Jeffree Star faked everything about... well, everything.
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  • dangelowallace

    alternative title: jeffree star blocked me so i decided to make a literal documentary about why i don't like him

    • Emily

      we stan a king that makes documentaries about people he doesnt like

    • Mithrax The kell of light
      Mithrax The kell of light


    • Nimiu

      We stan 😗 ✌

    • Mia Phasay
      Mia Phasay

      Props to you and your content! You have such a great mind set and you speak so eloquently! Thank you for the good content! I subscribed 😊

    • Will eat Meth
      Will eat Meth

      Thank you for awakening me to the truth. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm (me meditating because 2020 is scaring me)

  • MissesHaze

    I remember when he posted those first videos on myspace & I've always hated him since then. I just...cannot. He's just a disgusting human being.

  • Cheila Spruill
    Cheila Spruill

    I swear his grandma has turned 103 so many times 💀

  • Karen Rodriguez
    Karen Rodriguez

    all the people I watched when I was younger are turning out to be pure Satan spawn. It feels like when you’re younger and you think your family is perfect and then you grow up and realize everyone is disfuncional lmao. Anyway glad I have the brains now to not support these horrible people

  • Hellocancer4

    3:40 We welcome you with open arms.

  • Loraine Drosophila
    Loraine Drosophila

    "Jeff" is what white privilege denial looks like.

  • icwsi

    I really appreciate your detailed video about him

  • Denny Volleybasket
    Denny Volleybasket

    i love this movement we are all having here HAHA crazy how these ppl have these platforms like people SUCK like yall are youtubers, yea jeff, sit down smh

  • Charlotte Thorp
    Charlotte Thorp

    we stan a petty king

  • Maggie x
    Maggie x

    It's so embarrassing how he can't even remember his grandmother's age or birthday

  • Thomas Tank
    Thomas Tank

    Do one on 69 like he needs to stop being praised

  • Alexandra Monaghan
    Alexandra Monaghan

    me staring at my jeffree star gloss 👁👄👁 he fake but his gloss is BOMB

  • Kitty

    Ok so call me crazy, but Jeffree Star totally was trying to suppress a smile when confessing his 'mother' was actually his aunt; a Duper's Delight smile, or whatever it's called. He enjoyed deceiving his audience. Edit: 16:14 time stamp.

  • Jessica Wanyan
    Jessica Wanyan

    42:26 girl really went and said, do I have evidence, no I do not, but I choose to Believe because I Want To, thank

  • electrabeard

    God, I stumbled upon the Shane Dawson video and now I’m on a rabbit hole of watching all of your videos. It makes me even happier that they’re from a PoC; subbed. 🙌🏻

  • sparky10901

    18:22 - It's not uncommon that security footage wouldn't be released. It makes complete sense not to show/disclose what areas your security cameras are covering.

    • sparky10901

      Also, any police reports would be public information, so I'm curious why you wouldn't have contacted the LAPD and done a freedom of information request so you'd know for sure instead of speculating?

  • Shaerra Faedark
    Shaerra Faedark

    I am SO happy more people are diving into his scene/emo days because he COLLABED with Dahvie in music videos and stuff. Dahvie was a sick f*ck in those days and still is. Jeff was quite aware of it too. He was shunned in that community so he made his way into the "basic teenage girl" community just like Shane. It really upsets me. When I would try to tell people about his past, they would make excuses for him on the spot like?? How are you going to defend a person like him??

  • Gabriela Karl
    Gabriela Karl

    Jeffree cannot become an unracist lol

  • Graciela Figueroa
    Graciela Figueroa

    You had me at pointing out his tracks

  • Maurice O'Kington
    Maurice O'Kington

    Whats Baffoollery?

