Itadori and Todo vs Hanami | JUJUTSU KAISEN
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Ep 19: Itadori and Todo get cooking vs Hanami! Watch JUJUTSU KAISEN on Crunchyroll:
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  • Crunchyroll Collection
    Crunchyroll Collection

    Watch episode 19 here!

    • Leandro reick dos Santos Braga
      Leandro reick dos Santos Braga

      Only 100 likes hum, your platform is pretty hated

    • Ryan Bui
      Ryan Bui

      You’re pretty late

    • ricking 003
      ricking 003


    • Diep Nguyen
      Diep Nguyen


    • ok


  • Iván Schwab
    Iván Schwab


  • Critic Cal
    Critic Cal

    "What is this feeling?" I'll tell you what that is, it's something Saitama will neve---

  • FurFakeNaps激怒

    Women Combo

  • *_-Freeze-_*

    Woogie Boogie

  • Vivian Lun
    Vivian Lun

    As an animator I respect the hell out of any animation studio for producing such long animations for such short periods of time. MAPPA in particular just makes me cry tears of jealousy for not being able to work on their projects

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell

    You can tell they’re teamwork is going to be amazing in the future because it’s already as good as Naruto and sasuke’s and they just met that day

  • 47 til infinity
    47 til infinity

    This is what God of Highschool thought it was

  • Brycen Marion
    Brycen Marion

    I just got into this anime and I must say these twos friendship is one of my favorites in all animes great fights great everything

  • Am goose
    Am goose

    No one gonna talk about how Todo just punched a giant magic tree out of the way

  • X

    Alternate title: Naruto and Killer Bee vs Budget Hashirama

  • Nicolas Besikian
    Nicolas Besikian

    Wha'ts the name of this song ?

    • K A I
      K A I

      your battle is my battle

  • Winter

    Looks like Black Clover fights but with high budget

  • Joshua Philips
    Joshua Philips

    the animation was beautiful but the art style of the wood wasnt my favorite but this is still one of my favorite scenes off jjk

  • MrBobPower God
    MrBobPower God

    This is litterly the third thing that shows up when you search brother on youtube. AWESOME

  • Mello


  • aiandenk

    Wait dude, MAPPA... why you didn't make this animation for Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) !!???

    • Pizza Senju
      Pizza Senju

      They didn’t have time to do it

  • TonPerLeDodu

    Hanami IS my favorite character

  • Sulaiman Aljabari
    Sulaiman Aljabari

    So what is your taste in women?

  • Zone •
    Zone •

    Even my imagination cant recreate this, mappa is a whole nother beast

  • Unexisting weeb101
    Unexisting weeb101

    0:02 this is such an iconic pose

  • Pixelated Akita
    Pixelated Akita

    yeah, this fight is cool and all but why Todo punched Itadori? 0:25

    • ItsJustVin

      That wasnt a punch tho

    • Luxe

      It was a tag team move

  • Dorian Theobald
    Dorian Theobald

    whats the name of the fighting soundtrack?

    • SingularSteam7

      Your battle is my battle

  • ZeBiscottow 69
    ZeBiscottow 69

    Carrément on dirait c vraiment des vrais frères

  • Seaino

    ....I am taken aback by this animation, its amazing

  • TrynnaHitTenMill

    I think Hanami felt Itadori's technique subconsciously and got the chillings

  • LuxioNotFound

    What's the music that plays during this scene called?

    • LuxioNotFound

      @Just Korbii Aah, thank you very much!!

    • Just Korbii
      Just Korbii

      Unrelated, I really like your pfp. The Pokemon in the FEH border looks really cool.

    • SingularSteam7

      Your battle is my battle

  • Doffy20

    1:26 the scene that got me into jujutsu kaisen

  • ThePegasusknight

    Damn, I didn't know that Ichigo got a new hollow form.... o.0

  • Man-who-says-goodbye


  • Bottle God
    Bottle God


  • Protector2k8

    Eng sub is a bit off... I wonder who did the translate

  • Beke Rocha De Jesus
    Beke Rocha De Jesus

    0:30 sesupone que debe tener una muy buena calidad de animacion

    • Alrest

      @Beke Rocha De Jesus Dibujo y animación son 2 cosas diferentes, aparte para que esforzarse en detallar algo que está al fondo xd

    • Beke Rocha De Jesus
      Beke Rocha De Jesus

      @Alrest 0:31 es que esos muñequitos me dan gracia :v

    • Alrest

      Se supone? La tiene

  • Alomba Gawum
    Alomba Gawum

    0:46 that punch tho oooooof

  • Yohki

    itadori was dragged into a serious relation ship without him knowing

  • Alex Force
    Alex Force

    This is awesome. Now we wait two short years and watch season two.

