Joe Rogan Experience #1353 - Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie is a musician and filmmaker. His new film "3 From Hell" is available in select theaters this week and everywhere in October.

  • slim pickinsworld
    slim pickinsworld

    ROB ZOMBIE :>)he is the next President of the United States of America:>) atleast he would make things normal again.

  • Ray Volpe
    Ray Volpe

    I'm trying to picture Joe Rogan listening to Rob Zombie music right now

  • Grievous Reborn
    Grievous Reborn

    Never heard him talk only sing sounds so different

  • King Diamond
    King Diamond

    I like most White zombie but i don't like his movies, Rob zombie is better musician than director.

  • Alexandre Guimarães
    Alexandre Guimarães

    Rob is the perfect exemple you shouldn't judge a book by its cover

  • Deva Wheeler
    Deva Wheeler

    mans is gots some sicks shits

  • djd829

    Austism at its best. Literally.

  • Rodney Williamson
    Rodney Williamson


  • KyTsunMan859

    Made it 20 minutes in. This motherfucker is boring and a major let down. For the record, old monster movies eat shit

  • Thomas Lovell
    Thomas Lovell

    10:01 minutes into this and what Rob has explained interns of growing up, social anxieties and feeling like I couldn’t learn anything still to this feel that way. That is me!! #Joerogan

  • Kevin Fischer
    Kevin Fischer

    lol This guy is hilarious!!!

  • John Bilich
    John Bilich

    Napoleon dynamite was the greatest movie ever

  • Will Greiner
    Will Greiner

    Always been a zombie fan, but after this I'd actually love to talk with him haha. Amazing interview

  • Dylan Gagnon
    Dylan Gagnon


  • Cosmis Sonofwolf
    Cosmis Sonofwolf


  • 1 2
    1 2

    ok boomer

  • satans babygirl
    satans babygirl

    They made a napoleon dynamite cartoon

  • bhorning2

    Listening to this podcast in the back of my dragula

  • Anthony Sarandrea
    Anthony Sarandrea

    "People scream weird when they're stabbed.." - Rob Zombie (who else??)..

  • Russell Shreve
    Russell Shreve

    True story. I played Living Dead Girl as a lullaby for my son. It was the only song he'd go to sleep to lol

  • Oklahoma Mud Motor
    Oklahoma Mud Motor

    I too have bank line anxiety!

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras
    Nipulkrad Msinatagras

    12:21 '' I could have got hit by that car but I just didn't...'' - Rob Zombie

  • Thizz In
    Thizz In

    When joe started listening to Spotify

  • hadror13

    good guy zombie w(゚Д゚)w

  • Korth Korea
    Korth Korea

    Please get marilyn Manson

  • Exciter Matronik
    Exciter Matronik


  • Lexx Icon
    Lexx Icon

    Joe "Har Film" Rogan

  • YOUselloutTUBE

    has Robert Downey Jr been playing Rob Zombie this whole time?

  • MealzOnWealz

    I would love to see robs movie on the philly fliers beating the shit out of cops

  • Barney Roberts
    Barney Roberts

    Not what I expected from a zombie psychopath he's down to earth just like Joe a regular Joe and they're from my error. Double feature Creature Feature yep I remember calling them monster movies.

  • Johnny McLinden
    Johnny McLinden

    Try to watch a podcast or two and end up being an Omnimage. Lol

  • John Cress
    John Cress

    Wonder if his motorcycle nightmare is still freaking out inside of him? Or if a little sister is still hot and cheating on a halo.

  • Nick Roy
    Nick Roy

    I love this Rob Zombie. My dad is also a huge fan of him. His vision is so... different? I don't know if that's the word but I love it.

  • David Westwater
    David Westwater

    Never liked a single movie this guy made. I mean truly he sucks he seems nice though.

  • R S
    R S

    @16:18 The moment Joe and Spotify started churning in the universe

  • Obtuse Apple Juice
    Obtuse Apple Juice

    He’s so normal wow. I used to think he was a weirdo but now I think he’s really cool.

  • Oddly Relatable Tv
    Oddly Relatable Tv

    College drop out. Going back for my rn wish me luck folks🙅✊🙌 I feel rob on that

  • Richard soma
    Richard soma

    He must of had a tough time at school with that name.

  • acinoreV agetrO
    acinoreV agetrO

    Napoleon Dynamite was great. I was like when was this movie?! Eith the trapper keepers and side ponytails and scrunchies.....I was like 70s/80s? Abd them Backstreet Boys and my mind almost exploded like how far behind are they in fashion?! 🤣 Still love that movie

  • Logan Ryan
    Logan Ryan

    I live the same town as his drummer or former drummer not 100% on it.

