Jay-Z Spends $1,400,000,000 💰 | #shorts
Frank Michael Smith
Jay-Z Spends $1,400,000,000
Yes Jay-Z is one of the wealthiest people on the planet...BUT...don't forget how he came up. Nobody put him on. He worked his way up from the bottom on his own.
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  • Frank Michael Smith
    Frank Michael Smith

    All my rhinos need to sub my 2nd channel: it-my.com/uservideos-TheFrankMichaelSmithShow

    • uld iskul
      uld iskul

      1 of the ugliest faces!!! am i right?

    • Johnny Cage
      Johnny Cage

      Hold the fuck on....get your Facts straight he didn't start his own Label Damon Dash did, and Damon Dash Put him On before they had a bitter rivalry over record meetings at Def Jams when it was Dames idea for the label and presented jay to all the right people, even linking him to Kanye who gave him some masterful Beats. Jay screwed Kanye over with his Masters. Fuck Jay Z.

    • Santiago Cordova
      Santiago Cordova

      Slow? Big L put him on maybe you should do a little more studying

    • Adryanna Holguin
      Adryanna Holguin

      @marc vanier he/she put rhinos because they might be a subscriber

    • marc vanier
      marc vanier

      @Kishori Shetty 🐒🐒🐒

  • Flaming Fox
    Flaming Fox

    Even if I had 1 billion 400 million dollars I would buy a regular house not a mansion,well maybe a mansion but nothing past 10 mill, I know you might say cheap for a billionare but I’m not a selfish billionare, I would dedicate 80 mill to end the world hunger crisis and I would use it to help a bunch of homeless people get a shelter some food and many other necessities for their homes and if they have any children they can get Like 10 suits and 20 other full outfits like the suits. To all the billionaires in America, I wish you would stop spending for flexing and start spending to help the needy

  • Joe Storey
    Joe Storey


  • SoyBoyStrangler

    illuminati shit

  • Josue Martinez
    Josue Martinez

    I cringed when he said "No one put him on".

  • Ant The Champ
    Ant The Champ

    Jay Z got popular because Big L got shot and killed...listen to Big L songs when Jay is on the track...Jay is wack...

  • Mike Elliott
    Mike Elliott


  • Chase24810

    that kids drawing empire is worth millions I guess

  • Lord_Flacko_2nd

    Nas told me he used to get chased around the homes

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    How much of all the money he and his wife make, they give back to the black communities? Oh wait, they don’t care about the black communities, they live in a white community even thou they claim white people oppress black people, what daaaaaa!

  • DM Vlogs
    DM Vlogs

    You forgot the Bugatti Veyron

  • Shinobi Drip
    Shinobi Drip

    Such an overrated MC tho lol. Dude got big only cuz the rap battle with Big L. Big L made this man...

  • Kevin Chapman
    Kevin Chapman

    Jay z be looking like crusty the clown these days, but at least he is rich.....

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    Fuckin over paid entainter

  • Damien Figueroa
    Damien Figueroa

    Kanye put this man on... People get the narrative twisted of Jay needed Kanye. Kanye didn't need Jay Z.

  • Mug Landree
    Mug Landree

    How many ppl's blood has he on his hands? That's should be the interesting part

  • wake up
    wake up

    nice. how much they putting ba k into the community that they say needs help?????

  • Nicholas Tomaselli
    Nicholas Tomaselli

    All by a guy that got his start selling crack

  • Mot Tada
    Mot Tada

    Beyauch’s food budget is through the roof! You gotta slop dat hog!

  • Michael Ritter
    Michael Ritter

    this lifestyle is predestinated for hell

  • wop

    ill never understand why a family of 2 buys a 7-8 bedroom mansion. just a waste of money

  • Tano Aceves
    Tano Aceves

    and you wonder why black folks are poor and never own their own shit in the hood

  • Reidzytube

    Who cares. He came into this world naked and he will leave this world naked.

  • Mike Partridge
    Mike Partridge

    Is that systemic racism?

  • The warzone noob
    The warzone noob

    Think of the poverty he could stop alone in Africa but wastes his money in pointless bullshut

  • :} Daddy 21
    :} Daddy 21

    Pagani zonda roadster is my favorite car.

  • nXzswift

    Jay-Z got more on his wrist then most people have in life 💀

  • Its Just A Meme
    Its Just A Meme


  • Nawfi World
    Nawfi World

    Bro your facts are so saturated your missing so many things tidal people’s masters but keep getting big off black celebrities business stick to the white folks you look bad doing this just my opinion

  • Corey Lumpkins
    Corey Lumpkins

    I have a question For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?" -Mark 8:36 What is more important??