  • Adamluvds

    Never In a million years did I think ep 12 could be beaten

  • RicardotheGuy

    0:35 doesn’t that shot look like Deku and All Might?

  • Devin Nall
    Devin Nall

    I'm upset cause we never get to see hanami's domain expansion

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young

    I’ve only been watching anime for about a year now, and I think I picked the correct time to become a fan lol. Jujutsu, Black Clover, MHA are some of my favs and I still have so much more to watch too

    • Christopher Young
      Christopher Young

      @Xauk yah! i binged hxh in like a month and absolutely loved it, im in the middle of cowboy bebop and promised neverland rn, i'll def give full metal a watch tho!

    • Xauk

      If you like those you should watch Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Hajime no Ippo and especially Yu Yu Hakusho, great anime with the same vibe.

  • SH17

    La wea buena por la ctm

  • Mill Williams
    Mill Williams

    Man they need to donate some animation to the sins studio dean is raping it please donate some animation

  • Mill Williams
    Mill Williams


  • A. Lindia
    A. Lindia

    PE Teacher: Okay guys today we are going to do some gymnastics The athletic showoff kid: 0:42

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    Ah, I see that you, too, are back to re-watch this scene. Here, take your free sakuga-shot button: 0:17

    • Demon Lord Enmu
      Demon Lord Enmu

      Thanks man

  • Doomakarn

    0:16 The animators realising that they still have 40% of the show's budget left by episode 19.

  • Adam Abushanab
    Adam Abushanab

    Probably my 100th time watching this

  • Twisted Stars
    Twisted Stars

    Jujutsu kaisen is sorta mappas face anime just imagine how next season is gonna be.

  • Nick Bieneman
    Nick Bieneman

    cant believe these guys are brothers

  • Strollas

    i used one of my close friends in elementary school brother so i can actually relate to this. good times josai.

  • Yeetus Fetus
    Yeetus Fetus

    I would say this the best fight so far but idk

  • Jay Romero
    Jay Romero


  • Ricardo Baraldi
    Ricardo Baraldi


  • Punkydesu

    I hope this guy dont die

  • Megan

    I want the DVD already hurry up 😩

  • Elijah Stark
    Elijah Stark

    I wonder does Jennifer Lawrence know about this

  • WhoAreYou ?
    WhoAreYou ?

    And then hanami dies by gojo..who only killed her using his raw strength

    • ItsJustVin

      No he still used his technique similar to what he did to Juzo

    • Toasted t0Ast
      Toasted t0Ast

      Bro ain't this kinda spoilers for anime-only's?

  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown

    Name of the song is Your Battle is My Battle. Can't get enough

  • Willthehero

    they only knew each other for 20 or so minutes. this is the power or bruthahood

  • Geng Chen
    Geng Chen

    I swear I though he started earth bending at 0:17

  • RDREAMS 12
    RDREAMS 12

    Can anyone please tell me PLEASEEEEE tell me what ost or song or whatever starts playing at -1:30 PLEASE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE

    • RDREAMS 12
      RDREAMS 12

      Your battle is my battle i just found it for anyone wondering.

  • Celes

    This has the same energy and Yusuke and Kuwabara double kick that monster in YuYu Hakusho (ep.19). But like new age.

  • Cola Decker
    Cola Decker

    this episode was straight flames

  • 2 3
    2 3

    i love how even though todo and yuji have loads of cursed energy but almost prefer to just use brute force most of the time

    • naeem nelson
      naeem nelson

      Yuuji doesn't have much cursed energy anyways he just has abnormal strength that he amps with cursed energy

    • Its Vernon
      Its Vernon

      I mean they are just imbuing their strikes with their cursed energy

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman

    And people say that mappa doesnt have good animation... For aot they used cgi cuz the corono virus crisis put them down

  • ThugTorchic51

    Pure bro power

  • Deku Visuals
    Deku Visuals

    Damn Mappa 😮

  • Nothing suspicious here.
    Nothing suspicious here.

    I thought pokemon were supposed to rest after using frenzy plant.

  • Aurelio lindao
    Aurelio lindao

    My besto friend

  • Vibes 82-99
    Vibes 82-99

    Just two bros teaming up and fighting because they have the same taste in women, how classic

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