Adam

    #1 ON TRENDING one percent goin stronggg

  • Slayour

    I’m so glad I’ve been here since you guys came to Florida with barely anything in ur pockets, shows how being passionate and dedicated to your dreams can pay off in the end, love you guys keep going 🖤

  • FaZe Anthony
    FaZe Anthony

    I bought a shirt🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Hizro BTW
    Hizro BTW

    these are the next sidemen btw plz can i join

  • GunmetalArc 9702
    GunmetalArc 9702

    Huge flex

  • B3ASTK1LL3R10

    3:10 when the item shop comes out 💀

  • Dead111pool1

    The BEST team ever!!

  • geydi rivera
    geydi rivera

    I got it

  • Reniel Guzman
    Reniel Guzman

    what happened to fresh

  • Sweat Ninja
    Sweat Ninja


  • its zaxzo
    its zaxzo

    Hope all of you get 10 mil

  • Hani Al Ayoubi
    Hani Al Ayoubi

    btw who is the leader


    Imagin beeing one of the ca 1k Who disliked

  • Me Is Ducky
    Me Is Ducky

    I like this video I've been watching it for 5 hours now

  • its zaxzo
    its zaxzo

    Hope you get 10 mil kiwiz

  • M1nt M1ND
    M1nt M1ND

    What’s kiwiz doing at 3:08

  • David Cox
    David Cox

    You know you’ve made it when u have a golf course as your backyard

  • atomic mikael
    atomic mikael

    How can I tryout

  • Fatal_Claps KLX
    Fatal_Claps KLX

    After I saw this I want to join one percent more than anything 😂

  • Hani Al Ayoubi
    Hani Al Ayoubi

    the second i saw Kiwiz's room i said it was the best (without even seeing the balcony)

  • Ghetto FN
    Ghetto FN

  • Annemarie Nel
    Annemarie Nel


  • Theginger1 Adam
    Theginger1 Adam

    No offence but why do the two ugliest people of the house have girlfriends Edit: nvm thought randumb had one

  • Cruii rr
    Cruii rr

    This gave me goosebumps watching this video. The house looks better than the best holiday I’ve been on lmao 😂👀

  • Rryiiu FN
    Rryiiu FN

    When he just stared at the camera next to the tv 😂🤣

  • Official Van
    Official Van

    “Sometimes I poo sometimes I pee” -nicks 2020

  • Myth_Zetsu

    Sick house bro

  • Phunny Peter Hinze
    Phunny Peter Hinze

    where was razz in the final scene???

  • Kb7477 Barwick
    Kb7477 Barwick

    Yo could you recruit me? My epic is sweatztac btw I’m ten I m grinding as hard as I can to join your org it would mean the world to me if I could 1v1 all of you to see if I could get recruited ps. I’m nae

  • Sean Daltun
    Sean Daltun

    RAnDumB nEedS a hAirCuT

  • gpr4455

    the hoodie is 65$ is that a joke i'm obviously not buying it

  • Phunny Peter Hinze
    Phunny Peter Hinze


  • Gilgamesh

    Me dreeming of this house and thinking that you surely need to work hard and a lot. One percent making fortnite videos:

  • Bryce Duncan
    Bryce Duncan

    This is lit I want more but randumb cut it hair 😂😂👌

  • Elias McClellan
    Elias McClellan

    the party potential here is insane

  • Phoen1x

    Why dont you guys have more content creators for other games too?


    To the 1% of people who see this have a great day ❤️🤣

  • Marissa Pruitt
    Marissa Pruitt

    Everybody on IT-my waiting for this vid

  • Itsflez


  • DEADSH0T SnipzFN
    DEADSH0T SnipzFN

    Yessir recruiting house is fire

  • griz

    There went from bo2 to this holyyyyy

  • Walter GAMING
    Walter GAMING

    I told you it was called 1 percent

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