Jimmie Lee On The Death Of H3H3 By Gokanaru
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  • Cornelius Bronson
    Cornelius Bronson

    Convenient how the part about Ethan being racist with the “That’s an Allah Akbar dab” comes up and instead of trying to smugly dispute it like he did everything else, him and the employee nervously change the topic to “isn’t dabbing banned in Saudi Arabia?” And Hila changes it too “Vy he keep calling Dan the Employee, he name Dan, Dan the produce”


      I found keemstar burner account

  • Javi G Damas
    Javi G Damas

    I love that man

  • ANB10

    Everyone has been informed that Gokanaru’s video was made 2 years ago, right? Meaning that a few criticisms may be outdated. Also, I hate how everyone’s just attacking Gokanaru as a person, and his newest video is him accepting a lot of the criticism and generally being a good sport about everything. He’s moved on, why does literally anybody care about outdated criticism?

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father

      I know and the worst thing about it is that they’re talking about how all his arguments are “grasping for straws” (the same exact phrase they all use) while also grasping for straws themselves. The script thing is a super good example and you can tell they never really understood what he was saying.

    • Gustavo Alvarez
      Gustavo Alvarez

      People are so out of touch with the real arguments that Gokanaru exposed, a lot of h3 fans are really dumb to be honest

  • Azim abou-khalil
    Azim abou-khalil


  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy


  • lies and deception
    lies and deception

    Nah that was rude of you to kick him out.

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father


    • lies and deception
      lies and deception

      Only part of that video I agree with

  • Dylan

    Hey Ethan if you want to get your point across then don’t put 4 ads in the middle of your video

  • Nassir Jay
    Nassir Jay

    gokanaru: criticizes ethan going by an outline w/notes also gokanaru: “oNe HuNdReD hOuRs Of ReSeArCh see link below, exposes this gossiping loser it-my.com/watchvideo/video-6Tx2ItXJXBI.html

  • Shelley C
    Shelley C

    Freaky kruger 😄❤

  • Mason Sims
    Mason Sims

    I just imagine gokanaru watching these while biting his nails and bouncing his knee being like "FUCK"

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    How much you pay for this?

  • MrPizzaWizard

    gokanaru: criticizes ethan going by an outline w/notes also gokanaru: “oNe HuNdReD hOuRs Of ReSeArCh”

    • Keegan Parkhurst
      Keegan Parkhurst

      @ANB10 Gokanaru's research seems to be so surface level, and falls apart at the seems at any pressure. His research process seems to be just going to some thread on Reddit detailing Ethan's screwups. He's young, so I don't expect him to have the research skills of a full research team, but he keeps acting like he's an FBI analyst when it comes to IT-my. He needs some humility

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father

      He criticized him for sticking too closely to his notes, not for using them. He was right by the way, the hard headed way that h3 refused to discuss anything but what was in his script made the podcast suffer in my opinion. Everything he says feels very disingenuous.

    • WebOf Vexation
      WebOf Vexation

      @ANB10 That's a nice way of saying that the guy is stupid.

    • ANB10

      You do know that notes are different than research, right? Notes = script. What to say and stuff. Gokanaru wasn’t exactly criticizing that Ethan used notes, but that he stuck to them so closely. Usually, people like comedians who do interviews use loose bullet points instead of a script, it makes the interview less rigid. Research = Information gathering/fact checking. The comparison makes no sense. In all honesty, if you’re talking about factchecking, Gokanaru wins on that end because Ethan doesn’t get reliable sources/doesn’t fact-check for the podcast.

  • cowboyraccoon

    i can’t believe that “omg ethan takes notes on what to say in interviews???” so he doesn’t get off track ?? or get distracted ?? or say something without thinking ?? the nerve !!!!

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father

      Yeah but he talks without thinking all the time. Do u know how much contradictory shit has been said by him on this podcast?

    • cowboyraccoon

      Shnoz Media Inc. i completely agree the jontron interview was.. not ethans best, and i agree with that reasoning, but the jimmie lee interview was a lot more tolerable and it wasn’t as distracting or frustrating when ethan went off his notes for that one. i mean it’s far from perfect but it’s a lot better than jon’s, y’know ?

