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Joyner Lucas
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  • Aaron Guadian
    Aaron Guadian

    Will Smith said this is fire.

  • Viizion ToZe
    Viizion ToZe

    Now wanna remix, with the man himself in there, come on will, throw some bars in there lol

  • Sniper

    Has no one realize he kissed a 5 year old

  • John Ward
    John Ward


  • MJ 12
    MJ 12

    Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when the cops catch you

  • Deanna Lee
    Deanna Lee


  • Royce's Rant
    Royce's Rant

    Why doesn’t good music have 20 million on first week?

  • matthew amoamo
    matthew amoamo

    This song is the Godly n the way he put the motives of Will was amazing Credit to Will Smith for the movies and Joyner Lucas for the ideas

  • Gary Reid
    Gary Reid

    I love it

  • Zednought HD
    Zednought HD

    Holy. Buddy just wants Will Smiths cock

  • Sincere Ways
    Sincere Ways

    A Classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brian Hoke
    Brian Hoke

    This song made me a fan of Will Smith!?

  • daniel mendoza
    daniel mendoza

    No seven pounds?? Dammnn

  • Just Your Everyday Panda with a Phone Williams
    Just Your Everyday Panda with a Phone Williams

    This dude is one of the most talented rappers I’ve ever heard, glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves

  • Nick Kellas
    Nick Kellas

    Best rapper of the 21st century

  • Culture Cough
    Culture Cough would be amazing if you gave it a listen

  • Jessvyka

    Did anyone els seen him spit when he kissed he son

  • Aaron Hadley
    Aaron Hadley

    We all in quarenteen and they in the studio spreading it

  • Ajiah

    *I hope my son will grow up like Jayden Or Will* Damn that's hard

  • Jessey Borg
    Jessey Borg

    Give 'em a rose while they still alive, The Motto 🔥

  • Цырен Юндунов
    Цырен Юндунов

    1:35 hancock?

  • nate mcneely
    nate mcneely

    This shit is hot🔥 big respect to Joyner and Will 👍🏼

  • Ricky Taylor
    Ricky Taylor

    He should have added Hancock in there too but fire video tho

  • M. Schwarz
    M. Schwarz

    Really cool video! Only I would've really liked to see a MIB reference.

  • Courtland Chaz
    Courtland Chaz

    One of my favorite songs will smith Is a true hero and idol. Seriously

  • Natsu 1240
    Natsu 1240

    Awesome song and video!!

  • YIKERS 77
    YIKERS 77


  • Arath Mora
    Arath Mora

    im starting to feel like will xD

  • Life A Beach
    Life A Beach

    This is sublime. Such a dope video. Great lyrics. This was fuckin amazing man...

  • katherine acopian
    katherine acopian

    Epic !! Love it

  • RomTheLegend

    Waiting for the Jaden Smith remix

  • Maxx S
    Maxx S


  • Jai Montgomery
    Jai Montgomery


  • Arnold Anderson
    Arnold Anderson

    Joyner bro I respect what you did for will bro✌️

  • Nicole_Nikki_ Clark
    Nicole_Nikki_ Clark


  • Shaylin Marie
    Shaylin Marie

    Dude this is mad respect. 👌🏻

  • Ben Vittitow
    Ben Vittitow

    Too bad his son is a idiotic peckerhead.

  • Barcelona 420
    Barcelona 420

    Man forgot focus That probably would've been the easiest movie to work into the lines

  • Nicholas Klugh
    Nicholas Klugh

    Bruh I’m mad af why you not include focus!!!!!!! Great song!!

  • ZekoTv™


  • Devo Thunder
    Devo Thunder

    That's the wild wild wesssss

  • SaKhi Nash
    SaKhi Nash

    🔥🔥🔥and the video made it better

  • itzAyden

    Will smith is a legend

  • Zero Whizdumb
    Zero Whizdumb

    I honestly believe that Mr. Smith didn't like Joyner's song. I'm sure that he enjoyed the "idea" of the music video and the tribute, but Lucas had some, IMO, undesirable lyrics that were added to the song (ex. I blow your chest through your head and back) Why was that in there? I'm extremely confused. Along with all of the "flexing" on his cars, money and disrespect to women. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Considering what Will Smith represents. Why didn't Joyner spit understanding and wisdom? Or wrongs that were made and how he made them right through the guidance of his idol Will Smith? Teachings that could have been given to his fans, friends and family. Knowledge amd Wisdom is the most important thing of all. Right? I have read a comment where someone said "anyone notice that he didn't curse, just like Will Smith didn't curse in his music?". You can easily paint a picture of evil and violence in the mind of the people without using "curse" words. Almost everyone knows the words that are undesirable and called "curse" words, and there are also a combinations of simple words that can easily be turned into "curses" (ex. I blow your chest to your head and back). Joyner Lucas, and of course along with Will Smith, are both extremely influential individuals. Words have an immense impact that reaches a broad spectrum of our being on an infinite amount of levels. You are a sell out if you sacrifice wisdom for fame.

    • C. Jaramillo
      C. Jaramillo

      Zero Whizdumb hold the L

  • Aldoff Hilter
    Aldoff Hilter

    This songs slaps harder than will with Rihanna

  • Nik

    will Smith: this mf spittin

  • B.iLL is Know One Special!
    B.iLL is Know One Special!

    Not a bad song, but anyone else notice Joyner borrowing DaBaby's flow and style on this?

  • streetghost

    Aye @2:03 her body bangin for real doe.

  • shiss27


  • abdul123 nabu
    abdul123 nabu

    Great to see Joyner Lucas giving credit to lower Willl Smith

  • streetghost

    What a beautiful tribute. Give em rose while they are still alive. 🌹 This song bumps on my phone, can't wait to run it back with some speakers or headphones! Good shit Joyner.

  • DON Studios
    DON Studios

  • James Savage
    James Savage

    He forgot enemy of the state Independent day

  • Kareem Freeman
    Kareem Freeman


  • Alien Abuser
    Alien Abuser

    The 8.5 people never grew up during fresh prince era

  • Al JC
    Al JC

    How’s man made a song about will smith

  • Ryan Guillen
    Ryan Guillen

    Jaden at home like wtf

  • richard fitzwell
    richard fitzwell

    Joyner the young legend . Soon to be g.o.a.t status. Keep slaying my dude 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LabLifeOrNoLife TV
    LabLifeOrNoLife TV

  • bobofficial

    this made me cry

  • Angel M
    Angel M

    This is....🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gentlebeast B.
    Gentlebeast B.

    respect to crank lucas for the beat!

  • Geek Cine Of Randy
    Geek Cine Of Randy

    And After Eart, Gemini Man, Suicide Squad, Ali and Hancock

  • OctagonJones


  • twinfromqueens

    Song and video of the year

  • Team uwu
    Team uwu

    9 pounds?

  • K3IZ

    Imma have to get that ADHD merch now!

  • Peppercorn Farm
    Peppercorn Farm

    Will smith is my favorite actor next to Jim Carrey. I’m so glad he made a song about him. This will be played when Will is gone

  • Shunsui Kyoraku
    Shunsui Kyoraku

    8.5K hatin ass Rogers

  • BJamAnimation

    What about Ali? He was great in that!

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