INVISIBLE Puzzle?! | 10 Of The Most Infuriating Puzzles!
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I have a love/hate relationship with puzzles. Love solving them, but I hate when they won't let me solve them. And boy oh boy, are some of these puzzles we have today the most INFURIATING puzzles of all time. Thank you for reading this. Much love. (idk why i said it like that either)
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  • DOPE or NOPE
    DOPE or NOPE

    If you guys want to see the LOSER do the most infuriating puzzle, we're going live for our members TOMORROW at 12pm PST!!!!

    • Sweet Slytherin
      Sweet Slytherin

      DOPE or NOPE sorry about the neon

    • yutakamune

      yeah-a-no that second to last puzzle i laughed? because i dont know what you've been smoking to get that idea? but the first thought that came to my mind was "chalk?" well that and the "chalkzone" theme music!

    • Bvttafly

      ;-; that’s all I’m going to say...there is a lot of meaning behind that, that I don’t feel to explain


      @JJ Marq bruh, stop being so toxic because you dont like someone, kind of like the "lovelies" from Game Grumps

    • Temper Wolf Edits
      Temper Wolf Edits

      deidre leclair no the normal videos are free if you want extra content and stickers and shoutouts it cost money

  • Jakkie-Linn Bass
    Jakkie-Linn Bass

    do a vid on bts

  • Asrianti Abd Kadir
    Asrianti Abd Kadir


  • Likhith Manjunath
    Likhith Manjunath


  • noel borja malong
    noel borja malong

    I tryed the rod thing puzzle and i raged then i burn it

  • Robin Renner
    Robin Renner

    Haha 😆 people thought I was a boy when I was a baby and when I was a toddler because I always wore blue and my mom would have to tell them that I liked and picked blue over pink stuff

  • Normac Gaming
    Normac Gaming

    I had that thing Mathias broke before and it broke and I never solved it its been like two years so there not that good.

  • Xxlavenderxx Cat
    Xxlavenderxx Cat

    I have the wooden ball one it was easy to do

  • The Gaming Jedi or ColeTGJ
    The Gaming Jedi or ColeTGJ

    Why is matt bald

  • do it or sauce_dog_gets it TUT
    do it or sauce_dog_gets it TUT


  • Korbino The Dino
    Korbino The Dino

    Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Daikazoku Dango Dango Dango Dango Dango Daikazoku

  • I like Nuggets
    I like Nuggets

    Omg I came hear to watch one video without BTS but literally my whole life is BTS

  • Ella Dunbar
    Ella Dunbar

    I had the kanoodle genius it was fun and easy for me :3

  • BullCrapGirl

    Bruh I just came back to his channel after a couple of months wth happened to Matt’s hair

  • Abigail Topey
    Abigail Topey


  • Pmorphie

    who does Matt look like a pastor?

  • Tiago Nguyen
    Tiago Nguyen

    Make a BTS video!

  • Ronja

    I really like the earring 💟💟💕

  • Things Trending Around The World
    Things Trending Around The World

    Why is Mathias s hair not growing

  • Jackson Gatens
    Jackson Gatens

    The amount of people getting their panties in a knot because Tanner uttered the word "BTS" is horrendous

  • Robin Schuchman
    Robin Schuchman

    I've had a perpexles but it was easier 🤣

  • Ham box nom nom
    Ham box nom nom

    Dont frick qit that stuff

  • 돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli
    돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli

    Tanner would look SO HOT with a septum piercing

  • Gallant

    I am the 3,730th comment and i was the 69,941st like.

  • Cynthia Moreno
    Cynthia Moreno

    play at 2 speed 0:05

  • tonia makryalea
    tonia makryalea

    When he said bts I was like hold onnn ...😲😄💜

  • Mariah Grinnell
    Mariah Grinnell

    I just realized at 8:00 that they're using Conker's Bad Fur Day music. love that game but lol also infuriating (like these puzzles...sorry). Anyone really know that game here???

