Jennifer Aniston Looks Back At Her Past InStyle Covers | 25th Anniversary | InStyle
"What's Sexy Now?" Jennifer Aniston shared the answer at her InStyle shoot back in 1999...but she's going to need to get her glasses out to read it. 😂 #InStyle25
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  • TheDebbiespagnolo

    Omg Jen your amazing

  • liqaa Mahdi
    liqaa Mahdi

    honsetly i don't care how old Jennifer Aniston is ske is stunning

  • laurel


  • yusi puspitasari
    yusi puspitasari

    Somehow her body now is more fit that before, made me wanna do workout

  • Cassiechann

    she has the best arms and the sense of humor I love her

  • loulou HJ
    loulou HJ

    How can a person be so beautiful ..

  • Rachel Shallow
    Rachel Shallow

    I loved her long hair I was sad when she cut it shorter

  • Annabelle K
    Annabelle K

    this is just her poking fun at tabloids and having fun with it

  • anushka tuly
    anushka tuly

    2:27 "I'm smelling my armpit" lmao

  • pili

    she's so sweet, beautiful and pretty

  • louise

    I could watch 10 hours of this


    she is still the pretty Rachel I Know she doesn't look like she aged

  • Aliya Tahreem
    Aliya Tahreem

    No one: Jennifer anniston: *talking to herself in a magazine* 😂

  • Justin Bieber’s big left toe
    Justin Bieber’s big left toe

    Brad Pitt..really? ok

  • Ruby Ghosh
    Ruby Ghosh

    Anybody noticed every cover of her is either her smiling or her being quirky ?? Love her...❤❤

  • Isobel F
    Isobel F

    please this interview is like my favourite thing ever

  • eva pui
    eva pui

    i dislike her i also thinck she got moustache

  • KY

    I love her so much and she deserves all the best work and recognition FIRST, as well as a genuinely lovely companion. She is always hounded about her love life but not her work. So her work should be furthered first. Away from her negative bitch mum and the men who don't see her.

  • Cersty Anton
    Cersty Anton

    She's always the best

  • M J
    M J

    perfect example of a famous person who has always remained her self and never had a big ego. Jennifer is such a sweety ❤️

  • Samrocket132 Fitsjerols
    Samrocket132 Fitsjerols

    I want her to be my cool aunt. Is that weird?

  • Lozi 21
    Lozi 21

    I love jennifer but she’s wearing too much makeup so she can look young and its looks bad tbh just my opinion

  • The RaF Sisters
    The RaF Sisters

    1:59 sounds like Pheobe from Friends

  • Tessa Groeneveld
    Tessa Groeneveld

    🤞me hoping I turn out like her when I'm 50, what a babe

  • Dael Dd
    Dael Dd

    Ya se ríe como viejita nooo 😭

  • Alex Snihur
    Alex Snihur

    Jennifer Aniston roasting herself for 3 minutes

  • Preet Jassal
    Preet Jassal

    I literally started hating her when she went to Ellen show and threw pie 🥧 at women face.

  • O.L.L

    Somtimes I wonder.. How com She doesn't feel bored without having kids!!

  • Dana Cohen-Almagor
    Dana Cohen-Almagor

    She is the perfect woman

  • Daniella Lusala
    Daniella Lusala

    She hasn’t changed one bit she still looks gorgeous🥺❤️

  • The Mighty Sword
    The Mighty Sword

    2:53 Jen laughing at herself is the cutest thing ever! 3:12 OMG! Rachel!!!

  • Raghav Gupta
    Raghav Gupta

    What's sexy now? Layers are sexy. Blankets are sexy.

  • Tala Majed
    Tala Majed

    Why is she literally phoebe

  • Zaida Villegas
    Zaida Villegas

    The last one was my favorite actually

  • Romy Gonzalez
    Romy Gonzalez

    What's wrong with Mexico now?

  • Luciana Jimena sHERRERA VEGA
    Luciana Jimena sHERRERA VEGA

    Jen definitely transformed into Rachel Green

  • teipkep

    you have done great in life when Jennifer Aniston kisses you and says she loves you.

  • teipkep

    25 years? Looks like.. idk, 8 years different?

  • Elnaraali

    She always has the same make up all the time

  • elenii

    “oh hi! hello” my heart

  • r9 290x2 INTELL
    r9 290x2 INTELL

    her mentally still at 20s .

  • Sustained By His Love
    Sustained By His Love

    Gorgeous humble Jennifer 🥰

  • Hiranthi Wijesundara
    Hiranthi Wijesundara

    Has she lost that cute smile she had ..

  • Stefn Vigo
    Stefn Vigo

    Omg I love her!!! She is SO fun.

  • José Ricardo Juárez Guizar
    José Ricardo Juárez Guizar

    The love of my life. 😍


    Don't know why but i feel kinda sad ... time flies 😘 love you rachel and ross

  • Monica Felula Geller
    Monica Felula Geller

    She is so beautiful ❤

  • that khushi
    that khushi

    I only see Rachel !

  • Minh Quân Phạm
    Minh Quân Phạm

    to me, she is literally a energetic person

  • Дарья Калайда
    Дарья Калайда

    😍😭О ,Господи! Как это прекрасно!! Я так ЛЮБЛЮ Дженнифер,❤️❤️❤️❤️ *ОНА НЕВЕРОЯТНАЯ!* ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aussiechickusa

    Her aging hasnt helped her look she is the biggest transgender and looks more obvious now. You can see her man chin, adams apple, wider shoulders and no hips. Her giant hands.

  • Katia katia
    Katia katia

    Gorgeous ❤️

  • PsychoPath,

    Damn she so old Im just kidding

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    She looks 45

  • Beastmode Savage
    Beastmode Savage

    In the 2002 cover photo she looks like Sarah Jessica parjer

  • Chapi Bermejo
    Chapi Bermejo

    I’m in love

  • Sarah Putman
    Sarah Putman

    The F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast never age 😂

  • that is so Fetch
    that is so Fetch

    when FRIENDS picked her for Rachel... they did a great choice

    • Ethelle John Padernal
      Ethelle John Padernal

      Real talk she always play Rachel or herself in every movie that she's in 😂

    • Avantika

      they picked her for Monica* then she and court switched bcoz court related more to Monica

  • Missy50505

    Am I the only that feels like she doesn't wanna be there?

  • Елена Гашко
    Елена Гашко

    Jen, you are incredibly gorgeous!!! Years past, but you look amazing!! The most beautiful and charming woman in the world❤️

  • Dicks&Roses

    Not only she was my childhood crush but shes only my manlyhood crush.

  • Yvonne Paradillo
    Yvonne Paradillo

    RACHEL?!?!?! *insert Ross's voice*

  • rafarga1980

    Love ♥️ that she’s laughing at her own articles 😅 She has a good sense of humor.

  • eva karoly
    eva karoly

    ok wait you're telling me she's 50 like omg she is gorgeous

  • K C
    K C

    i swear she has had the most shades of blonde on one person in the history of the world. her hair looks the same but always entirely different if that makes sense. like it’s always a perfect blonde since like 2003, but think of how it literally constantly looks like a different shade of blonde. butter, honey, icy, bronde, california, warm, golden, sunny,. i live!!!! 😍😍

  • Emma from h2o
    Emma from h2o

    Jennifer is BEAUTIFUL. Change my mind

  • Champagne Darling
    Champagne Darling

    she is the STANDARD

  • Micaela de la torre
    Micaela de la torre


  • lms 823
    lms 823

    Jennifer Aniston looks so much like my english teacher haha

  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift

    Stunning 💋

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