Joel Klatt breaks down NFL potential of Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the NFL potential of Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson, along with breaking down the San Francisco 49ers' and Atlanta Falcons' potential NFL Draft moves.
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Joel Klatt breaks down NFL potential of Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Do you agree with Joel Klatt?

    • truth seeker chris
      truth seeker chris

      @Peter Baker doug suck nobody listens to him only you

    • truth seeker chris
      truth seeker chris

      @Lo Bello like chris simms

    • S. Conaway
      S. Conaway

      I wish the Jets would draft Fields so SF could take Wilson.

    • J E
      J E

      Joel klatt is wrong most of the time I don't listen to his opinion

    • Billy Sergeant
      Billy Sergeant

      @E B plus in the national championship game he went 17-33 194 yrds 5.9 avg 1TD 0 Int against Alabama and I don't call that a good game for a supposed great player in his biggest game in his career.

  • turner0224

    Rename this segment to : The Whiffer gets schooled once again by Klatt. My favorite segments........

  • alekz levario
    alekz levario

    Ain't that the dude who said Justin Herbert didn't deserve to be drafted in round 1? Said he was a blunt instrument? Basically said he was overrated?

  • Brian Freel
    Brian Freel

    break it down..the dude sucks

  • billyboy1075

    Wait you’re going to give the credit to Fields for Trey Sermon going off in Northwestern? What universe is this.? Dude was 12 for 27 for 114 yards passing. Couldn’t do anything. He was trying to give the game away. Trey Sermon single handedly saved their season. That game still makes me worry against a very average NW team.

  • MrAdmvp

    This whole "mac Jones is only good because he has good players around him" is so stupid. As if Joe Burrow didn't have Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase & Clyde Edwards Helaire, or Tua wasnt apart of the same alabama team

  • thifty bill
    thifty bill

    Joel makes a great point on Haskins vs Fields. I didn't realize their stats were that far apart.

  • Ken Fox
    Ken Fox

    49ers are bluffing bout Jones so the Jets don't change their mind and get J. Fields. That BYU QB is going to get killed

  • Dianne Wallace
    Dianne Wallace

    I used to think Fields was the 2nd best QB in the draft. Now I think he is the best. Tell ya why. I saw an interview of Lawrence. It reminded me of one I saw decades ago with Bill Walton who was by far the best college basketball player to come along in years. He came across as a flake, like Lawrence, and I said right then he's not gonna pan out that well as a PRO. Wonder if I'll be right about Lawrence too?

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    Klatt had Dwayne Haskins as the #3 overall pick. He had Jordan Love ahead of Justin Herbert. In 2018 he had Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, and Sam Darnold ahead of Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. His picks are garbage.

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Schaub, Cousins, Jones, Garrapolo. Kyle Shannahan doesn't need a Lamar Jackson. He just needs a guy who doesnt turn over the ball as easily.

  • Michael Rositzke
    Michael Rositzke

    Joel Klatt almost makes me more interested in college football. I wish he was fit in a bit more.

  • dinewalton

    Justin Fields reminds me of the JJ Watt draft. Watt was seen as a top 3 pick in his draft because he had the most tackles for losses in college but Watt ends up sliding to #11 during the scouting evaluation process.

    • solid gold
      solid gold

      Number 11

  • Ben Spurgeon
    Ben Spurgeon

    Colin is right, Ohio state is much more talented than the rest of the big10 and Ohio state has never produced an NFL QB worth a plug nickle

  • KingHrb

    Lost all credibility when he said that justin fields was more accurate, zach wilson literally led all college football in comp%

  • CBA

    Mac Jones arm is what scares me .. it’s mediocre

  • T Allen
    T Allen

    Mac Jones receivers were WIDE OPEN!!!! Klatt is crazy

  • Tyler Holmes
    Tyler Holmes

    Justin fields go to cowboys

  • mrthree

    Welcome to Klatt’s Klass

  • Cris Forney
    Cris Forney

    Joel Klatt’s analysis of Justin Fields is lights out. It’s ridiculous discrediting Fields as inconsistent.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell

    The SEC was a little bit down compared to what Alabama was last year? Hasn’t that been the case every time Alabama won the title? The SEC still went 7-2 in bowl games this year. Stop trying to chump off the conference.

  • El León Heart Gaming Channel
    El León Heart Gaming Channel

    Remember, these are all the dudes who claimed Lamar Jackson wouldn’t be a good QB in the NFL...

  • turner0224

    Klatt schools the Great Whiffer ha ha ha

  • Jim & Jan Tatangelo
    Jim & Jan Tatangelo

    Another overrated QB out of The Ohio State. Fields will bomb in the neighborhood felons league.

