Joey Learning English
Tu rki
friends Matt LeBlanc Jennifer Aniston Rachel Green Monica Geller Matthew Perry Chandler Bing

  • Shrekasaur TV
    Shrekasaur TV

    Wait which episode is this ive watched all of them but never saw this

  • lil_frenchbulldog

    This is so stupid

  • Clippis

    This is from Joey!!!

  • Khalid

    Is Renada supposed to be Indian?

  • King Davinski
    King Davinski

    I almost rewatched friends for the 100th time

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant

    At 1:11 on the wall left of the door.... is that Miss Vagina?! This classroom must be sex ed during the day.

  • I KY
    I KY

    Joey are stupi

  • Girlinblack

    Ah yes, I too learned the subjunctive tense and how to count to ten at the same time

  • Sepehr Darvishi
    Sepehr Darvishi


  • Shiru

    So I was confused at first...but comments make it clear

  • Paramita Dutta
    Paramita Dutta

    Its from Joey (the spin off) .

  • 𝕸𝖆𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖑
    𝕸𝖆𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖑

    Wait. Mo Collins???

  • Rustam Bahodirov
    Rustam Bahodirov


  • Nouha Belmahi
    Nouha Belmahi

    8,9million views? Damn that's impressive

  • Rekha Sharma
    Rekha Sharma

    9 years later it's in my recommendations.

  • قناة ماتركس العالميه عالم بين يديك
    قناة ماتركس العالميه عالم بين يديك

    Hi, can I know the number of this episode in any part of the Friends series?

    • Masud Rana
      Masud Rana


  • Ss Ss
    Ss Ss

    I thought it was too vulgar. Wasn't enjoying the joey

  • Krish Vaidya
    Krish Vaidya

    How come nobody from friends is in the joeys show

  • Andres Bastidas
    Andres Bastidas

    I feel bad for the guy

  • C J
    C J


  • sukizebra

    This appeared in my recommended 9 years after!!! Whaaaat

  • Dominic J A
    Dominic J A

    I liked the show joey and that blonde chick was hot af!!!

  • Artistic Noodle
    Artistic Noodle

    This was the first scene I ever saw of friends which made me watch the show and already have my favorite character be Joey

    • Masud Rana
      Masud Rana

      It was not from friends

  • aaron01au

    Oh I'm in the right place

  • Satwik Rai
    Satwik Rai

    Anybody has *Joey series Link* Please tell it to me both S1 and S2.

  • Debora Mejia
    Debora Mejia

    I dont remember this in friends

  • kashaf zahra
    kashaf zahra


  • Daniel Clarke
    Daniel Clarke

    Are you want me died for laughing??? 😂

  • Yugvijay

    I Remember being confused for not seeing this on friends lol

  • Janelle

    I like in the description how they name everyone correctly except for Courtney Cox and they just say Monica geller 😂

  • rasha alghamdi
    rasha alghamdi

    Why is this not on Netflix?


    Joey is not stupid.... He knows 56 states

  • Fahmi Oussama
    Fahmi Oussama

    2:57 hahahhahahaha

  • milly browns
    milly browns

    i realised this isn’t in FRIENDS haha

  • Phillip Fry
    Phillip Fry

    Forgot how bad this show was but Haha

  • Ellie Reynolds
    Ellie Reynolds

    What program is this?

  • Jian Li
    Jian Li

    0 a crown globe

  • Colburn Classroom
    Colburn Classroom

    They went from counting numbers to the subjunctive tense real fast.

  • Amina Amina
    Amina Amina

    In which episode that scene?

  • Othman Barkatt
    Othman Barkatt

    This is not from friends this is from Joey tv series so,I guess we know who " is stupid "now huh Tu rki 😆😆😆

  • Fenja_27

    Wait where is this from? I never saw this in friends

  • khaleesi 1
    khaleesi 1

    Oh I love this scene. Watching 827373773nd times

  • Daniele Frolovaite
    Daniele Frolovaite

    I dont remember this episode

  • CC doggie lover
    CC doggie lover

    13 14 15

  • Rip Bob ross
    Rip Bob ross

    Good luck guessing why this has almost no likes.


    Which series iscthis!?

  • Lully Maharani
    Lully Maharani

    “Oh, Joey, make love to me toniFt”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sea Ocean
    Sea Ocean

    He s sick son of the pitch

  • Jose Musiquero
    Jose Musiquero

    This is so funny!

  • high艾迈德

    when it comes to grammar, natives suck😆

  • Orlando Alfaro
    Orlando Alfaro

    That feminist character...

  • Ghazali

    My fav line "Joey IS stupid"😂

  • osama Ghassan
    osama Ghassan

    Joey is, stupid Renada!

  • borhan antar
    borhan antar

    Which is the espisode in Friends 'serial ?

  • zierick van haeringen
    zierick van haeringen

    Is this in friends

  • Simon Lin
    Simon Lin

    he is Joey.. period... all the time... regardless in Friends or not...

  • Marc Pallarès
    Marc Pallarès

    Hola clase

  • Anwesha Goel
    Anwesha Goel

    Is this from S2 cause I have watched S1 and don't remember it

  • Laura Padron
    Laura Padron

    a whole show about thank you but i love ya joe

  • Jian Li
    Jian Li

    Big and stupid now he's going to iraq

  • Drmohand abuayyash
    Drmohand abuayyash

    make laugh to me tonift

  • Amin Amiri
    Amin Amiri

    0:42 Jake Sparrows impression from pirates of Caribbean😂🙌

  • Eva Hoekstra
    Eva Hoekstra

    this wasn't in friends, is it?

  • luci fer
    luci fer

    Whitch eps is this???????

  • Erdoğan Bingöl
    Erdoğan Bingöl

    What's the name of tv series?

  • Ahmet Temur
    Ahmet Temur

    They are learning how to count but they can undetstand the teacher? Wtf?

    • Daniel Johnson
      Daniel Johnson

      Because the teacher is English. Listening is a lot of easier than writing, speaking, spelling, etc.. For example, you typed undetstand, but people still "understand" you.

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry

      Yeah, when I was younger I knew a teeny tiny bit of Spanish, but could count to ten in Spanish and a few other words. I would not have understood someone speaking Spanish, especially at a normal pace. I took some French in High School. I knew how to count while we were still in the beginning part where the teacher taught in English other than the words we were learning that day. Teaching the entire class in French before we knew how to count in French would have been a disaster even if she spoke in a slower pace.

  • Anastasia Zakharova
    Anastasia Zakharova

    When English isn't your native language and you're watching this, who else? 😂

    • lamar osama
      lamar osama


    • Laura Peláez
      Laura Peláez

      Same. And i felt so good when i answered the question about verbs with "were" and it was correct haha. I felt smarter than a native person, Joey, hahaha

    • Kişisel Gelişim
      Kişisel Gelişim

      my english is super anastasia you can talk with me

    • Hjockzi


    • Marlena Pallido
      Marlena Pallido

      Yeah, it's quite entertaining practicing English with Joey!

  • Adi Adi
    Adi Adi

    Which episode is it?

  • Bohater Maja xd
    Bohater Maja xd

    If I were 😂

  • Puppy Unicorn21
    Puppy Unicorn21

    ...when is this?

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