  • Baldo_Norris

    as someone from long island, i love to go to the hamptons and just look at the great houses there

  • all CAPS
    all CAPS

    Black people: america is racist! White people are racist! That same black person claiming “america is racist” becomes a billionaire: moves into a white neighborhood.

  • Silas Fulton
    Silas Fulton

    that painting looks like a 1st trader drew it

  • Tushar Jamwal
    Tushar Jamwal

    They have financial managers who invest for them too

  • David Faumuina
    David Faumuina

    Selling crack is a hell of a way to start.

  • Michael Frank
    Michael Frank

    Missed an opportunity to talk ab his property investments

  • Assiyah Griffin
    Assiyah Griffin

    They both sold their soul though

  • F H
    F H

    Just some early days drug money 👌🏻👌🏻

  • herman soowavyy
    herman soowavyy

    And took Kanye’s beats

  • Hey

    Tbh taking on a record deal is beneficial but the only time that you might get a recird deal is after all your own hard work all the record deal is gonna do is promote your work which you have already been doing sure they can get you better shows but gou already did that you can start a career without a record deal in music. (Russ for example)

  • Luke

    Dude your face exactly look like ultra realistic npc

  • Dallas Tamanui
    Dallas Tamanui

    Didn’t big daddy Kane sign him?

  • A_Dub_Prodigy

    He spends it on children to harvest adrenochrome from

  • jEEzHuu

    Jay-z is just literally built different, real shit 💯

  • #JiltsMultiTheory #Jilt
    #JiltsMultiTheory #Jilt

    On satan. The answer is satan.

  • Derek Dick
    Derek Dick

    & he put west on & he surpassed jay richest blk man in history Roc nation did it big

  • David Krizo
    David Krizo

    He was a Fing Drug dealer. He killed people in more ways then with a gun. Please dude is shit.


    * buys house that doesn’t meet city code and is totally illegal *

  • Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi

    You're never getting a follow. Stop asking.

  • EjesticsSmallestFan

    New heist in GTA: Jay Z house heist

  • The Adventures of Molly and Wilbur
    The Adventures of Molly and Wilbur

    I love the corvette i want one so bad

  • Andrew Mbanga
    Andrew Mbanga

    Guy looks like steven Gerrard

  • Noel Rodulfo
    Noel Rodulfo

    Idk who hes so rich he has no good fcking music

  • Fighting Tamale
    Fighting Tamale

    Maybe you could buy a mic that doesn't sound like crap

  • Sun Cease
    Sun Cease

    Jay-Z is where's he's at cause the white folks embraced him.

  • James Howell
    James Howell

    that one from Basquiat looks like a kindergartner drew it

  • bossman 912
    bossman 912

    Jay z didn't start his own music label he stole it from Dame dash he was signed to Rockefeller records

  • Carlton Parks
    Carlton Parks

    1.4 ‘‘tis a lot of money

  • Eric Payton
    Eric Payton

    You got my following! Dam,the kid NEVER knew that!!!!

  • Ant Fazó
    Ant Fazó

    Jay been the king of New York since big passed, no disrespect to nas they share the city 🤦‍♂️

  • steamhard

    Illuminati king n Queen of hip hop

  • BartjeYeYo Gaming
    BartjeYeYo Gaming

    Where did he spend 1.4 billion dollars? Your math is way off

  • a namer here
    a namer here

    If you didnt notice if you did I'll sheckle for a like what kind of anti semetic ass bullshit is that? Wtf???

  • Max Aglipay
    Max Aglipay


  • Truth Teller1776
    Truth Teller1776

    Selling your soul to satan isn't worth anything he owns. Him and beyonce are fools.

  • Drew Snider
    Drew Snider

    “Puh-tek “

    • nycjin816

      That's not bad at all, I've heard it butchered way worse than that

  • RobbeRobb

    It’s called tax fraud. He didnt

  • Kylie’s Fax Machine
    Kylie’s Fax Machine

    How do u not lose ur kids in those mansions

  • Secret Squirrel
    Secret Squirrel

    Just goes to show that any crack dealer in the United States can make it big. Try that in China or Russia.

  • dallasmavsericks

    Lol nobody put JayZ on huh? Lol ...then elites put that man in position.. Nobody put Dame Dash on !!

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