Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ
Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) knows his grillz. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the grillz of some of today's biggest rappers, including Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Trippie Redd, Riff Raff, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Young M.A.
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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

  • Mary Shermay
    Mary Shermay

    JUST TO BE HONEST, I don't see any appeal on this style. I'm a lady and honestly they don't look good on a man. These will not attract me at all. They are indeed expensive, but they look trash the way they were used. Just buy a watch with a diamond. But I respect this rappers. This is just my opinion.


    Who else said young MA's is the best before Dude said he did them 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Mr. BraDee
    Mr. BraDee

    Anyone else scroll passed the thumbnail and the guy on the left looked like g-easy?

  • Queenteetee Editx
    Queenteetee Editx

    Why is trippie redd teeth so sharp he could be a vampire


    9:05 minutes of me scared about breaking my teeth on my diamond ring 😂😂😂

  • D Mills
    D Mills

    Six at the bottom, white gold. 😎😁

  • PandaJungle

    when did people start decorating their teeth with diamonds?

  • Mello Ken
    Mello Ken

    did he just call Quavo a guinea pig

  • Carla Marie Elesis
    Carla Marie Elesis

    My grandad has sapphire grills

  • pako phukie
    pako phukie


  • Chris K
    Chris K

    So they dont only look horrible and absurdly expensive, they can also crack your teeth? Wow I can see the appeal of this

  • van gogh's ear
    van gogh's ear

    Where are Lil Peeps pink ones :(

  • xavier daniels
    xavier daniels

    I never cared about grills, but those shark grills are straight wack to me

  • Bowgart buddy
    Bowgart buddy

    And act like I don't know no body

  • The Ønlÿ Nyeemah
    The Ønlÿ Nyeemah

    My main gol is ta blow up, nd act like ion know noboday *hæy hæy hæy hæy hæy*

    • The Ønlÿ Nyeemah
      The Ønlÿ Nyeemah

      LaShaya Irving that’s how riff raff talked in this vine he made😂

    • LaShaya Irving
      LaShaya Irving

      Is ur grammar in purpose or is that actually how you talk because I find it really funny either way 😂

  • Sirish Saxena
    Sirish Saxena

    6:28 when some one dosent know 2k my team

  • Memeliouse !?!?!
    Memeliouse !?!?!

    He look like a Mafia dud

  • drag Lesnar
    drag Lesnar

    Im getting a tony ferguson vibe on this guy

  • Squidward Boiyyy
    Squidward Boiyyy

    He looks like the guy to convince u to buy a million dollar candy bar

  • Cohen Vallo
    Cohen Vallo

    He should’ve evaluated DaBaby’s set

  • xenom


  • Noihsss


  • Miss Maya
    Miss Maya

    Lil yacht is looking both way's in the thumbnail

  • Tay K
    Tay K

    Before I clicked on this video I thought the host was g eazy

  • Martina Rodriguez
    Martina Rodriguez

    Like Nas said “before a blunt I pull out my fronts”

  • Stacie Lockett
    Stacie Lockett

    My gf Young MA’s is the best. Period.

  • Dangjo Gaming
    Dangjo Gaming

    All grills instantly make the wearer look mentally unstable

  • Scott Farren
    Scott Farren

    *sniffles* my parents won't let me buy grillz ;-;

  • Master Bulnt-Toki Kenobi
    Master Bulnt-Toki Kenobi

    I just watched a video of this mf getting hustled by Tekashi

  • jake generallyawesome
    jake generallyawesome

    What was that show with that kid who worked in some restuarant got grills had to tell his mom coz they got stuck in permanently lol

  • Superme

    how you gonna brush your teeth ?

