It won't STOP following us in Roblox Jungle Story!
We take a trip to the jungle... it was a huge mistake.
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  • Majid Wasi
    Majid Wasi

    *Victoria: Hello?! What happens to them? Over.* *Also Victoria: Smiling like nothing happened*

    • pig the epic
      pig the epic


    • green tea
      green tea


    • stelliz star
      stelliz star


    • {- crying chiId-} #* glitchy*#
      {- crying chiId-} #* glitchy*#

      funneh:do i only speck emoig me:yes!!!!

    • Jesus Monzon
      Jesus Monzon

      @Aries&Grace p

  • sam iris
    sam iris


  • sam iris
    sam iris

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • sam iris
    sam iris


  • sam iris
    sam iris


  • Saffa Arif
    Saffa Arif

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😀

  • Shivani Yadav
    Shivani Yadav


  • Avery O.
    Avery O.

    main stick left the game because of funnehs bad puns me:RIP .. main stick

  • Trinidad Pinlac
    Trinidad Pinlac

    Jumanji vines heh

  • Hafizudin Hanafi
    Hafizudin Hanafi

    Itsfunneh:are there trapped by the any movie in jungle story

  • Guwinder Kaur
    Guwinder Kaur

    Tiki man more like tik tok man lol pun master ;)

  • Skunk Donky
    Skunk Donky

    I'm home alone and im scared 😨


    “Victoria steals the artifact” Me:Funneh Report The Policeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Dathorne
    Patrick Dathorne

    dont eat

  • MAria Campoverde
    MAria Campoverde

    Eres pan

  • Darcia Bryden-Currie
    Darcia Bryden-Currie

    He is NOT a tiki man! He is a witch doctor

  • Adrain Dyer
    Adrain Dyer


  • yOuR.mY.fRiEnDs. NoW_
    yOuR.mY.fRiEnDs. NoW_

    8:21 made me remeber conny from AoT😂😂😂

  • yOuR.mY.fRiEnDs. NoW_
    yOuR.mY.fRiEnDs. NoW_

    4:40 the aligator dancing in the background😂😂😂✨

  • Cassandra Salsa
    Cassandra Salsa

    i cant stop watching funneh :) she's my idol... i hope i can meet her in real life😊🥺

  • ForksaFunnyWord

    Krew: we're going to die. Victoria: Smiles the hole time.

  • Łøü pįgß 𓆉
    Łøü pįgß 𓆉

    Does it want bananas? - Rainbow 6/7/2020

  • Jocelyn Ross
    Jocelyn Ross


  • Jocelyn Ross
    Jocelyn Ross

    Eddd is the day I get to go to the store and get my hair cut today I will go back in a bit I get the price for the car car and car car is in car car and car car is in car car and car car

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach

    Xo xoxoxoxo xoxoxo

  • T. L.
    T. L.

    the stick is the main character

  • T. L.
    T. L.

    funneh: nobody touch my chicken lol :krew laugh

  • mrbince

    35:23 Haha tricked y’all THE FAMILY IS POSSESSED

  • mrbince

    Wait where was lurnar

  • Lorie Mar Oncepido
    Lorie Mar Oncepido

    Rainbow:Victoria, let me put the chocalate away.

  • Lorie Mar Oncepido
    Lorie Mar Oncepido

    Haha rainbow:Help im going to wet my pants me:im going too wet my pants too haha

  • Lorie Mar Oncepido
    Lorie Mar Oncepido

    I love the part when rainbow gets stuck and funneh with the snake thing

  • Joyo Us
    Joyo Us


  • Nina Elfrink
    Nina Elfrink

    👯‍♀️ BFF 👯‍♀️ BFF 👯‍♀️

  • Nina Elfrink
    Nina Elfrink

    Me soo scared of spiders 😱 and I played this game

  • Joseph Sulitana
    Joseph Sulitana

    Itfunneh jungle stroy?

    • Joseph Sulitana
      Joseph Sulitana

      Hi happy

  • Jay lawrence Tachado
    Jay lawrence Tachado

    Im gonna die of laugh cause funneh said pokepoke with sticks ahhaahhaahhaah im green minded

  • Richard Bayley
    Richard Bayley


    • Richard Bayley
      Richard Bayley

      Funny play Happy simulator

  • Jamie Cardinal
    Jamie Cardinal

    Change your face funneh

  • Rochelle Bernal
    Rochelle Bernal


  • Eliora Azaria
    Eliora Azaria

    Funneh said : it’s an cool ape but scary What the heck

  • khadijetou medamar
    khadijetou medamar

    llove your Videos so much like royale

  • Ana Rafer
    Ana Rafer

    i tough the tikis were oompa loompass XD

  • Joudy Boshnak
    Joudy Boshnak

    big banana


    Good stick pun

  • Shaunette Fullard
    Shaunette Fullard

    i laugh wen funneh sicking around i amost cof.

  • shasha qusoiri
    shasha qusoiri

    Funneh: :0000 IM UR BIGGEST FAN Me: very whopesome and noice 22:18

  • UnicornSwirlHeartC CKVD
    UnicornSwirlHeartC CKVD

    rainbow: 5 more minutes mommy... me: XD so lazy rainbow XD

  • XxElliexX27

    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Chan's laptop
    Chan's laptop

    The sticks looks like a ballon without a helium on it LOL 😂😂😂

  • emma relacion
    emma relacion

    Victoria:h- Me:OMG YANDERE?!

  • sweet flower
    sweet flower

    I heard nois sed a ha holis?


    Krew:(scared for their lives) Victoria:(Smiles and act like this happens daily)

  • Austin Kendrix Fadera
    Austin Kendrix Fadera

    Funneh: Victoria's a kleptomaniac confirm Me: She's Indiana Jones man (GB version)

  • Howell Jalandoni
    Howell Jalandoni

    I heard Nyan cat saying nyanyanyan

  • Arlita Go
    Arlita Go

    Funneh:Was she the sacrifice?! Krew POV's:Oh no! Next Scene Victoria:Hey guys! What happened?

  • Mary Joy Terre
    Mary Joy Terre

    Sirich Angelaque Gonzaga 👧🐶😥3

  • Mary Joy Terre
    Mary Joy Terre


  • Cordelia Quinlan
    Cordelia Quinlan

    Funneh: why is he screaming...? Tiki man: tHe aNiMaLs oF dA jUnGlE bEcAmE pOsSeSsEd wItH a dArK eNeRgY

  • stelliz star
    stelliz star

    funneh's new song album:no no no no no noooo(i think i like it.)

  • Vuthy Hang
    Vuthy Hang

    🍍 🍍 🍌 🍍🍍🍍 🍌 🍍 🍍 🍌

  • •Stealer Raccon• Lifa
    •Stealer Raccon• Lifa

    GIANT BANANA 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

  • Dhiraj ssd
    Dhiraj ssd

    I Love this roblox jungle story

  • Brianne Ward
    Brianne Ward

    the wired thing is my name is victoria haha!!

  • Bunneh_loves_carrots :3
    Bunneh_loves_carrots :3

    The part when “NO WAY AM I GOING TO SLEEP” means NO WAY IM GONNA SLEEP;-;

  • Alexia Alexis
    Alexia Alexis

    I love you♡♡

    • Alexia Alexis
      Alexia Alexis


  • zradiant


  • zradiant

    nah just kidding

    • zradiant


    • zradiant


  • zradiant

    9000000 videos at a time hahaha


    hmm-mmm too games me

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