  • Hana

    I'm so glad that I never got into Jeffrey Star. I remember watching a few of his videos a couple years ago and thinking they were chill, but I didn't commit or anything to his channel. Turns out I made the right decision. I'm only upset that I even gave this racist liar any views at all 😐

  • DemonKnight 124
    DemonKnight 124

    I get so tired of ppl saying AND thinking, saying the "N" Word is racist... It is NOT... Using a word bc you know it will piss someone off IS NOT racism... So... Shut... UP... about it already.

    • Leoni liebtdasMeer
      Leoni liebtdasMeer

      The word is racist in itself, intentions don't change that.

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams

    Jeffree Star has always made me "sick to my stomach."

  • Lunar Bread :3
    Lunar Bread :3

    After you do Tati or whatever the hell her name is I don’t really care. Can you do Trisha Paytes I cant with her and her bullshit.

  • Bree Stephens
    Bree Stephens

    How am I just now finding out who you are ? 😂 I love your personality 100% 🤍

  • Divya A
    Divya A


  • JP Galinato
    JP Galinato

    Thank you for this video!

  • Thisiskarime

    Mistakes do not define who you are.

  • mareshah

    His concealers are trash anyway

  • taetae_ toffee
    taetae_ toffee

    its insane how jealous Jeffree is of James, sis can't even hide it lmao

  • Lauren Jackson
    Lauren Jackson

    I’m impressed with how relevant the clip of “Jeff” giving his boyfriend at the time his dream car & then lying after they broke up, saying that he “pretended” to give Nate the car but in reality the car was “Jeff’s” dream car..... what the f-

  • olivia brooks
    olivia brooks

    He is also buying properties in a small town in Montana and being extremely rude to the locals who live there that are messaging him and criticizing him. :)))

  • Irrelevant402

    Hm I wanna see Onision go to jail, haven't heard much about him for a while.

  • Mekailah C
    Mekailah C

    Please do a podcast 🥺💗

  • Grace Flores
    Grace Flores

    Nate was gay for pay; got the bag and bounced...

  • Mekailah C
    Mekailah C

    Anyone else crushing on Dangelo (I’m 22 btw lol)

  • Liya

    7:56 "all at the same time" VERY relatable

  • Grace Flores
    Grace Flores

    No, he’s not going to change. I mean, he’s a cosmetics and beauty influencer for crying out loud. So his followers and fans main interested is the surface(makeup beauty), hence there’s no depth. He’ll go on IT-my, sit there on his couch with his dogs like he’s Catherine Chancellor or something; and pose and use all these elaborate hand gestures with a full face of makeup and wig. He doesn’t take any of his maladaptive behavior serious and nether do his fans. He’ll never be cancelled because his fans are bird brained makeup obsessed morons.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute

    His apology sounded fake. As fake as Shane Dawson’s persona.

  • Elizabeth Bryce
    Elizabeth Bryce

    I’m so tired of Jeffree and Shane and... well, any of these youtubers leading their apologies with “som stuff has resurfaced from SO LONG AGO.... but I’ll apologize.” Bitch, it literally doesn’t matter how long it’s been. 12 years later just means that you swept it under the rug until now. Shane and Ryland keep saying his beastiality humor was 8 years ago. Time heals all..... but pedophelia and

  • razodactyl

    "and i really, appreciate, everyone's support, just... almost as much as i appreciate... Today's sponsor EXPRESS VPN" LOLOL

  • annulizbeth

    I'm really new to your channel and I've only watched 3 videos but I think you are very articulate with the points you make . Your voice is ☆very☆ calming ngl. I wish you the best and thanks for this,it was very entertaining :))))

  • lolah minai
    lolah minai

    I'm so behind with this world! Boobs have makeup now😢😢😂

  • ડꪖkꪊrꪖ ꫝꪖrꪊꪀꪮ
    ડꪖkꪊrꪖ ꫝꪖrꪊꪀꪮ

    Wait what happened

  • angelica

    I used to be a fan. Im glad i found this video

  • Wandering Sailor
    Wandering Sailor

    So, if we can't trust these IT-myrs word to represent their character, what can we trust about them?

