Jake Paul CALLS OUT Nate Diaz + Nate RESPONDS, Woodley ALTERCATION with Jake Paul's team, Dana White
MMA Focus
Jake Paul CALLS OUT Nate Diaz + Nate Diaz responds
Tyron Woodley Altercation with Jake Paul's team!
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Tyron Woodley argues with Jake Paul's team
Jake Paul says he'd KO Nate Diaz in 3 rounds
Nate Diaz responds to Jake Paul and retweets "send the contract"
Nate Diaz releases gym footage ahead of UFC 262
Tyron Woodley warns Jake Paul after win over Ben Askren
Sean O'Malley, Chuck Liddell attend Jake Paul afterparty
Dana White says Whittaker vs Adesanya 'makes sense
Robert Whittaker wants rematch with Israel Adesanya
Kelvin Gastelum gives statement on #UFCVegas24 loss
Conor McGregor slams Nate Diaz, USADA testing protocols
Jake Paul leaks footage of Mike Perry saying jake 'whooped his a**'
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  • MMA Focus
    MMA Focus

    Mike Perry LEAKS FOOTAGE of Jake Paul sparring! 👉it-my.com/watchvideo/video-D42_WE4KjrE.html

    • candy licmiaoff
      candy licmiaoff

      Who cares

    • dno oup
      dno oup

      Please let Nate and Jake fight Santa. That’s all I want for Christmas

    • Oscar Cruz
      Oscar Cruz

      I hope he gets the Stockton slapper 🤣😂

    • Not_Your_Usual_Username

      I don’t care about boxing let’s see Jake grapple someone

    • BLACKtoothGRIN

      lets see this puke paul if he think he such a badass then he should man up in the octagon against Diaz! Straight Standup only no jujitsu-no wrestling no goin to the ground etc . punch,elbow,knee,kick STANDUP ONLY!

  • loskillu

    Bro gloves are off on this one

  • YourBoy Snupe
    YourBoy Snupe

    Why dont u just meet t woods somewhere in the street and settle it like men. Fuck ur padded gloves im in toronto come see me @jakepaul

  • YourBoy Snupe
    YourBoy Snupe

    Lol whos this guy talking for jake. Mans got some small nuts

  • Cloudy McCloud
    Cloudy McCloud

    Instead of calling out MMA guys to a Boxing match how about he call out a professional Boxer but he won't because he knows it's not an easy fight and will only do it if it nets him a payday close to what Logan will make vs Mayweather

  • Ro-wdy

    No how about Jake can’t stop being a pussy and fight in MMA he knows that Diaz is the better fighter because he has more skill in different martial arts so a mixed martial arts fight I will buy but none of that boxing bullshit boxing is Limited to your hands MMA limited to almost nothing Jake needs to be put down by Nate.

  • Thunder Lightning
    Thunder Lightning

    Calling out Nste ..TWood... Why not grow some Balls and call out Amands or Cyborg.. kids a Douche ..

  • ann beck
    ann beck

    Let's make this happen

  • Jon Deth
    Jon Deth

    prediction: he knocks out nate, and bjpenn, or whoever. This is beginning of the end of the UFC. They had a good run.

  • Hanz Down Sports
    Hanz Down Sports

    Nate Diaz definitely winning. That dude can fucking fight and he has a heart of a lion. Paul you picked the wrong dude.

  • Broly

    Why is Twitter still lit when nobody use it ?


    Na fuck that let’s do a UFC Title fight !!!

  • peter defreitas
    peter defreitas

    Diaz would destroy him.👊😉😄

  • Bobby Bouchard
    Bobby Bouchard

    Nate Diaz is a B.M.F ! Him and his brother never disappoint. He's a beast, he has no problems w. Standing there & exchanging bomb for bomb ! A true warrior.

  • Lori Flores
    Lori Flores

    Lmao.. Nate .. Come On.. 😆

  • Guitar Shed
    Guitar Shed

    Nate would beat his face in for all 5 rounds. Does Jake even have a chin?? We KNOW Nate does.

