Joe Kelly throws at Bregman and mocks Correa, a breakdown
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Joe Kelly throws behind Alex Bregmans head then almost hits Carlos Coreea then talks shit and mocks Correa in the Dodgers vs Astros game.
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    Jomboy Media

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    • Vincent Dolise
      Vincent Dolise

      Correa would only hit a homerun off joe jelly if he had his trash can

    • Vincent Dolise
      Vincent Dolise

      Ya it makes no sense

    • Lynn Perry
      Lynn Perry

      You got my subscribe with the puppy story at the end. Classic!

    • Marcel Beaudry
      Marcel Beaudry

      5 M

    • Blue Eyes
      Blue Eyes

      I hope they got stripped of the title.Itll be dope to see them go at it not the whole team.A 1 on 1.Dont clear the benches, jut sit back and enjoy a good match of fighting.

  • WillowTM

    And Joe Kelly made those faces without cheating. True story

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond

    Perfect commentary!!! 💯 👍

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond

    If I would've hit a homer I would be running home. 🤔

  • Steve Cormier
    Steve Cormier

    I hope the Astros loose their minds and go down hill because of their pathetic lies. They don’t even believe in themselves that they can win so they have to cheat. You can tell they are all ashamed of themselves as pathetic as they are

  • Fabricio Gama
    Fabricio Gama


  • Rayburn58

    astroholes are disgusting cheaters. Every player on that team will carry their legacy of being low life cheaters with them forever. Every player on that team will forever bend over and take it hard, they earned it.

  • ゴードドン

    Kelly nice

  • Sam Sachnowitz
    Sam Sachnowitz

    kelly was on boston when they cheated 🤷‍♂️

  • Đęmøń Fears
    Đęmøń Fears


  • JuanCarlos Reyna
    JuanCarlos Reyna

    right, the Astros cheated 3 fucking years ago. If I was on a team the Astros cheated against, I would not have this kind of hatred

  • JuanCarlos Reyna
    JuanCarlos Reyna

    when I watch a breakdown involving the Astros, all people talk about is the scandal, like stfu we get it, they cheated. Alex Cora helped the Red Sox cheat to

  • Branden Giles
    Branden Giles

    Joe Kelly is acting like a little leauge player. 😂 Why would he react like a ten year old who just got his xbox taken away from him. Hysterical!

  • John Spence
    John Spence


  • Baromere Smith
    Baromere Smith


  • Doggo

    If I was kelly I would be like “ You should know when an off speeds coming bitch!”

  • Hong Bryan
    Hong Bryan

    Way to go Joe!!! Lol

  • Carlos Cota
    Carlos Cota

    Jomboy good job...home boy💙👍

  • Mario Balducci
    Mario Balducci

    Astros deserved it

  • Mount Swervemore
    Mount Swervemore

    Not a Dodgers fan or a 'Stros fan, but I come back to this AT LEAST once a week...favorite moment of 2020.

  • Stanley Cup
    Stanley Cup

    The same Joe Kelly that pitched for the cheating red Sox

    • Marooner


  • John Do
    John Do

    MLB didn’t give any punishment to Astros, and Joe Kelly did it instead, then got suspended?

  • sockondik12

    Funniest part to me is the irrelenvency of the home run comment lmao even if he hits it they are still losing by 1

  • atfinn

    I quit watching all por sports, but I still watch Jomboy.

  • Spit

    Joe kelly sucks

  • Spit

    The dodgers lost to houston an boston who s next

  • Nic snell
    Nic snell

    The ending what 🤣🤣🤣

  • icy not pricy
    icy not pricy

    Bro can you breakdown other sport games. It’s a crime that you don t. 😂🤣

  • oldiesmusic76

    ASStros SUCK! GO DODGERS!!!!

  • John Whitmore
    John Whitmore

    it makes no sense, "if i hit a homer I would be running home" yeah for sure, why even say that ? lol

  • Briguy825

    Joe Kelly = pud knocker

  • J B
    J B

    When the Dodgers signed Joe Kelly last year, I was still holding a grudge against him over the Hanley Ramirez incident. But he definitely redeemed himself here! Fuck the cheating Astros 👎

  • santi hugh
    santi hugh

    2:20 When the nail salon opens after quarantine

  • Spec

    Bro people need to stop saying shit about ohhh the Astros cheated but literally every team cheats in baseball every team does what the Astros did

    • J B
      J B

      Every team bangs on trash cans to steal signals? Spoken like an Asterisks fan

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    Dude stop with you low key jabs against Kelly I’ll give your ass some chin music you can fall asleep 2

  • Spaceman Dan
    Spaceman Dan

    Just found this channel. Amazing! “Cardboard cutouts, do you see this?” Haha

  • Mighty Deadly
    Mighty Deadly

    Can't wait until the 30 for 30 documentary comes out for the Astros cheating in the world series. I hope they include a segment of Correa explaining how he would run home if he hit a home run. Some high IQ shit right there boys.

