Joey Comes To LA
Joey is moving out from New York for Hollywood. First time away from his friends, he is all by himself except for that, he has one of his seven sisters coming to pick him up at the airport.\
From "The Joey Show" Episode 1 - Scene 1

  • Niamh Coventry
    Niamh Coventry

    imagine if instead of this they did a spin-off of Monica and chandlers life's with the twins or mike and phoebes or Rachel and ross!

  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave

    I really liked this show actually, I was sad it was canceled ...

  • Zam Buki
    Zam Buki

    Good lord! Who wrote this piece of shit?

  • charlie :D
    charlie :D


  • Vicky Su
    Vicky Su

    Since when was his sister blonde

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star

    Joey could play mafia

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star

    Lol that would happen to me

  • exposed

    Joeys show isn’t good. Without the gang, it doesn’t make sense

  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera

    The dallas scene is literally the only good joke in the whole show

  • Lee Geal
    Lee Geal

    So, what are you doing here in Dallas?

  • Sally Branson
    Sally Branson

    I really think that this show was made too soon. It was immediately after friends. People didn't have time to be nostalgic for friends characters. Look at episodes, Matt le blanc was being Joey just using his own name. That worked out well.

    • williss11

      Sally Branson true, people weren’t ready yet

  • tuschman168

    If they ever make a Friends revival they're so gonna make fun of this. "Hey Joey, remember the time you just bummed off to L.A. for two years and never called or visited? We almost had our Joey room repurposed. You came back just in time."

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman

    Id bang his sister

    • williss11

      Pat Bateman eh she’s a little buggy to each their own lol

  • wambo Mwangi
    wambo Mwangi

    phoebe and chandler sould have come to Joey

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy


  • estee .m
    estee .m

    The show had potential but it's just not the same without the others

  • StarJoker

    I think him going to Dallas by accident was the only moment that was genuinely funny. Like if you agree

  • Barbie Liu
    Barbie Liu

    After watching 2 episodes it just didn’t interest me to continue. Particularly having a new set of cast. It’s just not the same without the other original 5. Shame none of them made guess appearances.

  • R6 Trash
    R6 Trash

    Joey and... The girl from sopranos i dont remember name

    • PrincessA

      Drea de Matteo, she played Adriana

  • Sachin Sabu
    Sachin Sabu

    how is is it that nobody liked this show

  • MrParkerman6

    I'm sorry Joey, but your show is Abysmal!!!!!

  • The DomRunner
    The DomRunner

    For me he still lives in nyc

  • Cody Bethel
    Cody Bethel

    I didn’t know this existed wth

  • Buddy Bill
    Buddy Bill

    drea de matteo was funny too in this show

  • M!st3rAz

    I loved the show. Come at me.

  • brian mcbeth
    brian mcbeth

    The whole thing is joey moved in with Monica and chandler, it was always joked about but they said Joey had his own room on the 2nd to last episode. They had every character covered. They. Scared Janice away from the house next door implying Ross and racheal moving in there. The only two who weren’t covered was phoebe and mike.

  • Aarav

    Still I hate Joey in Joey..... I more addict to Joey in friends.....

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee


    • Abhimanyu Raizada
      Abhimanyu Raizada


  • Steve D
    Steve D

    Back when wingtips were still straight...

  • Make n Tamil
    Make n Tamil

    என் தலைவன் மேட் லப்லான்க் ...

  • alaa D
    alaa D

    I love Joey but this show sucked ! When it aired on tv I was so excited to see his life since he didn't get a happy ending in friends like his co stars did.. Matt Leblanc himself is a great actor, but the other actors sucked, they weren't funny at all

  • Sahil Shaikh
    Sahil Shaikh

    Watch full 1st episode of joey click here :

  • Lars

    wait.. she's playing Gina ( Joey's biological sister ) and she asked her brother to touch her tits ? i though that kind of stuff only happened in porn

  • MrAzotor

    Hello Adriana

  • MedinaMcKee

    So why is the Cab Driver from Dallas in the background when Joey lands in LA?

  • 90AlmostFamous

    I always wondered what happened to one of sisters numbnutz husband

  • Anuj Shrestha
    Anuj Shrestha

    They watched the friends so much that they need those 5 too no matter what....also this is different show why the hell people watched it as the continuation from friends?

  • Caio Costa Lopes
    Caio Costa Lopes

    Eu te amo Bruna oliveira. Todo mundo q entrar aqui vai ver isso

  • BlackfireVatsal

    Boobs are a great investment lol they get the job done


    Joey's sister is hot as hell

  • The R
    The R

    i honestly thought this was from friends

  • Summer Kenady
    Summer Kenady

    Nope, not funny...I don’t feel that vibe. It seems boring even if Matt is starring in it. Matt can’t complete the show without David, Jennifer, Matthew, Phoebe and Monica. Together they create a memorable sitcom that can still be watched and laugh for centuries.

    • PrincessA

      David directed one episode

    • MrParkerman6

      You aren't penske material!