  • SamWise_Mahonez

    Seriously Jake has no idea what he’s in store for with Nate. I would love to see the Diaz brothers vs the Paulers #DiazArmy #GiveLickens

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Why do the boxers always want the mma guy to fight their fight. That being said after watching Diaz I think he’s a good boxer

  • Beau Alexander
    Beau Alexander

    Forget a boxing match. Jake Paul needs to man up and fight MMA

  • william jeardoe
    william jeardoe

    Diaz brothers vs the Paul brothers same night book it !

  • Stuart

    Get in where?

  • Bradley Riley
    Bradley Riley

    Nate would absolutely ruin him😂

  • Godrules

    BJ Penn is still the man.. and definitely someone needs to shut Jake Paul up.

  • Godrules

    Hilarious.. Jake Paul has zero chance. I would love to see this.

  • Ancient Alien
    Ancient Alien

    Jake won't sign, he only interested in people that are from other sports and retired!!! Nate knock this biatch out.

  • julie gate
    julie gate

    Imagine being over the moon about just doing a couple of sit ups not good.

  • Chad Humphries
    Chad Humphries

    I knocked out my neighbor last week. He had no training at all I'm pretty sure I can beat up Adesanya now. 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremiah Ramirez
    Jeremiah Ramirez

    I get that Jake Paul is really into boxing right now and good for him but him calling out all of these people is getting old. You are a IT-myr who started boxing recently from what I can tell. Ben Askren had the least effective hands for striking I've ever seen and he's acting like he just knocked out Mayweather or something.

  • James Evans
    James Evans

    No more talking give him the Nate Diaz contract if he wins give him McGregor all b******* aside

  • Isaac Ortiz
    Isaac Ortiz

    Bro why boxers acting like boxing is way harder than MMA lmao i get there both hard but come on boxing is just hands but in MMA you have to watch out for kicking punches takedowns chokeholds arm bars etc...

  • Tim Moschini
    Tim Moschini

    Nate Diaz is known for being a good boxer and he didn't even get knocked out when he was literally kicked in the head with someone's shin bone full on. He took some murderous shots and Connor and literally almost every other fighter he's fought the dude has an iron chin. There is not a chance that Jake Paul could knock that guy out unless his chin became f****** sponge cake.

  • Bro241

    Why is he going mma guys . He’s training in boxing.

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    Nate needs to call home out to a bare knuckle boxing match

  • Kingdom Warrior
    Kingdom Warrior

    Leprechaun should give it up already, your heart isn't im it chump

  • Kingdom Warrior
    Kingdom Warrior

    Liddell say it so! Partying with the biggest bit@# om the internet...man you were cool until your last fight bro

  • Kingdom Warrior
    Kingdom Warrior

    IT-my kid will not take a fight with Diaz...everyone knows this. IT-myr is just trolling, damn we are still talking about tnis candy ass disney boy!

  • jon allen
    jon allen

    If Jake Paul was a real man he’d get in the octagon

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed

    Nate would kill tuber

  • Matthew O'Shaughnessy
    Matthew O'Shaughnessy

    Well Nate is actually a legit opponent in a boxing match so fight won't happen. Jake Paul going after non boxers to boxing matches haha any amateur would destroy that kid. But I'm talking about him so I guess he's winning. But an absolute joke to combat sports

  • Ryan 421ci sbc Barrett
    Ryan 421ci sbc Barrett

    Calling out a pro bowlers and beating them in 1 on 1 basketball really dont mean shit.the boy's got to fight them guys wt mma rules to mean anything

  • Dean Raney
    Dean Raney

    If jake paul beats nate in a mma fight then I will never talk shit about him again on god.

  • Mike Przlomski
    Mike Przlomski

    Nate would beat Paul’s ass !!!

  • Robbie Polo
    Robbie Polo

    It's pretty obvious Jake would knock out Nate in the 2nd round.

  • dave kogut
    dave kogut

    lol that guy couldnt beat nate diaz with a baseball bat,,hes knocking on the wrong door lol

  • Duane Grogans
    Duane Grogans

    These MMA guys are falling right into his agenda... Stir the pot, make some noise, get someone to respond to his trolling and in their feelings then cash in off his 18 and under mickey mouse club fans paying to watch his weak ass PPV. The problem for him is that he's rolling the dice that one of these MMA guys won't just catch him outside slippin and FK him up properly! Shit, hes so unlikable that some random dude might just smash his teeth in at a red light or whatever he's at. Making enemies THAT make a living off sending dudes better than him to the hospital is an absolutely HORRIBLE IDEA, especially all at ome time, like the Warriors trying to get back to Coney Island with a bounty on their head.

