James Corden Has Questions for PM Justin Trudeau
The Late Late Show with James Corden
After James Corden saw Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's response to a question about President Donald Trump using force to clear out peaceful protestors for a photo opportunity, he had to make sure the video wasn't broken, and he has some follow-up questions for the Prime Minister.
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  • A*K

    He hesitated because Trudeau is under house arrest for criminal activities. Trump is after all the corrupt governments and Hollywood...watch out, show will be good

  • Nine Roses
    Nine Roses

    James , this is the respect he had shown for people and understanding the pandemic by showing the silence . I didn't like your attitude man . Unsubscribed 🤐

  • just4kids s
    just4kids s

    It's not funny sorry ...try again.. how about trumps? It just doesn't work with an authentic,kind, smart, and very loving person sorry

  • not_me

    Trudeau thinks before talks, way different than James to be honest.

  • TheStreetfish

    i have fall on this video again and still James u r so stupid on that video really Delete that

  • century house games century house games
    century house games century house games

    I love this video! It is so funny but I don't like justin trudeau

  • Joshua Hrvatin
    Joshua Hrvatin

    Love how the libtards think that was a “responsible” thing to do. One again we see the incompetence of this idiot and those who support him.

    • Small Floof
      Small Floof

      Joshua Hrvatin so it’s better that he opens his mouth like Trump and James here, and ruin an entire nation? Thank the moons you’re not a public figure

  • Brenda Burns
    Brenda Burns

    This is what we call speaking moistly lol

  • Aryana Najafi
    Aryana Najafi

    There is nothing wrong with thinking before speaking!

  • Fitness Guy 244
    Fitness Guy 244

    As nice as it would be to just shout out: "I think that what Trump did was stupid and I hate him", that would be dumb. Mr. Trudeau has a difficult job, appealing to the people of Canada and having to avoid angering Trump. Some questions require time to think, and this was one of them. It is obvious that he is appaled by Trump's actions, he just needed to find a way to please all parties, including a toddler with a nuclear arsenal for "playtime". I still liked the video though, and the joke you made at the end was genius! Love you James!

  • Pyokuku ‘-‘
    Pyokuku ‘-‘

    Yeaaa... james dude you were trying too hard It’s just cringy sweet Jesus

  • Andyroo

    It's because he's waiting for a response from the person in his ear-piece. Most of his responses are like that. If it's a question about his socks he can answer on his own, if it's something important he has to wait for his team to come up with an answer.

  • gennaro ianniciello
    gennaro ianniciello

    FYI..While you Canadians are on you tube scrolling..Please check out the brand new song called..Look Into My Eyes..by Montreal’s own 16 year old 🎤 singing sensation ARI SKYE

  • Paul McCarron
    Paul McCarron

    James, I'm deeply saddened by your ignorance with regards to politics. I actually thought you were somewhat intelligent. I guess you're only as intelligent as the fools that write the jokes for your teleprompter. Too bad that wouldn't go silent.

  • Nelda D
    Nelda D

    I dont see anything wrong

  • Love Peace
    Love Peace

    So funny James

  • Habiba Sallam
    Habiba Sallam

    This a comedy show, and parodies exist for everything.

  • Habiba Sallam
    Habiba Sallam

    I thought the same thing for the video

  • aflieder

    In the comments: no one understands that JT's advisors had to put together a reply prior to transmitting it to JT's earpiece. You all think that JT is coming up with intelligent responses by himself??

  • MJ Penfold
    MJ Penfold

    Calculated...extremely well done, Mr. Trudeau!!!

  • tricia83

    that's uncalled for James...you've lost my vote for this one. I don't think we should make a joke out of it and there's nothing wrong for being silent rather I applaud his reaction. From Singapore.

  • Mahée-Li Coudé
    Mahée-Li Coudé

    James Corden, I believe you lost respect, supports and audience from the Canadians. Mine included, good job. Cordialement une Canadienne.

  • Gurnoor Singh Uppal
    Gurnoor Singh Uppal

    booo on Trudeau . American democrats which hate trump so much and love Trudeau disliked this video really hard . If you lived in Canada you would do the opposite . The reason Canadians are liking Trudeau so much now is because he is giving out $2000 to everybody . #Wexit

  • Sarah

    Justin went on his knees at the BLM protest, can your president do that?

