Jared Dudley Wanted Smoke After Dwight Howard Was Shoved In Lakers-Magic Exchange
Bleacher Report
Dudley stepped up real quick after Lakers and Magic exchange words in fourth quarter of action. LeBron played mediator for LA as techs were handed out after exchange.

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  • Darrell Bell
    Darrell Bell

    These Youngins gotta realize Dwight was the Orlando Magic! I ain’t watched them since he left!

  • derek452


  • Bill Mason
    Bill Mason

    Dudley is a Nobody. Always coming into the action late and pushing people from behind like his chubby ass is gonna scare someone. Averaging less than 2ppg, sit down fat boy.

  • Tane Raftery
    Tane Raftery

    Dudley the goat

  • Sampson Frimpong
    Sampson Frimpong

    Dwight would beat the shit out of them

  • Moe Bazzi
    Moe Bazzi

    Where is Rojan When the Lakers needed him the Most.

  • Moe Bazzi
    Moe Bazzi

    4 of Magic player vs Howard. And of course King Lebron play the Peacemaker.

  • Eazy Enrique
    Eazy Enrique

    Another pussy shove and bitch match in the NBA. Yawn

  • Bizon Creations
    Bizon Creations

    A bunch of youngster rookies tryna pick fight with the vets seems kinds comical

  • Sarj Thiru
    Sarj Thiru

    Laker fans went from hating this guys guts to loving him off.. it's funny to see how the comments went from "Fuck this bum" to "Dwight's the greatest".

  • LGS Dwade3
    LGS Dwade3

    I want to see Dudley fight. I'll pay to see get his ass beat. Acting like he's hard . Hahaha

  • Tevita Tonga Schaumkel
    Tevita Tonga Schaumkel

    Kids playing patty cake lol

  • Kevin Garner
    Kevin Garner

    Just keep him away from khloe kardashian

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez

    Is anybody scared of his old lookin ass ??

  • Billy Gan
    Billy Gan

    Everyone gangsta till Caruso walks in.

  • BennyOars

    Dwight is gay. You see he loves to get touch / push like that

  • Un Redacted
    Un Redacted

    pudgy tough guy still collectin large checks...job well done.

  • Justin Dion
    Justin Dion

    They got Dudley fucked up

  • Rocky Cunningham
    Rocky Cunningham

    They still mad that he left

  • M2J 02
    M2J 02

    Now thats team chemistry right there

  • Mike Vee
    Mike Vee

    Jared Dudley the funniest player in the league 😂😂😂

  • Luis Frias
    Luis Frias

    Same old Dwight.....the most undeveloped player I've ever seen

  • Lorenz Reyes
    Lorenz Reyes

    Elmer Fudd always hunting for wabbit.

  • David Berglund
    David Berglund

    The Lakers turned into a dysfunctional organization and only became credible because some low IQ athletes wanted to play for them. They became contenders again in spite of their management. It's like an incompetent freeloader hitting the lottery. I just pray they don't win a championship. They haven't earned it. They don't deserve it.

  • TA

    Dwight you ain't welcome in Orlando you fucking has been bitch

  • The Villain
    The Villain

    Dwight looked like pinball gettin pushed every which way outta that, lol....he stronger than all those lil dudes put together tho

  • PNYprepper

    one question: why Caruso wont just shave the rest of his hair???

  • Rogelio Gonzalez
    Rogelio Gonzalez

    OG Dudley checking the BG's


    Mad props to Mo Bamba for keeping his cool 👏

  • One Punch Taco
    One Punch Taco

    Boi I love this team lol

  • Pauly the Crook
    Pauly the Crook

    Sit down you dud

  • James Tyler
    James Tyler

    Why not just be like the NHL and let them fight it out. Oh because they dont want to really fight without help and a gun.

  • Zachary Weatherford
    Zachary Weatherford

    Wow... Lakers are so whack. Dwight just fucking throwing stupid bows. Kuzma has a nipple ring. Dudley look like a fucking hamburger. Davis has a literal unibrow. Fuck is wrong with these dudes.

