Joey Bada$$ Spits Fire Over Future's 'Mask Off' beat!
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Joey Bada$$ spits fire over Future's 'Mask Off' beat!
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  • 이수완

    insane on this beat joey

  • P-Noir

    Keep up the good work, im with you 🔥

  • Tom Arne Solhaug
    Tom Arne Solhaug

    Fr drop this Remix on Spotify

  • eduard jordaou
    eduard jordaou

    Homie sounds like lil Wayne when he goes off !

  • Corean. Jesus_
    Corean. Jesus_

    After watching Daylyt's freestyle nothing really hits the same

  • Hmbrew 27
    Hmbrew 27

    Joey wan kenobi

  • Ryan P3
    Ryan P3

    almost forgot to watch this today

  • Kyle Esoian
    Kyle Esoian

    He said “waviest flow, make you seasick” off the top of his head. Sheesh

  • IvsSixxTheOne

    Why he dressed up as jesus tho

  • FreeMisfit Gumbo
    FreeMisfit Gumbo

    when he said i got heads booping way back in africa

  • Lazah Mantel
    Lazah Mantel

    Who still listing 2020🤔💯

    • Lazah Mantel
      Lazah Mantel

      No wun🤣🤣

  • progyan das
    progyan das

    Joey Badass should collab with Em

  • Yun _K
    Yun _K

    크 여전히 좋구만

  • Luke Spowart
    Luke Spowart

    It’s so impressive how he can switch up his flow mid freestyle

  • Mladen Stojanovic
    Mladen Stojanovic

    This freestyle is better than ALL 6IX9INE LIFE

  • Chhaya Mahajan
    Chhaya Mahajan

    What is this music called?

  • Magnus Aal Løvlid
    Magnus Aal Løvlid

    how can i get this on spotify

  • gholmesproductions

    Top 10 freestyle all time

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    Y'all know he talking bout Troy average right 😂

  • truthiswithus




  • Anthony Xerri
    Anthony Xerri

    damm leon have skills

  • RIP Juice WRLD RIP X
    RIP Juice WRLD RIP X

    1:29 when the Holy Spirit decides to make its appearance 😂😂

  • Unbroken Kraft
    Unbroken Kraft

    This never gets old!

  • Riss rose
    Riss rose

    Joe badass is the best rapper fr this time . He spit in all of them ...

  • Wei Yue
    Wei Yue

    When you freestyle at 5, but need to fight The Empire at 6.

  • Tomáš Pánek
    Tomáš Pánek

    heard it for like 420 times.. still got goosbumps af

  • Water Light
    Water Light

    wait this was better than the album haha what happened

  • Thotsftw 1337
    Thotsftw 1337

    I love how he stops rapping and just randomly turns the fire back on 😎

  • DJ LilTuRk
    DJ LilTuRk

    wish they could do this off the top of there head

  • Israel Garbutt
    Israel Garbutt

    Who's bumping this During Quarantine?✊🏾🔥

  • K H
    K H

    is this justin beaber from dave?

  • LIL dOgYs
    LIL dOgYs

    Bro his pupils were fucking huge lmao

  • Hunch0FlameZ

    I got the soul of a black king 🤴🏾 it takes control when I’m rapping ... say less blood

  • Thomas Ortega
    Thomas Ortega

    Hes dissin and schoolin them two white boys and it flew right over their heads. Looks like the work of a master. Thats my mane man, Joey.

  • Jack Fox
    Jack Fox

    He nice off the top

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider


  • Omar Castaños
    Omar Castaños

    Joey-One Kenobi

  • Mrbevelgum

    this be gettin me through quarantine

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan

    3 years and it’s still my favorite freestyle

  • gtg4g4 trc
    gtg4g4 trc

    last jedi

  • T. Braun
    T. Braun

    Obi Wan Kenjoey

  • gard kleven
    gard kleven

    Dis is king lil g's beat. Not future not kendrick. "AFTER MY DEATH, KING LIL G"

  • xx


  • Miqueas Bornes
    Miqueas Bornes

    I'm laughing, bopping my head and vibing with him. So hype. So underrated

  • fuck you
    fuck you

    Shits fire lol glad i found it

  • Big Weezy
    Big Weezy

    Still great

  • Foster Boone
    Foster Boone

    lmao when he called out radios justincredible got real quiet

  • Dic Kid
    Dic Kid

    "This is such a hard beat man" Goes on to ride, kill and resurrect the beat.

  • Zak G
    Zak G

    3 years later and this still go STUPID

  • Sean Wren
    Sean Wren

    Kendrick and Joey are both fire on this beat... You can't really go wrong on this beat tbh.

  • TheycallmeMonty xx
    TheycallmeMonty xx

    1st Mos Def freestyle 2nd Joey Badass 3rd the rest

  • 649buddina

    Mofo so gifted he came up with hook for song instantly, then these douchey obnoxious presenters try change it to "lift off"... actually pisses me off if they think thats better. Crazy good freestyle, one of da best

  • Melo /
    Melo /

    The best freestyle ever, right after Snoop and Jamie Foxx

  • Mật Mật
    Mật Mật

    The more I listen the more incredible it is. I just keep coming back here

  • Nathan Leonard
    Nathan Leonard

    03:18 Joey Bada$$ is so fire that even when he talks it's on beat

  • Piotr Zawadzki
    Piotr Zawadzki

    2020 🔥🔥🔥💥

  • J-Dog West-Combo
    J-Dog West-Combo

    Awesome freestyle, but is he as off-the-top genius as Chris Turner?


    This is real rap

  • AriXi

    9th time i watch this

  • KarsanHAM

    Bruh... 1:25

  • DAC Continent
    DAC Continent

    Locked from Kenya 🇰🇪. 🔥

  • maxtonh2k

    Best freestyle ever

  • Nicholas Reiss
    Nicholas Reiss

    Y is this better than actual song

  • Jake Petrone
    Jake Petrone

    Best freestyle I’ve seen

  • Beso Xvedelidze
    Beso Xvedelidze

    უთესლესიააა ბროოოოოო

  • Intagen Gaming
    Intagen Gaming

    Still come back to this because it’s so damn good.

  • Jordan Kelevra
    Jordan Kelevra

    I know hes good but GOD DAYUM that was fucking next Level

  • leonard york
    leonard york

    Damn that boy got that 🔥

  • jevan rs
    jevan rs

    we need more joey bada$$ music

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