  • Sarah

    No maple syrup for you

  • K T
    K T

    I love your content James and what the show has to offer, but this video... dislike dislike dislike 👎🏼

  • Greenspliff

    Wish he could have done the same for Hongkong protesters. Shame on him cant condemn China.and james gorden plz there are other important stuff u cud have brought up in that useless parody 👏🏼👏🏼 hats off to you

  • LouCan Maple
    LouCan Maple

    He deserves to be mocked. Do not mistake his silence for depth or intelligence. He is incredibly inarticulate, so this is the best he can do.

  • pinkfrenchie2288

    Yeah this is not funny... The Prime Minister of my Country is speechless because your President.. who you elected I might add is a donkey. What can you say about the his actions... Not much... It's absolutely disgusting and quite sad.

  • Joan Jenny
    Joan Jenny

    You leave my Prime Minister alone James....you try pleasing all the people in a country so vast as mine....your car would be lost and disappear ......no more karaoke for you. What important work have you done lately hmmmm.... just kidding keep on being a funny guy!!

  • nadia wojcik
    nadia wojcik

    you just lost a canadian fan. his silence spoke more than his words. for him to take the time to think of a respectful and thoughtful response is showing what a great prime minister he is.

  • Pat's Amazing Blends
    Pat's Amazing Blends

    Poor. Very poor Jimmy. People are dying and this is what you produce? Watch Noah and Colbert, hell even Jimmy Kimmel and learn how to handle this. And to think we all thought you were doing well You support cast should have chimed in. Not cool.

  • Banana Friend
    Banana Friend


  • Jackie See
    Jackie See

    His wheels were really spinning there. You can see him making the calculations on who will be upset if I say X vs the need to virtue signal.

  • Zoe Louisa
    Zoe Louisa


  • Geordie Harrower
    Geordie Harrower

    This went way over your head James. Signed a Canadian.

  • Jess Anne
    Jess Anne

    this is disgusting, what are you accomplishing by posting this.

  • Austin Pessoa
    Austin Pessoa

    This is supposed to be comedy?

  • John McCauley
    John McCauley

    How many police were critically injured in the protests Justin?.. how many black police officers were murdered in the protests? Really Justin lol

  • John McCauley
    John McCauley

    This would've been better with a laugh track

  • John

    It's a good thing they translated coronavirus into French, le-coronavirus. Otherwise those in Quebec wouldn't have the foggiest idea that coronavirus is le-coronavirus

  • lolivia22

    It took incredible courage for Trudeau to remain silent for 20 seconds. That silence spoke volumes. Impressive!!

  • Abhay Prabhakar
    Abhay Prabhakar

    James I think this is that line no one should cross in the name of jokes. I am a fan of your show I do not find this funny at all. As Canada is very close ally of the United States as Prime Minister he should choose his words carefully and not spark a diplomatic issue, But the same time from that pause and what he said it is very clear that condemns what the President of the United States is doing. The job of the Prime Minister is not an easy one and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I think you owe the Prime Minister an apology.

  • Katja Chen
    Katja Chen

    Sorry James...not funny and I really like most of your appearances. Trudeau's silence said it all.

  • Chester Abinash
    Chester Abinash

    Stfu James

  • Jo Applela
    Jo Applela

    Not funny at all . 👎

  • Noelle God'sChild
    Noelle God'sChild

    LOL hilarious. I am Canadian (currently living/working in the US) and all these Canadians who are upset need to RE-fucking-LAX lol. Don't get me wrong, I love Canada and all that it stands for. The equation: Canada > USA, is the truth.....BUT Canada stays being nonpartisan, just generally never wanting to take sides and wanting to keep the peace; even if it's at the expense of grave human rights violations. Honestly I think we need more of a backbone. During the Rwandan genocide as a million Tutsis were massacred in 90 days, the Canadian military peacekeepers who were sent there to keep the peace, *ironic*, were ordered to not intervene when the killings began. Like c'mon Canada, HAVE AN OPINION, MAKE A DECISION, GET A BACKBONE. When clear injustices are happening, whether in your country or not, they need to be called out by name, acknowledged, and condemned. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." - MLKJ

  • ally2531

    Not funny

  • Dimi

    Well done 👏👏👏

  • Devon K
    Devon K

    Canada loves you, James! lol Honestly, I feel like our PM was literally biting his tongue at that moment.