    • Macabree

      Yet they have the 2nd best record in the league

  • John Cortez
    John Cortez

    how to repay a player helping you make it to the finals

  • Kyle Freitas
    Kyle Freitas

    soft all the way around

  • Master Hertz
    Master Hertz

    0:23 who else heard Chris Tuckers voice

  • Captain Dingleberry
    Captain Dingleberry

    Jared Dudley being a punk ass bitch again.

  • NoRapCapTv

    If lakers ur favorite team Subscribe to Bang Biz tv

  • Jay Esc
    Jay Esc

    Kobe: Soft!!!

  • Darren Cavazos
    Darren Cavazos

    Everyone is buck until Caruso shows up. Dem niggas ain't want it with the Carushow

  • JB th3_truth
    JB th3_truth

    Jared Dudley: 69 ovr Shooting:31( would of been thirty but he shot one against philly last season Slashing:0(he sucks) Bench warming:100 Fighting:666

  • Somerandomguy

    So THAAATS why they paid Dudley

  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass

    Howard is gay.

  • Esayas Ayilin איסייאס איילין
    Esayas Ayilin איסייאס איילין

    Dudley is a Gangster street

  • Dino Vukusic
    Dino Vukusic

    Howard still being idiot

  • Jaye Kaye
    Jaye Kaye

    Typical NBA chick fight

  • binot

    They dont want to be CARUSIFIXED

  • its yeshua not jesus so get over it
    its yeshua not jesus so get over it

    Well Dwight pushed first lol

  • Nina Catherine Willmon
    Nina Catherine Willmon

    Dudley's a real one.

  • TheBestFighter

    Jaredy Dudley need to sit his farmer looking ugly ass down. Ain't nun tough about him

  • Rocky Plays
    Rocky Plays

    Caruso saved them

  • Rocky Plays
    Rocky Plays

    Don’t ever do that to my boi Dwight 😤😤😤

  • Willie Nash
    Willie Nash

    American blacks and foreign black just not gonna get along

  • Turon Edwards
    Turon Edwards

    Take your L and shut the fuck up Orlando!

  • boriskaeski

    Lil punks..

  • KingCo Anderson
    KingCo Anderson

    Nothing to see here. Play ball.

  • Vicente Carneiro
    Vicente Carneiro

    I see these magic kids trying to be somebody now

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L

    Cant wait until someone punches Jared Dumbly on the face.

  • Michael Barleston
    Michael Barleston

    Someone call a S H foul ( SEXUAL HARASSMENT ) cause Dwight wanted to touch all those men!!! They’re like get off me Dwight I don’t even have the ball and I’m on your team!!! 🌭

  • Saucy Basketball
    Saucy Basketball

    Jared Dudley ugly ass think he tough

  • Wan Ridhwan
    Wan Ridhwan

    Orlando just another butthurt team

  • Mr L wiseman
    Mr L wiseman

    J Dudley must be related to the dudley brothers. Wwe

  • lebrondioncarlos Ballesca
    lebrondioncarlos Ballesca

    Idol pa shout out sa next video

  • Raymund Pateño
    Raymund Pateño

    last time Orlando steps in Finals is with Dwight..

  • Edward Nembhard
    Edward Nembhard

    I guess they are kind of salty Dwight out rebounds 4 Orlando players twice lol they need to push their teammates lol

  • Treaux Love
    Treaux Love

    All you Laker fans talking greasy like we didn't give y'all the business last season... Y'all lucky y'all won this game. If fultz and vooch played Lakers take the L for sure. Foh. Go magic

  • RowLifeCarl

    Magic still mad he left😂😂 whoop em on sight🤣🤣

  • Richard Prado
    Richard Prado

    Dudley doing his job....😂

  • Maria Isadora Irica
    Maria Isadora Irica

    Those kids are crap..i wish they suspend all of them for entire season..

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan

    Nah man all Dudley needs is a Scooby snack

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