  • カルーTak

    thanks Joe!!

  • pm2020 _
    pm2020 _

    As a Yankee fan I’ve always hated Joe Kelly. As a Yankee fan I now LOVE Joe Kelly 👏

  • Emily Herrera
    Emily Herrera

    you get a subscription just because of this video lmao

  • DodgerBlueSti

    This just lets every team know that IF YOU CHEAT MLB WONT DO SHIT! BUT YOU HIT A PLAYER WITH A BALL OR TRY TO HIT A PLAYER NOW ITS A BIG DEAL! Be Fair MLB Shit! In my opinion the Astros should get stripped of the tittle it’s happened in other sports when they cheat so why not in mlb?

  • Juan Ceballos
    Juan Ceballos

    That’s right Kelly🔥💯

  • tixo75

    love this

  • Gandhi the Great
    Gandhi the Great

    Could you do a breakdown of the Astros 9th inning comeback against the Dodgers last night?

    • Karel lamorú
      Karel lamorú

      I was thinking the same, last night the astros showed dodgers what will happen in playoffs, i'm astros fan, from cuba😁

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales

    “If I hit a homer I would be running home”. -Einstein Correa

  • sal vatore
    sal vatore

    Jomboy your videos are freakin awesome Btw joe kelly is a straight up loon but real as real as can be

  • george garcia
    george garcia

    Currently no murals of Correa lol let’s go Dodgers

  • SAME

    I kinda wanted some drama when they played tonight.

  • Joe Escobar
    Joe Escobar

    The Joe is the Man!!.. Bean those Fks

  • Storm Erickson
    Storm Erickson

    Joe Kelly is a mood

  • JBizzy Gaming
    JBizzy Gaming

    Is this that dude from lousville

    • SAME


  • 9rEmpire

    Part II tonight

  • Ronald Pence
    Ronald Pence

    "I would have hit a homer if I only had my lucky trash can."

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Who cares. Viewers have been dropping at historic rates.

  • Brynley Thomas
    Brynley Thomas

    By "if I hit a homer in running home" I think he implied that he wouldn't rub it in Kelly's face the way that Kelly is to him

  • Rissmel A Martínez
    Rissmel A Martínez

    I love joe kelly🤣🤣🤣😘🇩🇴🇺🇸

  • Gages310

    I never played baseball but I guess if you hit a homer, you’ll be in home base after the first 3 bases.

  • Cameron Stephens
    Cameron Stephens

    Coco crisp vs James sheilds

  • Moon Jae-In
    Moon Jae-In

    Well actually Joe Kelly was on the Red Sox’s at the time. But in 2017(year Astros cheated) The red Sox’s got eliminated early in the playoffs that year. Also people are just pissed at the Astros cause why not. Plus LeBron is made.

  • Stephen Fulmer
    Stephen Fulmer

    “If I hit a homer I would be running home” Yea and Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • thomas cope
    thomas cope

    I still say they need to be stripped of their world series and banned from ever being in the hall of fame

  • pyrobryan

    Can someone tag Correa and ask him where he would be if he had hit a double. I've always wondered.

  • Gregory Thompson
    Gregory Thompson

    The greatest baseball T shirts this season

  • SSK Savagetiger
    SSK Savagetiger

    honestly my respect for joe kelly went 📉 oops wrong one i meant 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Patrick's Music
    Patrick's Music

    Yo Jomboy can you do a video about the 29 run game the braves had. Thanks

  • Oscar Almaguer
    Oscar Almaguer


  • Sho Tiku
    Sho Tiku

    アストロズ言い返せないの草 来シーズンしんどい

  • Trovek Rotek
    Trovek Rotek

    How bout Joe Kelly's Mural on the wall. Shit looks nice.

  • dadsa

    Looks like Correa didn't even try to lift weights this offseason.

  • j u
    j u

    disney world

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