iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, watchOS 7, iPhone 9 and more
iPhone 12, a New Apple Watch, watchOS 7, iOS 13.4.1 and much more may be coming later this year. In this video I talk about the latest information leaks about the next Apple Watch, iPhone 12 Pro, Apple watch Series 6, AirPower, iOS 14, a new iOS 13.4.1 or iOS 13.5 Update, Logic Pro X, ProRes Raw and more #ios13 #ios14 #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:23 - iOS 13.4.1 or iOS 13.5 Beta 1
00:49 - Apple CarKey
01:00 - Apple Watch 6
02:10 - watchOS 7
02:44 - Apple AR glasses
03:06 - AirPower
03:43 - iPhone 13
04:12 - iPhone 12 Pro
05:43 - iPhone 9 and 9 Plus
06:24 - Windows Pro Res RAW plugin
06:48 - Logic Pro X
07:17 - Macs
07:59 - Apple Stores
08:48 - Wallpaper
08:59 - Outro
09:19 - End
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  • Sixmund Penta
    Sixmund Penta

    hi zollotech! may you do a battery comparision btw macbook 12 inch 2015 model and macbook 12 inch 2017 model.

  • Javier Pérez E.
    Javier Pérez E.

    I have a doubt to see what you think .... why everyone talks about the next iPhone 12 and not the iPhone 11s, which would be the one that follows according to the latest ones, after the iPhone X the Xs followed, now the 11 and then the 11s😳🧐

  • Auto Trend
    Auto Trend

    Will iphone 12 pro max be a good upgrade from 11 pro max?

  • Top Tech Express
    Top Tech Express

    iPhone 12 series | It will not be unveiled in the ninth month of this year ?! androidnewscity.blogspot.com/2020/04/iphone-12-series-it-will-not-be.html?m=1

  • emir özcan
    emir özcan

    amzn.to/2yvGMxn very good

  • Gene Paradiso
    Gene Paradiso

    I’m so disappointed that the “Notch” is not going away. I hope iOS 14 allows a notchless option in the software.

  • Filip laskovski
    Filip laskovski

    Battery life went to shit

  • Juri Yodico
    Juri Yodico

    i think the ip9 price will start at $399

  • Make it ALIVE
    Make it ALIVE

    Sir will iPhone 9plus launches along with iPhone 9

  • Chris Jaxon
    Chris Jaxon

    I still use my phone when it’s plugged in charging, how do I do that with wireless

  • Bianca Jordan
    Bianca Jordan

    If Somebody Gets Aholda Yo Phone, Then They Can Potentially Get Yo Car Too!! #BADIDEA

  • リバイアライアン

    Its ios 13.4.5 already..

  • Berek Exer
    Berek Exer

    If the new iPhone isn't sub $400, definitely jumping for an android phone.

  • Dou Doctor
    Dou Doctor

    I hope the next iPhone should be called IPHONE MEGA.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    Now I added it up. It’s unlucky 13… LOL

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    Locks up especially on Google. It’s like everybody’s website is not rendering fast enough. I select open up in Safari and it doesn’t do that only on the Google oh yeah and the IT-my app!

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    I still have problems on my iPad Pro 2nd gen. A lot of times it’s rotation. It won’t change unless you do it yourself by physically turning the iPad! What a joke. That’s just one issue!

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlsson


  • Li Tommy
    Li Tommy

    ios 13.4.5beta is out

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon Matthews

    Due to the coronavirus austerity measures I can see iPhone 9 will be popular & the new Apple Watch looks very interesting!

  • Miljan Stanojević
    Miljan Stanojević

    What the hell happend with iPhone 9/SE2 staring at 399$!?

  • JayStar T
    JayStar T

    No lidar sensor coming to iPhone

  • I A
    I A

    No new AirPods?

  • Bukunmi Oyewo
    Bukunmi Oyewo

    Who is watching this under quarantine

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie

    Always informative keeping coming👍🏼

  • Hego Damask II
    Hego Damask II

    I want MicroLED 2000 nits screen, would be great for outdoor viewing, since they get 1000 nits with the watch’s OLED currently I think that would be feasible

  • Mohd Amri Razlan
    Mohd Amri Razlan

    may? maybe...

  • Gerry M.
    Gerry M.

