Jorge Masvidal gives his prediction for fight with Kamaru Usman this Saturday at UFC 251,Ben Askren
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Jorge Masvidal on The DMF Kamaru Usman,
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An UFC Octagon on the BEACH!,

Paul Felder leaves for Abu Dhabi,

Ngannou makes his pick for Usman vs Msavidal,

Ben Askren enjoying Masvidal fight week,

Hermansson training for Gastelum,

Javier Mendez believes Ferguson didn't show up against Gaethje,
Courtesy Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast EP#61

Jorge Msavidal gives his prediction for UFC 251,
Checkout 'Ariel Helwani's MMA SHOW'

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  • Erick R
    Erick R

    There was no beach, that sucked

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Masvidal: My pinky toe 🤣

  • Prof M
    Prof M

    I told you so, don’t look at hype, look at total skill set, King Kamaru, all day!!

  • alanmeires

    Masvidal you got to respect him. Someone who has come from back garden fighting to being flown around in a private jet and being at the top in MMA he ant no man to fuck around with.

  • Pasco5098 Wa
    Pasco5098 Wa

    Can't wait to see masvidal making pig noises 🐷🐽🐽🐖


    So the coronavirus is non effective on UFC fighters. No epidemic .....pass it around

  • James

    I just gotta say it, Askren got UTTERLY DESTROYED


    Masvidal tha G

  • brian green
    brian green

    Well he's right about the ko but it will be him put to sleep

  • Lucas Mendoza
    Lucas Mendoza


  • David Boles
    David Boles

    Masvidal is hungry as fuck usman I dont c as hungry just maintaining his title gambred be in the war for a while and he set out to make this happen I dont c him subsiding at this point I wish him the best god to be with masvidal I really want to c u raise that gold u deserve it!

  • Escobar Rich
    Escobar Rich

    I’m a fan of askren after seeing ye 2020 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CommaderOntari

    I mean, Justin did pull a dirty rat move and hired Tony’s former teammates to train with so don’t forget that too

  • kyle steverson
    kyle steverson

    I don’t think they are actually fighting in the cage by the beach though

  • Ron

    Masvidal is absolutely right. Usman is a damn 🦉

  • Kiree Potter
    Kiree Potter

    2:52 looks like a tekken stage

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    I can't wait to spend 90 bucks to just see masvidal beat the bricks off of this dude...

    • m mirreh
      m mirreh

      LMAOOO watching the fight for free and Usman win Priceless !

  • E Miller
    E Miller

    Still cocky Masvidal better focus, this fight could be his hardest.

  • Ender369

    Conor retired BECAUSE he was afraid of the competition. His brand cant take another loss. Dana White lapdog

  • Criss Burns
    Criss Burns

    Win or lose Masvidal fights Diaz next. Jorge and Nate's rivalry has the chance to eclipse Nate's two fights with Conor.

  • Off The Cuff Podcast.
    Off The Cuff Podcast.

    Masvidal gonna get knocked out by kumaru

  • xLHk

    “WHO?” 🦉

  • F Santos
    F Santos

    Gzus man stfu and accept fergusson got he's ass kicked.

  • Lion Master
    Lion Master

    Usman all the way

  • Rando Calrissian
    Rando Calrissian

    shouldn't of got knocked the fuck out then ben

  • Timothy Brake
    Timothy Brake

    Ben Askren sure is taking that epic ko like a champ. Plain acknowledging what happened and being funny about it 👍

  • Jarod McDonald
    Jarod McDonald

    Nothing but biased opinions here

  • George Tusha
    George Tusha

    Nightmare become sweet dreams😜

  • Sepa9

    Masvidal will get the job done!

  • Christof Chrstoferson
    Christof Chrstoferson

    This will be worse than askren ko masvidal will probably ko him ref stops it but still choke uswomen out even after that

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    Masvidal counting usman out downplaying his skill means he wont know how to handle it when it comes. Usman has come across as a twat like woodley in an age where guys that arent the spotlight guys try to get paid and act like mini McGregor, but his fighting skill will have masvidal rethinking

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    Love Diaz but if you cant finish him you're 10, as in 5 through 10. Masvidal ain't ever gonna be top 3. Amazing fighter but NOT elite.. and Usman could have fans if he had masvidals personality. Why cant we have Kamaru Masvidal. Both will get beat and the division will give way to the true welterweight champs SOON and for the next 3 or 5 years!

  • Smoke ThaProfessor
    Smoke ThaProfessor

    This is the fight we ben askren for

  • Craig D Jones
    Craig D Jones

    Masvidal actually hates Usman for being pretty much exactly how he is verbally and actions. Except I never seen Usman walk up and sucker punch another fighter in public with his hands down.

  • Jonny Mac
    Jonny Mac

    Whether you like Masvidal or not, you have to respect him. He fought his entire life and is one of the only fighters that REALLY enjoys fighting. He is as real as a fighter can get.

