iOS 14 Home Screen Setup: Widgets and Custom App Icons
Apple with iOS 14 introduced widgets on the Home Screen, leading to unprecedented levels of customization for the iPhone. Combined with Shortcuts that let you change an app's icon, ‌iOS 14‌ lets you create a whole new look for your ‌Home Screen‌.
We've been following along with some of the ultra creative alternative Home Screen designs that MacRumors readers have come up with and thought we'd even try to build out a custom app icon and home screen setup to mimic an old school Mac design. In the video up above, you can check out our superficial attempt at making ‌iOS 14‌ look like Mac OS X Aqua, arguably one of the most iconic Mac looks. Widgetsmith is one of the tools that we use amongst others.
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Hands-On with iOS 14 Widgets, Custom Icons, and Home Screen Setup
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  • KShed

    I actually found a way to customize your app launcher with out it opening the shortcuts app and then your app. I made a video on how to do it if you are interested to see how it works

  • Nicole Matthews
    Nicole Matthews

    Can you do it on iPhone 7

  • Achilles Returns
    Achilles Returns

    Air play doesn’t work properly anymore !

  • Christine Ampil Gonzalez-Guab
    Christine Ampil Gonzalez-Guab

    Icons are nice but if you change the ones for phone and messages, they won’t show any badges on the top right anymore.

  • Kurdius

    How do you use png images for app icons?

  • Alejandro Zamora
    Alejandro Zamora

    0:45 I need this wallpaper

  • Mxyl Valtapaz
    Mxyl Valtapaz

    Might be a dumb question, but can’t one already customize their icons with Shortcuts on iOS 13?

  • Steven Duke
    Steven Duke

    when you change the app icons do you still get notifications?

  • Pat Costello
    Pat Costello

    When changing clock to a widget anyone else finding clock widget loses time?

  • PSN_ DisFool_Petty74
    PSN_ DisFool_Petty74

    Has anybody been havin problems wit Siri cause she bein a drama queen and don’t want to answer when I call her on my iPhone 11 ever since the update (14.0.1)🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sinisa Kalicanec
    Sinisa Kalicanec

    to this day I haven't put any widgets on my iPhone, it's not as interesting to me as looking at a messy android 😂,

  • Michael b
    Michael b

    At 0:16 what weather widget is that?.I have Widgetsmith and I didn’t see that

  • Christian Quimno
    Christian Quimno

    MacRumors Customized Homescreen (macOS Tiger) looks Better than the Other People’s Bullshit

  • Natalie Torres
    Natalie Torres

    This don’t work for me

  • Gregory Rosso
    Gregory Rosso

    Great video!!! Thanks for all the help!!!

  • Eternity 21
    Eternity 21

    Thanks for the video !!!! Can we customize the Lock Screen yet ? 🤔

  • Cohen Kid
    Cohen Kid

    So cool thanks

  • Leesayify

    Once you change the app icons, can you still receive the badge notification red dot bubble?

  • Melissa Mahabeer
    Melissa Mahabeer

    Silly question but please help - I cant seem to get the edited apps done in Shortcuts to the actual Homescreen. Even when I select 'add to homescreen' they appear at the end of the list and I cant seem to drag it to the homescreen with widgets.

  • Alex Zach
    Alex Zach

    Is iphone becoming a blackberry or something? Who did this update seriously? Don't need those widgets in iphone, it proper looks stupid wow how to donwgrade now? I used to have huawei and this widgets thing was so annoying

  • marcelovij

    You could costumize App Icons long before iOS14 lol

  • とうろう

    2:11 “フリン”

  • sherelle willis
    sherelle willis

    Hey 👋🏽 I’m new to this channel trying to figure out how to customize my iphone 📱

  • cole jackson.
    cole jackson.

    I made mine look like the iOS 5.1.1 and below

  • Venture A Highway
    Venture A Highway

    Very helpful, thank you!

  • Derek

    I can't do that if it opens the shortcut before opening up the intended the application.

  • Adam Aaronson
    Adam Aaronson

    Can we do this without WIDGETSMITH all over the place? No chance am I using that.

  • hakan turk
    hakan turk

    İts not taht cool any more

  • SNIIP3R786

    Where is that wallpaper from?

  • Rohit Roy
    Rohit Roy

    hey where i get those wallpapaer’s help please ....

