Joey Bada$$ covers Prince 'When Thugs Cry' for Like A Version
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Joey Bada$$ put his own spin on Prince classic 'When Doves Cry' for triple j's Like A Version. Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love.
Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here:
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  • Christine Read
    Christine Read

    LOVE Joey

  • Chris M.N Sarille
    Chris M.N Sarille

    I really like this cover.

  • Team Bison
    Team Bison

    They still can’t do it like PAC.. Makaveli The Don. When Thugs Cry 💯

  • fochey

    Is the chick the same chick that was on the likeaversion cover of kid cudi day n nite ?

  • Magix71092

    You RAPPERS suck ASS at singing stop doing covers lmao

  • Andrea Martins
    Andrea Martins


  • CuriousJ84

    Does anyone have the lyrics to what he said?

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu

    he fine asab 😍

  • Eugene Swift
    Eugene Swift

    So 🔥🔥

  • Tru Feel
    Tru Feel

    I really fuxxxx wit this he killed it!

  • Geoffrey Tasker
    Geoffrey Tasker

    Bone thugs did it first but that doesn't take away from this. well done.

  • Let’s build fam
    Let’s build fam

    I like prince’s cover better

  • HeroSpirit AWMCZBZ
    HeroSpirit AWMCZBZ

    zzbLassoZC iono ThuggishCaptainTracks just be good

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe

    Joey badass! Exactly what is it!! Badass! Put that banana clip in your face!🔥🔥🔥

  • Danny Dorito
    Danny Dorito

    I come back to this every month

  • Tania Marie
    Tania Marie

    Love him so happy I came here he just made love to my ears😂🔥💯

  • Kielland Brown
    Kielland Brown

    Hold on Joey !!! We watching the making of the next up

  • Naseem Rogers
    Naseem Rogers

    hard af

  • BOOM! idc Tv
    BOOM! idc Tv

    I wish we could get these on spotify or sound cloud even

  • Alan H
    Alan H

    damn i love seeing these rappers sing!!

  • Suany Gonzalez
    Suany Gonzalez

    still listening to this in october 2019

  • Tee Peterson
    Tee Peterson

    and to think Joey's deaf in one ear

    • Tee Peterson
      Tee Peterson

      @Max Rooks shocking I know

    • Tee Peterson
      Tee Peterson

      @Tropical99 he's almost completely deaf in his right ear

    • Tee Peterson
      Tee Peterson

      It's a fact look it up if ya don't believe me

    • Max Rooks
      Max Rooks

      Is he?

    • Tropical99


  • Tee Peterson
    Tee Peterson

    Definitely Biggie's successor

  • Terence Drakes
    Terence Drakes

    This is a true artist... he seems to have so many layers to his personality... so much to offer the world! Keep creating Joey! We're listening!!

  • Véronique Leboeuf
    Véronique Leboeuf

    Holy shit

  • Pop Culture-sy
    Pop Culture-sy

    This deserves to be a #1 hit

  • Max X
    Max X

    I would love it if Joey’s next album was a soul album

    • Connor Mcclennen
      Connor Mcclennen

      Nah he's way too good at rapping

  • Zzz Oppp
    Zzz Oppp

    I don't know if I like on the normal speed or if something happens on a different scale at .75 speed

  • L.W.O Lit Wise Owl
    L.W.O Lit Wise Owl


  • Sun Warz
    Sun Warz

    when doves cry

  • Terri Register
    Terri Register

    A good rapper AND a good actor; what an awesome rare combination! 😇

  • Pantelis Rantzoglou
    Pantelis Rantzoglou

    Is it Prince or Bone Thugs & Harmony...either way it's glorious

  • Ankhesenamun

    Smooth... so smooth.... 💜👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • James Heaven
    James Heaven

    A listen to this all.the.time. 9/7/19

  • Dylan Kennedy
    Dylan Kennedy

    Best like a version ever


    its funny how none of you know 2Pac originally made ''when thugs cry''

  • Persephone


  • 8t1tam

    no mention of bizzy bone?

  • Johnrey Madrid
    Johnrey Madrid

    Yin = Joey Badass Yang = Denzel Curry 😁✌☯

  • Angel Heart Ortiz
    Angel Heart Ortiz

    Right on 💯❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ikon Livin
    Ikon Livin

    this video would really fit a happy ending of a gangsta movie

  • TmacDaFuckingGreat

    Prince wouldn’t have respected this bullshit honestly, this was pure hot trash. And it’s not when thugs cry it’s when doves cry 😭

  • Matt Melito
    Matt Melito

    Isn’t the prince song when the doves cry ?

  • sephorasmuse

    Joey I ❤ you on Mr. Robot!

  • Lil' Late Night LLC
    Lil' Late Night LLC

    arguably the best cover on this channel

  • Marsellasm



    Gonna sample the beginning. Thank you!

  • Hippie Weirdo
    Hippie Weirdo

    2019 an I'm still rocking to this

  • Eugene Swift
    Eugene Swift

    Jesus this that fire

  • Mycah Edwards
    Mycah Edwards

    What’s the name of the background singer?

  • King ABLE Rodriguez
    King ABLE Rodriguez

    One of the dopest performances I ever seen

  • Michelle O'Lary
    Michelle O'Lary

    This was fire. @npr let's get @denzelcurry in for a show!!!

  • MOOKLA2012

    That guitar riff at the beginning. 😩😩😩

  • h0rp1a

    Still fkn mint 👌

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl
    WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    The song is bangn!! Knockn like!!

  • Troy Jones
    Troy Jones

    This man Makin love to that microphone lol

  • D S
    D S

    Holy shit! I couldn't be more amazed or impressed. Seriously.

  • Ster Ricarte
    Ster Ricarte

    Joey casa com minha mãe

  • Ster Ricarte
    Ster Ricarte

    Aaa amo esses covers❤💙💚

  • Isis Ra El
    Isis Ra El


  • Мирный Воин
    Мирный Воин


  • Troy Barbour
    Troy Barbour

    R.I.P Mac, X, Nip and many more...Who woulda known so much would've happened since this song

  • Guerlyne Bel
    Guerlyne Bel

    Joey Bada$$ this so smooth amazing job🔥🔥🔥

  • Nb Au carré
    Nb Au carré

    Super cool t trop cool

  • Free Keitaro
    Free Keitaro

    Put it on spotify please!

  • Julieta Salazar
    Julieta Salazar

    1:40 your welcome

  • Nakisis Mays
    Nakisis Mays

    This is incredible! 🤯🤯

  • Jesse Lombardi
    Jesse Lombardi

    Dude shown people how to remake a classic in his own way. bravo sir

  • Er Zhuo
    Er Zhuo

    real lit

  • Brady Matthew
    Brady Matthew

    In my opinion, this is the best Like a Version to date. The creativity and passion he puts into recreating this amazing song is out of this world. So many artists just come in and play another's song with the same tune etc. But this is just fantastic.

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