iPhone SE coming April 15th? Plus, a Face ID notch on the MacBook Pro & iMac?
Brian Tong
The latest reports say expect to see the new iPhone 9/SE 2 announcement on April 15th. A new patent reveals Apple is working on a FaceID camera for the MacBook and iMac...including its notch! Say it ain't so!
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  • Brent Smithline
    Brent Smithline


  • Zarian’s gacha life videos
    Zarian’s gacha life videos

    Nope it came April 16

  • Isaiah Malcolm
    Isaiah Malcolm

    I think putting Face ID on the Mac is a great idea cause all there other devices have it

  • Josh Patrick
    Josh Patrick

    Brian, I could watch this if you made a 2 hour movie. Keep up the good work!

  • Tshepiso Maswanganye
    Tshepiso Maswanganye

    Oh and what happened to "Nostratongus" given that this is RUMOR type video? Did I miss the transition somewhere?

  • Tshepiso Maswanganye
    Tshepiso Maswanganye

    Notch on an iMac...BAD APPLE 🍎 ?! What happened to the Bad Apples?!

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong

      It’s not confirmed yet! If it’s actually happening and a final decision I’ll throw it out!

  • Heshan T
    Heshan T

    Put Face ID in Mac book

  • Min Wade
    Min Wade

    Will the iPhone SE2/9 have Face ID?

  • mikepapa20

    Are you people still seriously even considering buying a China made, coronavirus laden phone??? At this point I don’t even want to touch anything made in China right now.

  • TechnoManiac125

    i heard that it will be named just iPhone thats it

  • Chamod Malalathunga
    Chamod Malalathunga

    Please include bad apples also. Great video BTW. 👍

  • Jeremy Cush
    Jeremy Cush

    Improved battery on the apple watch is needed as its crap at the moment, maybe it will become a real smart watch one day , its so far the worst watch app wise as you need the iphone with over 80% of the apps to work , plus whats the point of a 32gb watch if it does not store the data for more than 24 hours , sleep apps are a good example if you dont sync your apple watch every day you loose all that data , its a joke , there is only one real smart watch and thats not from apple or samsung , its the full android watches that work 100% without the requirement to take a phone in your pocket. The apple watch was my worst perchase ever , and probably why there are 1000's of apple watches on the second hand websites.

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood

    Cmon. The next iPhone (12) should have fingerprint recognition on the screen (no button. Others do this.), 5G Cell, no. notch (well, one can dream), and stop trying to make it slimmer. I much rather a better battery than a phone thats going to snap cus it's too thin. Tesla glass?

  • D Gold
    D Gold

    Steve Jobs would self-detonate and destroy half of California if he saw that fugly notch infecting iPhones and soon-to-be iMacs! Wtf is so crucial about face ID, that Apple - a supposed leader in tech aesthetics - is willing to mar the look of its own products??

  • Adam Provost
    Adam Provost

    So, type-c or lightening for the SE 2/9???

  • Michael Moy
    Michael Moy

    HP-67 App for iPhone is fabulous. I have the real calculator as well.

  • Michael Moy
    Michael Moy

    Transdermal RFID MicroChip for Watch, Phone and Mac recognition.

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    My 2020 iPad Pro 11” has Face ID and doesn’t have a notch...it looks great because its not noticeable at all.

  • Tigerex966

    put the notch on the apple watch.🙀

  • Tigerex966

    To bad logic and final cut will not work on older macs, this is a good way to sell new macs though.

  • Tigerex966

    I do not think Apple is stupid enough to cut a notch into their well regarded, but not the best 2K and 3K 16/10 laptop displays. There is no reason as the bezels even thin ones can hold the camera and sensors as windows hello devices have shown. But I have been wrong before on the headphone jack, and Apple high quality amps and dacs back in the day, but the reason was to sell high profit plastic landfill filling disposable airpods. I see no reason here, no photographer or person in video wants to see any part of the content cut out by distorted curves holes or rounded corners. You can get away with that on small phones but not 14-16" laptops, because it will stand out like a sore thumb on professional work when editing.


    When will Apple get rid of the FUGLY FAT BEZELS on their computers and put a digital crown on an IPhone.

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee

    They new the patent filing will be available to the public. Why would the produce as accurate a product render for all to see?

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan

    I could envision Apple aligning the names of the new iPads with upcoming iPhones. Getting rid of the numbers and letters and sticking with mini, air, and pro would be lovely, but I'm sure we will continue to be impressed with their annual innovations!


    Yeyyyy the notch collection is complete

  • Feggies - MLBB
    Feggies - MLBB

    Apple said that ipad pro can be a laptop replacement, it doesn't even have a calculator lol

  • Feggies - MLBB
    Feggies - MLBB

    You don't need a notch on big displays, just a common sense.

  • Douglas Marinini
    Douglas Marinini

    I’d like to be able to keep the calculator in the control center without having the app...

    • Mostafa Saad
      Mostafa Saad

      Douglas Marinini Same, they did that with the Apple TV Remote app so idk why not

  • Arvine Fareed
    Arvine Fareed

    The iPhone in April 15th Is iPhone SE 2 I think

    • Arvine Fareed
      Arvine Fareed

      Or maybe iPhone 9

  • Arvine Fareed
    Arvine Fareed

    In 2020 iPhone 12 Pro is a good choice

  • Sgt. Crypto
    Sgt. Crypto

    The hair will get John Wick long

  • Milan Italy
    Milan Italy

    What I saw in apple.com there is no iPhone 9/SE 2

  • Thomas Mulligan
    Thomas Mulligan

    Was this show originally called "The Apple Byte?"

