Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? - Key & Peele
Key & Peele
An office worker begins to question whether or not his boss is a real person.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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    • twisted9100

      Great skit There is an autograph signed by Eminem on eBay asking MrBeast to buy it for 25K lol

    • Steve Adams
      Steve Adams

      I love these guys!

    • Sarah Brockie
      Sarah Brockie

      Subscribed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ subscribe back!!!! I post funny videos like these!!! I'm borderline retarded and smoke crack with aliens💪👽🤘🤣

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory

      OK, that was funny.

    • Jon

      @Pancakes Comedy, it's subjective.

  • cody morris
    cody morris

    I expected him to be real the whole time. Even when they showed that he was just a mop and shirt. But what I didn't expect was for him to move...

  • Jimmy Rustling
    Jimmy Rustling

    Deus ex Mahina

  • Tony Aguilar
    Tony Aguilar

    not gonna lie. the mop man was disturbing

  • Przemysław Korzec
    Przemysław Korzec

    After watching their sketches for quite a time now, I absolutely expected the ending.

  • Nehemiah Rogers
    Nehemiah Rogers

    What the goddamned fucked shit?! Nigga, that shocked the shit outta me. Bra-fuckin'-vo, guys.

  • L F 4633
    L F 4633

    Should not have watched this at 2:30 am

  • Noah Butler
    Noah Butler

    i came back to this video like 7 times

  • True Greatness
    True Greatness

  • True Greatness
    True Greatness


  • Kumar Warrior
    Kumar Warrior

    Am I the only one who saw Ryan Reynolds at -24

  • Edward Backman
    Edward Backman


  • Austin Forrest
    Austin Forrest

    Everybody gangster until the mop starts moving.

  • Negative 1
    Negative 1

    Well I didn't see that coming

  • jcsoxx

    Come on man, Key & Peele the movie

  • Temna Senka
    Temna Senka

    This is some freaky-ass Coraline shit.

  • W4RSCR34M

    everybody gangsta till the mop starts walkin

  • Juan Tony
    Juan Tony

    In my high school, I never seen our principal. I didn’t know if we had a principal or not.

  • Ricardo Bravado
    Ricardo Bravado

    I did not see that c😂ming...oh my I'd have run away...a live mop😅😅

  • juanjunior39

    Holy shit. I'm gonna have bad dreams now

  • Dinrandir

    Thought the skitch was over untill that mop started to shout! Didn't see that coming

  • Jake

    Watching this a second time knowing that everything Key's character is doing is earnest makes it even better lol

  • not a fan of youtube data collection
    not a fan of youtube data collection

    Mr. Wilford?

  • Someone123

    N O T H A T 'S O K A Y !!!!!!!!!! I ' L L D O I T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adhish eswaran
    adhish eswaran

    Proof once again peele is one of the best when it comes to the horror genre...

  • CptObvious

    this one basically mopped the floor with my expectations

  • kabutha kabutha
    kabutha kabutha

    That is some scary shit😂😂😂 love key n Peel

  • Andres Cremades
    Andres Cremades

    Key does a great acting there: gestures, voice. etc. Really cool!

  • D Howard
    D Howard

    This would have made a better Twilight Zone episode. I've been disappointed so far.

  • Andre Klein
    Andre Klein

    Bruh that some shit form Coraline almost done did shit my pants

  • Pyro Head
    Pyro Head

    Would of been funny as hell to see a Keegan clone slowly turn a desk chair around say say "Dafuq you want?!!!??"

  • Thomas Holden
    Thomas Holden

    I never once questioned the existence of Mr. Mahina. I've worked those jobs.

  • Suryo Ardi
    Suryo Ardi

    This is should win short horror story on youtube

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer

    Everybody gangsta until mops start evil corporations

  • Spider-Ant

    That was like fricken Coraline dude 😹😹😹

  • Coco J
    Coco J

    This scared the shit outta me.

  • Jordan Zane
    Jordan Zane

    And if you could have all that done by tomorrow that would be great. Thanks

  • Darslit

    I like how he says it’s, “The situation has been, Mahina-nized.”

  • ALEX

    “This whole thing is Mehinanized”

  • Iron Blunt
    Iron Blunt

    Just another day in the wizard city

  • Nnanna Kalu
    Nnanna Kalu

    LMFAO...AWESOME K&P sketch!

  • Juelz Bandana
    Juelz Bandana

    That boss would mop yo ass on the floor

  • chill bane
    chill bane

    this reminds me dilbert episode

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson

    I remember this sketch!!! I loved it!!!

  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera

    this is like that courage the cowardly dog episode

  • kalzium bones
    kalzium bones

    No, he is not real. He is a fictional character

  • Ashara Jodie Prospere
    Ashara Jodie Prospere

    Peele looks like ice cube in this one

  • -Gemberkoekje-

    This reminds me of cave relgions. Where the elders used to claim they speak for the gods in a cave where only they could enter.

  • An Dru
    An Dru

    Mahina means weak in Filipino.

  • Raed Mohamed
    Raed Mohamed

    This is the way you want it to be so don't matter what I do or say or if I work so hard or I don't have boos

  • Abdallah Daqqouri
    Abdallah Daqqouri

    I hope I don't have nightmares about that.

  • Jin N Juice
    Jin N Juice

    What's fun is that i had a boss who had a patch just like that on his head

  • Jay Lew World
    Jay Lew World

    Wasn't expecting that twist

  • dioco maglinte
    dioco maglinte

    In Filipino MAHINA means WEAK so hmmm

  • Chad From Cosco
    Chad From Cosco

    Scarier than most of Steven kings movies.

  • Villa Donetsk
    Villa Donetsk

    Loving his hair island!!

  • Hive Mentality
    Hive Mentality

    Literally Key in this skit is my actual boss!! Lololol!

  • RaZiel X
    RaZiel X

    "no that's okay!! I'LL DO IT!!!!"

  • Louie V. Baby
    Louie V. Baby


  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    Did you turds label Alex Jones as a domestic terrorist. That would be fucking hilarious.

  • Remeez Jackson
    Remeez Jackson

    One of their greatest sketch of all time

  • frodo baggins
    frodo baggins

    in our language Mahina means weak 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Coombs
    Eric Coombs

    Mr. mahina is a monster!

  • Erik Mendoza
    Erik Mendoza


  • Rail Ondi
    Rail Ondi

    "Mr. Mahina works in misterious ways" sounds familiar right? Is this about religion?

  • TheAverybboniface

    "How's that"

  • Ram Bro
    Ram Bro

    How did he grow those pubes on his head? lol

  • Kenzo

    Snowpiercer (2020)

  • subside ML
    subside ML

    Ahhh I don’t care if cardio only burns calories!!!

  • Christopher Ryan Lawrence
    Christopher Ryan Lawrence

    It's like finding an Easter Egg each time Jordan Peele does the " and what" juke in a skit. lol it's his signature. You can find it again in the crosswalk button skit lol.

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