  • Marlene Castillo
    Marlene Castillo

    Ebay jeweler😂😂😂

  • Parker Laurence
    Parker Laurence

    ben baller shut this joke up

  • Saif Abandah
    Saif Abandah

    Grills are disgusting

  • Jonwick Salute
    Jonwick Salute

    Look at these fools

  • Justin Hodge
    Justin Hodge

    Lil Wayne's are surgically implanted...that's not grills he literally cant take them out..js

  • parteek dhillon
    parteek dhillon

    Wayne doesn't have grills you dumbass..... Those are his teeth

  • rahul11cheta

    This guy ain’t no expect he got yeeted by 69

  • J A
    J A

    It’s cheaper to just get gold teeth implanted into your mouth that doesn’t come out

  • Dustin

    That’s where my grandmothers necklace went

  • Sam 34
    Sam 34

    I have a 4k grill my brace

  • G Papi
    G Papi

    Wayne has permanents not snatch outs. Definitely not the originator. Can’t even say that he made it popular before him there was The 2 live crew, JT Money, T Double D, as far as pull outs you have to go waaaaay back to the Fat Boys and JustIce. But I get it.

  • James SAP
    James SAP

    Lil yachty looks like a diglett. And trippy red looks like discount Eric Andre

  • The Nice Guys Finish Last podcast
    The Nice Guys Finish Last podcast

    Small IT-myr...if you have a second, check us out!!!!Subscribe if you like what you see

  • 2PACK

    This guy got exposed by sixnine

  • El Mafico
    El Mafico

    Anyone wana buy Diamond grill made by antymathery?

  • Jessukah E Harrukah
    Jessukah E Harrukah

    I don’t know why I’m here or why I watched this whole video...

  • Lil Zeni
    Lil Zeni

    And yet you have some fat gap between your teeth

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules

    How many houses they could've bought? Beyond stupid

  • Str8’ Ballin
    Str8’ Ballin

    “Little Wayne”

  • Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA
    Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA

  • CelixBright Fan
    CelixBright Fan

    I got orange I got yellow And I got blue watch u want

  • White Guy Da Vinci
    White Guy Da Vinci

    my favorite was Travis Scott's tho

  • White Guy Da Vinci
    White Guy Da Vinci

    i wish he would have did Lil Peeps Grillz

  • Ian Estrada
    Ian Estrada

    Lil yatchy, beautiful set of grillz? Those two don’t go together

    • Mr Aut1sm
      Mr Aut1sm

      u mean "little yachty" as he pronounces it

  • Swoosh Playz
    Swoosh Playz

    He seems to know so much bout grills Why does he not have them?

    • Swoosh Playz
      Swoosh Playz

      Ana I hope so

    • Ana

      Neichus have you died already?

    • Neichus

      @Ana Have you ever asked Steve Jobs why he doesn't have a bunch of iPhones?

    • Ana

      Neichus tattoo artist usually have a bunch of tattoos

    • Neichus

      Have you ever asked a doctor why they know so much about diseases and not have them?

  • Jeremy Trent
    Jeremy Trent

    This guy is named 'trax' Tracks'? Real street cred.


    And i still use paper out my newport box to rock my "permanent" grill...TOP AND #Jaws #BigGipp


    YEEZY clean your nose next time bruh!! #DirtyNose

  • Doughboy 1
    Doughboy 1

    Sounds like he’s hating on Johnny Dang....THE GRILLZ KING!!!!

  • Wora Cora
    Wora Cora

    Biggest clown of 2019 award goes to this guy... check ben baller "beef"

  • Non Ya
    Non Ya

    Young ma look permanent.

  • daniel D
    daniel D

    Looks likes he's got a mouth full of fruit pastalles

  • Foster Smith
    Foster Smith

    Imagine trippie redd slips and falls and bites his tounge

  • bristian.830

    Ain’t he the one 6ix9ine ran off on with that $25k bracelet

  • edit11

    dayum, this brown dude rosting on this real niggas

  • sLEwtube

    You would think that this guy would know or mention that lil Wayne has permanent diamond teeth implants, not exactly a grill piece.

  • Not So Friendly Squidd
    Not So Friendly Squidd

    Sorry if im ignorant but can you sing in a grill comfortably because I only see grills as something u only take pictures in

  • Kid Wolf
    Kid Wolf

    Slow it down and play it at 7:00 it sounds like he said nicgels

  • JAWA 250 RIDER
    JAWA 250 RIDER

    Somebody: Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year Me: If I would get 1 cent every time when I read this under IT-my comments I would be rich

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