IT'S NOW OR NEVER! (Sidemen Gaming)
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  • Tibbles Worthy
    Tibbles Worthy

    Ethan has no right to say anything because he cant even score himself

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER

    25:58-26:08 Umm... what? :-/

  • Alamin Mijinyawa
    Alamin Mijinyawa

    Play human fall flat

  • Kronos

    Can someone tell me the name of the BGM at 23:44

  • mandon7care games
    mandon7care games

    Harry is so bad. Jesus christ😂

  • Mason Hunsche
    Mason Hunsche

    Anybody know the song that starts around 3:45 ?

  • Marley Allen
    Marley Allen

    Music at 1:25?

  • Kledy Relacion
    Kledy Relacion

    Pardon my ignorance, but does anyone know the name of the music at 24:33?

  • Adryan Wahyu
    Adryan Wahyu

    KSI Hahaha

  • Alejandro Sapien
    Alejandro Sapien

    Everyone keeps defending harry just cuz hes funny in other vids but he NEVER assumes responsibility in pro clubs and it pisses me off

  • Hermy's Chocolate
    Hermy's Chocolate

    20:05 😂

  • Gauraang Sharma
    Gauraang Sharma

    10:54 LMOOOO

  • TheUnknown

    Can anyone tell what's the first goal music called

  • victoriaa

    I honestly couldnt breathe when simon said "sit yo fat ass back down in your chair ksi" 7:53

  • AJ Baldini
    AJ Baldini

    Didn’t Vik injure himself skiing in 2018?

  • George Redfern
    George Redfern

    I like the sidemen but hate harry and it’s just me I know and tobi needs to stop thinking he’s so good they are all so shite at the game just stop thinking and blaming people do your job

  • Dylan Robinson
    Dylan Robinson

    They dish out critisism to each other and especially to harry all the time but when harry says ive had enough and fires back they all cant handle it. Honestly harry mad respect well done

  • _ Woodsy _
    _ Woodsy _

    Harry’s possibly the most annoying human being ever in this vid

  • Dundeeunitedfan_ 83
    Dundeeunitedfan_ 83

    Does anyone know when Harry says the thing bout pert Cech

  • John king King john
    John king King john

    Ball roll

  • The Mad Dog
    The Mad Dog

    24:55 song?

  • Ethan Everett
    Ethan Everett

    Opposition: *Scores* Sidemen: *Moans*

  • Ethan Everett
    Ethan Everett

    I struggle to believe Vik actually bothered turning up in this video. Maybe someone was playing for him whilst he did his own thing. I’m fully convinced 🤨

  • Ethan Everett
    Ethan Everett

    Tobi managed to keep Harry under control when he was getting mad 😡 He’s such a peaceful guy... Sometimes 😅

  • Ethan Everett
    Ethan Everett

    Harry is so cute 😂 Possibly the most relatable person on the platform in my eyes alongside JJ 🧐

  • Ethan Everett
    Ethan Everett

    Vik actually got “injured” 😂

  • John Bash
    John Bash

    10:12 17:25 20:01 24:53

  • Andrew Koehler
    Andrew Koehler

    Song at 24:57?

  • JosefR

    song name at 24:38 ?

  • Jshog

    17:12 what song is that

  • Mikkel Bogergs
    Mikkel Bogergs

    Harry is pissing me of

  • Zehin Aslam
    Zehin Aslam

    Man is the comment section so soft about Harry it’s just banters between a group of frnds

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed

    Song at 3:48 is called Swif7 - Don't wanna sleep

  • Elvis Rubia
    Elvis Rubia

    Y'all beed to chill on Harry tho lmao, they missed sitters ong

  • KJN

    May I please hire your editor for 1 pence an hour

  • Christopher hellen
    Christopher hellen

    Harry is so funny man


    No wonder Harry used to lose all his wagers he is so trash at fifa.

  • Carson HALE
    Carson HALE

    Video: Music starts Me: CMON BOIS YOU GOT THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Ethan: Hits the post Me: clicks of the video

  • Christopher hellen
    Christopher hellen

    Its literally just banter between friends smh.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Ethan: stop being toxic. Also Ethan: creates the toxic environment

  • Supreme Brick
    Supreme Brick

    Harry is so bad lol

  • Dominik Ragolic
    Dominik Ragolic

    What is the song at 24:55?

  • Cheeseburger

    For once Harry is right, there’re insulting Harry for his defending but there attack is as dangerous as a bowl of wet jollof

  • Joe Watson
    Joe Watson

    anyone else get confused when they were on about vik breaking his collar bone when it was ages ago but this got uploaded last week

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony

    Ethan needs to shush , misses 15 chances a game

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony

    Ethan is toxic af great to see harry take out the anger

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony

    Harry releasing the build up of anger 😂

  • Robbie Omahony
    Robbie Omahony

    It's so much better when the Sdmn are losing pure entertainment

  • Jack Burke
    Jack Burke

    You man need to cut Harrold some slack

  • Sulekh

    I used Shazam and the song at 23:50 we can be fearless by thomas skyldeberg

  • Bluskyツ

    Harry’s annoying ngl

  • Liam Carter
    Liam Carter

    Ethan really has excuses for everything And Toby tries to play the nice guy when he's fucking toxic

  • Nelson Oliver
    Nelson Oliver

    Ethan gives a good pass back to the keeper Harry: Ethan!

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui

    Harry pissed me off this episode so much

  • The unknown master king
    The unknown master king

    No one: Not even Moresidemen: Random fans:dont lie who has a fan of the sidemen before quarantine

  • CBE-Repulse

    I hate the way they all be mean to Harry

  • Addison Marriott
    Addison Marriott

    Can we have our own mute button on Harry

  • Jong Cena
    Jong Cena

    whats the song on 24:56

  • Harmony Wilkinson
    Harmony Wilkinson

    Harry is actual aids in this vid

  • Callum Keenan
    Callum Keenan

    That happens him 8 months ago

  • Callum Keenan
    Callum Keenan

    What actually happens vik

  • Callum Keenan
    Callum Keenan

    What actually happens bike

  • Sulekh

    What's the song at 23:50 guys? It's so good

  • Sulekh

    Does anyone know the song at 23:50? I'd like to add it to my playlist P.S that was a banging goal by Josh

  • Apurva Bhattacharyya
    Apurva Bhattacharyya


  • Sejad Mastour
    Sejad Mastour

    24:55. YOOO WHATS THE SONG, i NEED it.

    • nabil989

      nbhd nick like whoa

  • tony sebastian
    tony sebastian


  • Karizma

    vikk is literally 10x better than harry

  • Willa Ly
    Willa Ly

    broooo!!!! i hate how everyone is blaming harry for everything, especially JJ, like when JJ messes up all he says is "nah its calm" "nah i was meant to do that" all that bull shit. but if u take a closer look at how many goals and assist JJ got compared to Harry is just funny because JJ is just shit

  • Onyx Amish
    Onyx Amish

    It’s been 11 days :(

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