Jon Jones REFUSES to fight Stipe Miocic, NEW FOOTAGE of Diego Sanchez-Joshua Fabia training, Hardy
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MICHAEL CHANDLER posts new sparring footage ahead of UFC 262 fight with Charles Oliveira
RASHAD EVANS on the Diego Sanchez - Joshua Fabia saga
DANA WHITE confirms the winner of McGregor vs. Poirier 3 will probably fight for the title next
JON JONES refuses to fight Stipe Miocic
NEW FOOTAGE of Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia weird training
DAN HARDY asks for UFC release, talks potential return to MMA
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  • LP

    Jones’ legs tho...

  • Eelco Blaauw
    Eelco Blaauw

    How did Diego not recognize that Fabia is a fucking lunatic and has no idea what he's doing?

  • W

    Bahahahahahahahaha watta joker

  • Spookrockcity

    How anyone could consider Jones for GOAT status is beyond me. Dude is a massive joke and his legacy has already crumbled pretty badly. Even Dana is basically "take the money or leave it chump" at this point.

  • T Rich
    T Rich

    John Jones’s legs tho 😂😂

  • Peter Mercado
    Peter Mercado

    Jones was wise.

  • Cruz Guzman
    Cruz Guzman

    Fabia smacked his ass

  • KAH TV
    KAH TV

    Fabio should be in jail for treating Diego like that

  • KAH TV
    KAH TV

    I'm not fighting stipe no matter what 😡

  • Bryan Matheny
    Bryan Matheny

    This made Jones look week AF!

  • Myron Tate
    Myron Tate

    He wants to be like Israel Adesanya coming in on a new weight class Trynna fight the Champion 😂😂😂😂

  • J G C
    J G C

    Nen training by Joshua Fabia

  • Akihi Yep
    Akihi Yep

    Dana Please kick off this John Jones n never let him enter the octagon even if he come for begging ,who do he think he is , deciding if he wants 2 fight 1 humm

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport

    Release the thug Jon jones. We don’t need him, he brought nothing but negativity to the mma community.

  • Jamie Chase
    Jamie Chase

    I think I’m done with the ufc. I was considering taking a long vacation and catching a few fights. As a Army Veteran- retired and recipient of an MBA from a top 50 school, current government contractor, I can’t respect Dana White’s appreciation of lowballing Jon Jones or any fighter of his pedigree. When you bragged about Trump watching your fights, I should have known you subscribed to his mentality. You pay them but nothing compared to boxing and your numbers are better. You seem to be bigoted like most owners and that is your choice. I can choose not to be a customer. I have plenty and I’ll find new vices

  • Iwatchyoutube

    How is this idiot making videos of mma when he doesn't even know how to pronounce the organization he's reporting about? "Risen"? Really guy? I really like the ooh FC as well

  • Bryan Grubbs
    Bryan Grubbs

    No lie that’s hard to watch.

  • Sasha Will
    Sasha Will

    “You over there playing touch butt with that dork in the park”

  • Paul Garcia
    Paul Garcia

    Wtf...I feel embarrassed for Diego. Poor guy just lost it.

  • ntuj ceeb tsheej
    ntuj ceeb tsheej

    Jones is scared of stipe

  • Shylow Swift
    Shylow Swift

    Dan who? .... wait Matt and Jeff Hardy’s unknown brother? Wait Dan who?

  • Larnciel darknciel
    Larnciel darknciel

    who the fuck he thinks he is Master Rochi?

  • Joseph Romo
    Joseph Romo

    BDSM.... Anybody? Just saying. Diego is brainwashed.

  • Marko vanbaston
    Marko vanbaston

    This guy probably convinces people to drink his spunk so they can have his powers

  • Tomasz Feret
    Tomasz Feret

    That's racist John...


    Jones should just go away...

  • Dalton Hilfirty
    Dalton Hilfirty

    If Porier wins, title shot. If McGreg wins, he should fight Benny.

  • Dominic Driman
    Dominic Driman

    Have to learn how to pronounce Miocic though...

  • Kyle Christian
    Kyle Christian

    Sanchez must really have brain damage if he is listening to this tool of a coach. I feel bad for him kind of.

  • Space Age Shakespeare
    Space Age Shakespeare

    I predict Jones will get problems with his intestines 😴 Same as GSP did when he tried to artificially add unnatural weight to his body. It requires you to eat so much all the time in order to be able to train hard and not just burn the energy and actually build big gains in musculature. Especially if you're someone who already trains hard. If your body doesn't naturally build from a good diet and hard training, then trying to bulk like this could have bad consequences. It's one thing to bulk up, another to also train the way these guys do and keep growing. It will stress the intestines.

  • D H
    D H

    Why was in not Dustin v Gaethje, for title. Instead of Olivera v Chandler?


    Jones is an absolute crackhead.

