James Charles RESPONDS , Tati RESPONDS, Projared RESPONDS
James charles, tati and Projared have now all issued RESPONSES
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  • gamernostalgia


  • sofsof 18
    sofsof 18

    it doesnt look like tati felt "betrayed" by james, but like she was insecure about her brand, and thats why she was crying

  • E Wood
    E Wood

    Says cancel culture is bad. Next video: Trisha Paytas should be cancelled. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t understand why the world is so full of “followers”!

  • Pedro Duque
    Pedro Duque

    6:48 "this to me sets a dangerous president" ahaha

  • Mason McCarthy
    Mason McCarthy

    RIP poppy

  • Georgia Catton
    Georgia Catton

    wow subed to u cause of this vid man good job

  • Yaki Yaki
    Yaki Yaki

    "Now onto some more happy news: LOGAN PAUL IS GETTING SUED! :D" I laughed so hard at that, it caught me by surprise

  • Indie Hotspot
    Indie Hotspot

    Nobody: James Charles: Hippity Hoppity your sexuality is now my property

  • Muaz _ Stark
    Muaz _ Stark

    this is when the rebellion began

  • tuburcio palangelay
    tuburcio palangelay

    Here lies Poppy Gloria Born: 2018 Oopsied: 2018

  • sub meh live stream after 10k sub
    sub meh live stream after 10k sub

    Tati - I'm about to destroy James' career. James - Uno reverse card

  • She Who Knows All
    She Who Knows All

    🙄😑 *STILL not recognizing the fact that Tati asked James to do a quick shout out in one of his vids for her brand as a small favor after all she had done for him in the past and James said "No because my audience is mostly young kids". THEN James turns right around and does a vid for Sugar Bear Hair because they offered him $MONEY$ for it.* 😒 *So, James will push sleeping pills onto his "younger viewers" when it's for money, but he won't do a quick shout out when it's doing a favor for a friend that has helped his fame a ton.*

  • arakquin h8
    arakquin h8

    Wow finally someone INTELLIGENT 💜👑

  • Nguyen Thai binh
    Nguyen Thai binh

    Really wish the slogan of Mary Ham is “hammer time” Anyone? Just me? Okay :((

  • Absolutely Maggiecal
    Absolutely Maggiecal


  • preston evans
    preston evans


  • Lucas Endre Nilssen
    Lucas Endre Nilssen

    How's watching this in memory of Poppy Gloria's death/murder?

  • Mia Cassie
    Mia Cassie


  • Victoria Lehr
    Victoria Lehr

    I do agree that society is becoming "guilty until proven innocent."

  • Epyon Wing
    Epyon Wing

    I guarantee both james Charles and tati.....are both horrible and annoying people.....

  • jasmin k
    jasmin k


  • Hadeil Attaira
    Hadeil Attaira

    23:34 i love the "wHat" at the end and then theres just no more of the plug

  • Krish Angel Shrestha
    Krish Angel Shrestha

    Mary ham

  • Котэйка Вампирчик
    Котэйка Вампирчик

    Русские вы тууут??

  • Smokin_Doobs

    I absolutely despise these yank twats.

  • Donovan Wallace
    Donovan Wallace


  • Kofz TBD
    Kofz TBD

    Fuck James Charles

  • hanah shanice javate
    hanah shanice javate

    Just here to press F for Grumpy Cat

  • Vocaloid and G-Fan
    Vocaloid and G-Fan

    Mary Ham first appearance(?)

