Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?
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    Donut Media

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    • Daniel Huddleston
      Daniel Huddleston

      So I haven’t heard anyone go bananas over a 400z. In fact outside of my own research I haven’t heard anything from anyone. But maybe I just have people into different cars



    • Spectical2d

      yes we know

    • Conner McCollum
      Conner McCollum

      @COTTERO the m is short for the bmw m models lol


      M... for Murano, Are you really in the car business?

  • Jeremy Agutu
    Jeremy Agutu

    The M is the new nissan Murano, bigger and more edgier

  • WeberGoogle

    You know what i like the most about the 400z? the tyres always read NISSAN on top like the ROLLS ROYCE hub caps.

  • Canna Blood
    Canna Blood

    And another way these bug car manufacturers are stealing peoples money is by slapping 4 cylinder byturbo bullsgit cars and marking them up 30k plus

  • Canna Blood
    Canna Blood

    Nissan wouldve been saved of they priced the GTR R35 like a hellcat and not a markup of 100k plus 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rahmath Shereef
    Rahmath Shereef

    The m car is the new Nissan magnite


    The M Nissan you saw there is the Nissan Magnite.

  • lucaribruno racing gamer
    lucaribruno racing gamer

    Nee Z remember the old 240Z or old 280Z

    • lucaribruno racing gamer
      lucaribruno racing gamer

      New* "sorry for error

  • Sep

    Nissan is a sh*t company

  • 4rsh1

    Ariya is a persian name so idk why they named it that

  • Michael DiMartini
    Michael DiMartini

    No, it isn’t.

  • Edward Strada
    Edward Strada

    Money grabbing CEOs are why Nissan is not doing well. And that goes the same for just about any other company

  • Trieuable

    Nissan need to replace the CVT cause it's sucks

  • Medamine Nismo
    Medamine Nismo

    They talkin arabic not freakin japanese language

  • MrPrajitura

    Product placement for omaze, ok, I can live with that, you also have the yellow bar indicating where to skip. PP for omaze ends: literally 5 seconds later an ad. really donut? come on....

  • Chris Jefford
    Chris Jefford

    As a British person I can confirm that I would rather have a Nissan factory than Brexit

  • Christian Ranslam
    Christian Ranslam

    Nissan needs to abandon CV transmissions,or at least offer 10-15% non cv versions

  • Musti A
    Musti A

    Nissan will stop making cars and start selling car parts and TVs

  • Koel_Hellion

    I highly doubt it since I don't think many people gonna be able to even afford it with today's prices for cars

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson

    I am a Nissan Sales Consultant, just getting into the Brand and trying to make this my next career. With that said, you have to come buy your 400z from me Nolan. I might be 20k miles away, but its worth it. Not sure how it is for you but it is for me haha. Good video man. Nissan builds a quality vehicle man and we stand by it. It really is on the rise

  • Gordon

    We cant lose Nissan 😭 I am praying the dont go bankrupt

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith

    Are there any comments about it looking like a jaguar at all?

  • markfundingsland

    #65milespergallon 720 #Kurth Dastsun Minot ND = Nissan

  • Yo Joe
    Yo Joe

    You: Make a video about the 400z Also you: Don't start talking about the car even at 7:01 into the video Me: Click a link on the sidebar and hope that it actually has some content I want to watch

  • Savage 21
    Savage 21

    Hopefully next will be R36 skyline

  • LessCommonKnowledge

    If there isn't a HBO/Netflix show about Carlos Ghoan within 5 years, im going to be mad.

  • Ed Cenatus
    Ed Cenatus

    The thumbnail looks so much better than the prototype

  • Lee Edens
    Lee Edens

    No, the new 400Z not enough to save Nissan, especially, in a car market were 2 seat sport cars models aren't selling well, except the new C8, look if Nissan prices it right it won't hurt, but the Japanese tend too overpriced their sports cars, now, Infiniti Nissan + strategy is crazy, what happen to that Infiniti in the early 2000s, with the G35 sedan / coupe and FX, you know why these models sold, price right and RWD based, the Japanese 3 luxury / premium are kind of half a__ it lately

  • John Delgado
    John Delgado

    The solution to all this, would’ve been Renault buying the stocks of nissan and then letting them do what they were doing, just like when VW bought Porsche and they promised to not interfere with what they were doing (Thank God for that btw) if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Greed has been the problem here, Nissan’s greed to make or keep more money. And I completely disagree the comment you made at the end is pretty contradicting, if we know Renault has driven nissan’s quality to the ground then the best is for them to divide. Mitsubishi and nissan have become notorious for their dropping reliability through out the years. If it wouldn’t have been for all this my favorite car manufacturer ❤️, Nissan/Datsun would still be next to Honda and Toyota in terms of sales and engineering prowess. This is the reason why they are ultimately trying to remove Gosn.

  • Ward Bajbouj
    Ward Bajbouj

    that sound not japanese talking its arab and there was explsoin in lebanon

  • Bao Hoang
    Bao Hoang

    I really hope the production car has a grill like that of the thumbnail.

