James Charles RESPONDS , Tati RESPONDS, Projared RESPONDS
James charles, tati and Projared have now all issued RESPONSES
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  • Yoda Star Wars
    Yoda Star Wars

    The haters here are just gay and James Charles fans B)

  • Kayoni Danner
    Kayoni Danner

    I hate Tati

  • Katherine Anderson
    Katherine Anderson


  • Vada Zora Reva Nova
    Vada Zora Reva Nova

    James grrrs at pewdiepie

  • Juviais bbg
    Juviais bbg

    Jeff from the vlog squad even said he back off when he told him he was straight and he also said it wasn’t that serious.

  • Hamza Qafesha
    Hamza Qafesha


  • jess animations
    jess animations

    Did anybody notice imalexx

  • elijah

    pewdiepie is asking for 1 hundred mill but dont u see pewds EVERYONE IS ALREADY SUBSCRIBED

  • CaYlYa

    James charles did a uno reverse card

  • Forest Taniguchi
    Forest Taniguchi

    You’re a damn genius pewdie

  • XEditingGirl


  • sauron nagyúr
    sauron nagyúr

    2:06 .....was like a father to me?

  • ItanKiller 137
    ItanKiller 137

    Fuck raiding area 51,we need to raid James Charles until someone kills him.Also,good video Pewds.

  • Allen Stepp
    Allen Stepp

    I think I caught hiv watching this

  • Steven Coronel
    Steven Coronel


  • Mikado Mikaela
    Mikado Mikaela

    I mean. All gays are like "Damn, that straight guy looks hot" I've never been in a situation like this but I think some people are kinda looking for bad gay people or just bad people in general. I feel like a when it comes fame and things like that, people just assume they're bad. There are times where it just goes too far like with Michael Jackson. In my opinion he was an angel. I feel the same way about Pewdiepie and other youtubers I like who have been seen in a bad light. I think people just don't like the fact that these people have money. That might be obvious but it is relevant. I think everyone should just leave eachother alone. When actual evidence is happened upon and it may harm another person then try to solve the problem with the potential victims. They may already have it sorted out. If so then leave it at that. If it does need to go public then just say what needs to be said (I didn't mean to write so much)

  • Fppd47

    R.I.P poppy Gloria

  • Niyah Blackmon
    Niyah Blackmon

    7:44 6:27

  • Kuroi Seraphic
    Kuroi Seraphic

    Poppy Gloria: *"They called me a madman"*

  • Sasha Hale
    Sasha Hale


  • Julio Brito
    Julio Brito

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the background while PewdiePie talks?

  • Rangga Kusuma Dinata
    Rangga Kusuma Dinata

    can someone please tell me how to find certain word in closed caption / subtitle video in youtube like on the upper right corner at 17:00

  • Alexa De Santiago
    Alexa De Santiago

    I remember seeing this was happening and when i saw that you (PewDiePie) had made a video about it. I just thought to my self he doesn’t know anything he’s probably just jumping on the ShameJames bandwagon. I was furious over it, but i finally watched this and i appreciate that you made this video. This shows me that you’re way more mature than others.

  • Kaizerin Nijhar
    Kaizerin Nijhar

    Pewdiepie u actually decided to talk about this . Applause . James Charles today 16million .. 😂😂😂 August : plays mine craft with James normal 19 year old boy .

  • Indiah Motilall
    Indiah Motilall

    687,885 till 100M

  • Marissa Flores
    Marissa Flores

    I'm glad I'm not following your IT-my page I don't like u because you are hating on #Sisterjamescharles

  • Francesca Malberti
    Francesca Malberti

    Nobel Peace Prize for Felix? Acceptance speech: "I don't know. At this point it is just getting annoying, if this drags on I'm just gonna get pissed off".

  • Karl Christopher
    Karl Christopher

    I think by now most of us has seen PenisJared

  • Christian Noll
    Christian Noll

    Ok Felix is so fucking chill and reasonable. Like damn, he cuts straight through the bullshit and lies.

