Is LaMelo Ball A Top 10 Point Guard? Gilbert Arenas & Nick Young Debate Their Top 10 NBA PGs
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Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young break down their top ten point guards in the league right now and let's just say they disagree on who #10 is. Watch “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” every Monday night at 8pm ET / PT on fuboTV or stream it FREE at
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  • fubo Sports
    fubo Sports

    So... who would you pick: Wall or (La)Melo?

    • Izzy Hoffman
      Izzy Hoffman

      Melo tf. Wall injury prone too

    • Bob

      Nick young said lamelo ball is better than CP3? 🤨 y’all so got da** disrespectful.


      Lamelo ball anyday

    • Malik Margan
      Malik Margan


    • Leo Carrillo
      Leo Carrillo

      Melo w wall defense

  • Dee Money
    Dee Money

    Chris Paul is wayyyy better than melo

  • Pause & Select Gaming
    Pause & Select Gaming

    I like ja morant

  • Umer Rehman
    Umer Rehman

    This conversation is so disrespectfullll i had to go throw up

  • Jimmy Shaw
    Jimmy Shaw

    Whatever swaggy p says... It doesn't matter. -Gilbert Arenas

  • Christien62


  • Brian Fasulo
    Brian Fasulo

    Gilbert arenas even watch basketball? Melo ball is top 5


    donnovan mitchell?????

  • Corey Mays
    Corey Mays

    They miss Jamal Murray

  • Emanuel Oropeza
    Emanuel Oropeza

    The answer No Theres your rookie of the year bye lol hahahahaha there you go lavar none of your kids won rookie of the year not Lonzo or lamelo or that bum liangelo or your long lost Mexican son LeTaco hahahahahaha

  • Charles Peterson
    Charles Peterson

    Shocked harden wasn’t mentioned lol

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs

    Nigga Gil put Kemba in his top 10. Get em outta here

  • airflow4000

    Nick young was trash

  • Garion Ramsey
    Garion Ramsey

    I wish nick young was back in the nba i miss him so much

  • Conscious M1nd
    Conscious M1nd

    Conley not too bad either...

  • Doman Cregody
    Doman Cregody

    Stop playing with cp3

  • Marc John
    Marc John

    Tbh the nba is dying

  • Elijah Medeiros
    Elijah Medeiros

    Shai is better rn high key

  • KaRahn Gaymon
    KaRahn Gaymon

    I’m late seeing this but Lamelo is currently number 10 on espn’s list

  • E. House
    E. House

    Damn Nick hating on Wall haaard smh

  • Kisembe Namusyule
    Kisembe Namusyule

    Lebron, Curry, Dame, Luka, Harden, Kyrie, Simmons, Chris Paul, Lamelo, Morant

  • Drip LLC
    Drip LLC

    Chris Paul took a 10 seed to a 3 seed in the WEST and he's not better than Melo.

  • Life Coach Jesse
    Life Coach Jesse

    Swaggy P is tapping into his inner Big Baby Davis

  • Dominic Vasco
    Dominic Vasco

    Kyle Laaaaawwwrreeeee

  • Raiden James Taylor
    Raiden James Taylor

    Swaggy p real talk🥊🤯

  • kuda tigere
    kuda tigere

    What position does Spida play?

  • ksmoothe

    Have to roll with Gil on this one. Nick hating on everybody. Nobody said Mike Conley or DRose, they are better right now.

  • Scott Goodin
    Scott Goodin

    Gil u tripping, I guess a davis is a top ten pg.

  • Scott Goodin
    Scott Goodin

    He is already top ten

  • Changing The Culture
    Changing The Culture


  • King Dreal
    King Dreal

    Y'all forgot rondo tweaking I'm picking him for at least a couple for years

  • Kelvin G.
    Kelvin G.

