Jalen Rose reacts to James Dolan & the Knicks' silence on the recent protests | Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss New York Knicks owner James Dolan sending an internal message to employees about why the Knicks are remaining silent on the issues of the recent protests that have taken place in the wake of George Floyd's death.

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  • buzz Sawyer
    buzz Sawyer

    Ay yo when is the BLM protest for DAVID DORN and what time. I hope Jalen LeBron snoop Obama's Shannon sharpTON will be there.

  • John B
    John B

    Knocks fans need to boycott Games and Merch and devalue franchise.... Till Dolan Sells!

    • Clutch Master
      Clutch Master


  • The Analytical Revolutionary
    The Analytical Revolutionary

    Shout out to all my Qualified speakers against murder!✊🏽 .... ps where did y'all become qualified at?

  • lemar012197

    DONT GIVE THIS MAN ANYTHING. NOT LEMELO AND strip him of his team. HE HAS BEEN THE WORST OWNER of a team in 40 years. And YES he’s up there with the former clippers guy.

  • lemar012197

    Serious question knick fans: How do y’all do it ?

    • Michael Jordan Jr.
      Michael Jordan Jr.

      Millions of knicks fans, myself included, predate dolan's ownership. And all we can do is rock out until he sells or kicks the bucket.

  • Brooklyn Alpha
    Brooklyn Alpha

    sterling part 2. bad for nba brand. commish do something.

  • meechp123

    He was much better off not even saying anything! If you don't have anything positive to add, then just be quiet.

  • williecatch9

    This is why I blame the fans. They’re just purchasing their own misery. STOP BUYING KNICKS TICKETS.

    • Clutch Master
      Clutch Master

      jake plesser Well thats what you wanted. You want the knicks to be spat on forever. Well you got your wish. Bet you also wish that the knicks were the ones to die in that helicopter crash instead of kobe. Or maybe the whole franchise die from the coronavirus

    • jake plesser
      jake plesser

      exactly be a nets fan i only bought a knicks ticket once and i regretted it but whenever i go to nets games it is a true team its hard to believe people are trying to say the knicks are better than the nets

  • N S
    N S

    All of you are allowing the media to shift your focus off of the actual issue.. who cares if Dolan didn't write a statement.. a tweet isnt going to change the world, actions from us as a whole will.. please people dont be distracted, keep your focus or we lose once again..

  • Warren Franklin
    Warren Franklin

    We have freedom speech.

  • Johan De Lama
    Johan De Lama

    Jcoby, What about the BLACK retired police who died because of riots?

  • Ivery Lasiiter
    Ivery Lasiiter

    Its not hard.. Put humanity over money. Its really simple if you have a shred of morals. Im so glad my company no matter how big it gets will not have to worry about choosing. Peace everyone. Everyone will be judged sooner or lady. From your kids to your maker ✌

  • EbutEm

    Man it's so hard be a knicks fan sometimes. This douche Dolan couldn't at least put out a general message saying they support all human rights and hopes justice finds its rightful place? There! That took me 10 seconds!

  • Zēnith

    People always drag others lmao. Respect their decisions,

  • Victorious Grace
    Victorious Grace

    I love how Jalen talks straight. Everyone jumping on Dolan just because of a comment is speaking before thinking. What about Dolan's history with black folk? Do you know?

  • Benny TN
    Benny TN

    Jalen sporting that brand spanking new hair line.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly

    Maybe he's thinking get a job, take care of your kids, stop committing crimes, and stop shooting each other. Do you want to hear that?

  • JR Smith
    JR Smith

    Its James Dolan..... same guy who had the controversies with Oakley and Spike Lee. I'm not surprised he hasn't said anything. Typical Dolan.

  • ZebraCakez

    Bruh they really just did a reaction to silence

  • Predatory Mistress
    Predatory Mistress

    weird ;)

  • Frank Heck
    Frank Heck

    If you got nothing good to say, don't say anything

  • Nicholes Lilly
    Nicholes Lilly

    Haha oh Gotta Love Jacoby

  • JumpSpeed

    The Knicks should put out a statement saying, More white people are killed by police in this country than black people. He should also add, More hate crimes and racially motivated murders are black against white rather than white against black. Know just the truth.

  • Joe urquiola
    Joe urquiola


  • cruzboy 27
    cruzboy 27

    Can we remove the Knicks from the nba cus there so horrible organization and put a g league team instead cus pretty sure there more entertaining 😅😅😅

    • Clutch Master
      Clutch Master

      Yeah. Erase the knicks from the league and history because its our fault that James Dolan and Adam Silver love to have NewYorkers suffer therefore we deserve to lose our team

  • Moshé X
    Moshé X

    Did he really write an internal memo thinking it was gonna stay internal ? The truth is he doesn’t want to offend the NYPD

  • Ayokunle Akachi
    Ayokunle Akachi

    Jalen going out of his way to not speak ill of Dolan. Disappointing.

