Jae Crowder salsa dances then sprints to locker room after ejected!
Chaz NBA
Jae Crowder sprints to locker room after ejected in game 6 vs Lakers!
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Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game 6.
Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers game 6.
Suns vs Lakers game 6.
Lakers vs Suns game 6.
NBA playoffs 2021.
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  • Chaz NBA
    Chaz NBA

    at 2 seconds Jae Crowder is CLEARLY salsa dancing to the very left of the video. slow it down if you need to... it was a taunt at LeBrons salsa dancing ad 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Abdi Jama
      Abdi Jama

      @Bodian Landing sUnS iN 5

    • Jeremie Scott
      Jeremie Scott

      @Bodian Landing or the finals

    • Bodian Landing
      Bodian Landing

      @Daniel I'm honestly just trollin' guys. I'm neither fan of the Suns nor Clippers. Cheering for Bucks to go all the way.

    • Bodian Landing
      Bodian Landing

      @Daniel Suns in 5 then...Let's go!

    • Daniel

      @PlanetJohn Suns had their way with the leankles team all year except for 1 game. leankle's lakers are what's sad.

  • Josh Bernardo
    Josh Bernardo

    Jae Crowder, back to back lost in the finals 😂

  • Davajeion Henderson
    Davajeion Henderson

    Let’s see you salsa dance now 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Frankie Lee
    Frankie Lee

    No ring to crowder

  • Gee 6
    Gee 6


  • Spiral

    Who? Lol

  • julianfoster88

    Jae Crowder with those back to back L's in the Finals

  • Jahzell Selmon
    Jahzell Selmon

    Cocky bastard talking about that’s why y’all lost never been more happy to see them lose 4 in a row too

    • Abdi Jama
      Abdi Jama


  • Erpy Man
    Erpy Man

    Let me see that dance again bum

  • Expecto Patronum
    Expecto Patronum

    Dancing Salsa 💃 won’t win championships 🤣

  • 45ginola

    Welp, still couldn't get a damn ring lol

  • Tray NG
    Tray NG

    Salsa dance yo ass to another finals lost now gay crowder

  • JR Swish
    JR Swish

    People talk about the Chris Paul curse but no one talks about the Jae Crowder curse 😂😂

  • Kobe dead
    Kobe dead

    Cp0 is trash asf

  • Justine Paul
    Justine Paul

    Congratulations Mr. Salsa Jae Crowder 2021 NBA almost Champion 😎😂😂

    • Lwi ching Pang
      Lwi ching Pang

      The 2x NBA Runner up himself

  • Devin booker
    Devin booker

    who came here, after bucks massacre the suns in game 6? haha

  • John Benedict Domingo
    John Benedict Domingo

    Who here after they lost the finals🤣🤣🤣

    • 48 Waffles
      48 Waffles

      It was Beautiful sight!

  • kit ha
    kit ha

    unlimited salsa for crowder after the bucks defeated his suns LOLS....

  • Guati Motzin
    Guati Motzin

    Dance now Jae crowder ...... bum

  • Andre Moore
    Andre Moore

    Whose here after Bucks won championship?

  • Utkarsh Pandit
    Utkarsh Pandit

    Hope they enjoy Gianni's move too, karma is a bitch.

  • Daniel Leonardo Santos
    Daniel Leonardo Santos

    Losing back-to-back finals

  • Mista _Mask
    Mista _Mask

    Whose here after he lost to the Bucks

  • Hole Whole
    Hole Whole

    Chris paul is a bad friend to Lebron. Lebron is too nice.

  • Overdrive

    He dances on his haters

    • Overdrive

      @48 Waffles are you a lakers fan ?

    • 48 Waffles
      48 Waffles

      @Chaz NBA Not anymore. He’s gonna enjoy that play in seed in 2022

    • 48 Waffles
      48 Waffles


    • Chaz NBA
      Chaz NBA


  • Hunnidbands

    As a latin i gotta say that sh*t was clean 🕺🏿

  • emmanuel coffy
    emmanuel coffy

    For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going ! Lebron James and Andre Drummond were clowning crowder with the post move James did on him. I think it was game two if I’m not mistaking Now suns won the series and Jaw crowder was mocking Lebron james by doing the salsa dance. Lebron had a salsa tv commercial dance. Sorry for the bad English . English is my 4th language. Here’s a cookie 🍪

  • Jordan


  • DTY Rique
    DTY Rique

    Man a clown 😂😂

    • Chaz NBA
      Chaz NBA


  • Sandee Howard
    Sandee Howard

    If he did that shit to any other team he would’ve not been ejected lol this shows the league favor lebron n I feel them for doing this all that shit that was talked the games before it’s part of the sport it’s not like he ran up on anybody or touched anybody

  • KD L
    KD L

    CP3 got it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elihu Mitchell
    Elihu Mitchell

    To be totally honest LeBron shouldn’t have even been in the game at that point anyways.. crowder was definitely planning on doing the dance 🕺 whether or not LeBron was in the game at that point…

    • Siixx Wrld
      Siixx Wrld

      lmaoaooa where the dance now

  • Bend Oregon with Derrick
    Bend Oregon with Derrick

    CP3 was mocking them for when they were doing Lebron post up moves in game 3. Then Crowder mocked Lebron with the salsa move. Gets the technical, the mocks Lebron again by running like Lebron when he drew that bullshit call against Crowder in game 3. Masterful trolling!