  • Gatcha_ Honey
    Gatcha_ Honey

    Everyone gets dumped

  • Nouman Zahid
    Nouman Zahid

    *I studied this scandal more than I studied in my exams*

  • Raiden Elder God
    Raiden Elder God

    *Why is everyone mad at Pewdiepie because he didn’t drag anyone under the bus, he is trying go be very responsible*

  • jessica neill
    jessica neill


  • Ms. Normal
    Ms. Normal

    I'll wait for this to get to IT-my rewind...if this doesn't...the PEWDIEPIE rewind should :]

  • Yasmin-Chan br
    Yasmin-Chan br

    Tá imitando o Luba Ù_Ú (sorry ;-;)

  • Gregorius Tadeo
    Gregorius Tadeo


  • thesilkymango

    cancel culture is the return of leafyishere's fanbase

  • Mimmi Woxby
    Mimmi Woxby

    hahahhahahahah Hahahahahahhahaahahahahh 😝😃😀🤣😂😁🤣 jag är so Bra

  • Meliah Draws
    Meliah Draws

    welp, all these years, evelioution, and survival, led up to people bitching, and complain about some douchbag that likes to flex on people, thank you, to our father and savior, pewds. *amen*

  • Shadow cat and London Productions
    Shadow cat and London Productions

    Who is watching this while drinking olive juice?

  • Kat meow
    Kat meow

    Lets _go ham_

  • Kerwin A
    Kerwin A

    It seems to me that Tati is just an envious control freak. She reached out to help James when he was not famous because she thought she can keep him on her leash, but when things got out of control and he was gradually becoming way more famous than her, she's started to have a grudge on him. And when James promoted her competitor, she saw the opportunity to "revenge", and thereafter she began to plot this whole thing, utilizing all of what she's got on him and what she would get on him ever since. DISGUSTING.

  • Liu Judy
    Liu Judy

    “James Charles is a dumbass” LMAO

  • Capivara of War
    Capivara of War


  • EarldDaryl Alvarez
    EarldDaryl Alvarez

    tati: I'll Destroy James' career James: Sister Reverse Card

  • Sanctus Min Yoongi
    Sanctus Min Yoongi

    I've learnt to do my own research after this

  • keepfaithbaby

    Despite the great analysis of all the videos, I still dislike James Charles. To me, he comes across as someone who thinks he is above everyone else and I don't think anyone likes that kind of people.

  • nadsoos

    i miss poppy :(

  • lili nessrine
    lili nessrine

    6:06 Jeffrey star another beauty community Person??? Lol

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah

    00:00 what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Nakul Narotham
    Nakul Narotham

    16:25 Wow he's quoting Trump. Nice.

  • Nakul Narotham
    Nakul Narotham

    What do u think is gonna happen when U help a vindictive Gay Dude? They're a conniving lot. All the Love & unity and diversity is a facade. Tati should've known better.

  • Icy Wolfie
    Icy Wolfie


  • Karen M
    Karen M

    Kinda funny how someone can be accused of being a sexual predatory when hes admittedly a virgin. Hmmm, how does that work people?

  • El Leo de la Rancho
    El Leo de la Rancho

    Pewdiepie saves again

  • blue bill
    blue bill



    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I want to say it. I have been watching you since forever ago, and I am proud to call myself a subscriber. I see so many people saying that you have downgraded or things like that, and it is so sad. I can see how far you've really come, and I think that if 2012 you were to see you now, he'd be unimaginably happy. With you reaching 100M, I have been looking back on everything over the years. Through every controversy, every up and down, you have always come back. Even if it wasn't easy, you still did it. I am happy you did. I hope I get to see you reach 100M and have a happy marraige with Marzia. Have a wonderful day


    this where it all started. we all celebrate this video, not for firing poppy, but for the birth of memes.

  • Jhoana Perez
    Jhoana Perez

    Fack james

  • Ordalami

    "She was like a father to me"

  • The Firework Actor
    The Firework Actor

    The start of the villain Mary ham

  • PeruvianAztec

    Petition to change “PEW NEWS” to “PEW’S NEW”

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch

    RIP Papa Gloria

  • Laynielouxu


  • The audio Stories
    The audio Stories


  • CellFone Dj
    CellFone Dj

    Never judge a book by it cover I'd say

  • Starlordrocket_ 99
    Starlordrocket_ 99


  • Starlordrocket_ 99
    Starlordrocket_ 99

    Grumpy cat 😿I’m literally crying

  • Divyank Gupta
    Divyank Gupta

    Nobody in the comments is gonna talk about the gumpy cat😭


    Why is there no lawsuit for slander and libel? James Charles low-key just hit the jackpot. He has so many people that would have to pay him millions for this and he will look like the good guy at the end of the day.

