FightHype.com was on hand in Miami, Florida where cruiserweight Jake Paul and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley held the kick-off press conference to officially announce their upcoming August showdown. You don't want to miss what went down. Check it out!

  • Lefty_luvs _you
    Lefty_luvs _you

    “You lost four fights, your forty years old”😂😂🤣

    • Lefty_luvs _you
      Lefty_luvs _you

      U H

    • Lefty_luvs _you
      Lefty_luvs _you


    • Lefty_luvs _you
      Lefty_luvs _you


    • Lefty_luvs _you
      Lefty_luvs _you


    • Lefty_luvs _you
      Lefty_luvs _you


  • called it
    called it

    It seems the Paul brothers main tool is humiliation and confidence. In an era where most fake the funk. "you lost 4 fights, you're 40 years old" trying to embarrass and shatter a front. But when theyre built better and tested you're greeted with a calm response of. Yeah but you're getting knocked out. If the Paul's can't shake their opponents with social humiliation, their doubts skyrocket. Because that's majoritively what they are. Social humiliators. Go millenials. Get that boy a participation belt

  • Michael Oberg
    Michael Oberg

    That guy explaining Jake Paul and tyron woodly beef was fucking hilarious "this guy says he's the king of boxing mma guy doesn't think so says its all on him"

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Jake has a purse on lmao

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    Breath smell like booty n cinnamon lol

  • Micah Sturgill
    Micah Sturgill

    I really absolutely hate to say this but I’m betting on jake

  • Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie the Pooh

    What kind of joke is jake paul

  • The Real WebStar
    The Real WebStar

    Tyron Woodley gonna f him up 💯💪

  • Trevor Denver
    Trevor Denver

    He's wearinga pursewith Mickey Mouse on it

  • Gabriel Leal
    Gabriel Leal

    I’m coming back to this video after Jake gets slept 😂😂

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams

    There is a reason why a pro boxer would never step in the cage against a pro mma fighter, there’s a lot more to it than just throwing hands, I see it like this woodley has a really good chance of winning in a boxing ring but his contender would never last in that 8 sided cage

  • Sean

    Such a Rebel

  • Mr Editor
    Mr Editor

    This is interesting, MMA fighter vs Influencer...If Jake win...the next FIGHT will be Bigger then conor vs mayweather I think :)

  • Rey Romero
    Rey Romero

    Jake's brain: *just say everything twice*

  • Ben 1989
    Ben 1989

    Why they got a pizza guy in the middle

  • Lando On Fleek
    Lando On Fleek

    Why is Jake trying to make a deal during a face off? Lol that’s stupid

  • Frenshun Walls
    Frenshun Walls

    Logan Paul got this

  • professoremoji

    This man deadass had a Mickey Mouse bag 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marck

    4:14, golden dust kicks in lmfao

  • Rcky Grand
    Rcky Grand

    Binnamon 🤣🤣🤣

  • christoforos pilitsis
    christoforos pilitsis

    He didn’t take Jakes bet,to donate His purse to Jake chosen charity,if He loses,that says something.

  • Moin sabri
    Moin sabri

    Wha u r doing Tyron u r the star of mma. How can u let this shit bark

  • Tom Donohue
    Tom Donohue

    Dman Jake he lost 4 fights to professional killers. You've fought 3 non boxers. No bitch out clause.

  • Pavle Zakaidze
    Pavle Zakaidze

    Then were going to see people commenting saying, "oh yeah, but woodley is old so that's why he lost".

  • EpicMenn

    Keep in mind jake is scared he doesnt even try to touch woodley

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    I don’t watch Jake fight I’ll wait when he fights an actual boxer not these mma fighters

  • gerry sosa
    gerry sosa

    Im on the side of woodley but lets admit jake got a point .... if hes so sure of knock him out ... why he didnt accept the deal of Double Purse ..... ^p if i was so sure i would accept tho .

