Joe Rogan Eats Kyle Dunnigan Alive
Another one bites the dust.....
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  • david osborn
    david osborn

    As down as I am right now, these always have me cracking up to myself, laughing, catching myself smiling. Thank you!!!

  • teddy May
    teddy May

    Lmfao PING you fuckin rock

  • Cryptic 2020
    Cryptic 2020

    “Oh, this is what terror feels like!”

  • kaotikdave

    Best one hands down!

  • Hope Drentea
    Hope Drentea

    you’re going to die!!! .....why?

  • Wolfy

    Why does this guy suit being eaten alive so much though?...

  • MsTammi125

    That wasn't even funny though

  • Tiger Whitten
    Tiger Whitten

    The goldmine of dark humor.

  • Tito Crespin
    Tito Crespin

    The spooky part is all the off place music at the end like if is an odd comfort on death...

  • James

    Joe “Lock the Door” Rogan.

  • Tiadiad

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 0:40

  • Josh Wise
    Josh Wise


  • Den Keeper
    Den Keeper

    Too funny.

  • Tim Google Boland
    Tim Google Boland

    i cant believe how funny this shit is

  • Tyler Mallett
    Tyler Mallett

    i watched this shit on shrooms and it freaked me the fuck out couldn’t even put the phone down or look away

  • Jaikay1

    That opening line was gold.

  • Terrapin Flyer
    Terrapin Flyer

    Omg the music at the end LOLOL... RIP.

  • Indiana SB
    Indiana SB

    So this is why I have such weird dreams when I fall asleep listening to his podcast ?!?! I wake up hungry

  • Vlad the Inhaler
    Vlad the Inhaler

    That ending music lol

  • J-Schnull

    “Shut the fuck up.”

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle

    Does joe seem this yet!!!!!!

  • jw8rok

    Dude you’re awesome

  • The Bruh Moment
    The Bruh Moment

    0:53 my 6 year old brother finding out about the middle finger

  • jason jones
    jason jones

    The fuck did I just watch......

  • deedee kay
    deedee kay

    only pussies drink whiskey with so much ice...

  • Drones 863
    Drones 863


  • Dewayne Clark
    Dewayne Clark

    "shut the fuck up"

  • rweaver912

    How have I survived in life without seeing this stupid shit? I wasted almost 3 minutes on this?

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    I ain't eating nothin dick first or dick last

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Who ever edits these, hats off an thanks for the laughs.

  • Lance NetWorkV
    Lance NetWorkV

    that interview was #1495 and was over 3hrs long. this is a misrepresentation of the podcast. funny, but in no way in context at all. the moment at 55(ish) seconds with JR doing the mid finger double flip was about an experience he had in new york.

  • Don't Trip
    Don't Trip

    This is one of the best channels in IT-my history... 😂

  • Gila Monster Gaming
    Gila Monster Gaming


  • Mr.Nobody

    I'm dying

  • Friendly American
    Friendly American

    These are so well made I cant believe it.

  • John Sannow
    John Sannow


  • jamie morrison
    jamie morrison

    This is the best shit on interwebs

  • Lynn James
    Lynn James


  • Canned Nolan
    Canned Nolan


  • Clever Name Here
    Clever Name Here

    How am I just now seeing this... I feel completely left out... Guess I'm a radical left feminist now... Shucks... Nah but this is fucking awesome!!! THANK YOU

  • OddOneOut 1
    OddOneOut 1

    So are any of these people interviewed ever seen again?😗

  • Jordan Wilbanks
    Jordan Wilbanks

    I can’t wait for Joe to watch these on air. You’re a gem.

  • Tony Mollick
    Tony Mollick

    What kind of rediculous shit is this?

  • Lil BrainZ
    Lil BrainZ

    This is the real show....Joe's Podcast is edited to hide all of his bad behaviour....People think Trump is dangerous but who do you think is going to be Prez in 2028? Yeah that's right Joe Rogan

  • Krillin

    Oh he devoured that soul, entirely😱

  • Mr War
    Mr War


  • Austin Pierson
    Austin Pierson

    Ha thats some funny shit I like joe...thought it was funny when they would do atuff to alex jones too even if hes right he sounds crazy n he gose crazy n its easy to take clips of him n make something that will make you die laughing

  • whitemike3000


  • geo g
    geo g

    Sam Morrill wants his voice back

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    I mean how much shit gets talked on Joe Rogan that someone can cut parts of together in a way that it could be a real conversation about killing and eating people?

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    These feel way too real

  • Gbraith

    Wtf did i just watch

  • Roger Mendez
    Roger Mendez

    Anybody acts like that w me i make em eat shit i dont give a shit even if its rogan ....why even invite the dude??? This is stupid

  • roundedges2

    Ahhh... So the interview didn’t go so well?

  • Omar Pena
    Omar Pena

    Genius !!! My face hurts from laughing so hard

  • Duane Truax
    Duane Truax


  • jagtool

    How fucking stupid

  • gm4nhunter

    Subscribed. I love the editing.

  • Hassan Ijtaba
    Hassan Ijtaba

    I have stumbled upon a goldmine here.

  • Patriot James
    Patriot James


  • Funk You
    Funk You

    Might not wanna mess with Craig Pullin.

  • Dobromir Raynov
    Dobromir Raynov

    Dick first

  • Vlundek

    Bro never stop making these PLEASE LMFAO!!!

  • Vlundek


  • Halcyon


  • Ghost Farmer
    Ghost Farmer

    I'm not sure if I want to watch this

  • jimmmmy41


  • Ryan

    This reminds me of the news channels. Weird.

  • Kenneth Hofelich
    Kenneth Hofelich

    my that was very mature and informative thank you so much

  • Gregory Wills
    Gregory Wills

    WTF.......that was brilliant.

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