  • John Paul Rodriguez
    John Paul Rodriguez


  • Roberson De
    Roberson De

    The best thing to do ,don't go to Knicks games until they bankrupted financially. Sports won't be great if the fans are unhappy.

  • Ismail

    Signing free agency is out of the window

  • K. Dennis Holmes
    K. Dennis Holmes

    I’m glad KD didn’t go there...

  • Nix 41
    Nix 41

    Meanwhile in the steets of Dallas, Mark Cuban peacefully voicing out his dismay. Not that hard James Dolsuck.

  • Dorian Vick
    Dorian Vick


  • Ted Chen
    Ted Chen

    Dolan cares more about his blues band than the Knicks. Only difference is people come to see the Knicks and not his band!

  • richardsucks

    I wish Dolan would just say the N-word and lose the Knicks

  • Robert Dodge
    Robert Dodge

    This is unreal, you know what, this is why people don't want to say anything. No matter what a WHITE PERSON says, it will get thrown back at him. Don't ask for our support if you are just going to pick at every little thing we say! I watched Shannon sharpe trash Dabo sweeny today....now this. Look it sucks what happened. Most decent human beings would agree. Don't trash us because our words are not exactly what you want.

  • sun rah 44
    sun rah 44

    Oh y'all gonna pretend like Donald Sterling was the only one? 😂😂😂😂

    • quan Brooklyn kid
      quan Brooklyn kid

      Ain't no proof the owner of the Knicks is the same

    • eKh79


  • Miguel Alhakim
    Miguel Alhakim

    All lives matter

    • Clutch Master
      Clutch Master

      Not until black lives are equal

  • nikchris69

    Hes right, every dickhead is in on this, it's like free karma rn

  • A


    • devon divine
      devon divine

      Lol, gurantee you WONT say that in public 😉, id advise you not too.

  • zeekmorris

    I’m looting MSG tonight..

    • jake plesser
      jake plesser

      thank you

    • Tchety The Great
      Tchety The Great

      I hope you go to jail

    • Arizona Fire Ent
      Arizona Fire Ent


  • zeekmorris

    Sell the team u clown

  • Brady Lane
    Brady Lane

    Oakley was being a jackass and Spike is an equestrian’s hind end

    • Treyvon Graham
      Treyvon Graham


  • Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson

    Dolan doesn’t want to make orange man mad!

  • This Phone
    This Phone

    Habitual line stepper 😂😂😂😂😂

  • David R
    David R


  • Ron Vista Media
    Ron Vista Media

    Why does ever company have to make a statement ? Lmao bruh come on

  • Pat4Clippers

    "If I do something good, then I am American, but if I do something bad then I am a Negro." - Doc Rivers

    • Rigo Batiancila
      Rigo Batiancila

      @HotMessMemories1 are you dumb?

    • HotMessMemories1

      @Pat4Clippers Who said that?

  • dh7175

    Dolan has a respectful workplace? Anucha Browne Sanders can provide 12 million reasons (won $12 million sexual harassment suit) in telling you otherwise.

  • Twelve

    The white man is always trying to staple an illogical emotional way if thinking on to black men. James Dolan has more black people working in his office then any other team owner. Stop I don't want to hear that. Stop redirecting the focus off of the George Floyd situation on to James Dolan.

  • Twelve

    James Dolan is not the voice for black people in America. James Dolan is the owner of a sports team. Not a civil rights organization. I don't want him speaking on civil rights related topics concerning my people anyway. I'd prefer that people who are not qualified to speak on suck matter keep their mouths shut on the issue. I watch the Knicks to see basketball. Not civil rights issues. I come to sports to escape the social issues for a while. Why is this a big deal to some, I don't know. But people in the media clearly have a gripe against the Knicks as an organization and James Dolan personally. He is not obligated to get involved with political matters. He deals in sports. Athletes are entertainers. Not politicians, nor are they leaders. That's my take on said issue. I don't care if you disagree. My people have to stop looking towards outside sources to help them with our personal problems. Only then can we rise above the madness. James Dolan has never spoke on any social politics in the past or anything else related. I don't want him to start now. It would be disingenuous.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page

    Stop the B.S. Jalen Rose. I want Dolan to stay the same way he always has been. I don't want him getting credit for a poetic statement. There's a lot of people that are writing poetic statements that MEAN US BLACK PEOPLE NO GOOD.

