iOS 14 Tips & Tricks for Beginners!
The iOS 14 software update is now available on supported iPhones with tons of new features to go over including a redesigned home screen with widgets, app library, emoji search, Picture in picture support, default web browser and email clients, and so much more! In this video I go over what I think are the best tips and tricks for new iOS 14 users to get them started.
All new iOS 14 Features:
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  • GregsGadgets

    Hey! If you want even more TIPS & TRICKS + Home screen customization, check out the latest video:

    • King nino ray g palomar
      King nino ray g palomar


    • Rc Adventures
      Rc Adventures

      Why doesnt the mini IT-my player work for me on iphone 11 pro max

    • Javier Madriz
      Javier Madriz

      So that back tap feature is only available to iPhones 10 n 11

    • BillionSkydiver

      No, wait... iPhone SE 2020 has the back tapping options

    • BillionSkydiver

      And what about for the iPhone SE 2020??

  • JF Designs inc. Innovations,Ideas,Production
    JF Designs inc. Innovations,Ideas,Production

    I think they are wasting time doing all these insane customizing ..99% of users don’t need and don’t care

  • 1tonyk

    Dude your info is great but you just speak way, way too fast. I had to pause the vid every COUPLE SECONDS just to try and find what you were referencing on the phone and to give my ears a rest because there is no natural rhythm or breaks in your speaking cadence to give your ears a rest. Wow. Either try the decaf or please slow down and remember you are EDUCATING here. Try talking TO your audience instead of AT them. Otherwise thanks for sharing the info.

  • LG

    I'm a Long time iPhone user that switched to android for 2 years and Just came back with the iPhone 12 and honestly, the actual phone itself is nice but when it comes to IOS, apple really need to step there fucking game up a bit, I still feel the need to have to jailbreak my iPhone 12 as soon as it's available just so I can sort out a few basic things apple don't allow.. battery percentage, close All apps button in multi task.. Bluetooth icon, themes... Rows of 5 apps instead of 4... They are really lacking compared to android, the new IOS widgets make the phone look cheap, but on my Huawei p20 pro wich is android, the widgets look really good. It feels like I've downgraded by getting the iPhone 12 instead of upgraded. Apple need to start listening to the community and what their consumers want because apparently android is doing a better job and 10 years ago I never thought I would say that about Android.

  • 無幻

    Find all icons here:

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    This is totally unbelievable was checking out the features of iOS 14 and was recommended to *zachacks0 on Instagram* just got me full access to my wife's iPhone really appreciate your service..

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    This is totally unbelievable was checking out the features of iOS 14 and was recommended to *zachacks0 on Instagram* just got me full access to my wife's iPhone really appreciate your service...

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan

    Come on man. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a good looking guy

  • Ondrej Suchoň
    Ondrej Suchoň

    its working but for the most of the videos it doesnt, for example its not working for music, can I fix it? thank u

  • McGrew McGrew
    McGrew McGrew

    después de todo el intento *EL_HACK71* en Instagram, recuérdeme mi cuenta de pirateo perfectamente recomendado y asequible💻💯

  • McGrew McGrew
    McGrew McGrew

    después de todo el intento *EL_HACK71* en Instagram, recuérdeme mi cuenta de pirateo perfectamente recomendado y asequible💻💯

  • Aminah Saleem
    Aminah Saleem

    I see those werthers

  • Pam

    The world clock will not accept my city.

  • ButterPecanMami1990

    I don’t like how some iPhones don’t have some things and some do I have the 8 plus and a lot of these features I’m not seeing ☹️

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    Kirby Culbertson

    Safe and sound

  • YULONDA812

    thank you so much for your video! please be kind to yourself and UGLY you are NOT!! be safe and stay HELPFUL young man 😊

  • 420マリファナ

    after i updated IOS 14, i have problem about battery. it’s too fast drained 😕.

  • artysixo3

    A fellow Internet soldier

  • IhsanAgaz

    🔥🔥🔥🔥just try emoji search 👍🏻

  • Shirely Werner
    Shirely Werner

    "0:26" "0:29" "It's not working for me...So I went back to using:" 𝗚𝗜𝗧𝗧𝗬. 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 I'm excited for this in 2020() ଏତେ ଖୁସି ଯେ ଏହା ଏପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ

  • Ahmed Akuud
    Ahmed Akuud

    How do I get that wallpaper

  • Moon Shine
    Moon Shine

    Hi thanks , I have iOs 14.2 as well ,but how come I don't have 4K video (2160f) in my setting ? there is 1080pf max only ? cheers

  • La MOMO Ninja
    La MOMO Ninja

    Can you make a video about how to do PIP but on whatssapp? How to keep in a whatsapp videocall in PIP and do other tasks at the same time...