  • • h o n e y •
    • h o n e y •

    D'Angelo: Jeffree Star Captions: Geoffrey start

  • Mikaela

    Wait im so confused about the grandma thing ?? Doesn’t he have 2 grandmas..? That way it would make sense that the birthdays and ages are different. I haven’t heard anything about a grandma passing

  • ᥴrꪗડtꪖꪶ ꫝꪗꪊᧁꪖ
    ᥴrꪗડtꪖꪶ ꫝꪗꪊᧁꪖ

    Oh you've been blocked by a lot of people shocker 😂😂 you deserve it lol Lmao you're only doing this crap for views and subscribers you are a greedy person is that all you think about is subscribers and viewers holy cow what a greedy person you are 😂😂😂 I see ur true colors and I Oop 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Octavia Coaxum
    Octavia Coaxum

    i didn't know Kim was black? cause she defending Jeff like she's apart of our community ... smh

  • Irrelevant402

    Never even heard of this guy until the Shane Dawson part popped up last night.

  • zoe hellen
    zoe hellen

    Jeffree in 2017: I am not going to feed the fire of hate with hate Me: 😏mark your words

  • anbos33

    I'm so glad today is the first day I'm hearing about this person. It's like Jeff thinks he's the most important person in the world and I have heard nothing of him till today. This makes me happy.

  • WripWrath

    Anyone agree Dangelo Wallace could be a great crime detective? This guy is just straight of smart.

  • Apostolos Pds
    Apostolos Pds

    You are over-exaggerating in my opinion. But i dont blame you. If u said he was nice it wouldnt be a 45.55 minute video talking about what a person uploaded when youtube was born and anybody said whatever the fck they wanted without consequences. There are racist people out there who are dangerous and not just angsty, misfit, kids like jeffree in the past.

    • Maggie Complicatedlastname
      Maggie Complicatedlastname

      I'm not sure if you've watched the full video, but if you haven't I suggest doing so. Most of what he discusses happened in the last few years.

  • moonlight

    Jefferson Stud really said that he called people slurs because he had depression... girl if your depression manifests into literal discrimination you need help asap

  • Greer Phillips
    Greer Phillips

    This is my first time watching you, and three minutes in, I’m pretty sure I need you to be my IRL best friend

  • Akhila Pavithran
    Akhila Pavithran

    ...this is a real-life Dear White People EXCELLENT 💜

  • Olga Kuusemets
    Olga Kuusemets

    I am replaying final fantasy x remaster right now and I couldnt understand why am I hearing the music when my PlayStation is not working.

  • Emma

    30 shades of lies

  • Amy Elizabeth
    Amy Elizabeth

    He loves u almost as much as he loves his brand deal btw lol

  • Marvellous Malesha
    Marvellous Malesha

    u r so real n funny! love this channel 👏👏🙌🙌🙌

  • Erin Wright
    Erin Wright

    @dangelowallace can I just say, I appreciate you using the FFX music for the background. Earned a subscribe just for that 😂

  • Florella Estella
    Florella Estella

    Apparently, Jeffree has a song about hitting on straight boys, which is the same thing he bullies James for ✨allegedly✨ doing. Pull it together, Jeff.

  • I0Perxz X
    I0Perxz X

    The people we give clout 😔

  • Nefertiti Mahmood
    Nefertiti Mahmood

    You have to do one about gabby Hana

  • chip chrome
    chip chrome

    jeffree star's music: exists scene kids: i pretend i do not see it 😔

  • asmRTPOP

    i do be hoping all lives matter people get hit by a rubber bullet 😌

  • ラタトゥイユ

    does he not realize that him calling those white chicks the n word means he thinks calling someone black is somehow an insult, like being black is something bad??? how tf is his explanation making anything any better- it's only offensive to black people bc of the way and time in which it originated. what's hard to understand about that. how was that supposed to be hurtful to someone who wasn't black??

  • ラタトゥイユ

    wow, so sad the millionaire lost a bit of his makeup and a few millions. whatever will he do.

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