JR Smith Fights Guy For Breaking His Car Window & Destroying Car!
JR Smith Fights Guy Destroying He's Car & Breaking Windows! Los Angeles is one of several cities in the United States where protests have taken place over the death of Floyd, a black man who died last week in Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, kneeled on his neck for several minutes.
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  • Abe rubio jr
    Abe rubio jr

    you got to do what got to do!

  • Jaime Marquez
    Jaime Marquez

    What street did this assault occur on

  • hisjr

    So you see a suspect break a window, you then confront them. You pass judgment and issue punishment. THAT’S NOT JUSTIFIED! It’s ignorance. Physical force is rarely justified in the defense of property. If an officer responds, and makes no attempt to apprehend or subdue a suspect, but chooses to beat them and send them on their way, is that justice or injustice. There’s the difference between Justice and being a vigilante. This is another example of how members of our race and culture perceive their actions as correct but end up being placed in the Criminal Justice system.

  • Antonio Kim
    Antonio Kim

    Oh that make sense. And here I thought that minivan was his car...

  • Giovanni Leland
    Giovanni Leland

    This rec 😂😂😂

  • RT90s

    They blank out the parts where he called the guy a "white mother f#cker" while he's claiming it's not racial.... Imagine roles were reversed and Kevin Love was saying it's not racial I was just beating the "black mother f#cker" up..... Selective outrage gets us nowhere 🇺🇸🤡

  • Realist Pure
    Realist Pure

    If you loot and destroy local business to get back at society, you are brain damaged

  • andy funchar
    andy funchar

    You muted him saying "white boy" no less than three times.

  • Andy Simon
    Andy Simon

    maybe he should beat his 3rd grade english teacher. She really dropped the ball on his education.

  • Matthew Mayson
    Matthew Mayson

    Lebron wanted to beat JR the same way when he fucked the game up against GSW.

  • Phenomenal BasketballTV ph
    Phenomenal BasketballTV ph

    Mga idol pabisita channel ko! "The Next Terence Romeo of NCAA?!!!" Uploaded na. Hulaan nyo nalang kung sino:) Salamat!

  • Brian Nolette
    Brian Nolette

    I seen the video "bEAtS tHe hElL" they say. Bruh that was sad basketball players can't fight worth shit

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    Career is over... another ESPN e:60 story

  • JnL

    Protester: look some white rich guys car who hates me cuz I a person of color JR: MY CAR!!!!!!

  • L.Y.Y13 Gaming
    L.Y.Y13 Gaming

    Ron 'The Executioner' Artest Vs J.r 'High' Smith

  • CPM X
    CPM X

    ole dude must’ve had a heart attack wtf you finna do against that 💀💀💀

  • Electric_Eye

    Steal a person's property or vandalize it, you get what's coming to you. That guy was lucky he could still run away.

  • Buck Weet
    Buck Weet

    Why isn't the news media outraged that a white dude wrecked a black dude's car? 🤔

  • Lamar Jackson
    Lamar Jackson

    I hope that guy sues Jr smith. He's remorseful now, but he bragged like a 11 year old about beating "a little whiteboys ass."

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Sue him for defending his property ? Yea that’s not how it works buddy lol

  • Zoen Victo
    Zoen Victo

    jr smith just do a little flagrant foul. on that white boy haha

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    He got drunk lmao

  • Arman Pineda
    Arman Pineda

    It was about JR whoopin’ that vandaliser, not you dickriding Lebron again! Fukk you!

  • Keith Bardwell
    Keith Bardwell

    To who made this video; You black? I thought you were Hispanic. 🤔

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    Imagine breaking the car window of a 6’6 tall NBA player😂


    You tryna be funny only thing is funny is the fact that your a clown, this shit serious n you tryna be funny JR should beat yo ass like that, now that would be funny 😂


    What does his basketball play gotta do wit somebody fuckin wit his car? You doin too much, fuck what he do in basketball no matter how ridiculous this shit got nothin to do wit this, it's like you tryna clown the nigga in a serious moment