    There’s no need to add a fingerprint sensor to watch. I hope O2 sensing comes to Series 5 Watch. Why do we need AR when they can’t get the Mail app and iCloud mail and service straightened out? If the go all wireless, they’d better give me a FREE dongle for my CarPlay. Remember the days of 1 iPhone model? Why do we need so many?

  • Luke R.
    Luke R.

    Why do you say “iPads Pro” instead of “iPad Pro’s”? Sounds so odd. Love your videos though!

  • Siyad Palakkal
    Siyad Palakkal


  • Jeff Terrell
    Jeff Terrell

    I Don’t want a wireless iPhone. Wireless earbuds aren’t practical for everyone.

  • Who- TF -Cares!!
    Who- TF -Cares!!

    updating to ios 13.4 has been HELL‼️ for me, it almost feels like I’m back in 1980 trying to use my phone with no success, I already attempted to smash the phone at least a dozen times

    • Who- TF -Cares!!
      Who- TF -Cares!!

      @A bookworm who read only on kindle . . I’ve have done that multiple times on different ways, but is acting as if I was trying to speed up on the autobahn while pedaling on a bicycle 😤🤯🥵🤬😭

    • A bookworm who read only on kindle
      A bookworm who read only on kindle

      Who- TF -Cares!! Have you tried resetting the phone twice after updating? I so far have no issue.

  • SouthFacedWindows

    Do iPhones support fast wireless charging?

  • rob cuisinier
    rob cuisinier

    thank you fore this revieuw verry usefull mvg rob

  • SouthFacedWindows

    My hotspot doesn’t work on iphone. Unable to connect to the phone.

  • itzhaki arad
    itzhaki arad

    Apple must add always on display with iOS 14

  • itzhaki arad
    itzhaki arad

    Apple must add always on display with iOS 14

  • Sanwar Ka life
    Sanwar Ka life

    After I updating this version My camera is going stucked sometimes

  • Brian Hansen
    Brian Hansen

    Wireless charging only would be bad... I was on a vacation not long ago (in Scotland). We drove around the Highlands all day in a rented car using the iPhone as gps/map device. That takes a lot of power, so naturally, it was plugged in to charge at the same time. I just mean... People do actually use the phone while charging, both at home, and while travelling in cars, in the airport, on hiking using powerbanks... No everybody can just charge the phone over night or at the office.

  • Pulkit Sachdeva
    Pulkit Sachdeva

    Why only 480p? 😑

  • Jo B
    Jo B

    I'm hoping 13.4.1 comes sooner rather than later. 13.4 introduced some very annoying jerkiness when returning to the home screen, and I'm having constant issues with Safari freezing or going blank.

  • Conny Bjaaland
    Conny Bjaaland

    It’s NOT the iPhone 9!

  • SHashi Bhushan
    SHashi Bhushan

    Zollotech which wireless charger you are using?

  • Pratik Raul
    Pratik Raul

    Keep it up

  • Viscoso Gaming
    Viscoso Gaming

    We need the ECG app in the Philippines. I wonder what is holding back Apple.

  • BluRaee

    Can we get round face for Apple Watch

  • Paul Marsden Sr
    Paul Marsden Sr

    Great video Aaron. I just bought the wife a 12.9" 2020 iPad pro from Verizon. I also got her the 2nd generation I pencil. You take care and stay safe.

  • xcalibur1011

    Z first i think that with apple knowing what,s presently going on concerning covid 19 pandemic that they would at least be considerate and lower their prices and finally give people a break with so many out of work and unable to buy their products right now buy maybe sometime in the near future if or when the economy improves but don,t expect US to help them to make up their financial difference for the $hareholder$ annual profit.

    • Jaden TV
      Jaden TV

      Humm the opposite is gonna happen. Their factories didn't run for many days and to catch up on that loss they will probably ramp up the prices

  • Zay Zay97
    Zay Zay97

    Ios update been good for me

  • Aakash Chrispin
    Aakash Chrispin

    One question I have regarding iPhone 9. If Apple decides to launch it in April how are we gonna buy it considering the lockdown in many countries currently? Cause here in India we don’t have the option to buy Apple products online directly from the Apple website.