  • Pat4Clippers

    "They want our rhythm but not our blues."

    • FloydWhoElseTV


    • corey smalls
      corey smalls


  • SideEffekt44

    I think the whole thing with Charles Oakley is messed up, but as time is going on Charles Oakley is bad-mouthing any friends he had in the league and his old teammates. He attacked Patrick Ewing for no reason. He's got some demons with him and I hope it gets better because he's becoming extremely bitter.

  • LeN mC
    LeN mC

    So now everyone who doesn’t virtue signal online is a racist?

    • Arizona Fire Ent
      Arizona Fire Ent

      Yes that's 2020 for you

  • Bob Mack
    Bob Mack

    I don't particularly like James Dolan but their are other heinous crimes happening everyday, he does not want to single out cops for derision.

  • js hooper
    js hooper

    Society: Black people shouldn't be murdered by police. ---- Dolan "We're not qualified to speak on social issues." 🤔🤔😑

    • quan Brooklyn kid
      quan Brooklyn kid


    • Arizona Fire Ent
      Arizona Fire Ent

      He's not he clearly cant run his own team what makes him creditable to talk about the black community

    • hpc Ghost
      hpc Ghost

      is there something u don't get offended by ?

  • Ricard C.
    Ricard C.

    I thought the Hiring of Steve Stoute would help the image of the Knicks?????

    • corey smalls
      corey smalls

      @Wooper exactly

    • Wooper

      You really think there's a person out there they can hire that can overcome the shittiness of James Dolan? If so, you're way more optimistic than I'll ever be.

  • Man Unido
    Man Unido

    How about stop crying and demanding everyone speak on this and talk about the outcome of these riots? Why don’t you guys speak on David Dorn ?

    • Nik3

      Who's David Dorn?

    • Matthew Moscotto
      Matthew Moscotto

      Thank you.

  • Florida Sun
    Florida Sun

    “What’s important is how we operate” 🤔 One of the worst run franchises in the NBA,if not the worst since Dolan has taken over.Not a surprising statement by an owner who could care less and said it all in a nutshell,this is how he,not we operates!! Of course this is how he operates,he has displayed an incompetence of basketball and disinterest in the fan base time and time again and now a lack of empathy for human life,is not surprising he has nothing to say......

  • Man Unido
    Man Unido

    Bruh stop demanding people to speak on stuff. If they want to speak on it they will. I’m a knicks fan and hate Dolan but come on now, you’re just looking for controversy

  • whik0304

    Run sentiment analysis for comment sections of videos featuring Will Cain. Against those of sports vids in the same time periods (platform notwithstanding). How did the gubernatorial candidate put it? It's not that I think he's racist... Racists think he's racist

  • krillin876

    Truth hurts....

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    50th comment 🌦🌧⛈

  • Rico Mane
    Rico Mane

    Lol dafuq Jalen doing around 2:14 with his phone when his homie talkin

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson

    Jalen with his cartoon lookin aaaaahhhhh

  • Nx2 Lacciin
    Nx2 Lacciin

    Why do we hold ppl getting out of college to a higher standard then billionaires... Interesting

  • allah wise
    allah wise

    Its not a big deal the big deal is everytime j dolan does anything u guys (media) paint it a bad way. 1st he talks too much then he doesnt say enough. Obviously he was trying to not make news but jacoby spins it anyway. Just as jalen said most companies do it

    • allah wise
      allah wise

      Alotta companies statements are generic but just make one..Faker than fake news. And fake looters. To alotta people this is an event but some of us live this way everyday. I respect a person who doesnt say anything trying not to say the wrong thing in this instance. Dolan made a song 4 trevon what other business did that? And im a BLACKMAN asking this. Not a rapper a Business owner. Gotta think...

  • Nx2 Lacciin
    Nx2 Lacciin

    It's funny how America and ppl in the comments below don't think ppl should speak out after the world defended Darryl Moorey n cried for LeBron to speak on issues in another country

    • Man Unido
      Man Unido

      Dario yup as soon as it effect lebrons money he magically don’t care anymore

    • You are being played!
      You are being played!

      The problem is that LeBron is always lecturing on things and then when China came he went silent, same as Disney.

  • makin money
    makin money

    Boycott the sports teams in NYC!!

    • makin money
      makin money

      @jake plesser how about the players boycott the owner like the clippers did? This has to change and we have the power, can't be scared!

    • Romamb

      @makin money Whatever

    • jake plesser
      jake plesser

      dont do it to the nets but boycott dolan

    • makin money
      makin money

      Because his statement is a bullying tactic and those in power can't see that what happen to GF, then they are guilty just like the cops.

    • Romamb


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