  • Abdul Soleh
    Abdul Soleh

    Felix : why he is talk so slowly? I can't stand it.. James : ok, take notes.. Next video, James talk as fas as he could

  • Q Lorenz
    Q Lorenz

    The anti fake news

  • Fire wall45
    Fire wall45


  • signor chochomaan
    signor chochomaan

    Pewd : "Now to some more happy news" *"LOGAN PAUL IS GETTING SUED"*

  • Merari Ochoa
    Merari Ochoa

    Pews was basically like “idc about JS, ANYWAYS James...”

  • ecstatic fanboy
    ecstatic fanboy


  • LeopardPrint Production
    LeopardPrint Production

    10:00 that is playing nepotisme. I didn't expect that from Shane, I thought he was smarter than that.

  • LeopardPrint Production
    LeopardPrint Production

    Tati should be not trusted as a friend. When she gets mad she puts everything on internet even from her friend. Very nasty sneaky person. Shame on her.

  • Kata Molnár
    Kata Molnár

    2:07 when Pewds says ,he was like a father to me’ months before Minecraft!! See, he means it when he says it.

  • xxshadow wow
    xxshadow wow

    Pewds hit 99mil

    • Whatever I comment comment the same
      Whatever I comment comment the same

      Soon 100

  • Grace Adams
    Grace Adams

    Throwback to when Mary Ham was actually a good person

  • pinkelation

    there is nothing more attractive than a logical, independent thinker who rescues an innocent boy like James charles from manipulation and lies.

  • Nay Hinson
    Nay Hinson

    Goddammit. You people thinking that you're "experts" got gloria fired. come on

  • LauraLogic


  • mimim ;-;
    mimim ;-;

    Vc e o pior IT-my do mundo seu lixo

  • BananaDorian

    2:04 When you find out the “my father” speech when someone dies in Pewd’s series didn’t star in his 2019 Minecraft series.

  • Henlo fren
    Henlo fren

    Everyone be talking about Minecraft now that they forgot about Mary ham.

  • Salman Sakib
    Salman Sakib

    2:05 this is where it all started...with the death of poppy gloria.

  • Jay Nelle
    Jay Nelle

    Whatever pewdie pie says.. I believe and support!!🤧

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck

    IT-my is one big reality show

  • Cheesegamer 321
    Cheesegamer 321

    Pewdiepie i love you but in something tati is right you cant mais someone gay if they dont want to but if they do I dont Acre with what he does

    • Erik

      Your English is kinda broke

  • SlimeyPandaDonut13


  • sipin tea
    sipin tea

    2:05 time travel comfirmed

  • Doug Carr
    Doug Carr

    so this was the start of "like a father to me"

  • mert kaya
    mert kaya


  • AA

    I used to play showes with Jefree Starr... he's really the worst person ever.

  • Elias Renteria
    Elias Renteria


  • vivian nicole
    vivian nicole

    "She was like a father to me." -Pewdiepie 2k19

  • Major Red Ball
    Major Red Ball

    poppy gloria was like a father to me. Water sheep: Am I a joke to you?

  • Ruqaiya Swan
    Ruqaiya Swan

    F for grumpy cat

    • Whatever I comment comment the same
      Whatever I comment comment the same


  • Ruqaiya Swan
    Ruqaiya Swan

    2:06 he was the son I never had

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide

    James Charles learned a great lesson. Fake News is real.

  • Everything Technical
    Everything Technical

    F's in the chat for P O P P Y G L O R I A

  • annnt/sp

    Tati CAREER BURST SNAKE SPIT EDITED PICTURES BEAM ROAST WITH FAKE TEARS James Charles FULL COUNTER! Tati I can't believe you've done this. *drops subs faster than James*

  • Maggie Madushka
    Maggie Madushka

    Pewds: I loved Poppy Gloria... She was like a father to me *Joergen neighs in the distance*

  • DaxmondZ

    Minecraft Mondays?

  • No name Dr.
    No name Dr.


  • Nataly Nava
    Nataly Nava

    Keep in mind this all started because of vitamin gummies..let that sink in.

  • Guepari Dreemurr
    Guepari Dreemurr

    One of the first time that pews is being serious in a video😂(not negative at all❤)

  • cool

    Projared is actually innocent, mostly. Everyone should watch this video: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-jYM1lkmgIV4.html

  • Chrisangel Javier
    Chrisangel Javier

    I want a pewds

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