Joey Learning English
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  • jesse Killpack
    jesse Killpack

    anyone else just cringing at subjunctive tense instead of subjunctive mood

  • General Guile
    General Guile

    I wonder what happen in them other timelines

  • Rachel wo
    Rachel wo

    Which season is it?

  • Yanger Aier
    Yanger Aier

    The most overrated show....not talent mediocre piece of shit

  • zahir shahid
    zahir shahid

    Make lough to me to nift

  • Xzylophonics

    Jesus compared to Friends this show was fucking aids

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar

    Mind your language, it is similar to that show

  • SaidBandz

    Isn’t dat Angel from house of Payne if yk you know

  • RED-X 95
    RED-X 95

    Wait which episode is this?

  • Werewolf Lycan
    Werewolf Lycan

    “Joey are stupid.” 🎶

  • Armando De Aliaga
    Armando De Aliaga

    That bitch was really hot

  • BuffNaturesWrath

    Borris: 11...12 Joey: i’m finna end this man whole career

  • Balkrishna Joshi
    Balkrishna Joshi

    That is good english!😂😉

  • ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ
    ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ

    Wait I watched every season why didn’t I see this before, what episode and season is this?

    • sagnik ghosh
      sagnik ghosh

      @CC Moreno no it's not. It's from Friends.

    • CC Moreno
      CC Moreno

      Yeah no problem

    • ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ
      ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ

      CC Moreno thank you so much

    • CC Moreno
      CC Moreno

      Oh this is Joey's show (the spinoff of Friends)

  • H L
    H L

    where is this from? this isn’t from friends

    • Mmm

      Spinoff show

  • Manda Panda
    Manda Panda

    So many dumbass people think that this is the cooking class episode from Friends lol do y’all see Joey cooking at all? No and you also don’t see Monica in this episode this is not Friends this is Joey dumbass people y’all are fake fans

  • ReL aX
    ReL aX

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • James Field
    James Field

    THIS IS SO FUNNY i can't remember this episode oh It's Joey

  • Kamalpreet Singh
    Kamalpreet Singh

    That bitch could make love with a freakin dictionary if she wanted.

  • Rafaela Dinis
    Rafaela Dinis

    What episode

  • Earth to Rocket
    Earth to Rocket

    I don’t think this is FRIENDS though...I think this is the spinoff “Joey.”

  • ciociaro irrequiete
    ciociaro irrequiete

    i dont care what people say..."Joey" was good and it should have ran for 10 seasons (if it were up to me)

  • Arturo Pastran
    Arturo Pastran

    That's why my parent told me English opens many doors, hahaha


    Matt as..."Joey" for president I would vote!!!...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Counting and speaking are totally different things .I can speak German but I still don't know the number very well .

  • Anup Kalarikkal
    Anup Kalarikkal

    Which episode is this, and how the fck I cant remember of this scene

    • Buddingtonandsuzington official
      Buddingtonandsuzington official

      Anup Kalarikkal it’s not friends it’s the tv show JOEY

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh

    That's the confidence i need "joey is stupid renata"


    sorry I did not watch this episode, in which season's episode is this????

    • Buddingtonandsuzington official
      Buddingtonandsuzington official

      ASHISH JOSHI VaMpAnGjLoEwEl it’s not friends it’s the tv show joey

  • الفراشة Butterfly
    الفراشة Butterfly

    i like this Joey *are* stupid Joey *is* stupid Renata

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue

    Joey are stupid 😂 that killed me

  • Lifeify

    Monica is stuck on *seven*

  • deGamers

    **Thirteen fourteen fifteen**

  • Houssem Dada
    Houssem Dada

    tonift 🤣

  • Iloveponies20 AJ Aj
    Iloveponies20 AJ Aj

    This was never in an episode

    • Christa Morse
      Christa Morse

      Iloveponies20 AJ Aj Joey. Spin-off of Friends.

    • Iloveponies20 AJ Aj
      Iloveponies20 AJ Aj

      Christa Morse on what

    • Christa Morse
      Christa Morse

      Iloveponies20 AJ Aj Yeah it was.

  • shidbot420

    Who's "Joe"y?

  • علاوي الاسدي
    علاوي الاسدي

    We can make some *laugh* tonight 😐

  • JagBrit

    Never seen this, and I thought I've seen all the episodes

    • Christa Morse
      Christa Morse

      It’s not from Friends.

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha

      It's from the Joey spin off series

  • VixXstazosJOB

    With the internet being a common thing now... this is ALMOST non existant once you're an urban Latino

  • Hugo Durand
    Hugo Durand


  • Free Netflix
    Free Netflix

    What show is this

    • Christa Morse
      Christa Morse


  • Sait Ravaç
    Sait Ravaç

    Feels like a part of Friends

  • Aa Gg
    Aa Gg

    I should do this

  • syed taher
    syed taher

    It's hard to picture him outta friends series. Anyway it's not.

  • yash rathore
    yash rathore

    Whicj episode is this

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar

    Which season is this??

  • Shariq Zamani
    Shariq Zamani

    This scene is ingenious!!!

  • Circe Pereira
    Circe Pereira


  • _jeff _
    _jeff _

    Hey how you doin

  • Giant Malik
    Giant Malik

    Mind your language have been far better show than this

  • charulata waghmare
    charulata waghmare

    "Joooeyyy are stupiiid"! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Flor Conte
    Flor Conte

    does anyone knows what chapter it is? i can’t find it💔

    • lunatic guy
      lunatic guy

      This is the Joey show that was made after the end of friends !

  • Akshay Nagpal
    Akshay Nagpal


  • Zarra Saphire
    Zarra Saphire

    Joey you can speak propper English of course

  • kk song
    kk song

    Why is it “if I were”?

  • hiba mohammad
    hiba mohammad


  • Seddik AZIRI
    Seddik AZIRI

    Wich episode & seson plz

  • ibrahim kobani
    ibrahim kobani

    What is the number of this episode?

  • Will Cat
    Will Cat

    Counting to ten..? This is what yall think ESL class is like? 😂

  • Toomy Alelyani
    Toomy Alelyani

    Joey iiiiissss stupid!!!

  • Даниил Баранов
    Даниил Баранов

    I show this to my students during lessons :)

  • syihab aldin
    syihab aldin

    The girl: Oh Joey make a love with me tonif(ght). Joey: That is a good English

  • I’m Crazyer than you
    I’m Crazyer than you

    What season

    • Valentin Caffareta
      Valentin Caffareta

      La once

  • Concerned One
    Concerned One

    That were ghunny.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Nobody: IT-my: *ight let’s put this in your recommendations*

  • canturk yilmaz
    canturk yilmaz

    This is from Friends not from Joey. Don't misinform people if you don't know for sure

    • Christa Morse
      Christa Morse

      It absolutely was not from Friends and was a spin-off show of Friends. Get your facts straight.

  • Leo Sid
    Leo Sid

    Why did it showed on my timeline? And all these FRIENDS related videos also showing these days. Why? What sorcery is this?

  • bicknell67

    Isnt this from Joey a spinoff of Friends?

  • Maverick

    haha i remember this show. i cant believe it was cancelled after 2 seasons. sure it was no friends but it still got some laughs like this one

  • BadAtArt

    Joey just crushed that guys dreams of impressing that girl

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