Joey Bada$$ Spits Fire Over Future's 'Mask Off' beat!
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Joey Bada$$ spits fire over Future's 'Mask Off' beat!
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  • Jonathan Ciesla
    Jonathan Ciesla

    Joey is badass for stopping the badass speeders and doing early warnings like Kendrick Control made fun of against J. Cole Joey you are next!

  • Μαρία Κακολυρη
    Μαρία Κακολυρη


  • Walu Situmbeko
    Walu Situmbeko

    Too easy for him

  • Tim Kruse
    Tim Kruse

    Joey badass a true MC, his pen 🖋 different from these rappers these days

  • James Van
    James Van


  • phil m.
    phil m.

    Oof that energy to start the second verse

  • 504cesarBoyz

    Gaaaahhhhh damn, almost 2020 and I’m not talking about the year, I’m talking who can’t see this is the best freestyle ever!!!

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    What we doin Mann who still bumpin?

  • Jaricho Yoakum
    Jaricho Yoakum

    I'm late but I made it 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • the PiiZaMan
    the PiiZaMan

    WTF this is unreal

  • JixDoesGaming

    Seeing Joey get hyped while spitting gets me hyped 😂

  • StoreDusk

    The 811 dislikes are Future fans

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan

    that flow in the second verse is stuck in my head 24/7 and I love it

  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop


  • Fantastic Madam
    Fantastic Madam

  • Combo2K

    You Came for 1:05

  • Cameron Simpson
    Cameron Simpson

    Still banging this!!! October 2019!

  • Mrbevelgum

    Man i deadass watched this vid so much this should be the og song

  • abdullah mahas
    abdullah mahas

    tell me the lyric please wkwk

  • Sodbayar Altantulga
    Sodbayar Altantulga

    no way this is freestyle

  • Realist

    Great flow but theres nothing significant when it comes to bars

  • Realist

    Who actually produced the original of this beat?

  • 코코카콜라

    What is this beat?

    • Lexi Rodriguez
      Lexi Rodriguez

      future- mask off

  • Tyler Maddix
    Tyler Maddix


  • James Texeira
    James Texeira

    so good

  • Jose Antonio Flores
    Jose Antonio Flores

    1. Joey Bada$$ 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Joyner Lucas 69. Future

  • Gray Zarr
    Gray Zarr

    joey the jedi

  • Cory Holmes
    Cory Holmes

    This is the best true feestyle I've ever heard

  • Aolani Coban
    Aolani Coban


  • Akshay Kadyan
    Akshay Kadyan

    Addictive freestyle!

  • David English
    David English

    Still one of my favourite freestyles ever

  • Isaiah Hacckett
    Isaiah Hacckett

    this bout one of the best freestyles ever no cap

  • Brody Howard
    Brody Howard

    still listening in october 2019. every day.


    Omfg sick sick nigga should had been on the original

  • Jumpoff JD
    Jumpoff JD

    Talk to em nicely 💪💪💪💪

  • Hosoeng Jun
    Hosoeng Jun

    Rap god

  • Hoodie

    This really has to be one of the best freestyles in existence

  • Dsalon 99
    Dsalon 99

    This is undebatebly the best freestyle ever

  • Mrs. Flame
    Mrs. Flame

    from pheon man to joey badass Mrs. Flame can play on sax can play eminems real slim shady Run The Jewels Legend Has It Das Racist Rainbow In The Dark jj doom's bite the thong mac millers new faces and joey badass's sup-preme to joey badass from pheon man

  • Brendan Kelley
    Brendan Kelley

    one of the best freestyles

  • Matthijs Kinds
    Matthijs Kinds

    that's hard

  • feedmytv

    this is genius, only downside to it took place on 106fm with weak ass radio hosts. Maybe he became/had to legendary feeling cornered into a hard beat by shitty mcs. regardless hes genius right here.