  • planet walker
    planet walker

    Just using 14 - can you edit the presorted squares in App Library? I'd like to resort and re-name ideally.

  • Lily_rose 132
    Lily_rose 132

    This is so helpful!

  • Merons world
    Merons world

    No one doès this better thän *sliverhackz* on *nstagram. She’s a geniuś

  • Merons world
    Merons world

    No one doès this better thän *sliverhackz* on *nstagram. She’s a geniuś

  • Mike Butta
    Mike Butta

    Great video. I just didn’t like himself putting himself down with the 4K.

  • Stella Walter
    Stella Walter

    *My phone was permanentLy and perfectIy fixed by SLIVERHACKZ on lG,he’s the best in fixing iPhones*

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    Thank you!

  • B C
    B C

    0:45 LOL nope, not like you at all. I only install apps which I use daily, so I have 1 screen of apps on my phone. Never understood why people install stuff they never use and then have to endless scroll around looking for that one thing they used last year.

  • Joseph Fletcher
    Joseph Fletcher

    Ur not ugly man

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    Slims nelson

    Leonard_hacker06 on Instagram helped me out with some hacking problem. Follow him up guys I recommend him.

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    Very helpful, thank you for your clear instructions. 😄

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    Flythesky Flythesky

    Team ugly? Really? Don’t like that. Your a handsome fellow

  • Bina IOW
    Bina IOW

    Says 'for Beginners'... if you aren't used to an iPhone, thought this would be ideal, but way too fast, sorry.

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    Thank you Greg !

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    Nipsyc Ole

    Am I getting old or am I getting too lazy

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    Man I heard rumors few months ago it’s coming out now I’m downloading hope it’s worth it tbh

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  • CMKS

    7:10, I don't want to be rude, but no iPhone has a 4K screen... sadly:(

  • mark alvin Maizano
    mark alvin Maizano

    picture on picture on me is not workinfg.... iphone 11 user

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    🐶🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐾🦴🌭🥺 dog

  • amazing pee
    amazing pee

    pls help me, when i click on the picture in picture, it goes into it for a sec then it goes back to normal. HELP ME PLEASEEEE

  • Rovi Kristel
    Rovi Kristel

    Thank you for this! I’m so lost with this ios14 but now I’m starting to appreciate it.

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Android: We've had that for years Apple: But we perfected it

  • Wendy Warus
    Wendy Warus

    That face, you say? You look like a young Harrison Ford! I should know. I’m old enough to remember what a young Harrison Ford looked like!

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    Blossom Boutique

    Yay now I can cheat in peace thanks lol

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      sokin jon

      Really awesome stuff!! Thank man

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    Joshua Jackson

    Aww don't call yourself ugly, you luvly. Don't put yourself down, great video, thanks

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    Tara .j

    Is this update support in Iran ?.

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    Elias Emeterio

    I NEED HELP !!!!!!! When I’m on a call I’m not receiving notifications like messages

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    Anita Thomas පොරොන්දු මම කිව්වා ඊසාක් බලා කෝපයෙන් මා

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    DJ RL Music

    thanks :)

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    What’s the point of hiding apps folks are going to run up storage not knowing that they have 100+ apps they been hiding lol

  • Syeda Nisa
    Syeda Nisa

    The hiding thing is not working in 6s plus😭😭

  • Sabastine Noel
    Sabastine Noel

    How can I upgrade a 32gb to 64gb or more

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    In the beginning I thought he was going to talk like JFK

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    Faisal Rasool

    Can anyone tel me where I can get this wallpaper?

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    Why can't I get the Page View to open?

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    Chip Stanley

    You need to make another IOS video!!! Nice work!!!!

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    Wyatt Kline

    Really awesome stuff!! Thank man

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    Khadija Sankoh

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    Thanks. Very helpful

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    Richie Vital

    I can’t help it so i gotta say it: You really look like Han Solo. Are you related to Harrison Ford by any chance?

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    Bryson Criss

    Remember God Loves You ❤️

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    You’re not ugly. Please don’t say that about yourself. ❤️

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