  • Jason Rodeen
    Jason Rodeen

    Thanks for the update I’m glad you do theses videos

  • metalandy

    Aaron, for all my Apple product information, you are the only source I need. I'm thinking of getting the iphone 9 / se2 here in Canada.

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams

    There isn't going to be an iPhone 9 or iPhone 9 Plus. It's nothing but a rumor. Rumors dwindle down facts with every individual who tells the rumor. This is exactly how individuals like ming Chi Kuo get most of the misinformation he leaks. The iPhone SE 2 /IPhone 9 rumor was killed totally at the beginning of March. The so called Leakers killed the rumors to cover up the lies they already told the world. Life doesn't work this way. When you say something about something that you really know absolutely nothing about, you can't take it back when you're proven wrong because it still makes you look like a lier. Ming Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman are both individuals who make estimated guesses. That's it. Absolutely no credibility.

    • Jonny G
      Jonny G

      Just you wait.

  • Mitchell Quartero
    Mitchell Quartero


  • Master of Zero
    Master of Zero

    having the older iPhone 7 plus...i believe me upgrading to the new coming iPhone 9 plus would be a Significant upgrade...if Apple uses the A13 Bionic Chip...thanks!! your my number 1 channel on Apple

  • Meli C
    Meli C

    Can someone please tell me what the issue is with the iPhone and a VPN. Thank you,

  • ericthestone

    13.4 is so buggy with my iPhone 11 pro. Apps constantly freezing

  • LevitationalGoo LG
    LevitationalGoo LG

    New apple products be like...... 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🍏🎛 🎛⌚️📱 🎛📺🖥 New iPhone 19172826183631720 With 67 Lidar scanners with Apple Watch on back with AirPods charger infinite battery

  • Daniel R.
    Daniel R.

    13.4 is definitely buggy; or perhaps some habitually used apps despite having been updated recently seem to be crashing for me unexpectedly, and I’ve NEVER had these apps crash before, EVER. 11 Pro Max. Curious if anyone else is experiencing something similar?

  • Khyron Dark
    Khyron Dark

    I kept my on ios 13.4 and will wait for jailbreak

  • ManzaEN

    I was wondering if the LiDAR sensor could be used for VR tracking.

  • Fresh.Mootz

    Damn thing is killing my battery. I don't know what the hell is going on.

  • Earthgiant

    After updating to 13.4 I noticed that can no longer swipe away notifications. It will instead swipe over to the camera. But I can clear the notifications eventually when a X appears by it.

    • Earthgiant

      I did the 13.4.5 beta update and that did fix the notification swipe issue I was having before.

  • Stephen Miles
    Stephen Miles

    Didn’t see (or hear) any thoughts on WHEN Apple Watch Series 6 and/or WatchOS7 might be released. Thoughts?

    • Skyyler Barnes
      Skyyler Barnes

      it’s almost always software in june and hardware in september

  • Ron M
    Ron M

    Thanks 😊

  • Jim Schofield
    Jim Schofield

    Thanks for the great info on apple products. You present the information so us less tech savvy folks can understand. If you think it’s worthwhile I would like information on security and password management for people like me who struggle with a balance of security an remembering password Thanks for the channel

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes

    All wireless iPhone makes no sense. So then I’m going to have to plug in a wireless charger, to then wirelessly charge my iPhone? Do you see how daft that is? I don’t own, nor do I buy battery packs with wireless chargers. Just plug a lead in - Apple =>> Nope, we’ve gone wireless so you can plug one of those in instead and charge it that way. Mental. Apple clearly think everyone works from a. f’ing desk all day long.

  • Mac Jim
    Mac Jim

    I wish they’d do something about the phone numbers being corrupted. I have to restart or hard reset on a regular basis as my contacts number get corrupted into Belgium numbers. It doesn’t seem to happen, or is less noticeable in Cardhop so it seems to be an iOS bug, and my suppliers system... virgin mobile

    • Graham Tranter
      Graham Tranter

      Mac Jim im having the same issue im with virgin mobile when i try to make a call i get the call denied message because the number corrupted

  • Craig Matthews
    Craig Matthews

    Fingerprint sensing on the Apple Watch sounds expensive

  • Joey Nunes
    Joey Nunes

    Where can I get that wireless charger because I’m getting an iPhone 8 Plus soon

    • Hego Damask II
      Hego Damask II

      Mophie is a great option

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