  • Michael Pierpoint
    Michael Pierpoint

    Joe, you need to have Phil Anselmo on the podcast. Make it happen, please.

    • cdcopper

      That would be cool. I'd also like to hear about Rex Brown, he doesn't seem to get noticed much.

  • Keith Osborne
    Keith Osborne

    Rob Zombie almost tells the most intriguing stories.

  • guitarman 23
    guitarman 23

    Second Rob Zombie interview please! It was like two old friends talking. Everything worked here and was awesome getting some horror movie history as well.

  • J. wellfleetion
    J. wellfleetion

    Rob's seems like a real genuine dude. It would be great to run into him at the Peddler's Daughter in Haverhill for a beer. Talk about a dream to good to be true. Baba Booey!

  • Ian Kalland
    Ian Kalland

    Always liked rob zombie but this by far my favorite interview

  • * Fam
    * Fam

    Lol! My dad also called his movie library the vault. 😆 Joe was like, "an actual vault?" 😆

  • * Fam
    * Fam

    ROB! ❤😍 My 1st big time concert- white zombie in 1994 or 1995. Polaris in Columbus, OH. Went to Louder than life 2019 as well. I just love him! Brilliant.

  • Michell Rea
    Michell Rea

    My daddy always said you have to learn from other people's mistakes, cause none of us are ever gonna live long enough to make them all ourselves. I took that shit to heart!

  • Presticles1

    I liked Rob Zombie before this podcast.

  • Iv Manitas
    Iv Manitas

    I want to guess this was around the time you went 250 in the sauna and burned your throat.

  • maciek1929940

    Isnt it funny that one of the best interviewer/journalist is a fighter, not a professional after journalism school? What are they teaching them in there? Joe is simply having a conversation with interesting people and thats enough to get him to the top. How so many people manage to fuck it up? ;o

  • Prototype 176708
    Prototype 176708

    Adhd to a T

  • Joel Childs
    Joel Childs

    Anyone else remember rob zombie in the video game twisted metal? Haha

  • Rippin Around Everywhere
    Rippin Around Everywhere

    Zob Rombie

  • Kyle Kinnaird
    Kyle Kinnaird

    😅 at 2:50 sec when Rogan says "I think so too"!!!

  • Grass Man
    Grass Man

    Star wars made Samuel L. Jackson look like a rookie too

  • The Indigo Experience
    The Indigo Experience


  • John Swanger
    John Swanger

    "I don't know's all worked out." "Yeah, isn't that crazy?" No. It's not. Because you can be a dropout dipshit lazy slacker fuck up and become rich and famous....if you're also crazy talented.

  • Benur B
    Benur B

    If you can watch this without itching your face you win a ps4

  • Kirk Rios
    Kirk Rios

    Hollywood sucks sometimes. A Broadway Bullies movie would be bad ass.

  • Joseph Thaete
    Joseph Thaete

    Guys, who has the sexier voice?

  • Michael Hulcy
    Michael Hulcy

    Y'all had me until the end. I'm like many other people, I don't like cops. They're an arm for the state. And too many of them have been shown to abuse the abusive authority states give them. Goes hand in hand right? Only natural when you think about it. They just hassle most everyday people. Driving related harassments being the main one. I don't fuck with them or attack them, but I damn sure don't wanna be around them. We ONLY need them cause states don't want citizens to have the full power and capability to defend themselves or their rights/what they own. Otherwise, they're just an arm of the state. And in my opinion, should be the first filter of thought about them when thinking of cops/police.

  • Алаш Ордынец
    Алаш Ордынец

    Rob zombie fans may 2020 karantin? Hello from Kazakhsan 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿✌️

  • Aussie B
    Aussie B

    The Broad Street Bullies Hockey doco they were talking about.

  • nicky duncan
    nicky duncan

    Wow rob zombie isnt what I expected Him to be like lol hes probs cooler

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613

    I'm a huge hockey fan. That would have been amazing to see

  • Mc Lovemoffin
    Mc Lovemoffin

    Loved this

  • hello naughtydonk
    hello naughtydonk

    why is he a zombie and how come he is not attacking the living.

  • Phillip Onfri
    Phillip Onfri

    So true. I went to elementary at PS32 and I remember playing outside on the cement playground with glass and shit and on the other side of the fence in boxes was a chopped up women.

  • Fuzzy_Lumkins001

    Good boys had some funny lines but it was meh for the most part

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