    • Shnoz Media Inc.
      Shnoz Media Inc.

      The point made was he follows his notes while disregarding the actual interaction. So when Jon was trying to say he didn’t wanna talk about it, Ethan steam rolled him going back to the subject over and over, because it was in his notes..

  • Kevin

    Jimmie texts Ethan every day?

  • themusicmastera380

    This dude tryna rip ethans soul out, -Ethan: well yeah...

  • Limbs

    “I had a threesome last night I used both hands”

  • butt butt
    butt butt


  • Harpreet06

    Bahahahaha he thinks the criticism is that he has notes!!! H3h3 will never change.

  • Summer Kutter
    Summer Kutter

    Take a shot every time Ethan says bad faith argument

  • Ari Baby
    Ari Baby

    I need ethan and hila vids back in my life please guys loveyou😚

  • Bryce Dieffenbach
    Bryce Dieffenbach

    No Small IT-myrs? What about that guy who picks up girls in Whole Foods ?

  • Max Hyde
    Max Hyde

    I've always enjoyed how Jimmy calls Hila Hilluh even now, when they've known each other for years.

  • Kaze The Wolf 🐺
    Kaze The Wolf 🐺

    I think the next step is getting Gokanaru on the podcast 👀

  • Lord Sodoff
    Lord Sodoff

    "Jimmy is a legend." "Jimmy Lee is a legend." Anyway so after Ethan talks shit

  • adam greenlee
    adam greenlee

    "She's a big girlllll"

  • Varia XI
    Varia XI

    I'm one of those skeptics who doubts damn near the entirety of the #MeToo movement That being said, it was pretty shocking watching ol' Jimmy very openly and very sexually harassing this poor woman lol... what in the world Jimmy Lee whaddayadoin man why

  • Kevin Blazer
    Kevin Blazer

    Boxing match I will fight on Ethans side

  • Somebody's Father
    Somebody's Father

    You guys treated him like shit and it’s up for the entire internet to see. This is a podcast, not a sitcom, no one but you and your friends thinks it’s funny to be such utter cunts to this man. It doesn’t matter who he is or how he presents himself, IN THE WORLD OF COMEDY, it’s never okay to act like such a vile ass hole to someone who’s come to you as a friend. It’s disgusting and you hate to see it happen.

  • Kenny Shoes
    Kenny Shoes

    It's easier to hate success than work for it yourself.

  • Ethidian

    Jimmie Lee is like Andy Kaufman without the irony and with no relevant platform.

  • Mia Waddell
    Mia Waddell

    the way he says HILL-UH

  • Un sane
    Un sane

    Ethan reminds me of the radio talk show host on Joe dirt and Jimmy is the Joe Dirt in this instance. You know everybody expects Ethan to be all politically correct and sensitive to everybody’s needs but honestly, how fucking boring would that be? I believe there should be respect but let people be real and uncut. I don’t want to see everyone walking on eggshells trying not to piss no one off.

  • Nilson Dias
    Nilson Dias

    A new low to talk about haters that's the real criticism

  • The amazing guy
    The amazing guy

    6:33 seriously? My whole relationship with my wife involves me beating her up, so yeah it's ok, I even have videos on my second channel were I beat up my wife, you don't know my wife like I do, she is a character.

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father

      No one wants to be treated like such shit by someone who they consider to be a friend, regardless of the relationship and dynamic.

    • Somebody's Father
      Somebody's Father

      The amazing guy I know right

  • Grant Dlesk
    Grant Dlesk

    The argument about the notes is the stupidest thing ever. Look at any late night talk show or news interview they always have questions or notes written down that's just how to be a prepared and professional interviewer.

  • psh unreal
    psh unreal


  • Hitmark Hungarian
    Hitmark Hungarian

    I would never want Ethan to fail and lose his podcast but he needs to do extensive research on who he's interviewing.

  • GroudonFanatic

    Ethan still needs to chill on the shit talking.