  • KeepItREEL

    Tbh stop that smack talk an knock em out an if paul declines show reciepts. End of story.boxing is a art. So it's MMA but a different one some are verst in. If u got hands knock em up

  • KeepItREEL

    Nate diaz an hi be savage but those boxing gloves are 16 oz. Way different

  • Kurt Hosler
    Kurt Hosler

    I would LOVE to see Diaz beat his fuckin ass!!!

  • Denominator Zero
    Denominator Zero

    Nate will Stockton Slap the literal SHIT out of Jake Paul....

  • June Hodge
    June Hodge

    People like Jake are just SHAMING the sport of boxing. Real boxing legends are turning in their graves with this silly nonsense going on. Calling clowns like him a boxer, in a insult to the sport.

  • June Hodge
    June Hodge

    Jake VS Tyson or fight Jon Jones. Or how about pick an "actual boxer" in his prime or at least close to his prime. Not a NBA player or old men or celebrities. You can't say your undefeated and this great fighter when you haven't fought actual boxers in there prime or any true boxers. An actual boxer would DESTROY Jake and thats why he won't do it. He's nothing more then an youtube idiot clout chaser. Stick to being a goober making senseless youtube videos.

  • Keith Hussey
    Keith Hussey

    MMA fighters shouldn't box boxers in a boxing match if they want to fight MMA is the only real fight boxing is just one aspect

  • Ande Orlando Jr
    Ande Orlando Jr

    jake paul is the best troll ive ever seen... i like the guy but sometimes even i get annoyed by his antics

  • Dewanye Beckett
    Dewanye Beckett

    Nate going rock him

  • Kyle Moore
    Kyle Moore

    This is like real life version of celebrity death match except with a actual real mma fighter and a fake ass wannabe celebrity boxer that still has not been in a real fight

  • CleverTaco

    Making MMA a joke. Shame after many years, decades of hard work, to do just the opposite.

  • Kirk Eidem
    Kirk Eidem

    Lmfao nate would shit all over him omg do I wish

  • John Sapp jr
    John Sapp jr

    Why does JP have his mouth open in every picture? Wierd

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard

    Macgregor already ruined his career with may mayweather maybe he and Jake Paul can box each other

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard

    Wish mma fighters would wise up and stop doing partial fights with idiots. Mma fighters are not boxers. Let's get serious an mma fighter does not have hands like a boxer. If dorks want to fight get them in the octagon so you can choke these dickheads out or GNP their faces

  • David Rhoades
    David Rhoades

    No gloves tho

  • David Rhoades
    David Rhoades

    Paul brother Diaz brother royal rumble!!!!!

  • Andrian Djamin
    Andrian Djamin

    Jack paul try to copy 6ix9ine fore trolling.....

  • Gunko Wolfox’n
    Gunko Wolfox’n

    I hate the content that includes that IT-my person. I don't know how he is even being talked about ever. I don't know why he was famous in the first place. If that dude wants to fight mma fighters take of your 10 ounce gloves and do bare knuckle! Fuck the mma gloves get that shamrock shit on. If he wants gloves mma gloves. Fuck the dumb shit and go back to your Pokémon cards Jack.

  • ChrisFrmNj LIVE
    ChrisFrmNj LIVE

    Lol Nate beat Connor to 😂

  • U R A G A A N
    U R A G A A N

    I think Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul is absolutely the match to make

  • Tyree Moore
    Tyree Moore

    Fuck boxing mma dat bitch😁😂😂

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva

    The only reason I wouldn’t be 100% sure of Nate winning is because he barley has any striking stoppages, most of his wins are from submission, not only that but Nate gets cracked like a lot but he’s able to recover on the ground most of the time soo I don’t know really if Nate could win

  • kennyfnpowers707

    When will Jake Paul challenge a boxer? He claims to be a boxer so why not fight somebody in the same sport.

  • Clarkzy

    Shut up

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