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My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow
Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze
My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws
My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger
The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long
The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright

  • MeatCanyon

    I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat

    • Lachad Branch
      Lachad Branch

      Oh I did enjoyed Meat Canyon

    • C00L_KID1600

      Papa meat



    • Helpful Roach
      Helpful Roach

      I regret waching this at night

    • Devilfruituser 28
      Devilfruituser 28

      Have you ever thought of working on a horror game

  • GoDandy

    *I Have Witnessed Perfection*

  • FÆR

    Did you even season the jaws

  • Geoffrey Sawaya
    Geoffrey Sawaya

    Please make a full video from when they collected everyone to Kevin!

  • Optimistic Nova
    Optimistic Nova

    If Big Picture Show never happened.

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul

    Your mind must be such a weird place 😳

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott

    One other thing I wanna say is, I wish I could’ve seen Ed rip Sarah’s jaw off

  • Ryan Sokoloski
    Ryan Sokoloski

    Its like kevin is still trying to stay in character but everyone else has ascended to a higher plain existence

  • Mango Steel
    Mango Steel

    WTF did I just find on IT-my!? I mean, goddamn! Bruh!!! I was literally watching people turn shitty yards into magnificent lawns and this was recommended! I can never see this show the same again!

  • Saif A.
    Saif A.

    What the fuck is wrong with you guys lmao

  • Berek Buckaloo
    Berek Buckaloo

    Anybody get sleep after this I didn’t

  • Trik Stari
    Trik Stari

    I don't think MeatCanyon will ever be able to top this. It is.....Perfection...

  • Killwind Plays
    Killwind Plays

    This is downright beautiful.

  • pieguy49


  • Chambers R
    Chambers R

    1 out of 10 was not disappointed


    I'm dropped my jaw when he ripped his jaw

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa

    I'm scared 2.

  • Moon Woolf
    Moon Woolf

    I need this voice good lord it's beautiful

  • Shawn White
    Shawn White

    Damn Ed killed his sister....0 Fucks!

  • Lachad Branch
    Lachad Branch

    They are funny when they talk

  • Milo Early
    Milo Early

    Remind me of hell raiser

  • marc silver
    marc silver

    Dear sweet merciful baby Jesus, these two shorts were better than anything Hollywood in the last 10 years

    • Raizen21S

      Hollywood is trash

  • Markus Ruiz
    Markus Ruiz

    This makes me feel the power within our mortal souls that can not be described perfectly of this retribution.

  • Chicken nugget guy Fuffuls
    Chicken nugget guy Fuffuls

    1:57 ;) what did I just see

  • dum_ tard
    dum_ tard

    Each time I See any of these videos I Get More and more Traumatized for Life.

  • jacobhunter2005

    If this gets taken down,it's canon

  • your booTY
    your booTY

    im traumatized..

  • Not Vlad Putin
    Not Vlad Putin

    yea i dont like this

  • Neon Was Here
    Neon Was Here

    This was pretty... Jaw dropping

  • Random Peep
    Random Peep

    My mouth is wide open fed boi

  • Pee Pop
    Pee Pop

    Wow. This fucked me up inside... More of this please

  • BTB

    definitely not as good as the first this is just way too forced

  • Epic Mine Man
    Epic Mine Man

    **raises hand** Uh yeah what the fuck

  • Emma Sanford
    Emma Sanford

    Yep I'm on the weird side of IT-my

  • a_mantis shrimp
    a_mantis shrimp

    Why was there a quarter behind him @ 2:27

  • Fanny Boy
    Fanny Boy

    Kevin...you need to see the sun between the stars and the experience of life and death...you must seek...the......t r u t h...

  • NickTheOneNOnly

    Try getting that monetized

  • Jake From state farm
    Jake From state farm

    The top three scariest ones are the railroad this one and the son asking what happens when you sleep

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales


  • lemon hurdle
    lemon hurdle

    Thanks I hate it

  • Y ael
    Y ael

    The witness of perfection is once, and once more shine

  • Rose Thorn666
    Rose Thorn666

    Fuck my jaw hurts even more now

  • God of Bleach
    God of Bleach

    I well never look at the show the same again

  • フェリシア エロ
    フェリシア エロ


  • Enrique Gonda jr
    Enrique Gonda jr


  • The Majestic Spider-Man
    The Majestic Spider-Man

    Oh my fucking god, what have I just witnessed? Their jaws... Their jaws are fucking gone.

  • Etneral

    part 3?

  • Wolfie Games
    Wolfie Games

    Part 3?

  • Rob StrickeN Feary
    Rob StrickeN Feary

    Whoever came up with this sure is one fked up psychopath 😂 I'd like to have a conversation on what their life was like and figure out what's going on inside their head. *moves closer* ...maybe if we bashed their head in, all sorts of secrets will come tumbling out! *maniacally smiles*

  • Lety Knight
    Lety Knight

    I like your funny words magic man

  • Supercars Of Wichita
    Supercars Of Wichita

    It took me a moment to realize Ed killed his sister

  • Winko Squikalot
    Winko Squikalot

    The notion that Ed offed his own sister is the most disturbing element to me.

  • A tater tot
    A tater tot

    All the eds look like old saggy testicles

  • April Washington
    April Washington

    this is the jaw cult another beauty by meatcanyon

  • Alex Hooijschuur
    Alex Hooijschuur

    We need an anthology for this. Like, going through each of their deaths and discover more and more about how the Eds found their truth.

  • Flow

    Has anyone ever been so depressed that ur hungry but you can’t eat

  • Product_? xnk
    Product_? xnk

    Thats enough youtube for tonight.

  • Dinosaur Emperor
    Dinosaur Emperor

    Wow this is dark. Even for a dark parody.

  • Chongo

    He should do a part 3 we’re they get caught by the cops in a scene some kids jaws ripped off etc

  • quae est angeli
    quae est angeli

    you think psychos are always angry and smashing things.. no, they are very calm and have a soothing voice..

  • Ray

    I’m traumatized 😐

  • tobias tobias
    tobias tobias

    i‘d love to see stuff like this as a regular show man

  • Andrei Roblox
    Andrei Roblox


  • ʟᴏsᴛsoul

    The hell thid I watch

  • Tetanus Teta
    Tetanus Teta

    I wish I have a voice like Eddy

  • 80 dreams
    80 dreams

    i thiink i have trauma

  • Sup Ahenis
    Sup Ahenis

    yoooooo wtfff

  • su sy
    su sy

    This is so disturbing do u do anything other than disgusting vids????

  • flip FLAP floomp
    flip FLAP floomp

    Well..........at least the Kankers and eddy’s older brother are still alive. For now

  • 2-D

    ಠ_ಠ ummmmmmm

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