    • Mostafa Saad
      Mostafa Saad

      Thomas Mulligan Yes, when he first worked for CNET but now that he doesn’t work there anymore, he can’t legally use that name

  • Arrowlog Productions
    Arrowlog Productions

    I wish they would keep the 5.8” screen size

  • sakenu16

    Yeah no not buying this until they bring back manufacturing back to USA. We need to go away from turning this over to Chinese government and rewarding them for Covid 19. Bad timing to release anything new if you ask me.

    • Mostafa Saad
      Mostafa Saad

      sakenu16 everything they’re releasing has already been manufactured. All Apple factories are currently closed.

  • Ernie Carrillo
    Ernie Carrillo

    I’m sure they will hide it in the bezel - chill!

  • C F
    C F

    We need FaceTime on the watch

  • Jeff Leblanc
    Jeff Leblanc

    No one is going to be buying no one will have the money in April Best Buy stores are closed in Canada and the stores are not going to be open anytime soon lucky if in June or July I think this is going to be a depression people will be behind on mortagages and rent so I don’t know how they are going to sell phones maybe go back like old days the provider give to you under contract Canada they are way out of hand 🖐

  • Ivan Mendoza
    Ivan Mendoza

    Love you man

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong


  • Boston Red Sox fan
    Boston Red Sox fan


    • Mostafa Saad
      Mostafa Saad

      Brian Tong That’s simply the most incredibly chill response, awesome!

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong

      I did a 40 min video with an interview with a doctor before it really exploded to get ahead of it and educate people. I care.

  • Armin Bagheri
    Armin Bagheri

    The new iPhone 9 is already outdated and it’s not even out yet! 🤤

  • Michael Parrott-MacLeod
    Michael Parrott-MacLeod

    Cough I.D.

  • Michael Parrott-MacLeod
    Michael Parrott-MacLeod

    Notch on a Mac? April fool!

  • MrYoungfox23

    Fanboys get excited over lil shit 😂😂😂 Apple is so slow but they talk about android Samsung is king iPhone is basic

  • Zechariah Harper
    Zechariah Harper

    Personally I really like the notch and the look of it

  • Mr. Fox
    Mr. Fox

    So iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra! Top Version with 1 terabyte storage for only $1.999 😉👌🏻

  • Keith Boone
    Keith Boone

    I was just about to pull the trigger on the latest Apple Watch (I have 1st gen) and now these details. Any idea when we might see aW6

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong

      Most likely in Fall, we’ll see

  • T Hill
    T Hill

    Should had delay no one has money for a cellphone right now

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    I got the 2019 pro. With notch???

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    That notch for Pro??? I hope not.

  • Slim

    Plainrock124 was right to love you

  • mike m
    mike m

    No Notch On The iPhone Apple Yes Everything Gets A Notch

  • heehee3121

    I thought everything in the title is an April fools joke...

  • LadyBe Lovely
    LadyBe Lovely

    Great job B Tong giving props to Jon Prossor of Front Page Tech! Keep up the great job!

  • dark13art

    no one want notch on the mac!!! most of those cameras anyway are covered with tape.

  • IsaacMijangos

    Not a fan of Face ID on the Macs because it means you can’t cover up WebCams.

  • Legend Escobar
    Legend Escobar

    I really like his shirt

  • Saurav Arora
    Saurav Arora

    Happy April fools to everyone who believed the notch on the Mac!

  • Todd Humphrey
    Todd Humphrey

    If they ever go to FaceID in the Apple Watch, you know they will figure out a way to add a notch! Love the show, Brian!

  • Don Mangowa
    Don Mangowa

    I don’t think Apple is that silly to add a notch on the laptop and the iMac. The reason why there’s a Notch to the higher end iPhones is to accommodate the camera and deep face scanning sensors which could easily be embedded in the camera area of the laptop/iMac. So those renderings you should don’t really hold any water

  • oscar salguero
    oscar salguero

    Whose going to buy it? The whole planet went broke. Apple, chill for now and why not to help with your millions of dollars that you already have.

  • Comprehensiveness

    If they bring ever bring Face Id to the MacBook, I doubt that it will ended up being a notch. Because the bezels of MacBooks are large enough to suit the Face Id sensors without necessarily making a notch. Unless they want to make the bezels as slim as possible while adding Face ID which could actually turning up into a Notch, but that would be quite ugly for a MacBook design, Apple know it.

  • Canosis Plays
    Canosis Plays

    Just listened to Apple Bitz XL with Rene. I hope you two collaborate more in the future. Brian you bring the consumer view points and Rene brings the in-depth nerdy perspective. You two are like a dynamic duo of sorts.

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong

      Thanks for listening!

  • Techy

    1:23 You should'nt say Corona Virus because YT will demonitize People who do say it.

  • Jamie P
    Jamie P

    Hi, in uk apple site no longer shows 13 MacBook or 13 MacBook Pro ?? Surely 14” must be incoming asap??

  • ComicKish

    iPhones suck bro

  • ComicKish

    5g kills


    Apples new outdated phone!!! It's freaking 2020 not 2016!

  • Paul Romero
    Paul Romero

    Notch on the watch

  • Leo Brown
    Leo Brown

    iPhone and Apple Watch models

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