  • callan dand
    callan dand

    notice the amount of likes to dislikes

  • 1HeavyHitr

    As a Canadian this is on point! Nothing worse than this corrupt POS PM not being able to answer or think for himself.


    Canada rocks ! Our PM is a blessing compared to what you have


    I think the point is that it’s not in fact funny at all. The idiocy of the US president leaves most people speechless. (A president that tweets... I mean wtf where does he have the time... it’s insane) As Canadians we’ve been watching the degradation of the US from a once great nation to what it is now. Like a big brother with drug problem getting worse and worse for years. The fact that as I write this still 40 percent of the US population still supports the Trump dictatorship is staggering. There is a lack of understanding internationally as to what the fuck is wrong with the US in general. No logical person can rationalize what’s happened and what continues to be allowed to go on in a once great nation. How far the US has fallen is unimaginable yet it has happened. God bless the next president as the road to recovery is likewise unimaginable. What do you say about an idiot president supported by 40 percent of the US population even today after all the damage done? I think 21 seconds wasn’t long enough. Certainly it makes the point that from the outside looking in we are all speechless ... as Seinfeld would say “without speech”.? So stupid it’s beyond understanding.

  • James 007
    James 007

    12k dislike and counting....

  • Nazmul Islam Pial
    Nazmul Islam Pial

    That wasn't good. It's not for only I love the PM of Canada. Insulting (sort of) the PM of any country, I wouldn't appreciate it..

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    😠😠😠Unforgiving?! With the shit that Donald Trump has been doing as a fakeass President, this is all of our responses to this whether you’re local or overseas!😡😡😡

  • Snapefan1971

    As Canadians, We need to remember is this. Trudeau was asked a question about an Individual who is thinks he is the King of the World who is supposed to be Our closest Ally. He's said stuff about us before. Had Justin said "It was bleeping disgusting and this ____ needs to stop.". King of the World would have immediately fired off a NASTY Social media reply. He would have also done everything to undermine Justin and our Premiers as our Leaders and all HELL would have broken loose. I could tell he was thinking "Oh Spit, how do I answer this. Oh God." the "um" told me he was scrambling for a reasonable reply that would not provoke this over grown Child. He also knew by saying what was really on his mind would make Donny has the final say or "Power" to make the final decision. And that is a terrible position to be in.

  • Roshel Valientes
    Roshel Valientes

    Kinda lost all respect for James Corden after watching this.

  • azacamis

    What's the fuss all about? He didn't make fun of Justin because of the long pause. He was in fact praised for that. The joke here is how such a long pause should not have happen if Trump is not that dumb, as dumb as the questions James asked.

  • SpinnyL

    Daily losing respect for James This quarantine is doing you no favours.

  • Nishantan Morli
    Nishantan Morli

    He looks like Metroman from Megamind. 😅

  • itzel ramirez
    itzel ramirez

    oh well, you really dragged this one... flop

  • alex B
    alex B

    This is disgusting, James needs to officially apologize to the Prime Minister. Definitely lost respect for James Corden :/

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q

    James - What would Trump say?...."What a nasty question, you're a loser!"

  • pam watson
    pam watson

    James, I usually love you, but I think you missed the mark on this one. Not funny, kinda inappropriate and a bit ignorant.

  • Sounia Yosufi
    Sounia Yosufi

    I used to really like you man. I'm so disappointed. Our prime minister did nothing wrong with his silence. In fact, the u.s. leader can learn from him to think before speaking. Trudeau's silence spoke volumes. Unlike the US leader, he is well aware that as the prime minister he is representing a nation, the Canadian population and not his personal interests or opinions. As such, he needs to think properly before speaking to ensure that his people are not retaliated at by your joke of a president.

  • wasup fool
    wasup fool

    To be fair Trudeau is always stunned and always takes time mumbling to answer a question the man's a total idiot just like Trump

  • Jessie Berthiaume
    Jessie Berthiaume

    I always liked James but not for this. His silence was important, sometimes silence says so much more.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    Felt bad watching this, Not funny Corden. and im not even Canadian.

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