  • Larry Thelieutenant
    Larry Thelieutenant

    The left tackle had a premium b/c of LT.

  • Black Deon
    Black Deon

    Justin fields had 2 bad games in his career how is he inconsistent Colin ?

  • McCanne Sanford
    McCanne Sanford

    How are we supposed to take Klatt seriously about qb’s in the first round when he was MILEESSSS of course with Herbert

  • Vinyl Richie
    Vinyl Richie

    If Zach Wilson is there at two the Jets will get the best QB in this draft.

  • Smoking Trees
    Smoking Trees

    Zach Wilson will be a bust, time stamp this

  • a yokel
    a yokel

    It won't be Mac Jones.

  • Jacob Barron
    Jacob Barron

    Justin fields might be amazing in nfl but his percentage under pressure is what bothers me. He didn’t get pressure but 3 games last year. The nfl has pressure almost every play

  • Michael Kibbey
    Michael Kibbey

    He had lots of success with those QBs but he aint won a SB with one ... you dont give up 3 1st rounders + for Mac Jones when you could have got him at 12 STOP IT

  • Joey Cocoles
    Joey Cocoles

    Klatt daddy spitting facts as always

  • Damien Boyd
    Damien Boyd

    So backwards. So when fields holds on to the ball he’s “pushing the ball down the field” but when Wilson does it he’s “relying on his arm to much”. Stooooppppppp😂

  • Nate Goltz
    Nate Goltz

    Zach Wilson has thrown more TDs to the Utah Utes than he has to BYU during his 2 matchups against them

  • Victor Kan
    Victor Kan

    Joe Klatt a better football analyst than Orlovsky ...

  • Lesly Lebon
    Lesly Lebon

    Are the Jets making a mistake taking Wilson over Fields 🤔

  • ScUfF3d

    I don’t understand the level of competition argument for Mac because Aiyuk was a first rounder and Debo was a second so he’s still playing with the elite of the elite of college it’s not like he’s throwing to 7th rounder

  • Dublin Pub
    Dublin Pub

    How many OSU QB’s do well in the NFL? When was the last good NFL QB from USC? Carson Palmer. College System QB’s ARE.A.THING.

  • Andrew Schuschu
    Andrew Schuschu

    Conspiracy, but I think something is not well in San Francisco. They traded away their future to move up to three... not two... if you trade up all of that to control your future and get your guy you go to two not three. I think the “Fields stinks” and “Jones is smart” narrative is all smoke. I think they tried to get #2, the Jets said no and they’re taking Fields at 2, and the felt forced then to trade for 3 and take a guy there. Thus- they push the talking down of Fields, they hype of Wilson, and the hype of Jones so they can pre market them to their fans, keep Jimmy for another year or so, and buy some time to have to start Jones or another QB like Wilson. That would put them at year 5 of the administrations 6 year deal in SF. No way all is well in SF... something stinks to high heavens.

  • Andrew Schuschu
    Andrew Schuschu

    Colin has it backwards. You don’t need a mobile guy who can freelance because you want him to do it all the time, you want him to be able to do that because the best plans don’t always work. Especially when guys like Donald, Miller, Garrett, Etc are breathing down your neck. That’s why you need an athlete. Being an athlete is step two. Football player is step one, being an athlete is the step two back up. Jones might be a great football player, but Fields is a great football player and a great athlete. That’s what makes guys like Mahomes and Wilson so special. They’re great at point 1 and 2.

  • Michael Kraus
    Michael Kraus

    Wasn't it BILL PARCELL who said NEVER take a qb in the first round ?

  • Wolfsky9

    HISTORY DOES NOT LIE ! OSU / UCLA / USC have all sent busted QB's to the NFL. --------Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. ----------------it's VERY dangerous to ignore history. And yes, Mizzou / QB's also, are not + , & as a Broncos Fan , I am aware.---------------------WolfSky9, 74 y/o, & an NFL Fan since 1957.-------------------------------------WolfSky9, 74 y/o

  • Marshall Two3
    Marshall Two3

    This is why I say Fields is the best QB in this draft. I believe he will finish his career as the best QB in this class. It reminds me of Manning /Leaf situation. Everyone said Leaf was better. I said all along Manning is the best QB & I believe the same will be the case with Fields. They can say what they want about the chip on their shoulder does not matter, or superbowls don't matter but it all does. If Fields made those same statements he would drop even further. Whoever skips this guy including Jacksonville will regret it. Btw not an Ohio state fan or a big Fields fan either. I just study QBs as a QB coach and I think Fields is simply the best prospect that's it.

  • Geordie Halma
    Geordie Halma

    Joel is my favorite guest on this show.

