Jake Paul talks about his biggest win to date over Ben Askren.
JAKE PAUL V 'BEN ASKREN - Triller Fight Club
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  • Mr Smith and the Outdoors
    Mr Smith and the Outdoors

    Underdog sounds crazy!! Oh God this is funnier then the old SNL clips I've been binge watching. Is this fucking real?

  • Mr Smith and the Outdoors
    Mr Smith and the Outdoors

    His lack of respect to his opponents is why ill never respect him! I get the dude is doing what he needs to do to make his money. I get he is training his ass off. That doesnt make him a good fighter/athlete. Having respect is huge!!! So.. until he learns that i won't stand behind him no matter how many fights he fights. He will end up meeting his match when he fights a tru boxer. Not people who are known for not having hands and mainly are grapplers. ASKREN IS A LEGEND AND SHOULD BE RESPECTED. PERIOD.

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    He is so ugly

  • Steven Cartagena
    Steven Cartagena

    Emotional over a win over a 40 year old injury riddled retired fighter coming off hip surgery 😂😂😂

  • TheBrandon425

    How about Jake vs. White Chocolate?

  • Alexander Casciato
    Alexander Casciato

    Next he’s going to challenge Muhammad Ali and try to act like if he beat him in his current conditions the same as being in his prime. Ben ask ten retired for a reason. If he thought he was still on the top of his game he would never retire. U could have found a real current fighter but you are choosing these people on purpose. Easy wins.

  • Alexander Casciato
    Alexander Casciato

    As a warrior fighting old people or youtubers

  • Alexander Casciato
    Alexander Casciato

    Poor jake Paul lol reason he didn’t answer the first question is because he does not want to fight a real fighter. And correction he beat a retired mma fighter.

  • Blaze Spencer_YT
    Blaze Spencer_YT

    I can’t wait for Mike Tyson to be in his DM‘s 😂

  • Wandering Lion
    Wandering Lion

    Joke paul is on top of the world after beating the worst stand up fighter in combat history. MMA community know anyone Ben Asskren is abnormally bad with his hands, wors than a random untrained person reading this. Why doesnt Joke paul now come to mma and fight a new up and commer?? If he fights Ben Askren in MMA, Ben can literally do what he wants to him, Ben can literally slap him 1000 times until his face is blue lol

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison

    Askren beats the snot out of him 99.9 percent of the time in a real fight

  • MoneyGo123

    A lot of you guys dont get it. Why would he ever fight a real boxer when he is making more money fighting people who he has a better chance of beating. If I could compete with weaker opponents in anything AND make more money there’s only 1% of people that would reject that offer

  • Blank Man
    Blank Man

    Jake Paul is a Dingleberry- And his brother, Logan, is a douche...

  • Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson

    Just admit it!! Your chicken shit to fight a real fighter..... Your a great promoter but boxer? Nope

  • andrii brishten
    andrii brishten

    He's soo stoned 🤣

  • Danz

    He got like 50 pounds of jewelry damn


    Fight a real boxer ????

  • Lucky Shot
    Lucky Shot


  • FooLy's Channel
    FooLy's Channel

    Strange how this gets edited out on who to fight next as though the world cant notice it in plain sight 😆 And then he calls his bodyguard a legend. I see why this video has 1k likes and 506 dislikes including mines. Its extremely phony. This whole conference is phony 🤪

  • vermili0n

    Those fake sighs after all the “shit” he’s going through is so funny... this guy is so full of shit what a narcissist. I don’t believe this guy at all

  • mr g
    mr g

    i have cte oops they can verify if i do well i lied and wanted to plant the seed of escape incase i lose ill quit the first loss and blame cte

  • Conner Lacy
    Conner Lacy

    Cocaines a hell of a drug.....

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    6:56 I’m loading up right now coach sorry 😂

  • Netanel Toledano
    Netanel Toledano

    He froze hard on that question 🤣😂😂😅

  • Bryan Von der heyde
    Bryan Von der heyde

    It’s time to fight a real boxer now.

  • Joe Tube
    Joe Tube

    Hey Jake fight Kevin Mcbride, maybe too much risk ???

  • David Tokyo
    David Tokyo

    I can't believe I'm watching a IT-myr doing a post-fight interview. I know this guy because of Ben Askren. The IT-my algorithm has never directed me to any of his videos.

  • The Night Hob
    The Night Hob

    Sounds like they did a bunch of nangs. Sounds better if you playback speed at 1.5

  • Dakota Gill
    Dakota Gill

    So he beats a football player and the absolute worst boxer in ufc History. If he don’t wanna step up I seen we’re mike Tyson was having another exhibition fight this yea. He might beat these them. I wonder if her can beat the GOAT!

  • Ian

    That Triller event with all the random concerts and horrible pacing and dead air with terrible commentating............ biggest heap of trash I've ever seen honestly.

  • SENTO x
    SENTO x

    This guy is putting on a act it’s disgusting


    *Still waiting for Jake Paul to fight an actual boxer.*

  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther

    Jane Paul vs Ben Askren is like a high school kid competing in a free throw contest with Shaq. Shaq was one of the best basketball players of all time, but couldn’t hit a free throw. This is the best analogy I could think of. If Shaq got beat in a free throw contest to a random high school basketball player, it would be cute. Or, it would be like the kid at 24 hour fitness gym that has amazing dunking skill beating Steve Nash in a Dunk Contest. Boxing = limited fighting; MMA = Ultimate fighting. Ben Askren would murder Jake Paul in an actual fight.