    If the duffy ball brothers could make it to the NBA....Aaaannnnnyy body can make it to the NBA. Jesus fuckin christ put me in coach

  • High Duck
    High Duck

    wall and deaaron cant be there cuz of injuries. and games played

  • Victor Thee Vicious
    Victor Thee Vicious

    Melo will be better then anyone of those guy hands down by the time his rookie contract is up

  • Lifter4L

    Donovan. Mitchell

  • Taylor Gravely
    Taylor Gravely

    Nah he’s top 15. 1. Steph 2. Kyrie 3. Dame 4. Luka 5. CP3 6. Fox 7. Simmons 8. Young 9. SGA 10. Murray 11. Westbrook 12. Wall 13. Morant 14. Ball 15. Brogdon 16. Walker

  • Alex Kid
    Alex Kid

    James Harden

  • Alex Kid
    Alex Kid

    Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, JAMES HARDEN, Russell Westbrook, Luca Donkic, Ben Simmons, Trey Young, Chris Paul, Ja Morant, Jamal Murray, Kemba Walker, John Wall (13)

  • Russ Burling
    Russ Burling

    Couple things... Ice Trae is not better than Melo, Melo bullied him against the Hawks. Plus Luka is a SG who plays PG. If you're gonna consider Luka a PG mine as well call Bron & Jokic PGs.

  • Gods Gift
    Gods Gift

    Chris Paul over Melo for sure

  • anime hof AMVS
    anime hof AMVS

    This year!? CURRENTLY 1 James harden 2 Chris Paul 3 Ben Simmons 4 Dame 5 Steph C. 6 Kemba 7 Luka D 8 Jamal M. 9 Lamelo 10 Trae *(11 Jah / Lonzo Ball)*

  • Nick Dyber
    Nick Dyber

    Ball is easy when you factor upside,

  • Tyren Sutton
    Tyren Sutton

    Man, Melo better than almost everybody Gil listed.

  • william vanburen
    william vanburen

    Shai gilgeous better than melo

  • Стефан

    Harden is a pg now. Conley,Holiday.

  • Mason Rai
    Mason Rai

    Lowry, CP3 top 10 still

  • Mark Darnell
    Mark Darnell

    Dragiic, Draagiic, Gil is a fool.

  • deezy 2x
    deezy 2x

    fox is better than wall and quicker, and kemba is just shit, scary terry better than kemba

  • Sanchize_95

    And James Harden is a pg

  • Sanchize_95

    CP3 is still point god

  • J Azkal
    J Azkal

    For this year, Lamelo is better than john wall kemba ja morant jamal murray and trae young.

  • Austin Woodin
    Austin Woodin

    I’m sadly nick young was never a Knick lol love him

  • D K
    D K

    “They got lebron running pg now”😭😭😭😭

  • M u Z i K
    M u Z i K


  • anonymous

    Lamelo > Kemba

  • Vip Roulette
    Vip Roulette

    Id take lebron

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    Even if you say Ball is not a top 10 he is surprising and showing and shutting up a lot of the haters He is definitely showing he is not afraid

  • Perfect I said Perfect.
    Perfect I said Perfect.

    Look Ill break with just facts. 1. CP3 2. Curry 3. Luka (If you're counting him). 4. Dame 5. Trae 6. Jamal 7. Ja 8. Melo 9. Wall 10. Westbrook

  • Xiaoyi Zheng
    Xiaoyi Zheng

    What does point guard have anything to do with the height? Swaggy just has the low IQ on everything.

  • Harold Chairs
    Harold Chairs

    Nick might be on to something

  • Giancarlos

    So we not gonna talk about Collin sexton?

  • TheGood1

    Melo is a franchise changing PG! And ROTY

  • Sal Orozco
    Sal Orozco

    I would pick LaMelo over a lot of these guys. He has one unique trait that not many of these guys have. He makes his teammates better.

  • twister gear
    twister gear

    Lebron as PG for stat padding purposes, he wants to be the goat which will never happen no matter how many stat sheets he'd fill nope sorry it ain't happening.

  • FeedGotcha

    By the end of the season... Melo will be top 10

  • Damaian Wilburn
    Damaian Wilburn

    Fred van vleet true point guard

  • Tobi Olowokure
    Tobi Olowokure

    Fox, Doncic, Dame, Steph, CP3, Harden, Murray, Simmons, Ja, Mitchell

  • Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar

    Who cares what these two think = he’s going to be better than both of them & have a great career

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide

    Ben Simmons?????? Boy stop the madness!!!!!!! Son can’t shoot the 3 for shit!!!!!!!

  • Tyree Green
    Tyree Green

    I’m a hornets fan and I’ve been one for years. This makes me happy

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