Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake 日式棉花蛋糕
Kathrine Kwa
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Ingredients :
5 egg yolks (蛋黄)
1 egg (全蛋)
60g melted butter (溶化牛油)
100ml milk (牛奶)
60g plain flour(普通面粉)
20g corn flour (玉米粉)
5 egg whites (蛋白)
1/4 tsp salt(盐)
90g caster sugar (细砂糖)
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  • Victoria Floral
    Victoria Floral

    I baked this, it was soft, delicious and it didn't crack on top, just like you did. Oh and I add a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of parmesan cheese powder, but the rest are the same as you. Thank you for the recipe

    • Марина Витязева
      Марина Витязева

      @Jackie Morrison , I have done too....nothing happened...the author of the cake gave us all not right recipe...for what to lie...I don't know...

    • สมชาติ นนท์ทอง
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    • ツKauaprestes2014

      Pavê de a.rixa.

    • Sherry Rodricks
      Sherry Rodricks

      Hi @Victoria Floral would you know the temperature and time settings for a microwave that has convection?


      @shradhanjali lama goes well with earl grey

  • Dunc

    Where are the raising agents how does this cake rise.

    • NiTian Erxing
      NiTian Erxing

      The beating of the egg whites.

  • Kenny Gan
    Kenny Gan


  • Văn nhân Nguyễn
    Văn nhân Nguyễn

    Please Confirm Corn flower or Corn Starch ? - Two thing are different

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    Betül Betül

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    seesaw me up

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    Thereis C


  • Kreasi Antoa
    Kreasi Antoa

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  • Lubna A
    Lubna A

    I did the same thing but the mixture in the end wasn't like the video

  • Fanny Avalos Mojica
    Fanny Avalos Mojica

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  • Mucit Anne
    Mucit Anne

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  • Sheng Reoligio
    Sheng Reoligio

    Can anyone pls convert the measurements into US measurements (cups or tbsp preferably).. I really wanted to make this cake but I don't have kitchen scale...

  • Are T.
    Are T.

    I made it today . I was sooooo amazed by the video. It’s very good and tasty but my cake is half baked and half boiled.

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    Hana Nasrallah

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  • ilsole ilsole
    ilsole ilsole

    why when I switch off the oven (after 1 hour) does it go down? and when does the cut look like raw? where am I wrong? should I keep it in the oven until it gets cold before taking it out?

    • Khawla Elmiloua
      Khawla Elmiloua

      Because it need 90 minutes to bake not 60. It s 1 hour and a half

  • Evgeniya Fil
    Evgeniya Fil

    Есть русские??🇷🇺 делал кто,?? Что на выходе получилось?

  • Mariela Monroy
    Mariela Monroy

    Does it have to be in a square baking pan thing?

  • Baby Yoyo
    Baby Yoyo

    Amazing 👏👏❤❤I love it

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    Mrs Bangladesh cooking Channel

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    Dana Velaj

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    Samin alam Khan

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    Mansoor Sha

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    taha taha

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    Sangamithra Nataraj

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    Shanti Chandanshive

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  • Darren Menzies
    Darren Menzies

    Best looking sponge cake I've ever seen.

  • Марина Витязева
    Марина Витязева

    Why do you do so??? It is not right! I did all following your recipe!!! Nothing!!!! The cake even didn't grow!!!! Why do you lie?? And...CORN STARCH!!! NOT CORN FLOUR!!!!!. IN FB you have the same picture, but another recipe!!! I am angry! The day in the ass with your "wonderful" cake!

    • GooD GuY
      GooD GuY

      Same here😡

  • Марина Витязева
    Марина Витязева

    Please, anybody, say me is it corn Flour or corn starch??

    • Марина Витязева
      Марина Витязева

      @Live Breathe , no, not the same

    • Live Breathe
      Live Breathe

      Марина Витязева They are both the same thing

  • Avalum Naanum
    Avalum Naanum

    Hi... How to make this into a chocolate sponge cake?

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    Neeha kouser Nabil

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  • Edmond Edmond
    Edmond Edmond

    Thank you Ms Kwa for sharing this recipe and video. For many years, I’ve tried various recipes for sponge cakes but they never turn out successful. Therefore when I tried your recipe for the first time yesterday, I started out with minimal expectation. I was in for a great and pleasant surprise though. Not only did the Japanese Cotton Sponge turn out perfect, it is also one of the softest, fine textured, springy-est and comforting sponge cake I’ve ever eaten. Your video is simple and direct to the point. Thank you once again for being the best guide for my first successful sponge cake. Wishing you all the best.

    • sascha s
      sascha s

      Hi Edmond, Ok sure! Not sure IT-my can post picture or not? Haha I took longer time to prepare all the ingredients!

    • Edmond Edmond
      Edmond Edmond

      @sascha s I start preheating the oven when I start to prepare the ingredients. That would be around 10-15 minutes before we put the batter in. So far, I also preheated the water in the tray together, but in the video, the water is poured into the tray only when the cake tin has been put inside the oven. I am going to try the method shown in the video in my next baking session and see whether it produces even a finer cake. Cheers. Oh, do keep me informed of your results. Enjoy baking.

    • sascha s
      sascha s

      Hi Edmond, may I know how long to preheat the oven?

    • sascha s
      sascha s

      Thanks for your detailed explanation. Haha I go and boil the butter & milk. After that straight away adding the flour & yolks like it shown on the video! No wonder my batter got a lot of air, like bubble. I´ll try to bake it again next time :)

    • Edmond Edmond
      Edmond Edmond

      sascha s Double boil here means melting the butter into the milk using the mildest heat by placing the bowl in a water bath. There is no need for the water to be boiling at the bottom bath. Slow heat should be fine as you slowly dissolve the butter into the milk. Once the butter is dissolved, remove immediately and let it cool slightly before adding the flours and yolks. It is at this waiting time that I whisk the egg white. By the time the whites are hard, the buttermilk mixture should have cooled down and you can add the flour and eggs. Mix gently by hand until combined smoothly. This cake is all about smoothness and refined texture. Therefore all the steps are to be done gently, even the whisking part! Hahaha. Hope my comments help. 🌸🌸🌸

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    FOODOT 푸닷

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      John Singh

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    احمد صالح

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  • Lena Lark
    Lena Lark

    I made it just like you, but at the bottom of the cake there is about 3 mm thick coat of cooked egg white o.o

    • GooD GuY
      GooD GuY

      Same here

    • Jeanie Sahadey
      Jeanie Sahadey

      Lena Lark hi there, I also found that the bottom of mine wasn’t cooked

  • Safiya Fathima
    Safiya Fathima

    Firstly, more than five times it turns out good, but now after cooling it shrinks

    • Safiya Fathima
      Safiya Fathima

      anyone has remedy??

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  • JLogefeil

    At 0:47 did she forget to separate and just put it in the wrong bowl or did she mean to?

    • Camila Ojeda
      Camila Ojeda

      Just read. It's 5 egg yolks and 1 entire egg.

  • Bismillah Food Secrets
    Bismillah Food Secrets

    Super delicious 😋 and yummy 😋, thanks for sharing this awesome recipe, will try this for sure inshaAllah

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    It is not explained in the video, but technique of mixing the batter with the whipped egg whites is actually really important. If you don't do it like this, the structure will break down!

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    Fatima Maliha

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    I did exactly the way you dshowed .... however, when i baked it with water, the bottom of the cake got more solid than the rest. I tried it twice and had the same result. Would the level of water (tray submerged into the water) had something to do with it? I will try to do one with out having the whole tray in the water and see how it will end up.


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