Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

  • Big country's poundcake
    Big country's poundcake

    I thought this guy died killing Thanos what the fuck happened? I took that movie as a true story

  • Florida Velsigne
    Florida Velsigne

  • Steven Orbeck
    Steven Orbeck

    Please dont auction off your muscle cars and drive a Prius. You're better than that. :(

  • Coe T.
    Coe T.

    There's the fun, snarky RDJ from talk shows. There's the calm, conversational RDJ from here. And I like both of them.

  • joe haesche
    joe haesche

    Have to see Rob McElhenney on this!

  • Daniel

    I really like that shirt he's wearing. Does anyone know what it is?

  • IceColdSubz

    Wow they bounced off each other so well

  • Stang

    0:20 Wait, thats illegal

  • pink sprinkles
    pink sprinkles

    Damn sucks that it was only an hr and 12 min would've been awesome if it lasted 2 hrs or more lol. But yea great job joe and your team with this awesome interview with robert!

  • adamfrino

    He told me of beyond a holy experience. I drank a small cup of liquid and lye down on a couch in the basement sinking infinitely into the Universe, I was so intoxicated I couldn't stand hallucinations were unbelievable. I eventually rose through space. Jorge Luis Borges, short, story, The Aleph, 1949. "A point in space that contains all points." " THE ALEPH IS MINE!!!!

  • skankhunt42

    fuck joe rogan dude looks like an egg took a shit on a bag of potatoes

  • Cocina Estilo Oaxaca

  • nkill6

    The greatest interviewer of the modern age

  • Zack Curtis
    Zack Curtis

    Fucking awesome episode. Need him back on again

  • Dean Britnell
    Dean Britnell

    It gets sweet just past the 50 minute mark🙂

  • Joshua Brooks
    Joshua Brooks

    Joe grow a damn mustache.

  • Syno Key
    Syno Key

    I smell Joe's insecurity in front of this guy. BIggest celeb ever on the show?

  • bamdad19996

    RDJ seemed very chill here. Didn't know he's like this off talk shows. He's far more interesting this way.

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    Christian bale was and always will be the greatest batman ever and heath ledger will forever be the greatest joker.........period!

  • Tim Hancock
    Tim Hancock

    U can get this glass's that have hole's in them that train's ur eye's look it up


    Sober joe is such a better guy than stoned joe.

  • 3 Legged Warrior
    3 Legged Warrior

    I know variety has been trying to take joes approach by making celebs interview eachother but, the questions they ask eachother still feels fake. We want the real shit! A genuine convo

  • Hector Javier
    Hector Javier

    This was so fucking dope! One of my favorite podcasts!


    Seemed uncomfortable. Did not like the interview at all. He kept talking about Iron Man coming back, and you could tell RDJ was not into it at all. I think he was expecting to talk more about other stuff and not his movie career.

    • The Rival
      The Rival

      Did you watch the whole thing?

  • Simon Dixon
    Simon Dixon

    RDJ is so humble he didnt even mention the Oscar nomination he got for Tropic Thunder

  • K L
    K L

    this was so great :)

  • Matthew Hayes
    Matthew Hayes

    The fact that he calls himself Bob

  • Themilkman

    Lol what the fuck didn’t this person die like a few months ago

  • BEARD0

    For 3 seconds he was real, and that was at the outro of the podcast.

  • William Montgomery Clips
    William Montgomery Clips

    “Tune into this energy of ideas” Have David Lynch on next

  • jm8080

    Too short I wanna hear about Bran Ferren!

  • Jose Doe
    Jose Doe

    I will forever until the end of time refer to RDJ as Tony Stark. fuck what anybody says.

  • Bless Gillette
    Bless Gillette

    Tesla is at 441 fro 200 since joe Rogan

  • Nicholas G.
    Nicholas G.

    RDJ is amazing, new found respect for that dude lol

  • lhalls9116

    Wow an hour plus of iron man talking..just perfect

  • Angela Dall
    Angela Dall

    This is a great TOOL parallel: Colin Jost's comment to RDJ about our culture never encourages taking a break, and his response on the podcast, "If you're good at what you do, then it's not about doesn't matter when you decide to pick up the mantle again." No one's that good, to take off as much time as they need and still have the audience, the draw, the adulation? TOOL.

  • Eriecartel

    Hopefully we find out more about Bran Farron on the their next meetup

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts

    Today I learned that RDJ is even cooler than I previously thought. I also learned he pronounces "pendulum" weird.

  • CandianGoat

    Donate to the australia fires:

  • Patrick Frain
    Patrick Frain

    Number 1 trending .... nice

  • Ronin 777
    Ronin 777

    #1 trending in Canada!

  • Jacob BuildsStuff
    Jacob BuildsStuff

    “You know what I wanted to get to...” Damn you

  • t c
    t c

    Mr. Downey is doing a great job but I feel like Joe is placating a narcissist at times. I don't want to be that guy but I think Bob isn't as self-aware as Joe and he (Joe) realizes that.

  • Swansen Lock
    Swansen Lock

    Absolutely loved this. Please have RDJ on again.

  • Cali Drifter
    Cali Drifter

    Gotta check out “gonna learn today” Cali Drifter And Mic Wreka New Rap 2020 🔥let me know what you think 🤔

  • YouMadeMeSubscribe

    Intelligent Hulk is hands down the most Retarded idea of all of Marvel studios universe history!

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor


  • Sombre Lux
    Sombre Lux

    googling bran

  • Brave Pictures
    Brave Pictures

    Joe "I got a Tesla" Rogan

  • Chrissy Craig
    Chrissy Craig hey everyone please check out my link and share. Thanks and god bless.

  • Michael Cobb
    Michael Cobb

    Coke eyes

  • Dönkë BossMaine
    Dönkë BossMaine

    Holy shit Joe Youre #1 on IT-my

  • adamfrino

    In the basement

  • adamfrino

    A house on Staten Island N.Y. with a personally made super computer

  • Dragon's Red
    Dragon's Red

    Always leave them wanting more I guess...hope he comes back.

  • adamfrino

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  • ChuNk Norris
    ChuNk Norris

    My guy gone interview jesus when he comes back🤙🤙🤙🐐💩

  • Alberly Gonzalez
    Alberly Gonzalez

    Hey guys you should go check out tabitha brown

  • Shelley Monkland
    Shelley Monkland

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  • literally Hitler
    literally Hitler

    Tropic thunder is the best movie in the past 20 years.

  • Oscar Suggs
    Oscar Suggs

    Check out ghost face on floor is pretty creepy

  • HardNader

    LOL they are reaching too far......

  • James Nomore
    James Nomore

    RDJ cool... it's pushing me to one though. If Cobain still be alive and visit Rogan... Man, can't toss that from my head

  • Michael Archibald
    Michael Archibald

    the art of conversation, something that's missing this day and age

  • Cringe Lord
    Cringe Lord

    Joe “I could be a doctor” Rogan

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    Joe Rogan, best interviewer on the planet, maybe its flat, but if Rogans on it it then who the fuck cares!

  • Abbey Mateo
    Abbey Mateo

    I love robert downey jr so much

  • Michaelozi 123
    Michaelozi 123 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • El Maikito
    El Maikito

    That dude is lit

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