  • blue Ice
    blue Ice

    Usman's just salty Masvadal sells more tickets/ppv and is getting more attention despite him being the champ. In this sport it's important to make sure you're bigger than a belt so that way you don't depend on it to sell.

  • L B
    L B

    Usmans a clown, Masvidal is right, he thinks he’s Gods gift to mma. Usman better not try and stand with him. Let’s not forget Masvidal KEPT Maia from submitting him, and carried him on his back for the last round. He’s no slouch in the ground.

  • jiarong chan
    jiarong chan

    Jorge is drama king he will lose

  • Mike Ferrante
    Mike Ferrante

    Weight cuts didn't hurt Tony. He's just not as good as he thinks.

  • Derek Bonin
    Derek Bonin

    Fighting outside might throw some of these guys off, I don't know but it will be different

  • J Gemini
    J Gemini

    While the fight goes on in the ring I'll be fishing on that beautiful beach. When my bell rings my fight begins in the ocean.

  • Aaron Neville
    Aaron Neville

    Are they gonna fight in the heat outside?

  • Lambo Lambo
    Lambo Lambo

    I bet the UFC bought Jeffery Epstein island for a good deal after they killed his ass lol !! That be fcked up

  • chevyboy37

    Masvidal is gonna straight work usman, i don't think anyone can beat masvidal at the moment

  • oscuro bissh
    oscuro bissh

    Jorge M.

  • Michael Van Dyck
    Michael Van Dyck

    Should be a dog fight. Masvidal hasnt won 4 fights in a row since 2008. He's won his last 3

  • sk8punk318

    I don’t think it should be outside. I feel like they would fight a little better inside unless they plan on putting some tent up but still.

  • HoneyChai

    Jorge saying Usman looks like a porn star and he's wearing a pink bath robe lol

  • Brody N.
    Brody N.

    Can someone explain to me how Tony cut weight twice? How do you do that twice? Cause I’m with Javier Mendez when he said like that was not Tony Ferguson in that fight. Hasn’t lost a fight in like 8 years and yet was completely dominated. So sad he didn’t get to fight Khabib.

  • cool boy
    cool boy

    Man if it rain how it will fight

  • cool boy
    cool boy

    Cnt wait im dieng to watch this fight

  • Ladie’sMan 1990
    Ladie’sMan 1990

    Idk masvidal has to lose a dub in 7 days fuck

  • Ladie’sMan 1990
    Ladie’sMan 1990

    Jesus wins Nick comes back

  • PUBG pochinki Hunter
    PUBG pochinki Hunter

    Gameberd fuck his dirty asss !!!

  • Andrew Suh
    Andrew Suh

    Once Masvidal knocks outs Usman's ass out to inevitably get that title, it's The Second Coming

    • m mirreh
      m mirreh

      Stick to your day job buddy calling fight aint one of them lol

  • dan day
    dan day

    Stupid putting it out side will get blinded slightly by the sun and good night

  • Chris Garza
    Chris Garza

    J. M. Backwards M.J. something about those 2 letters that makes magic happen oh Magic Johnson or Michael Jackson or Mick Jagger Jorge gonna take of business again after all he is the BMF champion the man deserves respect he's earned it the hard way.

  • Imperial 562
    Imperial 562

    Someone gunna get Baptized 😂😂😂💯

  • dev sharma
    dev sharma


  • David Kudela
    David Kudela

    damn Jorge working that speed bag like a pro!

  • Ry F
    Ry F

    Ben askren is blacker than Bubba Smollet.

  • Brandon DeBella
    Brandon DeBella

    Jorge might be violent but he isn't stupid. Plus he's durable as fuck, I'm excited as fuck for this!

  • DisconsolateGamer

    I'm interested in how they will handle the sand on fight island, or if it would even be an issue. But having an octagon exposed to the elements like that seems like it could be a bad idea. Imagine having UFC get rained out like a football game lol

  • Looney Dank801
    Looney Dank801

    JM gonna Win. He a Bigger Beast Both Warriors but Jorge A Fucking Animal. All the hater would drop nuts face to face with Jorge. Good Fight!

  • Joseph Pate
    Joseph Pate

    Maavidal wins 2nd rd

  • John M
    John M

    Masvidal is a real one...I hope he wins..

  • GodFirst

    Does Masvidal still support tRump? Yeah as a real Latino I hope Usman ends his career.

  • Brando Westhafer
    Brando Westhafer

    This is serious that's why. The reason why he wants to fight him is because he loves to fight.

  • Thomas Hodis
    Thomas Hodis

    And what's wrong with people. Who the fuck says a guy that grew up in the streets fighting every day was scared??

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Dude....tony got beat up, plain and simple. Tony’s cardio was legit intact during the fight. He was able to take some effin bombs to the chin and kept fighting so saying it “affected his ability to take a shot “ is also ruled out. REVIEW: tony was perfectly able to take a shot, Tony’s cardio was not affected..... so what is the next excuse??

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