Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

  • Habitat Build Co
    Habitat Build Co

    Eat carrots 🥕

  • Thomas Ross
    Thomas Ross

    He is the real life Tony Stark

  • Kwabena Asare
    Kwabena Asare

    yo I'm black and tropic thunder was GOLD in my opinion. RDJ has been fire every role he's been in

  • SouthernDust

    I don't get the "be black for a summer" line by Robert Downey, can someone explain?

    • Omar Allag
      Omar Allag

      most people want to have dark skin in summer, especially white people, that's why they lay in the sun at beaches

  • Mrs. Lucas
    Mrs. Lucas

    I think we just saw RDJ acting like a clean version of himself. Passively aggressively get called out at 55:51, then starts to relax a bit.

  • Sunflower Cypresss
    Sunflower Cypresss

    Loved this interview, synchronicity is so prevalent and both Robert Downey Jr and Joe flowed so well in conversation together.

  • Ghostthred

    So lemme get this straight, David Blaine gets over 2 hours and RDJ only gets an hour 12

  • NipponCat Japanese Lessons
    NipponCat Japanese Lessons

    Ever since Robert Downey Jr said he would 'kill' for his cats, he won my heart. lol, obviously he wouldn't hurt someone but his humor and love for his cats sums him up pretty well.


    FANTASTIC ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • C. Howard West
    C. Howard West

    I believe the difference is in who's asking the questions. Please come back (I know it's not gonna happen but) to YT Joe

  • Vee Pee Cee
    Vee Pee Cee

    What part does Robert Downey JR talk about his drug habits??? Please reply with time stamp.

  • Enrico Pelosi
    Enrico Pelosi

    What an interesting episode-Two very intelligent conversationists,and modest as well . Top show we’ll done

  • Winged Dragon of Ra
    Winged Dragon of Ra

    Hearing RDJ talk about Martial Arts is special, you can feel the appreciation in his voice.

  • Kax

    Haha synchronicity brought me here right now thankyou iron man x

  • Michael Bright
    Michael Bright

    Robert Downey Jr is awesome, such a nice man even lets others step over his lines doesn’t mind changing his part for someone else. Definitely humble even with having all this money.

  • Krista Greene
    Krista Greene

    God I wish I was able to do either of their eye exam 👀🤓.

  • M7 Productions
    M7 Productions

    Oh hell yeah Scanner darkly ..

  • unnamed

    He’s smarter than tony stark in real life

  • Closet Hack
    Closet Hack

    It amazes me how the people who disliked this video, took time out of their life to search and watch something they already knew they would not like. Ya'll got some mental insecurity issues! Seriously! LMAO

  • statt spikech
    statt spikech

    Nah iron man is dead let it stay that way it ended beautifully it ended so great no more its laid to rest 12 years of joy 12 years of anger pain laughter love and it just like everything else ends. Thank god and Downey your the man bro


    I'm sure about this guy, I mean he is skinny fat and wears a damn suit to appear a superhero! Joe would have my respect if he brings Leo or Brad on the podcast!

  • Elvin Mateo
    Elvin Mateo

    I LOVE U RDJ!!!!!

  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant

    Robert Downey seemed a little depressed to me Do u agree?

  • Mark Milliken
    Mark Milliken

    On the eye sight. I had the cataract surgery for my very poor eyesight. I got multi-focal lens implants replacement for my interior lens. I went from bifocals to 20/20 vision. And I will never get cataracts.

  • Cooper McKay
    Cooper McKay

    people who get to do what they love are so lucky, I'm 35 still stuck in a shitty day job. Well, not so shitty but its not my dream job.

  • doinksauce

    Robert Downey Jr. feels like when a person took his gift and opportunity and even with the drug addictions stuff being horrible as it is, that he took on the responsibility to climb out of the unfortunate journey to be great and remember every lessons taught, more than anything I think he's much wiser than many of the goofiness character sells to the acting world. &that's pretty evident personally as well listening to him describe his experiences throughout this talk with mr Jr.