  • Zoinks ItsURI
    Zoinks ItsURI

    Oi I remember when Matthias had a beard and hair (and the old days when Michael was here and Matt never had a beard but had hair) so, what the heck happened

  • justjakk


  • Jaydin Intero
    Jaydin Intero

    I have a one of those perplexes things and it's awsome to me!

  • Itsainhawxni_

    We don’t have yongjun but do have yeonjun from txt

  • Katie

    For the puzzle you just have to do the edges and do corner working in ward to wards the centre

  • ・Tøtally Wølfle・
    ・Tøtally Wølfle・


  • xtcoolguy gaming
    xtcoolguy gaming

    Its been so long ever since i watch matthias two years

  • Bohan1488

    Y'all could put that rubix cube bake 2gether

  • boba mit tea
    boba mit tea


  • Alistair Hawke’s MTB Adventures
    Alistair Hawke’s MTB Adventures

    Micheal Yell was in a video whilst Micheal was still there! Can’t believe they didn’t remember lol

  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff

    I had a perpexus ball and it was sooooooooooooo fun I spent hours on it

  • Gaming Maniac
    Gaming Maniac

    Who here is actually a cuber and knows how to solve the axis cube?

  • Indie Animations
    Indie Animations

    Me: doesn’t watch dope or nope for a while Me now: HES BALD AND WHEERES MICHAL!

  • A E
    A E


  • A E
    A E

    . WOW 🙃😮

  • Itz_Omarabd9999 I was og Gamer boy
    Itz_Omarabd9999 I was og Gamer boy


  • Trill Nationn
    Trill Nationn

    La ouigee

  • Mochicloud 10
    Mochicloud 10

    1:21 if your getting sick reading that then get crankgameplays(Ethan Nestor) to read it (It was just a joke but markiplier makes jokes about it all the time,,, including eef)

  • Nova Dragon
    Nova Dragon

    It doesn't matter what color it is.... It's still bad news so why change the color!?

  • Andres Padilla-Flores
    Andres Padilla-Flores

    if this gets 2k likes matt will cut all his beared like his hair.

  • WindowsPotatoDefender145

    Matthias, why?

  • woob


  • Drew Jones
    Drew Jones

    Pink girls toolbox which holds pink tools. They make toy versions and real household tool sets some include rechargeable pink power drills.

  • Teya

    Talking about the gender specific favorite colors made me think of when I was in preschool and when I told a boy my favorite color was blue he told me girls could only like purple or pink

  • Deadpool Games
    Deadpool Games


  • Spade Karma
    Spade Karma


  • kitty rose
    kitty rose

    Have not watched him in like 2 year's or 3 year's idk but there staff is still nice :D

  • Damion Daugherty
    Damion Daugherty

    So I'm watching this vid and my dad comes home from the store and you know what he throws at me? A perplexus

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    My brother had one of the second product both he and I beat it

  • Hyuna Kang
    Hyuna Kang

    I love kpop

  • Audrina Green
    Audrina Green

    ItS jUsT bOoTie cHeEkS

  • BRUH FazeJurmlse
    BRUH FazeJurmlse

    It's a skeewb

  • -Alpha Demons-
    -Alpha Demons-

    When they give shoutouts I cant help but think. How would they say my name? 😂 they do it in all funny ways. I just Wonder because I cant join and I would if I could but I cant. But they are super funny and awesome!

  • One Board Gurl
    One Board Gurl


  • Grace Alexandra olivas
    Grace Alexandra olivas

    Before bts there was btr

  • Adriana Micić
    Adriana Micić

    my fvorit color is blue bat i am a girl

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    La ooogie

  • Alexandra Turner
    Alexandra Turner


  • quynh chau pham
    quynh chau pham

    Z Luigi

  • Shorty_Playz

    i miss michael like if you agree maybe we can get him to come back ;(

  • Shorty_Playz

    umm this is the second time youve shouted out michael yell....?

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith

    The clear puzzle looks like it is made of polycarb

  • taegi ships
    taegi ships

    Tanner: all bts fans *shows yoongi* Me: I think I know tan mans bias lol Do they really know bts or..... I have that picture of bts that they keep showing and man is that picture oooold I have it still on my dusty pin board no joke

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