Is Epic Hinting an Upcoming POI in the Cars Update? - Fortnite Season 3
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In todays video I show you guys what could be an upcoming POI! Epic hinted it in the new Coral Buddies development in the Cars Update!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. I'm super excited for season 3 of chapter 2!
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  • Kuyuchik Ramirez
    Kuyuchik Ramirez

    War zone is amazing

  • Vaxify OnYT
    Vaxify OnYT

    Those 2 Guys Are friends And I’m guessing they r Fans of u

  • Sylvie Mpanzu
    Sylvie Mpanzu

    That guy better not say warzone Boring ever in his life

  • Liquid M J K I D
    Liquid M J K I D


  • local disappointment
    local disappointment

    You can clearly see how much more fun Sypher had lately

  • Vidmantas Slapikas
    Vidmantas Slapikas


  • Roxy Chow
    Roxy Chow


  • Carson Demille
    Carson Demille

    Bro the the trailer looks like save the world city

  • Adam Dean
    Adam Dean

    Bit late champ Ali a already done this video stop watching his videos and get your own content ya flop

  • Bader Bassel
    Bader Bassel

    I think this could replace misty meadows

  • This Was a mistake
    This Was a mistake

    Warzone is fun

    • This Was a mistake
      This Was a mistake

      It’s better than Fortnite

    • Zer0FN

      its not

  • F.B.I agent ack
    F.B.I agent ack

    It’s painful that he didn’t take the purple tac

  • Purple

    This is what fortnite was made for for fun not to sweat like a no lifer like you're getting 5000 dollaridoos you weirdo's I love fortnite the way it was not to see kids scream and break their stuff that their parents bought it for them thinking he will gain something

  • NE Carlitos
    NE Carlitos


  • Alex Meyer
    Alex Meyer

    I bet Sypher was the type of dude to underage drink with his friends, have his friends get caught by the cops and say "yo I'm not apart of that group!"

  • Drew Abshireman
    Drew Abshireman

    The place in the trailer is tilted because it’s coming back in season five

    • Drew Abshireman
      Drew Abshireman

      Or four

  • Blink

    Those two people were a vibe 😂

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    Fortnite sucks!!!!, COD is better

  • Vince Porter
    Vince Porter

    It’d be cool to let these guys know they’re in this video. One of my favorites as of late.

  • Mob Nob
    Mob Nob

    You were killed. By typical Gamer

  • Neil Ejaj
    Neil Ejaj


  • Buff Mangle
    Buff Mangle


  • Doo graal
    Doo graal

    im not joking i was the first man to say it was a poi

  • Jett Mckenna
    Jett Mckenna

    3:41 lol

  • Rocco The Brocco
    Rocco The Brocco

    Sypher launching the rocket: woww

  • rym racha yahia
    rym racha yahia

    plz help us to get our server #NorthAfricanServers

  • Wish

    Sypher :did not take a purple tacky wacky And he no pick it up

  • Loco Falkor
    Loco Falkor

    You talking about war zone surprised me because I just got that game😂

  • Jennifer Brewer
    Jennifer Brewer

    He is def playing against AIls that’s why he can kill them so easy and it’s not a challenge for him these aren’t even good quality to watch !!!

  • Alexander Misael
    Alexander Misael

    Funny ahhs video

  • Alexander Misael
    Alexander Misael

    “Warzone is boring” - all 10 yrs olds

  • Totallytrippin

    Maybe it’s not a new poi but they just expanding lazy lake

  • Mari Sano
    Mari Sano

    Tilted towers 2.0

  • sparky

    Wow we havnt teamed up in solos in a while I like his reaction all condfused😂

  • Sherri Lynn Kalliraq
    Sherri Lynn Kalliraq

    When sypher makes a trailer at 4:12

  • Sochima Raphael
    Sochima Raphael

    I can tell that sypher still prefers fortnite to call of duty warzone

  • just a boy
    just a boy

    Does anybody know Syphers colorblind mode?