    All thumbs down come from all versions of Thanos in the multiverse. No seriously, on what grounds does someone legitimately watch this interview and say this sucked?

  • Anthony

    29:13 bookmark

  • Giovanni Rico
    Giovanni Rico


  • Tnn Dll
    Tnn Dll

    Screw Spotify for censoring Joe's show.

  • Domenic Degiorgio
    Domenic Degiorgio

    I did eye surgery, replaced my God given lenses, and I can see clearly 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, and infinite. Did this last March of this year.

  • Merrie Giles
    Merrie Giles

    clear lens extraction fixes vision :-) It works

  • Hank J
    Hank J

    If the president of America is supposed to be the best spokesman for all the people, Joe would be a totally brilliant president and represent a great American, and would be the most loveable and humble president we could ever experience. Even though we know it wouldn't be the anything close to the expectations of certain groups and other uninformed people who haven't yet seen the magnetic power of the JRE, and who ignorantly associate him with hosting and being the presenter of extremely popular competitions between some very brave souls like on fear factor and the UFC. The world would come to realize that those TV gigs were things he did but not the things that he wanted to be long-term or would let define what he would allow himself to be remembered for. They were only a very rich experience of stepping stones for him to use to get to the place where he could do something he is clearly the best of, and it becomes a greatly enjoyable and mind opening tool he keeps amassing for all of us to share, enjoy, and learn from. He remains a tremendously hilarious and snart comedian and simultaneously the best interviewer of a tremendous amount of the most eclectic group of talented, creative, and interesting ppl. The most popular and iconic people of modern times, when presented by Joe, where the conversations and genuine discussions elevate both Joe and any guest on his podcasts to a whole new level and is consistently entertaining, heartwarming, insightful, and binge-worthy, even those who label some of the guests as fringe-worthy. No matter what they say, the discussions are exceptionally good and valuable for humam growth. Thank you Joe and Jamie for bringing this amazing content to us consistently. I just hope the calliber of guests remains like when the studio was in its Great LA home and not the inside of a low tech and red spaceshuttle. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where jerry and kramer switch apartments because Kramer was trying to deal with a bright red neon light outside of his window that was starting to affect his own "sanity" lol. Then Jerry started to lose his shit after a couple of nights too and he became Kramer for most of the episode. i hope that the red in the new studio doesn't turn Joe into Jamie and vice versa 🤣 Take Downey Jr here. I always knew he had to be this intelligent and sharp because ox his humor but his kindness, respect, and vulnerability as a friendly man is a great side that we all love Joe for always getting from the people he interviews so naturally.

  • Geoff Barkley
    Geoff Barkley

    Actors ALL talk so fuckin weird

  • Mukhtar Hassan
    Mukhtar Hassan

    You were one of the inspirations for this app!

  • Ramdan Gallagher
    Ramdan Gallagher

    I'm need subtitle indonesia

  • KLK KK
    KLK KK

    Have you ever heard Iron Man sing “Driven to Tears’?

  • Willowy13

    48:40 Iron Man explaining to Cyborg how the business go. Producers may consult you, but the final word is theirs.

  • Willowy13

    RDJ seems a down to earth person. He hit rock bottom once and went right back up. The story of RDJ, the American citizen, should prove to everyone that you can do everything you want if you want to do. Personally, I think Iron Man was done perfectly. His arch is Han Solo and Luke Skywalker combined and ended beautifully. I'd rather have Marvel eventually have the Avengers go back in time to get a younger version of Tony (yeah, it would create a Tonyless timeline 😂😂😂) or have 3000 or the IM3 kid playing Iron Man so I can preserve RDJ version of the character. My Spidey will be forever Toby Maguire, but I love Tom Holland. My Superman is Chris Reeve, but I liked all the other and I hope Cavill has something to work with in the DCEU. Keaton is my Batman, but I loved Battfleck (and I was against the cast to start with). Sir Ian and Sir Patrick are Xavier and Magneto, but there is no way that someone can't love Fassbender and James in these roles. Hugh will always be Wolverine, but I'll love someone else that is right for the character. The same will happen with Iron Man as long as they find a good fit for the role.

