Jennifer Aniston Answers Ellen’s 'Burning Questions'
Ellen knows a lot about her good friend Jennifer Aniston, but she ended up learning a couple of new things - like what Jennifer likes doing at home while naked, and why she was dressed as a cop at a concert - all during a round of “Burning Questions.”

  • Aastha Arora
    Aastha Arora


  • Nikki Bunce
    Nikki Bunce

    She will be lifeing in couple months

  • MrNikkimaxine

    My own batter is mead at me what now

  • MrNikkimaxine

    To be honest not

  • MrNikkimaxine

    To be honest not Laughing right now and I said that there’s no time

  • Marissa Rogers
    Marissa Rogers

    Jenifer is so so prettyyyy

  • big potatoe fan
    big potatoe fan

    Make a wish guys: Whats ur wish Me: I wanna watch tv with Jennifer Aniston

  • Kayli Spitler
    Kayli Spitler

    If that’s the case I want to sleep next to Jen every night

  • Kayli Spitler
    Kayli Spitler

    Then I i turns a corner.i am dead

  • paige Eastwood
    paige Eastwood

    Jennifer is so sweet

  • Shell Rdgz
    Shell Rdgz

    Who is Jennifer's crush?

  • Rahul Menon
    Rahul Menon

    By the end of friends season 9 I would have paid good money that out of the 6 Lisa Kudrow would look the oldest after 15 years. But no, they all look a lot messed up bcz of the plastic thingies but Lisa is still the same

  • Jaqueline Santos
    Jaqueline Santos


  • MrNikkimaxine

    Talk to my bother and myself sat down me and hem can talk out

  • Daniela Amorim
    Daniela Amorim

    2:52 Harry Styles?😂😂

  • Aneesha Rao
    Aneesha Rao

    Jen is soooooooo adorable. 🧡❤

  • Sunny Vakkalanka
    Sunny Vakkalanka

    WOW! look guys the ellen show got Rachel on their show! I guess the fashion industry really pays off...

  • Pien Fermont
    Pien Fermont

    ellen would tell that harry said that she was his first celebrity crush

  • Violet Sheffer-Stevens
    Violet Sheffer-Stevens

    Jennifer and Ellen look slightly related

    • Maëza Boyaram
      Maëza Boyaram

      I totally agree!

  • samantha little
    samantha little

    Jen is so freaking wholesome.

  • Devonna. Patterson
    Devonna. Patterson

    Rose's are red violets are FUCKING PURPLEE

  • Jen_Faniston Friends
    Jen_Faniston Friends

    Right before she said 17 I was thinking 17

  • Kylie Highwood
    Kylie Highwood


  • Doti Mami
    Doti Mami

    سهام لاء

  • Doti Mami
    Doti Mami

    صحيح انا لسدية عليكم الجنة او فتحة لكم باب جهنم العالم ادخلو الناس دلعالم كملين الى انا ونتي با علي وحكيمة لاء

  • MrNikkimaxine

    She let me do my thing

  • Rachelle de las llagas
    Rachelle de las llagas


  • Lady surjoo
    Lady surjoo

    Who would allow her to cut their hair in the 9th grade.

  • Trixie Demeules
    Trixie Demeules

    You should ask Courtney Cox for burning questions

  • Vampire 3D7
    Vampire 3D7

    Tell us a lie you've recently told.. "You Look Great!!" (That's 100% Rachel )

  • Dang

    When she smiles i still see Rachel green..

  • MrNikkimaxine

    You know I do just know I don’t know because you know how it is saying it in a way that I am for me that let’s say I was going to do this in person but I’m just so you know arm is not safe for them to be about me because what should I say that because I told you before when I scratch my friend back It’s because I have I have a sharp nails! It’s not safe for them

  • Joey Wang
    Joey Wang

    Playing catch with a softball would have been more revealing.

  • EmberlyRose

    Jennifer is amazing❤

  • Mrs. Kateuz
    Mrs. Kateuz

    Please burning questions with Jennifer garner🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Mirela Grecu
    Mirela Grecu

    Jennifer Aniston ♥️

  • Matt Rothell
    Matt Rothell

    Well let’s watch tv together then Jennifer

  • endless summer
    endless summer

    she's so amazing

  • MrNikkimaxine

    For both for them as well yes and no as well

  • Ken Fereday
    Ken Fereday


  • Jenny Briceno
    Jenny Briceno


  • Fluff Dude
    Fluff Dude

    "you bought shawn kassidy"

  • June Halfacre
    June Halfacre

    Omg February in friends what is actually like

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God

    Ellen must be burning between her legs with Jen next to her.

  • tom sch
    tom sch

    Love Jennifer she is so beautiful

  • Floor Jolink
    Floor Jolink

    Here after Harry said Jennifer was his first celeb crush

  • fluffy wafflezz
    fluffy wafflezz

    1:20 what about get dressed

  • MrNikkimaxine

    Is nothing dil with you at all you to. Now that

  • Paulina

    Who is here after Harry and Taylor ? 😂

  • Prashant Parekh
    Prashant Parekh

    What happened to her confidence 🙄?

  • CLynn 2007
    CLynn 2007

    3 things I have to do in the morning is Brush hair Brush teeth Get dressed

  • Mikaela

    1:02 Her answer is such a Rachel answer.

  • MrNikkimaxine

    Lat you now as well that I don’t have Ingram anymore on my phone do have it on my talent for now You whet to help me get back on Instagram as well you can as well that be great you do that as well

  • Aditi Bhowmick
    Aditi Bhowmick

    And pray ? Grace, is that you? XD

  • hewan

    Dear Ellen did you say beka when you finished your questions?

  • Hannah Chmielewski
    Hannah Chmielewski


  • Amamama Uheue sauce
    Amamama Uheue sauce

    They look the same👀

  • Haseya Sissy
    Haseya Sissy

    She s so cute.

  • Andrea McQuillan
    Andrea McQuillan

    i love her hair

  • pete a
    pete a

    Prey?? To what.... a ghost. ....

  • Pragati Sinha
    Pragati Sinha

    jen looks so cute

  • Alexa Gray
    Alexa Gray

    This aquarius energy is what i needed

  • Natorama9650

    I love her!

  • Salma Suliman
    Salma Suliman

    Shaun Cassidy is Rachel Green's crush! (See The One with the Ball for reference)

  • Esther Osano
    Esther Osano

    Yes girl I was thinking of praying too.....I love that....2019

    • Youki

      I don't know girl, praying is sooo 2018

  • Minolla

    Rachel Green wished she had bought Shawn Cassidy 😂 She said that in a scène on Friends ☺️

  • Sanjib Thakuria
    Sanjib Thakuria

    She does a great Rachel impression

  • Boo Jay
    Boo Jay

    I doubt she prays

  • MrNikkimaxine

    I don’t head is going

  • Prithvi Prasad
    Prithvi Prasad

    "Brush my teeth, take a shower and pray!!! " Indian parents would love her! Lol

    • Undesirable Wishes
      Undesirable Wishes


    • Roohana Ahmed
      Roohana Ahmed


    • Rejimol Joseph
      Rejimol Joseph

      @Parvez Mehdi it would have been Parents : marry her 😂😂

    • Parvez Mehdi
      Parvez Mehdi

      Chandler:"marry her"

    • Vaishnavi Gaonkar
      Vaishnavi Gaonkar

      I was gonna say the exact same thing 😂😂

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