iPhone: A Taller Change (Parody)
Proving that size does matter. The feature upgrade you won't be able to miss!
Video Production by Cinesaurus [www.cinesaurus.com]
Director/Writer: Alexander JL Theoharis [twitter.com/Satire]
Producer: Danielle Sparks [twitter.com/DannySparky]
Visual Effects provided by: Cinesaurus [cinesaurus.com]: David Hudson [twitter.com/DubHud], Steven Hudson [twitter.com/Cinesaurus], David Zimmermann [twitter.com/davidzimm]
Director of Photography/Editor: David Zimmermann of Cinesaurus
Talking Heads (in order of appearance):
Forest Gibson [twitter.com/forestgibson], Alexander JL Theoharis, Christopher Parker [twitter.com/ChrstphrPrkr]
Model Actors (in order of appearance):
Liz Leo [twitter.com/itsnotproper],
Bobak Ferdowsi [twitter.com/tweetsoutloud],
Tara Theoharis [twitter.com/geekyhostess], Cedric Harris, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Kevin Lane, Satabdi Chakrabarti, Danielle Sparks
Prop Design: Liz Leo, Satabdi Chakrabarti
Gaffer: David Hudson
Marketing Support: Tara Theoharis, Forest Gibson, David Zimmerman, David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Channel Producers: Alexander JL Theoharis, David Hudson, David Zimmermann, Tara Theoharis

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  • Ско

    Ахаха,сейчас это превью выглядит оооочень смешно

  • Domenico The Mc
    Domenico The Mc

    I’m sorry how does the homeless guy have a phone

  • switch account
    switch account


  • Bise_Moon

    The call though wtf lol.

  • blackhole games
    blackhole games


  • cast away
    cast away

    the job has been re placed by rob jobs

  • Triffty

    I used to think this was reall....

  • AN-D- Cubing
    AN-D- Cubing

    the iphone 11 is not even bigger than that

    • RottonMcNuggs

      This was made when the iPhone 4 was the newest iPhone, so they made parodies like this about the iPhone 5. Pretty funny to watch now considering we are at the iPhone 12 almost

  • Rocket 3000
    Rocket 3000

    I hope this is the pro

  • Ilnar Usmanov
    Ilnar Usmanov

    Here at Apple, we created the istick.

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams

    2012: the iphone 5 is going to have this giant wide screen version of it that makes it very easy to snap in half and can't even fit in your pocket or your purse. 2020: iphone 11 has three cameras and looks like if a kid wanted to draw an iphone with 100 cameras but drew with a mechanical pencil and only had enough led to draw three cameras.

  • The Banana Republic
    The Banana Republic

    I have a product. The new iPad Pro mini mini. We made the iPad 50% larger. But the screen is 1 inch by 1/2 inch. The iPad Pro mini mini has iSmell, letting you smell things from your screen, with 3 "free" smells such as -dog shit -watermelon(rotten) And -smoker lung The new iPad Pro mini mini is $100,000,000,000 squared. The iPad Pro mini mini comes in "why" And "&" colors. The iPad Pro mini mini has a blender and a microwave and still we could not find room for the headphone Jack. The new iPad Pro mini mini weighs 1,000,000 lbs or 1 Kim Jong-un.

  • Byadam Amin
    Byadam Amin

    But its 2020

  • Hanz Wurst
    Hanz Wurst

    I remember watching this like 10 years ago when I was a little kid

  • Rosendo Itehua
    Rosendo Itehua

    When I was a kid I thot this was real

  • MoisKY MonTY
    MoisKY MonTY

    1:18 This really GOT ME DYING😂🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Asha Talim
    Asha Talim

    And that’s what she said

  • Roblox Yt
    Roblox Yt

    I hate this so much

  • HRX [:D] S05
    HRX [:D] S05

    Nobody... Literally nobody.... Partition Zion when he use this iPhone : >:)


    That is fake

  • Sam


  • Szyszek

    🙋 I want have this iPhone Who too?

  • Valerija Hryniou
    Valerija Hryniou

    I would buy it

  • The Reverse Guy
    The Reverse Guy

    55 cm in 2012 10 to 15 cm in 2013

  • Cringe Mr. Karen
    Cringe Mr. Karen

    OMG I was going to be so excited when the long Iphone was meant to come out. When it did... Me:

  • RGamer

    How did i believed this when i was a kid.