  • phreaktor

    Too bad my custom 350 is now essentially worthless. Oh well it’ll still supplement the down payment on the 400. Gratuitous Old Walk Around Vid:

  • Spinny Mathingy
    Spinny Mathingy

    They need to badge it as DATSUN, to honour the heritage of this great Z Marque,

  • Dave Bar
    Dave Bar

    What a moron this guy is. Flagship sports cars are and always have been a money pit ...only a very limited number allowed in US cost 5x in production costs compared to a reg sedan

  • Devon Jordan
    Devon Jordan

    Nissan x GM ?

  • Revhead Media
    Revhead Media

    the Nissan Car with an M must be in the new Nissan Micra

  • wedgoku

    Donut you just wasted my time, me & most other people DON'T care about any politics/drama related to the car industry & in hindsight it is all meaningless! Let the car do the talking, if it looks good & is reliable people will buy it.

  • Agamdeep Passi
    Agamdeep Passi


  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin

    BMW builds a Toyota, Nissan builds a Jaguar



  • Riley Woodbeck
    Riley Woodbeck

    M for Murano

  • Waffel Tee
    Waffel Tee

    Song on 12:15 ?

  • Pobody's Nerfect
    Pobody's Nerfect

    tbh the cvt ruined nissan. that pos makes me never want another one

  • Bad File error 404
    Bad File error 404

    That’s some corpo shit bruh

  • Andrew

    A low-volume sports car isn't what "saves" a company. If anything, it hurts the company financially and takes a very long time to recoup the costs of development and production.

  • SirMontecristo

    Ok, we already know about 95-98% of how the new Z is going to look like, so, what the hell are you guys waiting for to put a new video? Are you going to go to Nissan and do an actual bumper to bumper?

  • Paolo Granada
    Paolo Granada

    Carlos is ghosn hahaha

  • Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
    Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites

    Set up or not......he ran Nissan into the damn ground. He is largely responsible for Nissan's current situation.

  • Hannah Miyamoto
    Hannah Miyamoto

    Maybe the REAL scandal is that Renault is not only still a car company, but owns almost half of Nissan. Personally, all my experiences with Renault have been negative. My family even once owned a Renault Alliance. *shudder*

  • Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection

    BEST CAR IN THE WORLD: 2012 Toyota Camry SE

  • Byron Garay
    Byron Garay

    That thumbnail looks way better than the actual Z Proto

  • D Sakai
    D Sakai

    The Z car grille looks very ugly.

  • Danao Danau
    Danao Danau

    Oi Nissan , even your Datsun cant help you on emerging market on South East Asia

  • ANoobCalled Max
    ANoobCalled Max

    Ngl I hope Nissan makes a car like the Honda Accord I'm taking maybe 2006 Also make the car a LPG...HMMM what?

  • James obrien
    James obrien

    Ehhh all cars theses days look the same and made mostly by the same company who the f cares anymore, no heart and soul into building cars it’s all about money/ profit to cater to all markets of people, not like I’ll ever afford one or want to, I’m happy with a vr commodore with minor modes that’s more reliable then most new cars these days and I treat it like a bag of crap most weekends and drive my ass to wrk Monday with minor up keep. 😂 buying a new car is just a waste in my opinion old cars from the 80-90s seem to still be our living more resent cars 😅

  • Raul Gomez
    Raul Gomez

    I am shocked, Nolan pronounce Barcelona perfectly!!

  • Marat Bodrutdinov
    Marat Bodrutdinov

    Carlos saved Nissan and they should be grateful to him for that

  • Abhijit Deo
    Abhijit Deo

    When you arrest a man who turned you company from going bankrupt to a profit making business you are doomed. No wonder why nissan is shutting down it's factory.

  • Lifted_Above

    GET. RID. of that STUPID. CVT. NISSAN!! That's goal #1. Until you do this ONE THING, you can count on continuing to be a miserable driving experience.

  • Kan Antony
    Kan Antony

    I drove the 16 370z and the 16 accord coupe 6-6. The accord felt alot better even though it was a fwd

  • Francisco Serres
    Francisco Serres

    Dude I wanna know more about Carlos Ghosn and Nissan

  • Stephen j
    Stephen j

    Hey donut, do you think mass producing the vg engine is where Nissan went wrong, while still having the Rb in production, which was in the z before the new engine? And the fact that they were making 2 and 2+2’s of the same car? Think it’s a forward step, not the right one.

  • Sayuki lol Yudistira
    Sayuki lol Yudistira

    In Indonesia, the rouge was called the x-trail, and we didnt have much nissan cars either.

  • King Bashment
    King Bashment

    Hey Noelle do an episode of an update for Kia

  • Calvin Erickson
    Calvin Erickson

    You're awesome dude

  • Krystian Tatara
    Krystian Tatara

    I tell you what that is from the picture .that's a copy of my jaguar f-type r in gray.

  • Taneesh Pradyumna
    Taneesh Pradyumna

    yo the one thing nissan did good is there is an frickin manual

  • Mufifn

    Now, time to wait for an s16

  • BoostedAP1

    Eh 400Z to save Nissan isn’t bad. Better than 80 billion to save shitty General Motors and grandpa’s Chrysler brand.

  • plot vibes
    plot vibes

    *dude nobody likes this car... It's sooo ugly*

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