  • Alivia Cheuk
    Alivia Cheuk

    It won’t let me choose a photo for the icon apps? It won’t pop up it just gives me emojis does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Miscer

    IT-my better chill on that no skip double ads

  • GamingHabit

    Nah I'm good.. looks like an android LOL

    • Diamond Bees
      Diamond Bees

      But better bruh

  • Peter Westerlund
    Peter Westerlund

    Will notifications for the app be shown on the shortcut-made icons?

  • ight

    why am i watching this i have a andriod

  • Holy Sock
    Holy Sock

    Guys, anybody know how to put png image into app icon but without that colored background?

  • Choccymilk

    These comments are filled with Android stans no ones making fun of your tech choice here why spread negativity I respect your tech choice if you’ll respect mine and my tech choices decisions



  • Augustus S
    Augustus S

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  • Mostafa Mo
    Mostafa Mo

    Man we've had that stuff for decades on Android smh. 🤪

    • Shae Rath
      Shae Rath

      Decades? Back in the 90s when you were rocking your Android phone?

  • Liz Vidal
    Liz Vidal

    If you want to reduce the time that shortcuts shows go to Settings>Accessibility> Motion and toggle the reduce motion so it’s enables. Shortcut screen only shows up for a split second.

  • Jarvice

    Why can't we have transparent backgrounds on the widgets? I just want bold letters and numbers on my background :/


    Classic widget looks terrible

  • Phil B
    Phil B

    Please say "go ahead and..." just one more time.

  • Vex_ Cloudas
    Vex_ Cloudas

    If i make a shortcut can i delete the original?

  • lana. mayyy
    lana. mayyy


  • crezman

    That's unbelievable this is the best Apple can do.

  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Cho Cheung
    Cho Cheung

    finally another android features that had been used for 10+ years

  • Kraken Take
    Kraken Take

    Hey make your 2020 iPhone look like an 2008 android phone

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali

    0:16 how could he make the icons without a square ?

    • Prince Ali
      Prince Ali

      Choccymilk thank you so much 🌸✨

    • Choccymilk

      Making the app square color the same as your wallpaper hope this helps :)

  • Raoul Reddy
    Raoul Reddy

    It looks good but I cba

  • Porky Dog
    Porky Dog

    Where do you find that mountain image, it looks cool!

  • Mya elIS
    Mya elIS

    I don’t have the option to change icon through photos?

  • Amrita Sahoo
    Amrita Sahoo

    That's a detailed🔥 For more custom icons related to ios 14 or any other icons I think one should atleast once check this out

  • Jamielol

    Shortcuts should run in the background without opening the shortcuts app. Not the most efficient shortcut if it has to add an extra step like that.

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis

    Hmmm 🤔, I understand that a lot of people evidently like these, but they all pretty much look like Sh*t to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I really don't see myself getting into these. Also, has anyone studied the impact on battery🔋life?

  • Caleb Pechumer
    Caleb Pechumer

    Bro you’re like 30

  • Shun Trill
    Shun Trill

    Android users: how cute them excited for software we had 7 years ago...

    • Christian Davis
      Christian Davis

      MatthewShugg bro, you just posted cringe. You’re going to lose subscriber

    • MatthewShugg

      overseeryt actually they are not frying pans, quite the contrary my dear. They are actually used to properly stabilise and enhance the cellular devices image quality, something your feeble mind just wouldn’t understand “puts wooden pipe in mouth”

    • جوري

      MatthewShugg at least we have one camera and not three frying pans on the back

    • MatthewShugg

      Shun Trill at least our camera quality ain’t still 7 years ago

    • Christian Davis
      Christian Davis


  • Cuki Yud.
    Cuki Yud.

    Android users laughing watching this

  • Keith Kogane The BEAN
    Keith Kogane The BEAN

    Us android users have had this feature for years lol

  • Russell Contreras
    Russell Contreras

    Lmao welcome to 2010 Apple users

  • Jessie Minecraft
    Jessie Minecraft

    me ok R

  • Excalibur The Ancient sword
    Excalibur The Ancient sword

    This is awesome! Apple is finally giving us the long awaited widgets for IOS!

  • Jessie Minecraft
    Jessie Minecraft


  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera

    About time. Only took Apple 8 years or so.

  • R S
    R S

    Everyone ignoring they are tracking you for Covid

  • The 2 wolf
    The 2 wolf

    Does iPhone 6s work on it?

  • The 2 wolf
    The 2 wolf

    I have iOS 13.9

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