  • SavageSupreme7 AcKonJaXon7
    SavageSupreme7 AcKonJaXon7

    The way u narrated this tho bruh 😅 classic 💯

  • krebs

    fuck you

  • Theodore Pullins
    Theodore Pullins



    giannis narrating the video

  • LiL ESSA
    LiL ESSA


  • pea55

    Now that's the most defense I've seen J.R. Smith play, but I ain't mad at him, that's justified". This part right here😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vlone Dxummy
    Vlone Dxummy

    This man talks like a grown Smoove Barfour

  • Vincent Garcia
    Vincent Garcia

    so he beat up lebron? 😂 i'm slow ion know-

  • D H
    D H

    Problem with the system? Nigga the system ain't got shit to do with this. Just an opportunist you checked

  • Edward Bustos
    Edward Bustos

    Lame ass foo he has money why you crying punk the people that destroy store burn them they dont have money sorry ass foo thats why dont get pumped up they didnt back up this guys that was protesting for blm from getting beat why should you defend them

  • iBrandonFord

    Your voice sucks and you click bait. You’re a douche

  • xXCoolitJayXx ‘
    xXCoolitJayXx ‘

    Why are you still talkin bout that one game tho I’m not a JR fan or anything But still

  • Drew DeRocher
    Drew DeRocher

    Noice voice

  • Byus

    Cavs would’ve prob won the finals? 😂😂 come on me you are a troll

  • Ro

    "May 31st has to be JR Smith day......." Bruh 😂😂😂

  • Iwon Again
    Iwon Again


  • Disbeliever

    There is no virtue in violence You are an athlete,you are supposed to be giving the good example for society and people .There is nothing right beating someone unless you feel threatened for your life ,so next time what?we are gonna hang somebody off a tree and have people around looking at it?usa democracy my ass...you people will never learn ,peace iam out

  • Kingsley XII
    Kingsley XII

    Where's the damn video in the thumbnail

  • LtBreezy

    Your not black bro you are a white man pretending to have an accent

  • Jr A
    Jr A

    Broke my window and beat his ass

  • Bega Jones
    Bega Jones


  • MadMax MMA
    MadMax MMA

    Clickbait. Unsubbed

  • Chris ION
    Chris ION

    He has money he coulda paid 4 it

  • yoshi bear
    yoshi bear


  • Young MC music and gaming
    Young MC music and gaming

    Did the right thing

  • Richard Crews
    Richard Crews

    incoming lawsuit fuck you jr you trash ass nigga


    You a foo, “thats what Lebron wanted to do to him”. Hahaha

  • A B
    A B

    Clive is black?????? Bruh he sound like a Mexican lmao.


    Fuck you you look like a fool ...when has a white dude ever welcome in a hood without being jumped...so you expect me to think they have a hood pass and start running shit ...it all the dude who got released from jail because of corona virus...oh the world hears you ...and we don't like it

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    I am with jr with this

  • Mathew Counterman
    Mathew Counterman

    Hits him but not the game winner..

  • Rigs Dnigs
    Rigs Dnigs

    That shit he did to lebron should cost him his only ring

  • Yair Hameiri mutay
    Yair Hameiri mutay

    I even use to feel bad for jr now it’s over head ass

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown

    He's not in the wrong i mean sure he could have stopped but it's not easy to

  • Your the Best
    Your the Best

    F JR

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    Your a Clown for this Click bait bruh!!!! You know we thought it was a video you deceitful bastard. No one wants to hear you talk and watch a damn 3 year old highlight

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    Bruh your channel ain’t shot but click bait now

  • 40 Kano
    40 Kano

    Are you serious no fight? No one wants to hear u talking u weirdo

  • Scarlet Ice
    Scarlet Ice

    JR Smith wanted to be remembered for something else on every May 31

  • masterkombo tipstar
    masterkombo tipstar

    Cavs wouldn't of won shit

  • Myron Mode
    Myron Mode

    Shut up bitch just want clout 😂😂

  • 0 GaG
    0 GaG

    0:21 bruhh u only need to shoot a free throw win a game stupid George Hill

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike

    You’re a damn fool... “they’re finally hearing us “ 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ You’re part of the problem ! 😞

  • dick heder
    dick heder

    draymon seems like a....fake tough guy, cries to d refs n d media alot..lol

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