  • Flame Master
    Flame Master


  • AppleeRealix

    F in rhe chat

  • 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68
    46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    Video: "Whjät?" *Video ends* Me: ... Dammit Brad!!! Now I need to watch another video to complete the ad and close it!!!

  • BeeSoccer31

    F for grumpy cat 😰

  • Crazy Psycho
    Crazy Psycho

    0:00 that picture of James Charles looked like Gypsy Rose 😂 I’m sorry 😂

  • Shane Simpson
    Shane Simpson

    I didn’t know who Tati was before all this, but seeing her talking is insufferable. Fake ass over the top drama

  • that cool guy
    that cool guy

    hi poopy pie I don't hate u iam just giving u a nickname

  • Mew 2
    Mew 2

    R.I.P. Poppy Gloria (2019-2019)

  • 김태국

    Stop at 15:29 ....sorry i had to

  • Rifky Eki
    Rifky Eki


  • Hida Beg
    Hida Beg

    I better not see y’all crying for Poppy Gloria because yalls retarted asses is the reason she was fired

  • Victen Bren
    Victen Bren

    Brad 1 or 2 fucked up and cut the video to short. Tuner Simulator gets .01 air time.

  • dwl

    the internet jumping to conclusions? MARY HAM KILLED POPPY GLORIA!

  • Audrey H
    Audrey H

    Rip poppy Gloria

  • Apfers

    I like how you've been in this industry for so long that you immediately become suspicious and sceptical even if everyone believes it and it seems unrefutable, even xd

  • Kristi L.
    Kristi L.

    James is down to earth. I know he's young, but this shows how he has grown from these mistakes he has made in the past. Proud of the guy.

  • Bradley Bertola
    Bradley Bertola


    • Bradley Bertola
      Bradley Bertola


  • JOLTIX 2
    JOLTIX 2


  • IanCreepKiller Pug
    IanCreepKiller Pug

    This was a very sad day... You were a legend poppy Gloria, RIP, you will forever be missed. If you don't like this you will never be able to play Minecraft again

  • Weneveve Royale
    Weneveve Royale

    Can we get an f for the the death of Poppy Gloria 😢😢


    Felix is becoming the new IT-my dad dishing out reason everywhere he can! Mad lad 💓


    Is there anything more fucked up than Beauty youtubers?

  • Peachy



    Isn't it ironic how such physically and spiritually ugly people run the beauty scene?

  • Chloe Holtzclaw
    Chloe Holtzclaw


  • NetworkSoda

    James just used his victim card.

  • Savage Muffin
    Savage Muffin

    Grumpy Cat died and most of these comments are STILL about James Charles. Could we atleast show SOME love for Grumpy Cat?

    • Korico - Kun
      Korico - Kun

      Dont remind me of Grumpy Cats death Ima cry in bed now TwT

    • Sleepy Woods77
      Sleepy Woods77

      I don’t even think people remeber keyboard car

    • Sleepy Woods77
      Sleepy Woods77

      no one rlly cared about him till he died rip

  • crystalcrust_ 1204
    crystalcrust_ 1204

    With all these drama and stuff. It really reminds me of this j drama 3-nen-A-gumi (3 year A class). It's really interesting. The message is great too :D

  • SharX

    I may misunderstand the situation but after watching a few videos about this i get a feeling that Felix single-handedly saved James.

  • Im Asian
    Im Asian

    Pewds after the James Charles drama: *i ain't trusting bullshit from no one*

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