  • Bekir Malik Özkuran
    Bekir Malik Özkuran

    refs cant deal with sauce anymore.

  • XtraUnormal

    *Coach to Crowder:* "What sport you playing?" *Crowder:* "Goal."

  • Teachmehowtodoge

    Jae Crowder > LehelpmeKyrie in terms of Salsa dance. Lol.

    • Abdi Jama
      Abdi Jama

      back to back final loses

  • cameron

    😂😂😂 i love this guy

    • Siixx Wrld
      Siixx Wrld

      ya love him now not picking up his role and losing a next finals how much teams he was on and still didnt got a ring ill wait

  • Raymond Bermea
    Raymond Bermea

    Well, it was 30 seconds left, didn't matter. Suns were up big and won wire to wire anyway. And Lebron was being a bitch not shaking the hands of the Suns players. Just walked into the locker room throwing a hissy fit and he was crying a river because he's a pussy.

  • Kevin Miravite
    Kevin Miravite

    To non Americans unfamiliar of what Crowder did Crowder was imitating a Lebron-endorsed TV commercial where Lebron does salsa dancing

  • Assohoun Pamphile
    Assohoun Pamphile

    LEBRON 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lyndon Wall
    Lyndon Wall

    There’s 30 secs left. WTF refs.

  • black duck
    black duck

    based Crowder

  • Mike Consuelo
    Mike Consuelo

    Lol crowder is happy because he finally beat Lebron, with the help of paul and booker. Salsa all you want.. you will never win a championship. 😂

    • Abdi Jama
      Abdi Jama

      you must be from the future

  • Witch King of Angmar
    Witch King of Angmar

    Jae got his Tom Hanks on

  • Kmall Lyon
    Kmall Lyon

    This dude been on 20 teams in 5years and he dancing 🤦🤦

  • James engk,
    James engk,

    U don’t do this when the ball is in play…

  • Max Kamper
    Max Kamper

    Go home😕😰😕😰😰😰

  • Max Kamper
    Max Kamper

    Good for Lakers😁😁😁😁

  • damir huselja
    damir huselja

    I mean, these refs are complete clowns. Refs you DO suck. What the fuk are you doing? Didn't the whole Lakers bench taunt Crowder in game 3? Didn't see any ejections back then.

  • Lex Stacks
    Lex Stacks

    Booker cooked about 4-5 different Lakers defenders in this series.. Ayton overall outplayed the Lakers bigs. Everyone outside of Phoenix slept on the suns depth. National critics only know Booker and CP3. Suns deep! If CP3 was healthy this might of only gone 5 games lol.. go suns!!!

  • Yow Gaming
    Yow Gaming

    still lebron James is the best of all time, maybe this game something wrong with team mates.. anyway Jae C just enjoy your one day wins and maybe you idolized of lebron dance salsa so with it. sometimes lsoe sometimes wins but Lebron James is the best person in NBa.

  • john thonig
    john thonig

    My 10 year old says LeBron is a bad example of good sportsmanship.

  • civ odarp
    civ odarp

    These niggas acting like they won the chip tf 😂 fuck otta here

  • Albert Fernandez
    Albert Fernandez

    Thats funny as soon as lakers #88 gets up jae runs away

  • Samson Thomas
    Samson Thomas

    I didn't mind the trash talking. I would just like to see it before the game. That way it carries more weight. As compared to waiting until the game is out of reach. Hopefully they can continue to play this well when they have expectations.

  • Senpai Cam
    Senpai Cam

    Jae made sure he was first back to get catering lol I don’t blame him

  • g g
    g g

    Where's the salsa

  • Oscar Bustamante Palacios
    Oscar Bustamante Palacios

    Bahaha!! Soft ass Morris

  • goat

    Jae Crowder the whole series: Game 1: 8 Points Game 2: 8 Points Game 3: 9 Points Game 4: 17 Points Game 5: 9 points Game 6: 18 Points Congrats to the Suns by why the fuck is he talking? 😭 He mad cause LeBron knocked his team out the finals last season and traded him away.

  • GuTOHGT - Benchmark and Gameplays
    GuTOHGT - Benchmark and Gameplays

    the guy is wearing his pijamas

  • Lavish D.
    Lavish D.

    Classless 😶 you can tell these clowns ain't never won nuthin' before...

  • ProjectRBLX Gaming
    ProjectRBLX Gaming

    When you celebrate after beating LBJ in the playoffs:

  • Romona Amanis
    Romona Amanis

    The impartial confirmation karunagappally drum because quotation preclinically wreck onto a outstanding rub. burly, old-fashioned operation

  • Cocoa Ellis
    Cocoa Ellis

    Leloose had his A-- Whooped. He is Not GOAT MATERIAL but he is A LOSER what a BABY. HA HA.


    James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

  • Lucky Valera
    Lucky Valera


  • asimo

    Probably had to go take a dump badly

  • Darin Flechero
    Darin Flechero

    1.2 million views for the clickbate champ of the year 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Chaz NBA
      Chaz NBA

      where’s the click bait ??? did you not see the pinned comment lol smh fools

  • MrMarlon2013

    Ok...still waiting for the Salsa dancing....

  • Conscious Meka
    Conscious Meka

    Lebron is such an important player people still talking about him 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol they make everything about him.

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