  • Oblivion NPC
    Oblivion NPC

    Only one of the guys were in the shot though

  • Apollo Nein
    Apollo Nein

    2:42 nothing creepier than gripping someone

  • bennet catchpole
    bennet catchpole

    If ANYONE ever called Hila BITCHY! I would personally fly out to LA, find Ethan, and then politely ask if he wanted to passive aggressively shit talk that person from a distance if it was okay with them.

  • Armory Kittington
    Armory Kittington

    lol did Goka remove his video?

    • ANBU Rain
      ANBU Rain

      It keeps getting deleted by IT-my

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Seems like Gokanaru, and by extension his fair weather friend Keemstar since he's showcasing Gokanaru's video as supposed "proof" that H3H3 is bad, has never heard of the wonderful concept of "ribbing." Someone should either send these guys a link to web pages that define the word "ribbing" or send them a link to a IT-my video that explains this concept to them. I imagine this very concept would completely blow their fucking minds! Also, why is he attacking Ethan for using notes on his show? Not everyone can improv like Jim Carey or Mike Myers. Hell, a lot of IT-myrs I've watched have actually shown or referred to their scripts in the videos they've made and/or the outtakes of said videos!

  • Joost FF
    Joost FF

    Bruh guy only reconnects with JonTron,Lee and Osman because of Gokanaru

  • Fernando dos Santos Almeida
    Fernando dos Santos Almeida

    He refers to Dan as "Employee" to point out how that background laughter is disingenuous and insincere since it comes from someone on the payroll, not because he doesn't know Dan's name. Honestly this episode on Gokanaru's video just made me realize how brilliant his comments were and how lame of a job H3 did defending themselves.

    • VET ROVA
      VET ROVA

      yeah he completely avoided the point about him being racist with the 'dab' part.

  • anarekist

    Lol, the whole time of the video I was thinking this guy expects him to be perfect

    • dextrify

      Everyone makes mistakes but it does not mean we cant point out mistakes

  • James Robers
    James Robers

    Why you're still responding to this douche directly is beyond me... You're just giving him more of a name. I hope you are at least making money off it.

  • Christopher Noia
    Christopher Noia

    I saw the jimmy podcast the day it was released and I remember cringing at how much of a dick Ethan was to him. Like he was afraid of what people would think of him for the things jimmy was saying, so much so that they cut it off really quick. Like ya, the guys weird and a walking offendive dad joke, but you shouldn't have acted like you were so much better than him. That podcast took you down a notch for me. Now all these years later, I don't really watch your content anymore, I just can't get into it for some reason. I miss the good ole days and wish you guys the best.

  • mark nunez
    mark nunez

    Jimmy got the OG Dad jokes jokes

  • Kaleb S
    Kaleb S

    jimmie lee really is like a bizarro joker

  • Cleans Your Faah
    Cleans Your Faah

    This kid is probably a keemstar fan

  • Bagel Boy
    Bagel Boy

    That prostate joke was actually funny

  • Connor

    I like Ethan’s response overall but I dont think Hila gets Gok’s point at callin Dan the employee, Gok knows who he is he’s saying he’s just laughing as an employee and you have to remember that

    • RushNCrush :l
      RushNCrush :l

      @hturt eht si htrae talf From what I've seen so far Ethan doesn't tell his employees to agree with, they constantly disagree with him and have arguments with them...almost every episode people act like he's some kind of dictator

    • hturt eht si htrae talf
      hturt eht si htrae talf

      Okay but you could just say that about everybody you can say that about PewDiePie's editors but it's purely speculation since Dan has never once said that he doesn't find them funny so to say that he's only laughing as an employee is his opinion Dan seems to have a lot of fun on the show so it wasn't that she missed his point it was that his point held no water

  • Raging Brainer
    Raging Brainer

    I don't believe Ethan about the search bar. "Lots of people use this laptop" & "I probably did type it. I don't remember " you would remember that

  • eddy cristov
    eddy cristov

    Jimmy is a Dangerfield lover for sure.

  • DeezNutz Productions
    DeezNutz Productions

    It’s ok cuz jimmy is a raciissst! REEEE!