    • Penske Material
      Penske Material

      Arab Selenators 😂

    • Penske Material
      Penske Material

      Lisa and Courtney lol

  • Jessica Días
    Jessica Días

    Hard to believe would move out since he was so afraid of changes! And he wouldn't have left the baby duck and baby chicken behind

    • pluto

      they're dead

  • Sari Putri
    Sari Putri

    Oh no! I regreted opening this one. Ok bye. Joey is still in NY with ross, rachel, phobe and mike. He met his future wife, a model with 2 children in 2005. Joey also has a good carrer. This is fake Joey.

    • Arthur Dsouza
      Arthur Dsouza

      @MrParkerman6 Mike went on to marry the Wasp

    • MrParkerman6

      No, he stayed in New York but never married. Mike was hit by a bus and killed.

  • Khaled Alebraheem
    Khaled Alebraheem

    How many sisters does joey have

    • Tabitha Mares-Diaz
      Tabitha Mares-Diaz

      Khaled Alebraheem 7

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas

    Before she hooked up with Tony soprano’s cousin

  • YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR


  • The Jew
    The Jew

    It sucks that you saw NONE of he other friends in this show at all. No other guest appearances or nothing. Very disappointing.

  • DoggiLicious Gurl
    DoggiLicious Gurl

    I ACTUALLY thought this was friends 😂😂

  • Mahjoubi Marwa
    Mahjoubi Marwa

    i just can't accept the fact that joey is alone not with his friends it's just sad i can't watch this

  • prashant sharma
    prashant sharma

    Can someone tell me was this show a hit or how many seasons did this go on

    • MrParkerman6

      It was NEVER a massive hit, dumbass! That's why it was cancelled in the second season and not All of the episodes even aired! It was a HUGE flop.

    • Chip Douglas
      Chip Douglas

      It was a massive hit. It was more hit than friends. Nearly 500 millions americans watched it every hour. It was just one big hit

    • kimmy cuthbert
      kimmy cuthbert

      prashant sharma 2

  • Sümeyra Tomruk
    Sümeyra Tomruk

    Adriana la cerva 😎

  • joey Leverton
    joey Leverton

    Joey should have left while friends was still going, maybe it would have had a chance and less desperate.

  • Kyuu Onetwo
    Kyuu Onetwo

    this isn't friends...

    • Chisnehzim

      Kyuu Onetwo Are you a sorcerer???

  • Amartya Roy
    Amartya Roy

    The main reason this show failed because people expected the level of all the 6 in this but it was actually done by 1 so couldn't match with that level

  • Nia 87
    Nia 87

    What song is this? As the backsound of this scene

  • eldrugoalex

    Silvio killed Joey's sister!

  • Samuel Maturino
    Samuel Maturino


  • Chesca Rodriguez C,
    Chesca Rodriguez C,

    It wasn't really bad, it's just more people or fans of FRIENDS weren't ready for it yet and haven't really moved on from the show. I am a big fan of friends too and Joey is my fave character,but I stopped watching by 3rd episode because I just couldn't picture him without the others.Years passed and I tried watching more episodes of Joey and realized it's still funny and good. May not be as good as Friends but still fine.

  • Shreyas Purohit
    Shreyas Purohit

    What show is this

  • Il capo di tutti capi
    Il capo di tutti capi

    This was actually a good show i don't understand why they stopped filming it,Drea and Paulo were great,Joey obviosly i think people hated it cuz they expected to see FRIENDS in some episodes,atleast Chandler his best buddy!!!

  • Silent wraith
    Silent wraith

    This pursed me off they shouldn't of made an solo show about joey it makes no sense y he would move out of new York even though Monica and Chandler moved I wish friends were still going

  • Sandeep

    They're not doing justice to joey

  • Dark Cool
    Dark Cool

    It's an okay show, but it is quite nostalgic.

  • Don v
    Don v

    I actually dont think it was that bad, i was 23-25 min of entertainment like friends....

  • Hima

    what's the name of this show

    • kimmy cuthbert
      kimmy cuthbert

      Hima did you not read the title?

    • Ikhlas Marta Dharma
      Ikhlas Marta Dharma

      Hima joey

  • sweetlife031

    It's crazy to think that this was written by at least a few of the team of writers, and the same director of FRIENDS (Kevin Bright) directed this...and yet it flopped massively, it's sad :( There should've been a spinoff with the Bings :)

    • Vex

      Joe McKim mostly because they emasculated joey, they made him insecure. That’s what Matt Leblanc hated, had David crane been writing it probably would’ve succeeded

    • Joe McKim
      Joe McKim

      I think one of the problems of Joey was the character didn't really work as the main lead of a show. His character was great as one of the 6 main leads of a show but to have the whole show built around him kind of over exposed the character.

    • thatoneguy

      sweetlife031 David Schwimmer also directed a few of the episodes! He should’ve made an appearance!!!

    • aditi s
      aditi s

      sweetlife031 Yeah! The adventures of the Bings!! 😁😜

  • Wahy Tanha
    Wahy Tanha

    plastic shit

  • Tarun Cousik
    Tarun Cousik

    So Adriana didn't die?

  • M. Al Rawahy
    M. Al Rawahy

    Bad and boring show

    • Helen O connor
      Helen O connor

      No it’s not fuck up

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