  • Forrest

    Justin Fields didn’t play in a “system” that is closer to the NFL than BYU’s.

  • Sadat Alam
    Sadat Alam

    Thank you Joel Klatt! ESPN has been slandering Justin Fields. You came here and said nothing but facts. Joel Klatt actually knows about college football unlike Chris Simms and Todd Mcshay

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    When he speaks it’s like gospel to my ears

  • Jim Ward
    Jim Ward

    You mean this guy? Joel Klatt - "I Wouldn't Draft Justin Herbert in the First Round"

  • Peso peso
    Peso peso

    How is he inconsistent ? Over 70 TDS and 9 ints over 2 years he had two maybe 3 bad games last year I don’t get it

  • Matt Dunn
    Matt Dunn

    I like Joel and I like when he comes on to take Colin down a peg, but he gets his qb evals wrong every year. Just a reminder, 2017 had kizer as his number 1 and trubisky as his number 2, 2018 had Baker at 1 and darnold at 2, 2019 bad qb draft class's but he had haskins 2nd which I think most can agree is flat out wrong, 2020 had Herbert rated as a mid round qb. I do like him but I wouldnt listen to a word he says on the draft

  • Eddie Van Gundy
    Eddie Van Gundy

    Incredible stat from Klatt. Better draft Fields !!!

  • Nate Stakely
    Nate Stakely

    Just caught JK on B1G network head scratching on the Fields slide. I have watched now for 50 yrs the OSU slap, the B1G slap. Created by none other little bruva then the NEW NCAA commonly called espn. OSU shidiot AD/Comish has allowed it to the point I see it now in wrestling, ladies softball, baseball you name it. Fox CFP basically came on and reiterated espn doctrine. I was absolutely blown away. Picture this. It would have been SC but they have fallen this past 2 decades.

  • Jamie G
    Jamie G

    This is nonsense. It’s not like Fields can’t sit in the pocket. Fields has a higher ceiling.

  • clark main
    clark main

    Really wish these analysts and Sports Talk guys would put some stuff about guys in rounds 2-7 as opposed to just hammering on Jones V Fields everyday....sleepers, undervalued guys, potential steals etc, just something fresh.

  • Thomas Santiago
    Thomas Santiago

    Fields will be a glorified backup before it's over, he ,Dwayne Haskins ,Sam darnold and kyler murry should just be roommates cause they going the same direction

  • Put your Game Face on
    Put your Game Face on

    Shanahan wants a QB, not an athlete. Obviously he feels that Jones is the best fit for them.

  • NoHeroes94

    The 49ers have said NOTHING about Mac Jones. This is all media-driven. Honestly, it COULD be Jones, perhaps they are right with their association, but if it is Jones the 49ers take it's that their analysis is right, not that they had inside information. I think Fields has Shanahan qualities and Lance is very intelligent too, so either would also work. I think Fields in particluar still equally likely as of writing (2 weeks before draft). All 'main reporters' are backtracking on this narrative to hedge their bets so they can claim they are right in any of the 3 scenarios.

  • Aj

    Colin If Shannanhan Believed He Was The Star Then They Wouldnt Trade 3 1st rd Picks to move up

  • Ali Shams
    Ali Shams

    Why can’t you give baker mayfield the same benefit and perspective you just gave Mac jones?

  • Krandle 47
    Krandle 47

    After Trubisky failed, I don't want ANY QB who only had one year as a starter

  • shop appy
    shop appy

    Nobody is confused about the Mac Jones pick...what people are confused about is trading up for him. Pointless segment

  • Dillan Carloss
    Dillan Carloss

    In 2-3 years if im wrong, let me know. BUT Micah Parsons will not be that good. Joel and most people think he is the best defensive player in the draft? NO F-- WAY! There are a couple guys in rounds 2 and 3 that i’d take over him!

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God

    Mack Jones = Mitch Trubisky.

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes

    Hoping the Jets take Justin fields, I’m not sold on Zach Wilson

  • Peter instalive
    Peter instalive

    I want a nice full college football season in the fall. We all know it’s gonna be SEC champ, Clemson, Ohio St and possibly SEC runner up, Oklahoma or ND 😂

  • Boz Boz
    Boz Boz

    If 49rs take mac over Fields the brain trust will all be fired in 2 years, would be an all time blunder

  • corey wilson
    corey wilson

    Jets need JUSTIN FIELDS

  • Devil Dog
    Devil Dog

    I'd love to see Dallas take JOK and see if he can play FS like Darren Woodsen did as a LB coming out of the Sun Devils as a FS. I don't know if JOK is fast enough. But he can play SS/LB, so he has versatility.

  • boom shakalaka
    boom shakalaka

    He should just say he likes black qbs over white qbs.

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