    • whoosh me if you're straightn't
      whoosh me if you're straightn't

      I believed in the bone fairy THAT SHIT KEPT ME UP AT NIGHT I've still never broken a bone

  • Pickles

    this is complete satire

  • CreaterOfFair Things
    CreaterOfFair Things

    HOLY i bet that has 1000 tarabites

  • Stuff With Alijah
    Stuff With Alijah

    It will be really annoying when your watching a IT-my video and it’s not full screen and there’s a lot of black

  • †Melanie†

    damn I’m still waiting for that pear iPhone from victorious for quarantine days

  • Sebas Is the best
    Sebas Is the best

    You need to remake this but the phone is like a giant ipad

  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G.

    0:29 wouldn’t u need like 7TB/ 7 tera bites to get that many apples???

  • Mayontraxs

    what the FRICK is that??? *cringe*

  • Madz Clank
    Madz Clank

    Now, the Mac stick pro.

  • lay lover
    lay lover

    Still more innovative than anything Apple has done in the past 6 years or so

  • 1randomdoodler

    I low key really want this😅

  • CreaterOfFair Things
    CreaterOfFair Things

    HOLY i bet it has 1000 gig bites

    • Guy does Random things
      Guy does Random things

      Bro 1000gbs is 1 terabyte and apple only goes up to 512gbs but samsung goes up to 1terabyte

  • dasgg chfhfbf
    dasgg chfhfbf

    Wow that's a good Pruduct

  • YTPooper XYZ
    YTPooper XYZ

    Why does this actually look legit and real? ;--;

  • EJ Gs
    EJ Gs

    Sub to EJ Gs

  • Isavel UWU
    Isavel UWU


  • PolesAreAwesome 21
    PolesAreAwesome 21

    Combine this with a Z flip and it works

  • Emma Leibham
    Emma Leibham

    If you can be stupid then so be that forever

    • i joined the dark side
      i joined the dark side


  • Nateamations

    Will this be real soon

  • Fl1ze !
    Fl1ze !

    2012: omg we have a Long iPhone 5. 2020: iPhone 11 Pro max lololol

  • someome ok
    someome ok

    omg is this the new iPhone 5 xrsb+ ?

  • empire 3
    empire 3

    This actually seems pretty practical for some things

  • Karim Gaming I Kg
    Karim Gaming I Kg

    iPhone 5 ?? We have iPhone 11 duh

  • Zun Soen
    Zun Soen

    cà khịa iphone ?

  • 1hour youtuber songs and intros
    1hour youtuber songs and intros


  • UltimateJM

    The phone call 🤣💀

  • Doodle Kiwi21
    Doodle Kiwi21

    I could not understand if it was a joke

  • Jo Seph GD
    Jo Seph GD

    Now the iPhone X has only a slightly longer display.

  • Ongsa0310


  • kauhu tarina Böysti
    kauhu tarina Böysti

    Plot twist: iphone 5 parody has more views than real iphone 5 trailer

  • aesthxtic sunnies
    aesthxtic sunnies

    Storage: Am I a joke to you?

  • Dileep Rajan
    Dileep Rajan

    2012: no confusing gestures iPhone X: hold my lightning cable

  • Thitou Kas
    Thitou Kas


    • i joined the dark side
      i joined the dark side

      Read the title dipshit, it clearly says parody

  • Huesan

    I hate it when I scroll to much on Reddit only to see only 10 posts

  • Galih Baskoro
    Galih Baskoro

    This video fake

    • i joined the dark side
      i joined the dark side

      Shut up dipshit, even title says its a parody

  • Khalil White
    Khalil White


    • i joined the dark side
      i joined the dark side

      No, its a parody

  • Jeshan Mahamalage
    Jeshan Mahamalage


  • Minecraft round Steve
    Minecraft round Steve

    When I first saw this I thought it was real

  • Creeper Clause167
    Creeper Clause167

    Phone stick

  • EatChocolateBar

    if the iphone 5 was this tall i would not buy it because that's too tall

  • ivy flames
    ivy flames

    They must feel real dumb right now I wish the iPhone tuned out like this 😂😔

  • Choco Coco Latte
    Choco Coco Latte

    where can I buy this

    • i joined the dark side
      i joined the dark side

      From deebweb

  • xyriel coronel
    xyriel coronel

    more like iphone 5 feet

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces


  • krzysztof kolodziej
    krzysztof kolodziej

    imagine watching a yt video on full screen

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