  • Trizah Mwikya
    Trizah Mwikya

    This is so dope😍😘

  • Keon Moore
    Keon Moore

    He was so high

  • subaruimpreza113083

    Future who????? 😏

  • wissy sm
    wissy sm

    Verse 1] Finally got a piece of the profit Wine and cheese in the seat by the cockpit I ain't mean for your b**h to be watching Eyeing me, she kept eyeing me Every day, we just making these profits Money long, I'm going in some deep pockets Hands is to the ceiling when I'm in the building How you make a living? Hm? Lately never chilling, mind is on a million things I gotta do Ladies on me with them no time for chilling no time for I've been on a different type of time I live unlike the rest, a different type of grind I'm on South Beach like Tony Montana Feeling like the whole world is mine And I sit back let your mind run No man knows when his time gon' come Every action think about the outcome Cause I never outrun no bullet from a gun Don't ask Malcolm, ask, “how come?” Ask any real n***a really ‘bout some When you in the field n***a don't play dumb Better keep your eyes peeled in the rear view Know a couple n***as in the vil who will k** you Run up with yo' hands on the wheel and air you out Never give a f**, never hear you out News clip popping up about your whereabouts You ain't really with the war so don't go there Got my middle fingers up in my underwear f** the world on some G sh** With the waviest flow make ya seasick If you can swing man, the rhythm of the little thing She drown I'm telling her to get her friend White girls and they love me for my melanin Kiss me all over my brown skin I got the soul of a black king It takes control when I'm rapping Let the b**h unload like a Mac-10 Brrt Brrt, that's all that happened [Verse 2] These rap n***as be acting up Pop, man, sh**, can't back it up Don't let me catch you lacking I pack you inside then mess 'em up I ain't even have a pot to piss in Listen, I'm twisting the system And missing the recognition I see the future clearly my premonitions is scary Pray that they bury me with my soul It's been heavenly sent For the fathers and martyrs Of this art that we forming, we call it hip-hop n***a, guess you must have forgot Mark them days on the calendar Don't you did, that just challenged us Sonics' Hedgehodge [?] Got heads bobbin' way out in Africa Radios be lacking dough You can't front on talent so I'mma k** like every show, and any foe, and any flow No flex when I be in the zone No door watching when I come on I check in in the microphone Collect this check then I'm headed home It ain't always been like this 'member we was broke as sh**? Saving L's til next week My ashtray still got a roach in it I hit it until my finger tips Get burned at the filter tip 'fore I learned to take risks

  • MrPat/BlackOut

    Those are the whittest people trying to be black..


    The most underrated spitter bruh🔥

  • Joseph Ma
    Joseph Ma

    wtf just happened?

  • Kennny Y
    Kennny Y

    개좋아 미친

  • Kyr EZ
    Kyr EZ

    2019 anyone?

  • big GEEZUS
    big GEEZUS

    Joey killed it

  • Dreezy

    This freestyle a daily routine for sho.

  • Dreezy

    Maaaanee.. I swear to god, lamest niggaz get the best beats, just like that ZeZe beat. Idc what anybody says.. This beat forever Joey's.

  • Dreezy

    Now who went and woke up a lil hoe and thought to dislike this???!!!

  • M.H 75
    M.H 75

    Joey badass is a fucking punk And a Hip Hop culture destroyer

  • Douggie Dowdall ki88
    Douggie Dowdall ki88

    He's sick

  • Thunder Trap
    Thunder Trap

    we better had a mask off by joey bada$$

  • youcef Boulahmair
    youcef Boulahmair

    Didn't know Yoda can rap

  • Nikita Titov
    Nikita Titov

    I think I've listened to this atleast a million times.

  • Famoso Lula
    Famoso Lula

    2020 LMAO

  • Famoso Lula
    Famoso Lula

    dat Joey's freestyle is more impossible than David Blaeine's magics

  • Junior Alfaro
    Junior Alfaro

    This not future beat it’s @kinglilg beat from the song called “after my death” futures mask off was a wack rip off

  • Kody Williams
    Kody Williams

    Better than Joyner Lucas remix

  • Free Thoughts
    Free Thoughts

    Waaay better than the original!

  • Super Furry Animals
    Super Furry Animals

    my small white house has a basement and two different bedrooms

  • Barrett Hurd
    Barrett Hurd

    Just went from "liking" Joey to "LOVING" THIS DUDE!!!! WTF!

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews

    I don't like his trap rap flow but at least he got rhymes

  • gholmesproductions

    Best fucking freestyle of all time

  • Allen  Hook
    Allen Hook

    Watching in 2019

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