  • Robin Holt
    Robin Holt

    All trash talk to sell tickets

  • Souri Athi
    Souri Athi

    Tyrones reaction when Jake said you don’t know about these boxing gloves was hilarious

  • Orbiit Blitz
    Orbiit Blitz

    look at that clown bro.... with the mickey mouse and shit fking joke😂😂😂


    Nice man purse lol biggest clowns ever the Paul's lol clowns

  • Randy Parker
    Randy Parker

    Go knock out like his brother another bum he need money also they will give him money that he shouldn't get and one thing for SURE NEITHER ONE OF THEM WILL GET A BELT so give them some money

  • Roderick Warjri
    Roderick Warjri

    Somebody needs to teach these fking spoiled rich brats a lesson and maybe break a few bones along the way so they'll shut up.

  • Nick Phillips
    Nick Phillips

    That's a bitch move by Jake Paul asking a prize fighter to risk losing his purse because he knows he has IT-my money and this will be Woodley's biggest pay day

  • Jepoy Olivares
    Jepoy Olivares

    Tyron Woodley so cool bro you are the win this fight

  • Cole Iverson
    Cole Iverson

    I blame vine or whatever source of media that gave exposure to the Paul brothers. Tyron please destroy this Aaron Carter looking coke head, so that I can rewatch the punishment

  • Martin Tomášik
    Martin Tomášik

    Two homosexuals

  • Jasiah Tompson
    Jasiah Tompson

    Bro tyron might be old but is on another whole level jake is a little bitch

  • jaxxcapone


  • J Pizzle
    J Pizzle

    I like when he says what are you going to do differently? He should have said simply hit you. Lets see how Pauly boy reacts to getting hit back by a pair of real fighter legit hands and not some basketball player..lol

  • Jaylin Lawson
    Jaylin Lawson

    The Press Conference Is Gonna Be Hilarious 😆

  • souvik debnath
    souvik debnath

    This youtube needs to learn a proper lesson..

  • Don Santino
    Don Santino

    tyron woodley didnt win since obama was president

  • AnUnapologeticApologist

    Nice purse Jake

  • Rashad Harrington
    Rashad Harrington

    He gone woop jake ass

  • Rashad Harrington
    Rashad Harrington

    Wtf he got a purse on

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez

    Lmfao wat a joke

  • RM 1988
    RM 1988

    Woodley’s not a boxer by any stretch but surely he wins this fight. It’s difficult to tell how good Jake paul actually is. He can box but alot of people look good on pads. Let’s not forget Woodley landed a thunderous right hand hand on Darren Till who is a brilliant striker.

  • Bruhman 69
    Bruhman 69

    Woodley about to let that right hand go

  • Ramone Lewis
    Ramone Lewis

    Jake Paul is so cringy 1:14

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali


  • glen coco •
    glen coco •

    4:14 look at Jake copying CONOR . he needs to stop his shit

  • glen coco •
    glen coco •

    If jake wins, this shit is scripted

  • Cold Void
    Cold Void


  • aka po
    aka po

    "Let's get it on!"

  • Musa Hassan
    Musa Hassan


  • steeljax003

    This guy says "he lost 4 fights"......he shud step in the octagon and get knocked tf out

  • Lane Shaeffer
    Lane Shaeffer

    I like how Dave is just randomly the mediator in this lmao

  • Paul S. P.
    Paul S. P.

    Nobody’s gonna talk about how Jake is wearing a purse 👜 😆

  • FRX

    1:53 Here y'all go

  • Riti Rapa Nui
    Riti Rapa Nui

    Paul: You don't know about boxing Lawler: ye ye...

    • hayate

      Koshcheck: sure sure

  • Trap Ghost666
    Trap Ghost666

    1:37 I like when I get front of I smell Bitch best part!😎👌🏼🤞🏻🔥

  • Jerome Gum
    Jerome Gum

    End this punk woodley

  • Dirk Strangely
    Dirk Strangely

    It's as real as reality tv and wwe.

  • Tide Bleach
    Tide Bleach

    Ngl I spit my drink when they were saying I beat ur ass and Jake said “you lost 4 fights” it’s really not that funny but it sent me

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs

    Nobody can beat Bryce hall in trash talking.

  • Supernowski

    4:12 cringing at Jake Paul attempting to copy Conor McGregor lmao

    • Broke Man
      Broke Man


  • Alex rai
    Alex rai

    Jake Paul 🤡

  • Lil’ Xerxes
    Lil’ Xerxes

    Wtf is Jake wearing

  • Stephen Ballard
    Stephen Ballard

    What's with that clown outfit that Jake paul is wearing on top of it he has a purse draped on him ?

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