  • Nik MacFarlane
    Nik MacFarlane

    Oh look, you interviewed one of the guys who went to Epstein's island

    • Vuk Vulevć
      Vuk Vulevć

      What, didnt find anything abt that

  • Contrude

    I wonder how long they talked before what we see

  • Lulu Pushic
    Lulu Pushic

    That was so informative. RDJ is just a man, but not like most men. Sorry to hear about the eyesight though. I just love this guy.

  • ILoveMapleDrums Spaun
    ILoveMapleDrums Spaun

    Did anyone else notice Joe started crying when he stared at Robert eye to eye? It's got to be pretty intimidating looking at him directly in the eyes.

  • Rich Bear
    Rich Bear

    I’m going to go watch all of RDJ films. He’s a good actor,especially the character he played with Zak guiludifigus ( you know who I mean). The road trip or something.? Anyway-another great guest.

  • Ayesha Jamshad
    Ayesha Jamshad

    Joe hit it on the nail the idea of RDJ finally coming back in Avenger movies after they have made a few is genius. It's what everyone wants, Avengers is RDJ. Especially now with covid.

  • TheSnakeSage

    definitely one of the most relaxing episodes

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod

    I feel the same way about Michael Keaton being batman. He was the best batman of all time.

  • cleon gionet
    cleon gionet

    He exalted himself...people’s self righteousness knows no bounds! Very hubris way of thinking...but that’s the morality problem in this fallen world. Nothing is wrong with comedy...but sometimes and even more today. They take it too far! Then the comedy becomes stupidity!

  • Rene Ulloa
    Rene Ulloa

    There is a new method that came out after lasik called PRI I think they also call it a smile you should look into that if possible

  • TDM 101
    TDM 101

    Interestingly i liked Robert Downey jr,even before he was iron man

  • jonesinaeus

    Wait, didn't he die in Endgame?! Typical Marvel SMH

  • kathryn McElroy
    kathryn McElroy

    Joe Rogan show makes an hour feel like ten minutes.

  • theCathers

    He either seems nervous or like he’s trying to be too normal or cool

  • Eduard Esrever
    Eduard Esrever

    Mel Gibson has a similar facial expression.

  • John Evans
    John Evans

    Hey everybody take look at MeatEater series with Joe in them they have a blast with Steve the legend of outdoor living.

  • John Evans
    John Evans

    I heard stem cell works for sight loss

  • Adam In Marching Band
    Adam In Marching Band

    His head is so shiny


    Robert Downey makes plenty of references to AA and 12 step programs. Right off the bat hes talking about "pause when agitated" and just hints at it the whole time

  • jarroyd gnuelz
    jarroyd gnuelz

    "its 2020, see clearly even if your vision is goin" RDJ

  • Doug

    RDJ rocks

  • Kenneth Cass
    Kenneth Cass


  • Manuel Avila
    Manuel Avila

    There's a bit of a bromance going on here

  • simsygoblue

    You can tell he wants to avoid embedding his identity in Iron Man, every time joe mentioned iron man I was like “STOP JOE STOP”

  • efendi efendi
    efendi efendi

    odading mang oleh rasanya seperti anda menjadi ironman

  • Eddie Patela
    Eddie Patela

    How robert england is freddy krueger

  • Paul


  • Faries Khan
    Faries Khan

    He is indeed a brilliant actor ! Tropic Thunder classic and amazing as Sherlock Holmes!

  • r mars
    r mars

    Robert got an Oscar for Blackface best impression .

  • Œyvind Hvıdsten
    Œyvind Hvıdsten

    Oh man I would love a 4 hour podcast with Robbie talking about Warren Beatty!!


    Is this the shortest podcast? :D

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