  • kat Osorio
    kat Osorio

    The content where sypher is just laughing while playing is the content we are here for 👌

  • GamingWithBryce

    They going for mecha team leader or other ship by craggy

  • CLPZ Frxsty
    CLPZ Frxsty

    I love sypher!! He actually gets opinions!

  • Jojo I play2k
    Jojo I play2k

    I hate you

  • Nevaeh Deans
    Nevaeh Deans

    Why didn’t you get the purple tac

  • Emerald Plaza
    Emerald Plaza

    Hey sypherpk, this is how they should handle future seasons. Have a couple pois that have henchmen and a boss, but rather than mythic weapons, only access to a vault and additional exp for killing the boss. That would spread the people more. Plus epic is adding more to the map, space poi, city poi, and Atlantis poi to replace coral castle!

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    hey can i get a new tv from you

  • XX

    This vid got a smile on my face. Wish sypher would have plsyed with them and chilled more.

  • Squid

    Cars make fortnite so much better. I was walking to zone and this random person started to honk his card at me to get in he drove me to circle

  • Jake Feller
    Jake Feller

    4:26 those are the people you want to see in fortnite

  • Jake Feller
    Jake Feller

    SypherPKs singing is just amazing

  • Vishan Beeharee
    Vishan Beeharee

    Love you man keep up

  • Zulfiqar Alam
    Zulfiqar Alam

    Hey do u no that I got a gold coin


    Boys and noise. YEET!!!

  • ppg_bomb8 PPG
    ppg_bomb8 PPG

    Theres a minion on a boat in the loading screen what could it be

  • Dorian Blackbird
    Dorian Blackbird

    *Sypher: shoots the truck tire and it flips* *"Oh...* *Me: hoping he S#!T*

  • Tommy Missus
    Tommy Missus

    *Note on the flaregun!* (As seen in this vid) Just INCASE if some of you dont know, the flare gun makes two different beep sounds. The first is when it goes off when it explodes in the sky, and another different beep when someone is actually marked. So you don't even have to look around until u hear that second beep, confirming that indeed someone HAS been marked, and you will be able to see it. If the second isnt heard, no point in even looking, no ones there. Lol

    • Tommy Missus
      Tommy Missus

      I already can see the smartass comments comin lol I'm jus noting this for those who DONT know, bcuz I also didnt kno this for awhile and was always looking and looking, afraid of not seeing a marked player. Until i realized it made that sound only when there was someone marked. So if you already knew this, awesome, but this comment isn't for you, so move along lol

  • Derek Wicwicky
    Derek Wicwicky

    I think the guy that spectated him until the last game is the one that sypher kill then when he see the guy wih the car and then sypher just emote hope he didn't get banned

  • Alen. D
    Alen. D

    If you are still in need of outfit or emote, then check out the dude name AKAKO on youtube

  • Ghost_ Equinox
    Ghost_ Equinox

    Probably the most wholesome vid ever

  • Kymo R
    Kymo R

    I think the "new" POI looks like tilted.

  • Doggy the Gamer
    Doggy the Gamer

    What’s poi?

  • Christian Bregmen-Lyon
    Christian Bregmen-Lyon

    That ending 🤣🤣

  • Tonmoy Ahmed
    Tonmoy Ahmed

    It’s a Busted tilted towers 😂

  • Chandra Sekhar A
    Chandra Sekhar A

    Charge shogun is really beautifully

  • Blinkz FN
    Blinkz FN

    Great content:)

  • The Chariot
    The Chariot

    Warzone kinda boring though

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad

    Ur contents are so good

  • Diego Mariano
    Diego Mariano

    I played dolls and team up with 4 kids

  • Andre' Coleman
    Andre' Coleman

    Season 5 be like

  • mr. doge
    mr. doge

    Is it tilted towers but its revamp version

  • Benjamin Rowley
    Benjamin Rowley

    0:44 I ant find this in my game wat do I have to do I launched the rocket but can’t see this


    Honestly if epic is fair sypher should get banned. Not that i want to but he broke many rules like the pickaxe wave and the teaming with enemy. If it was a normal player he would have been banned right away but since he’sa content creator epic will let it slide.

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