  • Isham2 W
    Isham2 W

    1:41 next lesson bring, out the sponges." Wax on with the left, wax off with the right".

  • Matthew Normand
    Matthew Normand

    Some real Jedi training

  • Erind

    Sounds like Dan Hardy wants to be removed from the USADA testing pool 😂 fancies his chances in middleweight and lhw bouts, sounds like he plans on getting yolked! Good on him, would be tough to deal with new up and coming fighters at his age after a 10 year lay off. Good move imo

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart

    Jon Jones straight throwing out Dr Evil numbers knowing damn well Dana isn't going to pay that much money.

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart

    Diego and Joshua training videos have become my guilty pleasure.

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    A cult of two. Dead serious too. He cut off his family?? Cult.

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    The white dude next to Jones apparently suffers from the same disease that Jon has. The one that attacks the calve muscles.

  • Ryan Shenefelt
    Ryan Shenefelt

    Diego thinking he’s a Jedi over here

  • Don Williamson
    Don Williamson

    Rumble vs Stipe

  • Don Williamson
    Don Williamson

    Izzy didn’t deserve to fight Jan but got it anyway... Jones has earned a title fight at HW

    • Zack Floore
      Zack Floore

      Lemme ask you this. Why didn’t Izzy deserve a fight with Jan ? What did Izzy do/not do to make you come to that asanine conclusion?

  • Miguel Emmanuel
    Miguel Emmanuel

    U Probably get Diego ‘a unedited version of training on his only fans page

  • Likewise4Gaming

    Some non repeated concussive training this time. Moving up in the world Diego 😂

  • Gary Brooks
    Gary Brooks

    /we all love you Diego. That's why this hurts just as much as it's funny. You're still a legend.

  • Randy Batchelor
    Randy Batchelor

    Guys can say what they want about Dieago Sanchez. training with Fabian but hey it's his life his career and his choice to obviously trust the training he's getting from fabia...i actually like the training method I seen here although I think it should not have been should have been a secret, so watch and see how this all plays out and you might be getting laughed at yourself for doubting...just sad so many haters everywhere and think dieago should be left alone and let him live his life

  • Fl78digz FL78digz
    Fl78digz FL78digz

    Jones lol how original Rampage said that… just saying

  • Brandon Lampkin
    Brandon Lampkin

    Jon channeled his bros offensive lineman body!!! He should tryout for an TE or DE in the NFL if Dana doesn’t want to pay him 🤑🤑🤑

  • jiujitsuboxer

    Watching Diego makes me sad.

  • TheReal LZA
    TheReal LZA

    I saw diego,i clicked immediately

  • Tommo 77
    Tommo 77

    Hey,Jon has a gut like mine now..I can finally relate to him🤣

  • Ryan Shapiro
    Ryan Shapiro

    He preparing for when tony blows sand in his eyes and a rattlesnake tags in

  • kriminal012

    It’s like they watched too many JCVD movies

  • shogrran

    if jones is looking for the biggest draw theres always jake paul. Whatever happens in that fight.... everybody wins.

  • shogrran

    dan hardy is still signed?! as what? an official whiner?

  • C Davenport
    C Davenport

    The man is a beast......but I don't think anyone has backed out of as many fights as John.

  • xPiriyahx

    Drop jones

  • Tyrant O'Fynder
    Tyrant O'Fynder

    The fucked up thing is that there is literally Zero qualifications needed to be an MMA coach. Which to me is INSANE.

  • Dissent Content
    Dissent Content

    Jones is a washed up criminal steroid addict who is scared to fight. Why is he still even being discussed? Stipe and Ngannou would both beat him, and he clearly knows it.

  • Anders

    I need more Max Holloway in my life.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B


  • N4thk

    Dan Hardy should fight for BMF ppv........take my money!!!!

  • RT

    Everyone: Jon Jones is fat Me: Damn I must be obese now…

  • Jupiter Kai’
    Jupiter Kai’

    I’m not saying Jon Jones looks slow at heavy weight, but he looks SLOW at heavyweight.

  • Albert Morales
    Albert Morales

    Jones is just trying to troll enough to garner enough attention to get that major pay out thru ppv buys Deny enough to make fans pissed that he isn’t just getting in there So that once he is Everyone will be anticipating your foght

  • SuperMoto Fudge
    SuperMoto Fudge

    Diego is out of his mind!

  • SuperMoto Fudge
    SuperMoto Fudge

    Joshua fabia is a meth addict

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    So wait, are you telling me my mom has been training me all my life? Thanks mom!

  • JBI Tile
    JBI Tile

    Tired of hearing about jon jones. He good but his fights are never to exciting he wins by grinding. When have we seen jones ko someone or even less rock someone. When has jones ever sold 1 mil ppv never. Who cares

  • Brett DW Music
    Brett DW Music

    I would love to hear how he brings these ideas up to Diego

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