  • BigTangTheory

    He’s like Charlie Zelenoff v2.0

  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams

    I will come to America and let him box a painter and decorator and get knock the fuck out lol

  • Dee Noneya
    Dee Noneya

    Wow great interview he want fight a real fighter he not touching real boxers as he shouldn’t

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole

    Jake is so full of it lol FIGHT A REAL BOXER AND EARN OUR RESPECT

  • J T
    J T

    Lol. Rich boy problems Persevere? Lol

  • FlipNasty

    This kid is the lamest

  • Cesar Mendoza
    Cesar Mendoza

    Wtf is he saying

    • Cesar Mendoza
      Cesar Mendoza

      Any real boxer will fuk him up. Any bumm

  • D P
    D P

    The guy is 6’1” like 190 pounds why is he calling out guys 5’9” and 170 pounds ?

  • VHSesh Productions
    VHSesh Productions

    Great cans

  • scott carlson
    scott carlson

    JOKE Paul calling askren a joke? 🤣🤣 ok bro. Try boxing A REAL boxer you fucking idiot. Or are you too much of a pussy?

  • NateTheKid Gaming
    NateTheKid Gaming

    Okay like him or not jake knows how to box and is really good for a amuture but he needs to fight a real boxer after this fight not like Floyd Mayweather or mike tyson but someone like joe Fourier 8-0 vs 4-0 or Tommy Fury 5-0 vs 4-0

  • mark ballesteros
    mark ballesteros

    God damnit. This dudes head is so big now.

  • πανεμορφη, όμορφος, ωραίος toMars
    πανεμορφη, όμορφος, ωραίος toMars

    this dude is looney.

  • Nick McCausland
    Nick McCausland

    "the cows in Ohio produce a different type of protein" - Jake Paul

  • Go Forward
    Go Forward

    Is he trying to say that he is exhausted because that teenager accused him of sexual assault? Weird interview hope he gets locked up.

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M

    Jake is a great fighter. Its time to see Jake vs Francis Ngannou ASAP👊🏽🎉

  • pierre hedelin
    pierre hedelin

    Jake your a joke, start fighting for real or stop this bs

  • Christopher Appleby
    Christopher Appleby

    Wtf is dude even talking about??? Like I want some of whatever this dudes on fr.

  • 5280LFE

    I could knock him out no prob

  • Nadim Darazi
    Nadim Darazi

    ho died can someon tell me

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    You can tell he’s at the best and worst place on one hand he won his fight life’s good on the other hand he’s had someone close die and has had allegations put against him yall need to give him a break you should all be hating on Ben he’s a fucking pussy who was talking like he was gonna destroy jake and lasted 30 seconds in my opinion Jakes a good boxer and deserves recognition Ksi should be scared jake looks a lot more polished as a boxer

  • will len
    will len

    Ben threw that fight..he wanted the payday and I don't blame him

  • Vigilante Dawgs
    Vigilante Dawgs

    He doesn’t “know” those fighters but he knew Ben askren couldn’t box worth shit

  • Rahim Butenberg
    Rahim Butenberg

    This is the problem with jake he just surrounds himself with too many yes men who just give him false hope and telling him he can beat anyone, jake is suffering through pain cos he's not like logan, cos even he was jakes situation but ksi helped him fight through all of it

  • PositiveLastAction

    This fight was rigged. It's pretty obvious.

  • Ty Tester
    Ty Tester

    Before I say what I’m gonna say, I hate Jake Paul, but to all the people saying it’s rigged, do you really think Jake’s emotional reaction crying in the ring after he won was fake?? Do you really think he can act that well?? No is the answer, he is a terrible actor, just watch his terrible Disney channel show. So I hate Jake Paul, but he definitely didn’t fake his reaction at the end of the fight, so there it is, it’s not rigged

  • Ty Tester
    Ty Tester

    I whole heartedly believe no one in their right mind likes Jake Paul, maybe younger people do, or people who only watch his boxing fights do, but as a person he’s a jerk and an Ahole

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    I knew askren was going down 1st round 😆

  • Warrior Spirit
    Warrior Spirit

    Bro put them in a cage and see what happens I love how they'll always box but never jump in the cage boxing wont save you in there

  • matthew foster
    matthew foster

    Nah I just picked a guy I figured was on the downhill of his fighting career so I could inflate my ego a little further. I don't wanna box an actual boxer though 😅

  • Mike Shields
    Mike Shields

    He crys at the end like he went 12 hard rounds with a boxer and fight that wasn't stopped from one punch. All money to build this clown up. Triller is trash, and so is the new "boxing" world. Gtfoh

  • 50 shades of the dominator
    50 shades of the dominator

    Ben Askren is as big of a joke as the UFC fans, the same idiots who went around arrogantly claiming Conor would beat Floyd. UFC fans cement themselves as the most delusional and unintelligent sports fans of any sport in existence, they have the collective intelligence of a literal 9 year old child.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    I don't care of he fights ufc fighters but fight someone with more of a stand up game not wrestlers, wuss

  • Cruze_ ified
    Cruze_ ified

    I need too find some of these ohio cows

  • Stander

    This kid is so, so deluded.

  • Gaston Chavez
    Gaston Chavez

    Convengamos que Jake Paul le ganó a un peleador de MMA retirado que no se haga el Vivo desafiando Gente que lo va a Agarrar Connor Así bajo como esta y en Boxeo y lo va a noquear jajajajajaj

  • Freakishd

    Why would he fight a real boxer? That’s not his shtick and doesn’t need to be. He’s not an elite level boxer and would get smoked by amateurs, but that’s not the point. He’s going around fighting mma fighters and athletes to prove that athleticism and a fighting pedigree don’t translate into the sweet science. He’s exposing how poor the boxing is in mma.

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