  • Jairus Mingua
    Jairus Mingua

    i will always be for the goofs and gaffs of your podcast Ethan

  • Bruce Lee, King of the Sewers
    Bruce Lee, King of the Sewers

    This is a bad faith video

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth

    Did Hila really block Jimmie or was that taken from the Document script? I havent watched the whole video but did you guys bring up William Osman?

    • Ricky Gutierrez
      Ricky Gutierrez

      They do, there's another highlight where they bring him on too

  • Garrett Files 999
    Garrett Files 999


  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth

    4:28 Gokuaranu will edit and cut this and use it against h3h3 in a future video.

    • Bruh Bruh
      Bruh Bruh

      you mean brokenarrow?

  • Another Bloody YouTuber
    Another Bloody YouTuber

    I admire Ethan for holding his hands up and saying he could be a better podcaster! Some people seem to think the more famous you are, the less "human" you become - which obviously is not the case. And a part of being human is f**king up sometimes. As long as we learn from our mistakes... Happy days.

    • hturt eht si htrae talf
      hturt eht si htrae talf

      Yeah a lot of people said they stopped liking h3 h3 because their early podcast sucks but the recording live and doing those types of stuff is really hard especially since you come from a background of recording videos and editing them for days and they have most definitely gotten better

  • AdamOS Retro
    AdamOS Retro

    Just like clockwork, another video where someone calls you out and like the big baby you are, you have to create an entire new video defending yourself when you should just be owning up to your faults. You'd think only these new generations of children can't handle the truth and admit fault but a grown ass man that can't? H3H3 really is just tanking in content and respect.

  • Don Jawnson
    Don Jawnson

    jesus this gokanaru kid is an idiot. It's satisfying seeing him shut down so hard, but honestly he probably just made that video hoping you'd mention it in your podcast for publicity. I'd never heard of him before this and I don't think I'm alone there.

  • Tora

    I don’t know. I feel like the internet and the people of the internet often expect these major public figures to be non hypocritical people. I believe we all lie, and say hypocritical things because what we believe is not all black and white. There is a gray area and anything can be interpreted positively or negatively. I know if you are a public figure it’s your job to keep yourself reputation alive and always watch what you say but it just doesn’t seem right. I understand that the podcast might be not be someone’s cup of tea, because they prefer Ethan’s humor and sometimes his political takes can be way out there. It’s totally okay that they don’t enjoy what he’s making but I don’t know if it means he’s a terrible entertainer.

    • Old King Crow
      Old King Crow

      Sometimes you're in a mood too and say stupid shit out of passion... and reflective people are typically aware when they say it, they're just in a mood and on a tear. I like all the points Ethan admits being a douchr, and I love all the points he refutes

    • rb the sunset loner
      rb the sunset loner

      big facts

  • Indigo -22
    Indigo -22

    I feel like Ethan is very insecure right now. Because of the fact that he's been having every guest on his show watch it and try to validate Ethan. No hate to Ethan and all the great work he's done but it's just something that I see.

    • JohnnyRotten

      Or he's just defending himself against unwarranted criticism.

    • Ricky Gutierrez
      Ricky Gutierrez

      He's not insecure are you insane? He's just shutting down the video that keem keeps talking about on twitter. It actually makes sense that he responds now and his counter points were valid

    • Hargurinder Singh
      Hargurinder Singh

      And that's exactly wat the initial video wanted to show

  • ps4 Master Race
    ps4 Master Race

    "Cherry picks parts of videos to make him look bad" isn't that what you are doing? Showing literal 5 second clips of at least an hour or more of a podcast

    • ps4 Master Race
      ps4 Master Race

      I meant that the dude who is critiquing Ethan is literally only showing a few second clips of things that Ethan has done in one podcast while never saying once something like, oh but he did this right, or something like that

    • Ricky Gutierrez
      Ricky Gutierrez

      He literally goes over the entire video in the full podcast dude

    • Mike Ober
      Mike Ober

      Watch the podcast then... it’s there

  • Derek Gleeson
    Derek Gleeson

    So this is gossip about gossip about meaningless gossip?

  • Tom Ü
    Tom Ü

    In my opinion this segment reached its comedic climax at 17:35

  • OH, Hi Matt
    OH, Hi Matt

    So he's Dice Clay

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